Time Management Secrets of Millionaires – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 9

Time Management Secrets of Millionaires – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 9

– Okay, let’s talk about the top five time management secrets of millionaires, and there are probably a
dozen tactics within there, if you pay attention. I want to kinda just talk
about the five big secrets, and again, you won’t
find them in any books. This is just what I’ve
developed over the years. And my goal for you is to, you could cafeteria this. Pick and choose what works for you. Don’t have to follow, “Oh,
this is what Dan does.” This is what I do, how
I structure my life. “But technique one or
two doesn’t work for me, but love technique number
three, I could do that.” So don’t feel like you
have to do them all, yes? – Yes.
– You can pick and choose. Feel free to pick and choose. – [Narrator] The King
of High-Ticket Sales. World’s Highest-Paid Consultant, Media Celebrity, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur, Acclaimed TEDx Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Dan Lok. – So, millionaire time
management secret number one, and that is put a stop to interruptions. Put a stop to interruptions. Now, research shows the average business owner is interrupted once every eight minutes. Every eight minutes. And the more employees
or associates you’ve got, the more successful you become, the more you get interrupted. How many of you can relate to that? The more successful you become, the more people want your time, and more you get interrupted. And here’s the challenge, in our days with
technology everybody think that in their business
they have to be instantly, what’s the word? – Instant.
– Accessible. Which is not true, which is not true. Just imagine what would
happen to your productivity, think about it, if you can
work with no interruptions. Work with no distractions. Just think about it. How many of you in your
work day may share with me that you get interrupted
quite often, what’s that like? Share your experience
with me please, please. Does that mic work? – [Man] Yeah, that’s what it is. – Okay, can I have maybe
two, three people go to the mic please? Hello, yes. Don’t be afraid, this is very interactive. – [Calvin] Like American Idol? – [Dan] Sure just don’t sing. (audience laughing)
Don’t sing, please. Calvin, is it on, is it turned on? Is the thing turned on? – There’s no on switch. – Just yell up your answer.
– Hello, nice, okay. – [Dan] So, when you go to the mic, introduce yourself,
“Hi, my name is Calvin.” – Hi, my name is Calvin, what’s up. – Hi, Calvin.
– Hi, Calvin. – [Dan] Good, go ahead. – So, I am a social media director, I work pretty closely with Matt Astifan, and I work on social media using Facebook. So Facebook is actually
my work/my interruption, the News Feed. The UNILAD and its videos are just nuts. So that’s an example of my interruption. – [Dan] Okay, good, good,
good, round of applause. (audience clapping) – Hello everyone, I’m Hassan. – Hi, Hassan.
– Hi, Hassan. – I guess my big interruption
I have is from my family ’cause everybody is always
coming into my room, (Dan giggling)
and it’s always like, “Oh, help me out with this, take this out,” or like, I have my brother drop me off here. So I did the perfect thing yesterday ’cause I’m getting too
many distractions recently. I posted it to the group actually. So I just decided, you know what, let me just pack up all my stuff, just go to a fancy hotel, and just spend the day working from there. Now actually surprisingly, I
actually got more stuff done when I was there ’cause
I had less distraction. I don’t have access to my phone. I got more work done from there. So then I don’t have any
family members coming and just annoying the hell out of me. – [Dan] Very nice, round of applause. (audience clapping) – Hi room, my name is Adnan. – [Audience] Hi, Adnan. – I run a financial planning practice for about 11 years now. My interruption is probably
my two year old baby. (laughs) I love spending time with her. What I realized that I have
to turn my interruption into my inspiration, right? That’s what I realized now–
– I like that. – In this meeting, thank you. – [Dan] Round of applause. (audience clapping) – So, how do you put a
stop to interruptions? How do you do that? Well, there are a number of
things that I do personally. Some of the habits I have. Let me give an example. Just recently I had a entrepreneur who came to my home for
about a day of consulting. He paid me 10K US for it, and when he came to my office, and we spend a day just
strategizing and mapping out what he’s working on. And he was at my home the whole day, and at the end of that day he asked me, “Dan, your phone doesn’t ring. Your phone doesn’t ring. How do you do that?” – [Man] Turn it off. – I said ’cause I unplug it. (audience laughing) One of the habits I have is I do not take unscheduled incoming calls. Call my office right now. Nobody picks up. I’m there, I’m not picking up. When I’m working, I unplug the phone. My phone is probably 90%
of the time unplugged, unless I know I have an appointment. There’s less interruptions. There’s an example, right? I say just be inaccessible. They can’t find you, they can’t bug you. What Hasan did, you don’t
like the environment. Change the fucking environment. If you need to go to coworking space, you need to go to somewhere to work, I’m the most productive at my home, but some people, if they stay in the home, too many distractions,
too many temptations, or, “Maybe I should
watch the House of Card or Game of Throne,” and
then you get distracted. Whatever it is that you know
what doesn’t work for you, go to a place that works for you. Just not there, they can’t find you, they cannot interrupt you. So, as a business owner knowing that the more people
that can interrupt you, the less productive you are. So just don’t let them
get in touch with you. Now, I know you have some questions, “Oh but Dan, I’m growing my business. What about it’s a lead, what about it’s a customer?” I’m gonna answer all of that. But for now just knowing, I’m just talking about productivity. I’m not talking about marketing. Productivity-wise, for
maximum productivity you have to stop working in
a distracted environment. You just can’t. Can you imagine a professional
champion athlete training for whatever sport they gonna compete in. They’re doing, let’s say, swimming, and the phone is ringing. “Hey, what’s up, man. (audience laughing)
Awesome, yeah, let me Facebook this.” Right, or somebody, “Hey,
hey, hey, stop, stop, don’t swim, I wanna talk to you.” No athletes train that way, and business is a one
tough sport to compete in. How do you think you gonna win, if you get interrupted all the time when you’re practicing, when
you’re growing your company? Does that make sense. – Yes.
– Yes? Okay, also opened door policy is dumb. Don’t buy into that bullshit. When you have an opened door policy, it invites what? Interruptions. “Come into my office any time, I always want to listen.” I’m not saying don’t listen. I’m saying don’t invite interruptions. Don’t do that. Like in my home, family
members, Jenny knows, if I close my door, don’t fucking come in. If you gonna knock on the door, the house better be on fire. (audience members chuckling) Otherwise do not bother me. If I open the door, come in. I close the door, I don’t care what it is. That’s how I do it. So not opened door policy,
closed door policy. And number three, just
don’t answer the phone. Just don’t answer the phone. Just don’t answer the phone, it’s very, very simple. No interruptions, no
distractions when you’re focused. Think if you can focus on what you do, what kind of task that
you need to work on, how much more productive you would be. How many of you have sometimes
challenges staying focused and following through? Try that on, just try that. Unplug the phone and say, “I’m gonna work. And from this time to
this time I’m gonna work on my most important task.” Afterwards it’s fine, plug in the phone, take the call. Maybe it’s a business call, that’s okay, but block out the time. (inspiring music)


  1. Dev Gadhvi Passionpreneur says:

    Brilliant tips. Thanks Dan

  2. Maxime Augustin says:

    The 2nd dude who was on the mic, I always seem to see him in your conferences a lot, I can definitely tell that the dude is committed to what he do. Much respect!

  3. Aron Choi says:

    I love the analogy of business as a tough sport. As a long-distance runner, I don't check my email or answer texts, why would I do the same when I am working? Focus!

  4. Emmanuel Ohale says:

    Thanks, Dan, very helpful tips.

  5. Emma Matthews says:

    Iโ€™ll be trying the closed door policy. A very simple but effective way to get more done. Thank you Sifu ๐Ÿ™

  6. Ryan Thoms says:

    The more I watch, the more it blows my mind how different the approach is compared to most business people. No open door policy? I can't remember the last time I worked for someone that didn't have an open door policy.

  7. dyanderson7 says:

    my day use to be mastered by interruptions, interruptions actually lead my day so i can really relate, (HTC group 3), Thank you

  8. Bill Nguyen says:

    This is great, Sifu. I'll apply it

  9. Jou Ling Tan says:

    Truly agree Sifu, which is why I turn off notification for all apps all of the times and even switch off my phone when I need to immerse in your teaching.

  10. eisha collins says:

    For maximum productivity you need a distraction free environment.

  11. Mukesh Kumar says:

    When I work I switch off internet connection 90% distraction go away ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Tarren Tyree says:

    Stop the Interruptions

  13. Alexander Romano says:

    My loved ones are my distractions…and they've gotten better. It's to the point to where they hate bugging me, but it does still happens. I bet if I had an office and closed my door and set that rule it would stop completely. This is good advice. Just gotta say, "no," and focus.

  14. Infidel Productionz says:

    For fear of missing a video, I cannot turn off my phone.

  15. Vincent Vincente says:

    Been doing the no-schedule phone call for years, and everyone hates me for that. Lol … I thought I was doing the wrong thing, but after seeing this makes me realize that I'm actually doing the right thing. __ Shame, because of where I'm from, most people have a very completely different mindset.

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    I don't know if my mentor is a millionaire but he has some habits that matches with your tips… Thank you Dan for empowering me day by day… I realized that when you have a desire than a goal something that can hold you back is lack of help. Been surrounded by people like you I can achieve more and more. I'm Mozambican and I'm learning English to stick around people like you. Let's do to something for us, and for the world!!!!!

  21. Fred de Jong says:

    Closed door!

  22. Low Gu says:

    ditch the smart phones, unplug the landline phone, go offline on social media, get a small office or co-work space, post corporate slave life.

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