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– Three signs that you’ll
become rich one day. (upbeat dance music) Sign number one: you have an entrepreneurial
spirit at a young age. Now, Mark Cuban, think about it; Mark Cuban sold trash bag door to door when he was 12 years old. Warren Buffett started
selling packets of gum to his neighbors when
he was six years old. With myself, I started
at very, very young age. I didn’t know that it’s even
an entrepreneurial spirit, but at a young age, I was
always looking for ways to make money, to make money. Although, money interests me, but I liked the game of making money, I’ll give you a perfect example. So, for Chinese, as Chinese in Hong Kong at the time was probably
nine at 10 years old, and Chinese we have the Chinese New Year and in Chinese you would get this like lucky money kind of red, you know, red pocket money, right? From your aunts and uncles and relatives. So as a young guy I was very
popular because you know, I guess my face got a baby
face and was like a Lego. They loved me, they just, they spoil me and they would give me
these like lucky money and as a young kid I would always collect all these lucky money. Now, because they my uncle and aunt they were very, very generous. I’m talking about, think
about a 10 year old I would collect, each they would give me like each one probably like
a couple hundred dollars of like US dollars equivalent, right? And with because I have
so many aunts and uncles and relatives and all of that. And in Chinese when a new year we say, (speaking in foreign language), right? And most kids would say
(speaking in foreign language) and they’ll give them a little
you know, red pocket money but what I would do is I
would memorize like a poem, a long poem. So they would say one like
a nice congratulations like lucky saying, I
would say like 30 of them like (vocalizes rapid
chugging), like that, right? In Chinese. So like all my uncles and aunt they love they like, “Oh my God,
this kid is so smart. “He’s so good.” It’s like wishing me good fortune, they will always give me
the most amount of money. So that’s kind of even at a young age I was learning to close. That hey, you know what
when I say more things I make more money. When I say one word being lazy
about it, I make less money. I’m like, screw that ’cause
all my cousins and shit when they say like one
word, they get the coin. I get the paper, right? I’m like, duh, every year
you say the same short shit you get a coin but I
get like lots of money, you still don’t learn the lesson. Anyway, so I would make
like two, three, four, five thousand dollars, US
dollars at 10 years old. So that’s why I never worried
about like buying toys and like buying candy and,
and like, like junk food, chips and all that, as young kid. And I was always very generous. So I would like treat all my friends and my same classmates, I would always go to
their little grocery store and would buy like those Coca Cola, right? All the glass one, I would
like buy a box of them, and the whole class would get them. ‘Cause to me that’s like,
at the time, I don’t know, $20, $30, I have enough
money that could buy that all the time, doesn’t matter. But anyways, talking
about entrepreneurial. So Chinese, you know, they
love to gamble, right? So what I would do is I
would invite all my cousins, and I would invite them to my home, and I will open a little casino, right? Like at an age of 11,
you gotta understand. So we have, we play these the Thais and all these different things, but I would only play if I’m the house. I would not play if I’m not the house because at a young age I
learned when I’m not the house, I lose money. But if I’m the house, even
though that I lose money, but on average I would I would come ahead, I would make money. Like, I would just that entrepreneurial and enjoyed it, fun and
how to make it better. And I know, the longer
they stay in my house, the chances of me winning
as a house is higher. So I would have candy there. I have video games there. I, like they would stay like all night and we would gamble for a few days. And usually, every year they lose all their money to me, right? So you gotta imagine from
my small $5,000 seed money, by the time the Chinese New
Year is done, I have like $10,000 US, right? As a 10 year old like I
am like, I was a rich kid you think about it, right? And then what I would do is for like ’cause all my cousins they all feel sad ’cause they all lost all the
money and all that, right? So what I would do is I
would use all their money for their birthday, or I’ll
buy them the biggest toy ever like that robot that they want or that video game that they want. I would buy the best stuff for them, I would treat them for
McDonald and all of that. So you gotta understand. So I do turn in the business. I make all the money, and
I will treat them like, like very, very special. So I was the like the most lovable cousin that they have, right? So, always very entrepreneurial. So if you are like that as
well, like at a young age, you’re thinking about
how can I make money? How can I make money with this? And you enjoy that and
you are maybe you sell, you know, you are in Boy Scout or Girl Scout girl cookies, right? And you sell them door to door. Whatever it is that you
do, you’re entrepreneurial that’s the very first sign
you’ll become rich, one day. Second is you have a sense of urgency, that you are impatient. Now, if you listen to my podcast, I have a podcast called
Shoulders of Titans where I interview
millionaires and billionaires on my podcast. Out of all the people that I interview some on the show, some in person
that are not on a recorder. I could tell you the high
achievers that I know, the millionaires, the
billionaires that I know, one thing that they have
in common that I noticed, they are impatient. Patience is not a virtue. I believe patience is a character flaw. The high achievers, they are impatient. They wanna get things done today. They don’t wanna wait till tomorrow. I noticed they always
have this sense of urgency that they know that somehow maybe the way that they view
life, life is short, we don’t have time, you
gotta make it happen, you cannot procrastinate. You cannot wait five
years for this to happen. You got to make it
happen, there’s no excuse. If there’s no way we’ll find a way. If there’s a wall I’ll go
around it, I’ll go under it, I’ll break through it, I’ll
go over it, whatever it takes. And that’s the kinda
attitude that they have. I noticed they have, they naturally have this sense of urgency. I naturally have this sense of urgency. I had this sense of urgency
when I had no money. I have the same sense of
urgency when I have money. So that’s the second sign. So if you are impatient, if you do have that sense of urgency,
you have that drive, you have that desire you,
you have the fire within you, that you wanna get stuff done, and you hate it when people
operate at a slower level. They don’t operate the same standard. That’s a good sign that
you’ll become rich one day. The third sign, the third
sign that you need is rich people they are goal oriented. They are goal oriented. That they focus, they’re very focused, they know what they want. Clarity is power. They know exactly what they want. You ask them about their plan, they know. They know what they want. So now, I don’t have time to go into the whole goal setting process. If you want to watch that,
I’ve actually done an episode for Boss in Bentley,
click on the I button, I talk about how do you actually set goals and how do you accomplish them, okay? So, they’re goal oriented. You see people never, nobody sets out and write a plan to say they want to be
stupid, they want to be broke, they want to be depressed,
they want to be lazy. Nobody write a plan for that. That’s what happens when
you don’t have a plan. By default. If you are not getting rich, by default, you’re making
somebody else rich. If you don’t have a plan for yourself, chances are you’re a
plan of somebody else. You got to think about that. Why so rich people, they are
absolutely goal oriented. They’re very, not only
they all have clarity about their vision, very
often they can communicate that vision with the people around them, with their team, with their
vendors, with their partners, with the lenders, they
could communicate that. That’s what I also noticed. So that’s a third sign that I noticed that people who are successful, who are rich, they have that. Do you have that? Are you goal oriented? Are you clear about what you want? Are you absolutely crystal clear
about what you want, right? So I will say that’s all the three signs. Let me think if there are four signs. If there’s one more, I’ll
just think about bonus one. I think if there’s a
bonus sign that I can see, that is sign number four is rich people that they are constantly, constantly improving themselves. Constantly they are
reading, they are learning, they’re educating
themselves, because myself I, I mean, I’ve read over 2,000 books. Just like this month,
I’m flying to multiple, like three events, not to speak, to learn. As successful as I am, I’m
flying to three different events in this month to go to learn. If that’s what I’m doing, what
the hell should you be doing? Right? So you just think about that the more you focus on your education, the more you focus on improving yourself, because we know at this
stage of our career, that I operate I belief in the
principle of the slight edge that I’m this successful,
if I just learn a few things that will make me more effective, that will make me a little bit smarter, that would gives me a little bit of edge, that little, little improvement
translates into a lot. So example, if you’re making
a million dollars a year, that 10% improvement, just adds $100,000 to your bottom line. If you’re making $10 million a year, that 10% improvement just means it’s a million dollar in improvement. And if you that one million improvement, if you can take that all 10 years that’s $10 million worth of improvement. You just thinking about it. So I think that’s sign number four, that you are constantly you like to learn you like to watch videos,
you listen to podcasts. When you’re driving you’re
not listening to those music and shit like that, you’re listening to
educational, informative, empowering podcast. When you’re working out, you’re
listening, you’re learning, you’re watching YouTube video like this. When in your downtime,
you’re reading books, you’re not afraid of going to seminars. That’s a very, very important sign because I was exactly where
you were today, right? I was exactly where you are today. I was reading the books. I still read the books. I was attending the seminars. I was learning from everybody I could, I was learning from my mentors. I was listening to… You are lucky ’cause you
have all these like podcasts right now on your phone. At that time was listening to those fucking cassette tapes, right? I got like thousands of
these cassette tapes at home. You know, some of you guys will not know what I’m talking about. What, cassette? Like before the CD, the fucking cassette, like those damn shit, right? I was listening to that. So that’s what I mean,
don’t take it for granted. Constantly improve yourself. If you have that sign to you in constantly improving yourself, that’s a sign that you’ll
become rich one day as well. Now, if you have these four signs, does that mean guarantee you’ll be rich? Not necessary, but chances are, if you have these four signs, you’re very different from
the people around you, right? You’re very different from your friends. You’re very different from
the people that you know, that you’re not quite like them. You’re a little bit weird,
you’re a little bit different. That’s a good sign, by the way. So let me know, comment
below what signs do you have out of these four? Maybe we have these four? Comment below. Let me know which one of these
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