Thrifting a $5,000 Vintage Outfit in Los Angeles | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

I dress for my mood. I dress for my art, for my music and for my
creations. My look is basically an emo punk, elegant
goth. This coat used to belong to Carrie-Anne Moss
and she wore it during her promotion of The Matrix. Yes, you heard me right. Matrix. I shop at Malin Landaeus which is a vintage
store. I treated myself with this coat. It was $450 but I’m going to pass this down
to my grandchildren. This top cost about 30 bucks. It’s basically a bra. It’s not really a top. I’m sure you could get these kinds of tops
from La Perla or Victoria’s Secret, but I got mine on Asos. My friend Marcelo Gaia gifted me with these
pants. I wore them in my music video, Woman. My boots, I bought on Etsy, and they
are 90’s Mudd boots. They got pretty tattered and ripped up, so
I just got some acrylic paint and painted over them a few times. I’m from New York and I recently moved to
LA. The biggest difference between New York and
LA style. I think in LA, people wear a lot more accessories. I got these from Maya on Melrose. They’re all sterling silver. I got these earrings on Etsy for $30. They are clip on. I like to feel like Elizabeth Taylor sometimes. I love LA style, because it’s casual. It’s comfortable. It’s cool and it’s mainly vintage, which I
really really love. I feel like my style is mainly a mix of high
low pieces. These boots are Isabel Marant. I believe they’re $500. I got them at the Isabel Marant store and
they go with everything and they’re so comfortable. My jeans are Levi’s. I got them at the Rose Bowl flea market, which
is my favorite place to shop. My body shape works really well with Levi’s,
because there’s a place for a booty, which I happen to have. My top is vintage Ralph Lauren. I got it at an underground vintage store called
Sleeper, which is in Silverlake. This jacket is vintage Gucci. I stole it from my roommate and best friend. I believe it was $400 and she’s never getting
it back. My bag is vintage Chanel. My Grandma gave it to me and I love wearing
it, because she’s my best friend and every time I wear it, I think of her. My rings are Cartier and I believe this one
is $1000 and this one is $2000. And these rings are from Nadine Krakov and
I believe that they’re $1000. My necklaces were gifted to me by Poppy Chain
on Etsy. And I believe that each one is $100. My earrings are a gift from my Mom, who bought
them for me when my first love broke up with me. My everyday vibe is me meets Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy
meets Malibu. So if you tie that all up with a little bow,
that’s what I’m really trying to emulate. I’m constantly shopping. I’m always going into Good Wills and thrift
stores and when I’m traveling on the road for modeling, I always go into whatever consignment
shop I find. These boots are vintage. I found them on Ebay. They were $100. I wear them every single day. My skirt is Jil Sander. I found it in Notting Hill in London. It’s vintage. My shirt is vintage Chloe. It’s from 2003. I got it at a shop in LA called Recess. It’s one of my favorites. The owners are really nice and give really
good deals. My belt is also vintage. I picked it up on Ebay for $100. My jacket is vintage as well. It was, I think $200. I found it in Utah and I went into the shop. It was a total Mom and Pop thrift store and
this is the first thing I pulled out and I fell in love. My necklaces. This one is from Petco. I’m not kidding. It says my cat’s name on it. I got this for her when she was a kitten and
it didn’t fit her, so now I wear it. And then this one is a lucky number 13. It is vintage. It’s 14 karat gold. I found it on Ebay. And then this earring is a designer in LA. She’s local. And it’s called Sophie Dolov Jewelry. And she finds 14 karat gold hoops and then
she adds vintage charms on them. If you need a dollar, there’s a dollar folded
up inside of it. It’s really awesome. It’s from the 60’s. Sophie Dolov displays her stuff in my pop
up shop, Other People’s Children, and I love her and I wear her and rep her all the time. I got this Cartier ring as a friendship ring
with my two best girlfriends. Because we were working a miserable job and
we thought we would make it a little happier and buy ourselves some pretty gold. This is the best bag ever created. It is Tom Ford Gucci from the 90’s. It’s rainbow colored. Apparently it used to be Kate Moss’. So I’ve been told. I love it so much. I haggled her down to $1500 for it. And I don’t wear it nearly enough. But it’s my favorite bag. I think it’s really important to wear vintage,
because it tells a story.

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