1. Irv Official says:

    Because of you my channel is BLOWING UP. I’m documenting my journey as I’m on target to hit a MILLION 🎯

  2. Wealth Hacker - Jeff Rose says:

    What’s the worst money mistake you’ve seen that made you cringe?

  3. Trap Town NCS says:

    When is your next video? 😀 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  4. Million Rise says:

    Excellent points, mistake 3 is what I struggled with in portfolio synergy. I also recently started a youtube channel on similar videos and any support would be great. Ty

  5. William Oni says:

    What is SMP?


    Wow. We're not just learning from your experience but from mistakes your clients made. That's probably one of the good thing to be in sales/dealing w personal clients. You get to learn from them as you grow your own experiences and knowledge. Love the glass board BTW.

  7. Financial Shinanigans says:

    Best thing to do is learn from other people's mistakes!

  8. XDShade says:

    I have no clue idea what is going on there

  9. Passive Income Tom says:

    My worst mistake was selling Netflix when it was $31. 😭

  10. Big Uub Torres says:

    I'm still need to check to see who my beneficiaries will go to. I haven't really put any effort in doing so since im still 20yrs old

  11. BeachCrow says:

    Jeff, question for #5: If retirement funds are in a Roth IRA aren't there zero taxes due at withdrawal?

  12. Mercy Reyes-Rubin says:

    My mistake for the moment would be number 6 for me. I need to get that square away ASAP this month. Thank you for creating this video. I appreciate the information.

  13. Justmylukc says:

    I am limited on what i can invest on for my 401k . I invest equally on ishares S&P 500, vanguard mid cap, vanguard short term corporate bond, vanguard small cap value, vanguard value. We invest through paychex

  14. Jonathan Smith says:

    I need to do more 401 K Reviews I remember looking into it briefly but never pushed any further.

  15. Amit Gupta says:

    Great video Jeff! and yes I like peanut butter 🙂

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