1. Nikolas Fernandez says:

    58th! :v

  2. zakius says:

    I recently bought helix 2 in basic config for like 350€ and it's definetely better for daily use than yoga or carbon, even if weaker in terms of specs asit's actually a tablet

  3. Antonio Lansang says:


    The Joys of Painting with Windows Ink hosted by Dan Rubino

  4. Chris Johnson III says:

    So which do you like more? X1Y vs SB2? Tough to beat 3:2 on the SB2, not to mention getting Windows Hello on their beautiful display. No IR cam with the HDR on the X1Y is ridiculous. With that being said, I love the sexiness of a Thinkpad…

    Great review

  5. P C says:

    Wow. Great review. I dismissed the yoga and was planning at getting a carbon. Now I’ll have to take another look.

  6. Gurdeep Singh Sidhu says:

    18:9 friendly, nice.
    I just noticed it today.

  7. James Fischer says:

    Do you prefer the HDR Yoga screen over the HDR Carbon screen? Due to the lack of glossiness.

  8. Storm King says:

    I am guessing the price will depend on the configuration but with fell phones entering lap top territory the price might not seem that extreme.

  9. Apfel Schorle says:

    HP isn't just using 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. They have the HP Tilt Pen which is exactly the same as the current surface pen with 4096 and tilt support. But you have to buy it separately just like the Surface Pen. They only bundle their devices with the old pen.

  10. Pata MaX says:

    So apparently my unit has a sim card slot. Would this happen to be mistake from Lenovo?

  11. Akhil Gandhi says:

    add a notch to laptop and infinity display…..

  12. nishiki says:

    Your content is so awesome, thank you!

  13. Hassan Mansoor says:

    Do msi gs65

  14. Dmitry Tabakerov says:


  15. Jsarbour says:

    4:37 what do you mean by "port replicator"?

    thanks for the review!

  16. jack Koch says:

    will you be cover the x1 tablet as well?

  17. Yingxiang Yao says:

    So a comment from an x1y gen 2 user:
    I've got a x1 yoga 2nd gen last year with i7 7500u and 16GB RAM with 512GB SSD. Since there's no major changes beside cpu, I think some of the experience from last year model would be similiar:
    1. Pen: The pen that comes with the laptop is good, but not great. It's too small to hold and write it for a longer time. If you wish to take notes with this a lot, get an thinkpad pen pro for 40 euro or dollars. But that takes an AAAA battery.
    2. Performance: x1 yoga tends to have lower limit on TDP than the x1 carbon, so if you need to do some CPU intensive task, go for T480s with i5 8250U with iGPU (T480s with iGPU has 44W long duration TDP for CPU which can release full performance of i5 8250U which would be comparable with i7 7820HQ). To be precise, Lenovo gave x1 carbon 5th gen 25W long duration TDP limit and only 17W for x1 yoga. And this year, it is 29W (x1c) vs 23w(x1y).
    3. Thermal: It's OK. I repaste it with liquid metall and undervolt the cpu. In stress test, the cpu temperature is always under 75 °C and never throttles. Since the 3rd gen is using quad core cpu, the thermal performance will be worse and you need to expect throttling if you dont change any settings and repaste.
    4. Battery: This is the biggest downside. When I got my laptop in June last year, the battery will last for at least 8 hours with moderate use (Browsing, Visual Studio, Light SQL), and now it will not last for 5 hours when I'm just taking notes.
    5. Display: My device came with 2K (WQHD) display. Since I dont do video or photo editing, I have no feeling of color accuracy. But the panel is awesome. Using 175% scaling is just fine.

  18. Hithaishi Maldeniya says:

    Hey, I know you said that the display on the carbon is glossier. As far as colors go, did you notice a difference?

  19. marcbenjamin says:

    I agonized between this and the Yoga 920 Glass (Legegrezza i7, 16gb, 1tb, 4k). Could you do a versus video if you still have a 920 glass.

  20. usbpc2 says:

    Though I know there's better machines for it, how do you think the Yoga would do with 4K & Full HD video editing software such as Premiere? Since it only comes with Intel graphics.

  21. Leena Rai says:

    Fabulous review video


    I know I'm petty, but the only reason i didn't buy the carbon was the big bezels on the yoga

  23. Connor Oud says:

    Unfortunately, my 2017 Lenovo Legion Y520 came with an Elan touchpad.

  24. Phillip Morales says:

    Do you know when the LTE variant will be out???

  25. 911zhenxiang says:

    16:10 screen!!! Or 3:2 !!! Wake up Lenovo!

  26. Jim Danger says:

    What smartwatch is that?

  27. kf zhu says:

    Why tf is there a wallpaper there copied from a Galaxy S5?

  28. Ray Wei says:

    Nice review, but you forgot to mention the SD card and sim slot, or I missed that.

  29. Mark Silla says:

    Baby bend over let me see you do the Yoga.

  30. Tommy Luong says:

    Do a review on the Lenovo Yoga 730 15 in.

  31. highspeedDSL says:

    Thanks for the detailed review, Daniel! Did you notice any coil whine on your device? I recently returned two X1 Yogas because the coil whine was awful. I still hope that this is not a systematic issue of all X1 Yogas.

  32. Info Planet says:

    Great review, but I def prefer black and love the trackpoint 😀
    When is the LTE available for this model?

  33. Banana says:


  34. Sergio Ramirez says:

    Outstanding review!!! From a diehard Convertible Thinkpad user, this review touched on all the points that I was wondering about. Matte Screen, speakers, hardware. But more impressively, for us in the U.S. market, LTE capability that confirms availability later this year.
    Will you be doing a review on a top resolution Matte screen with LTE when it’s available? A lot of us would really appreciate that. Maybe with a Verizon LTE if possible.
    A 9.99 out of 10. You lost me for a second at the Red Trackpoint comment. Lol! But seriously, Daniel, I know it’s a bit awkward to get a hang of at first, but once you do, (it only takes about a week or two to become 2nd nature), you’d see what an amazing feature this is, ergonomically speaking, and why we long term Thinkpad users hold it in such high regard. Especially if you tend to type a lot on your laptop. Just a suggestion, and it may even make for an interesting segment in a future video.

  35. Duc Nguyen says:

    I think the dongle for ethernet port is included in the packaging. I got a Yoga 370 & the dongle is included. For those who want a cheaper version of it, go for the yoga 370, which is around $1k

  36. Qasim Saeed says:

    The most significant downside is the battery. And sliver that I own is not really silver, its grey. I returned mine due to serious screen flickering on HDR model. I think WQHD without HDR would be good with screen and battery.

  37. Paco de Casa says:

    Yes, the fingerprint reader y SOOOOOOO BAD, I cannot understand how a cheap phone can read in nanoseconds and this laptop with much more power…. last several seconds… SOOOO BAD

  38. Zero Tech says:

    I’m not sure if this was covered in the video but the screen have palm rejection when using the pen to write notes and other stuff?

  39. KalKyuLayTor says:

    Is his nose blocked?

  40. MuX1 Sam says:

    I like this laptop, but come on Huawei matebook X pro is a bit cheaper and waaaaaaaay better

  41. astrophysx says:

    How the hell does "business" and "convertible" go in the same sentence?

  42. Sm-p600 Note says:

    Does it have fan or fanless cooling system?

  43. Rick de Maaijer says:

    Excellent review with all the information I needed and just the right amount of side notes so I'm not left with any major questions.

  44. PGI Cruiser says:

    Love the size of the pen and that it stores in the body of the device. I've never been a fan of the eraserhead trackpoint system. I'd much rather have a larger trackpad. Great review.

  45. Alexander Myrthue says:

    Strange the Carbon Yoka has DDR3….My Thinkpad L480 has DDR4…..And yes the keyboard is superb on Thinkpads

  46. smallworld77 says:

    OLED on laptops PLEASE…

  47. ZJ HK says:

    Is there any sim card slot

  48. Manos Protonotarios says:

    excellent review and comparison – absolutely covers me

  49. Adrian Ellis says:

    Great review

  50. Judiel Gonzalez says:

    In your opinion, are this laptop will be suitable for a hobbyist illustrator?

  51. Tony Melendez says:

    Great review. It just convinced me to buy the Yoga instead of the Carbon. With current discount, I got the loaded model (i7-8650/16GB/1TB/HDR) for $2,037 shipped (after tax). And I get 12% back on ebates, booya! Coming from a Surface Laptop… I can't wait!

  52. Verified Review says:

    How much less glossier is this hdr dolby display to the regular 1080p touchscreen matte display on the carbon x1 6 gen? So what i mean is would someone who prefers the matte and cant stand the reflections be able to live with the glossy on the hdr dolby screen of the yoga x1?

  53. Abel Piceno Gutiérrez says:

    Excuse me dude, the pen must touch the screen?, i have fear to scratch the screen with the pen, i have a thinkpad x1 yoga 2nd gen and i has never used a optic pen. Thanks in advance!!!.

  54. Uncle Bens says:

    Remove the track-point!? Programmers, Engineers and Linux-zealots will burn you alive for such a statement. Tread lightly. Good video BTW.

  55. Moo-hyun Roh says:

    A silver laptop with no trackpoint? You'd better go look for something else than a ThinkPad.

  56. REALTOR-K Stocks says:

    Thank you for your informative reviews. While having a IT background it is no longer my primary focus. I decided to go w/ the Thinkpad Yoga X1 over many of the other models & competitors. While quite pleased for the most part the 1 complaint I have is the residue that left on the black framed model. I can send you some pics if needed. Residue seems to be from finger prints & also resting your palm or using the trackpad. Do you know if this goes away or what to do about it? I have just been using the microfiber cloth it came with to wipe it off. Takes a bit more elbow grease than i am comfortable with. I am working w/ Lenovo on possibly replacing it if it cannot be resolved. I am told it will go away in a few weeks. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated, I would rather keep the black than Silver.

  57. Ben Wang says:

    Love your reviews.
    Was debating to get this with monitors or just get the x1 yoga + razer core for the extra graphics when needed. Thoughts? the thought was basically saving the difference in $ been the extreme and yoga and get a dedicated plug in egpu…

  58. Pankaj Shah says:

    I was playing to buy this laptop and after the review, it gives me confidence to go for it. Thanks Rubino.

  59. Fabio Akita says:

    Please do a Thinkpad P1 review. None of the big channels reviewed the P1 and it's the one workstation that far surpass the MacBook Pro top configuration

  60. Seth Parr says:

    I completely missed this. I went with a high-end Lenovo YOGA C930. The keypad retracting in tablet mode sounds genius on the ThinkPad. I may reconsider. Any insight into a recommendation between the two?

  61. Pépé le Moko says:

    I have Lenovo X1 Yoga and Carbon, they have both a problem, they do not come back from sleep mode, need to hard reset each time. no solution to this day https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/X1-Carbon-X1-Yoga-do-not-wake-up-after-sleep-mode-issue/td-p/3709271/page/7

  62. RawLu says:

    Chinese based company? I don't support Dictatorships if I can help it.

  63. michael says:

    Why on earth did Lenovo stop using OLED?

  64. Naphanthasanya Studio says:

    I love this, I hate the 2019 x1 yoga it's grey

  65. ss says:

    With same price $1,500
    I can get X1Y3G with 16ram 512ssd FHD or also can get Yoga C930 16ram 1TB ssd 4k display.
    Which one is better to buy and better deal?
    My primary use is photoshop and illustrator and watching youtube.
    Thank you,

  66. Даниил Паньшенкский says:

    Yogapad it's cool pad

  67. iFire XX says:

    The wave keyboard reminds me of the butterfly keyboard that one Thinkpad had eon ago… Really liked that one and love the implementation on this one.

  68. iFire XX says:

    The wave keyboard reminds me of the butterfly keyboard that one Thinkpad had eon ago… Really liked that one and love the implementation on this one.

  69. BeNosey.com says:

    More laptops should be lte enabled…..! Much rather use my own data than hotel wifi…!

  70. Benjamin Hackett says:

    “Years ago when convertibles came out…” Oh great, now I feel old…

  71. KajiRider1997 says:

    You make it sound like there is a choice between an work station with expandable ram, an dvd or blur-ray drive, place for an extra storage and an ultrabook and an convertable. But now its basically picking for one ultrabook with only place for 1 drive and soldered ram for another ultrabook with only one disk and soldered ram. You don't really have a choice to begin with in this current generation of the less modular thinkpad line. imo its becoming desperate to be more like apple by the year.

  72. Chris Lee says:

    "I would get rid of the trackpoint" 😬

    That's 80% of the reason why I get thinkpads. Once you give it a chance, there's no going back.

  73. Eric Yap says:

    Are you related to Shroud?

  74. Vishal Dutt says:

    bought Yoga X1 Carbon based on may reviews including yours awesome to the point review. Just an update for people who are planning to buy X1 yoga 3rd Gen. I am have been using this laptop for 3 months now and it already is showing some issues. First and foremost is Flickering of Screen issue after only 1 hour of use. Second is that when you close the laptop without shutting it off and open it again after 5 min sometimes the screen doesn't come on, you have to close the screen and reopen it and then it works. and last is that now the fingerprint scanner has stopped working. I still home it may be I got a bad unit but lets see once I receive the laptop back after being fixed from Lenovo as to how it performs. Another thing about yoga line up I have heard from few of people who have owned Loga lineup that there is issue with yoga as to screen flickering, Cheers.

  75. Hegedüs Csaba says:

    Please give me an advanced advice.
    I am a graphics designer and now planning to buy a new laptop mostly for Photoshop and Illustrator, high res mockups etc…. I just can't choose..
    HP Spectre 360 15.6" i7 8750h 4k 32gb ram
    HP Spectre 360 15.6" i7 8650u 4k amoled 32gb ram
    HP Elitebook 1040 360 14" i8650u 4k 32gb ram
    Thinkpad X1 yoga 4th gen i8665u 4k 16gb ram
    Thinkpad X1 extreme g2 i7 9750h 32gb ram

    Someone say x1 extreme absolutely overkill for me so do not pay for that

    Others says for illustrator and photoshop tasks the 4core 8650 or 8665u also overkill so i will be happy with a 14" 4k display 4core laptop.

    I like the yoga but 16gb ram and 4core i7 enough for creative work?

    Also can't understand why a 6core 32gb ram Spectre 360 15.6 much cheaper then the Elitebook 4core 14" ?

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