The Worst Way To Get Rich

The Worst Way To Get Rich

What’s the worst way to become rich? Trafficking stuff in your rectum. But what is the second worst way? I’ve tried different jobs in Sims 4 And I think the worst one is joining a criminal empire. You have to risk your life and there are very few vacation days. Today I’m going to show you what I
mean by joining the Russian mafia. Creates my sim… if I want to join the Russian mob, I need a non-suspicious name. I know! No one would respect this guy to be in the RUSSIAN Mafia. No one would respect this guy to be in the RUSSIAN Mafia. Huh. No gangster aspiration. I guess I have to pick… As far back as I could remember. I always want to be a deviant. To me, being a deviant was better than being the mayor of SimCity 2000 Even before I walked into my first house and saw it was a shithole. Wow! This place… I need a job. But how do you join a crime syndicate? Is it like a normal employer? No, they don’t have a website where you have to submit your resume, twice I guess I have to go find a member. One of these two people is a high-ranking member of the Russian mob, either Vlad Krov Vladislab, or Todd. It has to be him. For some reason, I don’t trust people named Todd. Yay! I’m officially a Salesman for the Smetana gang. All right, let’s go sell some illegal substances. Hello friend. Have you considered
becoming a reward’s member? If you don’t pay me in time, I’ll break your fucking hand. Hiya kiddo! You want some crystal meth? That’s very unhealthy. How about some coke? It comes from a plant! The first day I made almost 1,000 Sim Money™! The problem was most people pay on credit and now they owe me and I don’t have the confidence to collect. Next day, I hired Larrious Muscle Next day, I hired Larrious Muscle (dat totaly haw it spel) and on the car ride over He told me he was one of those psychopathic gangsters that exists in every movie We did not have a lot to talk about in the car This guy owes me 50 Sim Money™ Wow, he paid immediately and gave me a “I’m sorry” note. We didn’t have any problem! (Gunshot of distrust) What? Larry! What!? Don’t shoot people if they’re being good! No! Don’t slash their throat either! Because of my unusually high kill count. I got promoted! Famously the ranks in Russian mafia are vodka brands and I just went from a Ciroc to an Absolut. Now I can get the crew and a hangout spot! I don’t want the stereotypical shady bar… My mafia hangout place is a women’s clothing store. Forgot about the customers… блять! блять! Shady bar it is! I hired four more people, all of them named Dmitri. And together we sold enough product to overdose a blue whale. Everything was going so perfect. I started to wonder why doesn’t everyone do crime? Uhh, crap. A police raid! I got questioned… They asked me a bunch of irrelevant questions Like: How can a bar with only four customers
turn nine million in profit? Why does it have a room filled with cash? And… Baking soda? I told them we sell a lot of bread and was let out! Larry wasn’t so lucky. Someone ratted him out. I really don’t trust any of these people… Someone ratted him out. I really don’t trust any of these people… except Dmitri Creaser! He’s like a brat to me,
I should ask his opinion about this. Damn Dmitri, that’s a nice new flat-screen TV. You want me to tell you about my recent crimes? Sure? Ohh…. I have to go use the bathroom. *Activating Full-Russian Mode* Dimitri’s our fucking rat, Chico! I’m back. Where were we? Ah, Yes, I hope you consider this a learning experience. Because I caught the rat, I was promoted to a full-blown Smirnoff. My own penthouse… and I get to sit with the other Russian bosses and talk about all the crime we’re gonna do… …and team-building exercises. Everything was perfect. This is usually the part where everything collapses for the main character. But nothing happened… Wait, am I not the main character? Demitri Po-tagn’ist is the main character, bastard! I’m gonna go whack him! I’m gonna go whack him! (not in a weird way) He’s already in witness protection! And he has snitched on me? Shite! Good thing they can’t arrest me here, because it wouldn’t be dramatic enough… …and I don’t think I have any upcoming events… *Sudden Realization* Aww…. No! Today is the day of my daughter’s wedding. I’m so getting arrested! I can’t believe you would arrest me like this… on the day of my daughter’s wedding… They really got me. In my apartment, they found my Pirated Madonna CDs and a metric ton of PCP, but I told them that was just an indoor sandbox. I was sentenced to… 124 years in prison… Dressed up, and sent away… For two minutes, because I haven’t killed anyone! Because I’m an undercover cop! I got all of them. There’s no one in the Russian mafia named Todd! He’s my handler. I didn’t make any money from the drug trade! and that’s why being an undercover cop is the worst way to get rich! Check the description to see who
made the subtitles initially!
However, it was polished and edited by san7890.
(i have no way of checking in the timedtext editor)


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    Did someone say DRUGS

  3. Sami Pesari says:

    Damnit killian you tactical mastermind you tricked me to watch your crappy video again just because title is somehow translated to Finnish and it sounded so bad i had to instantly see what the hell could so moronic video be about just to hear your silly voice.

  4. Stevan Stankov says:

    I don't need a traslation note for brat
    Literally every slavic language uses the word brat

  5. Axel hammarström löfgren says:

    False advirtistiteneent

  6. JøshDaNørwegianMøøse says:

    How to sound like Kilian

    Talk with yout tongue on the top of your mouth like you say "ELL"


  7. Generic Protagonist says:

    Smirnoff is the highest rank? I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad.

  8. Dino 1839 says:

    If I had a dollar for every ping on Discord I have I’d be a millionaire

  9. Cristian Prandi says:

    Nice italian pronounce

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    I am from Russia and one thing smitana gang

  11. Sharkwolf darkwolf says:

    What a roller coaster of a story lol

  12. Milo Soto says:

    What a plot twist

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    Absolut isn't russian. It's produced in sweden…

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    Gamer moment

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    Top 10 Anime plot twists.

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    I can hear Swedish in this one.

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    I want you to narrate my life when I die, I'd come back alive just to listen 😅

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    Well, that's just how mafia works nowadays.

  21. Kevin G says:

    So obvious now!

  22. Fuhwohdah Ali says:

    Was it intentional to have the quality in alcohol go down as the name of higher ranks or do you really think ciroc< absolute< Smirnoff?

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    I always knew that the guys behind dairy products are criminals like this

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    False. There is no worst way to get rich.

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    That twist was underwhelming.

  38. Разживин says:

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    I hear some weird shit when u talk it that an accent or..?

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    I from Russia. This video is funny.

    Александр Алексеевич – то, что иностранцы не смогут сказать.

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    "No gangster aspiration"
    Giorno Giovanna has left the game

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    “And that is The Kilian Dxperience”

    Had to add it for you

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    Only the russians (like me) immeadiately understood that Dmitriy Krisa is a rat. Ya know why? Because "крыса" (krisa) from russian in english trasnaltes as Rat

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  51. Cheese_Wafflez says:


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    Me to phone: send KGB here there are mafia and capitalist

  53. IIPixel says:

    Best two parts:

    "You want some crystal meth? Nope, very unhealthy! Try some coke instead!"

    "And if you don't pay me in time! I'll break your fucking hand! ;D"

    You're welcome 😉

  54. David Nayror says:

    "full Irish mode activated" ;p good vids top shit

  55. Guy Comment says:

    Well, at least they are not Ivans but Dmitrys

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