This is Osaka! Food much!

This is Osaka! Food much!

Now I know where to go when I’m looking for Whitey! Reve 21: Good days for your life! Handicapped Pigeon. And this taxi driver is nice. He went and bought food and decided to give it to them. Especially this one because As you can see his leg is missing and the back feathers are kind of burnt off. It looks like he had an accident Good luck! Saltiness is pounding this product This is Japan’s scariest Ramen shop. And it says you have to be over 12 to get in there This is takosen. Which is takoyaki (octopus balls) in a senbei cracker. Good! Yay! This smoker’s area is called Smoker’s Satellite. I don’t get it. This restaurant is popular. Huge line of people waiting for it…. Holy shit! The line up goes all the way around The fish. Processed fish. Good? So this is like a mixture of different kinds of sashimi on rice. This is not mine. This is natto with raw horse and negi on rice. So let’s watch Yoko eat natto with raw horse. Try the raw horse. Good? Mix the egg and natto with the raw horse and the negi. Mixing it all together until it looks really gross With some kind of sauce. I’m just gonna grab a bite with some rice. Itadakimasu. Good. Fishy And we also ordered some sashimi. Five different kinds of fish. I’m gonna have some octopus (tako) It’s chewy but not too chewy. It’s perfect! And this is Hotate which is scallops. It’s awesome. The hotate just melts in your mouth. Hank Yu Osaka! Hank Yu Very Much!


  1. Don Kellogg says:

    First Comment!!! やった!!!

  2. MiraiAMV says:


  3. Japan and Me says:

    Natto and raw horse… it's not like I wouldn't eat it, but I'd definitely be choosing something more to my liking from the menu ^^

  4. Goldberry Bombadil says:

    Really cool video….what was the restaurant that everyone was lined up for? Looks like a beautiful city.

  5. wildfire777 says:

    ye were at whitey Umeda,Osaka city? later ye were around Hep5 where a red ferris wheel ,Umeda.
    I hope ye enjoyed staying in Osaka

  6. Kaygee79 says:

    Hank you for this fine video!

  7. Adinda Rawung says:

    Great video!

  8. Gabby S says:

    Those life-sized dolls going in circles on swings were kinda creepy 😀 😀 Nice to see Osaka though. I've heard it's really famous for its street food.

  9. DaveTrippin says:

    Sweet Vid Oz. Lots of cool sights and sounds.

  10. Milchmann2 says:

    Natto + raw horse meet + raw egg O_O the ultimate test of guts.

  11. Trauma says:

    What's whity? 😖😖😖😖😖

  12. Trauma says:

    Awe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor little pigeon

  13. Trauma says:

    Wow what a cozy small restaurant they have

  14. Trauma says:

    Ewwwwe natto 😪😪😪😪😪😪😷😷😷😷😷😷😷. Idk how your wife could eat that especially raw horse meat. Poor little horse.. You don't eat horse!🐎🐎🐎. You eat beef and pork and fish

  15. click says:


  16. pedestrianme says:

    Hankyu very much for the video! That restaurant looks fantastic… shame about the natto though.

  17. 大西ハイメ says:


  18. Dackery 410 says:

    Sorry but eating raw horse-meat is disgusting. What's next?…"Sad-eyed-puppy-dog-sushi"?

  19. Silje Berntsen says:

    Horse meat is really good, not so sure about the ant though 😛 But the rest of the meal looked wonderful 🙂

  20. チャンネル弱い人 says:


  21. sakurai ryoji says:

    SlopFeed  to  Dove  is  prohibitted  in  many  town  recentlly  .

  22. Mega Bixel says:

    Love your work Ozzy,through you I get to see my old haunts😚
    Much appreciated

  23. sweet okole says:

    that tako is cooked, not raw

  24. BigSirZebras says:

    What is the scary ramen shop called? I see it is called "Shio Ramen" but that isn't enough info to find it easily…

  25. quixoticfallcy says:

    are riko and yoko sisters?

  26. Common Sense says:

    You're Indian not ozzy. I was deceived

  27. Alex FH says:

    pidgeons are nasty !

  28. Secret Player says:

    LOL! Feeling all "HARDCORE" with your "Raw" Tako but you obviously a dumb poser foodie. That Tako Sashimi is cooked and boiled for hours before served.

  29. Anup L k says:

    Such an amazing human being Ozzy is…..

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