The Wealth of Evil People

The Wealth of Evil People

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Now is the time for
you to believe and receive the supernatural wealth
transfer. Join Gloria Copeland and Pastor George
Pearsons today, on the Believer’s Voice of
Victory, and see how reserves of wealth are
stored up for the just. GLORIA: Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Pastor
George is back with me today, or I’m with
him, one, and we’re talking about prosperity. GEORGE: Yes,
we are. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: Yes, we are. GLORIA:
Which is one of our very favorite subjects. GEORGE: It
is. We got started about– GLORIA: Somebody said, “I’ve
been rich, and I’ve been poor, and rich is better.” GEORGE:
It’s better. GLORIA: It’s better to have something than to go
without, is it not? GEORGE: It–it is good to be in the
blessing of the Lord. It’s good to be under that blessing of
God. GLORIA: Umbrella of the blessing. GEORGE: The umbrella
of the blessing of God. Gloria, it’s so good to be with you. And
I just get so excited about coming in here and preaching the
Word with the Gloria Copeland. GLORIA: Oh, yeah. GEORGE: And
just all of the things that she’s taught me over the years,
she and Kenneth both taught me about prosperity and–and coming
in here and being able to both share what the Lord has shown me
about it, but also for you to comment and to help us– GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: –even in a greater way, understand this.
Gloria, we’re talking about supernatural wealth transfer.
GLORIA: I like it. GEORGE: And this is day number 294. We
are–we are quickly reaching our 300eth day of prosperity. Isn’t
that exciting? GLORIA: And then what are we going to do? GEORGE:
Then we’ll just keep on going. GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: We’ve got
to do at least 365, you know? GLORIA: Oh, yeah, that’s right.
GEORGE: So– GLORIA: It’s going to take a while,
but we can do it. GEORGE: We’ll do it. We’ll
do it. And we’re talking today, Gloria, continuing to
talk, about supernatural wealth transfer. And we’re going to
talk about the wealth of evil people and what happens to the
wealth of evil people. This–this really comes from the
Word of God, “The–the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the
just.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And we’re using a word
from the Lord that Brother Charles Capps gave 40 years ago.
GLORIA: I remember. GEORGE: 40 years ago, February 1st,
1978, talking about financial inversion. And we’ll read a
portion of this to you. All of–all of the word that he gave
is available with all of these notes online, Those are
all available to you right now. But he said, “The financial
inversion shall increase in these days.” Well, that’s 40
years ago. GLORIA: Mm. GEORGE: And then he said, “Increase–”
So, you know, 40 years has gone by, and I would say we should be
increasing even more in this financial inversion. GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: “For you see, the Lord says, ‘It is my desire
to move in the realm of your financial prosperity.'” GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: “But release Me–” GLORIA: Now, that’s the key
right there. GEORGE: Yeah, that’s the key. GLORIA: Release
Him. GEORGE: “Release Me.” GLORIA: It’s His desire, but He
has to be released. What would keep Him from being– GEORGE:
Oh, that’s good, yeah. GLORIA: –released? Unbelief. GEORGE:
Unbelief, yeah. GLORIA: What would release Him? Belief.
GEORGE: (Laughs) GLORIA: Is that easy? Can you get hold of that?
Mm-hmm. GEORGE: That’s exactly right. I’m so glad you answered
those questions for me. But you’re right, unbelief will stop
it, and faith will release it. That’s exactly how you do it.
GLORIA: I like that. GEORGE: So the Lord said, “Release Me.”
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: “Release Me that I may come in your
behalf and move on your behalf.” GLORIA: I release You. GEORGE:
Yes, let’s do that right now. Father, in the name of Jesus–
GLORIA: Thank You, Lord. GEORGE: –according to this word, by
faith, we release You– GLORIA: Yes, by faith. GEORGE: –we
release You that You may come in our behalf and move in our
behalf– GLORIA: Yes, Lord. GEORGE: –in the realm of our
financial prosperity. GLORIA: Thank You, Father. GEORGE: We
receive it together in Jesus’ name. Amen. GLORIA: Amen. Now,
you have to–in any area, healing– GEORGE: Mm-hmm.
GLORIA: –finances, believing for your family, you have to
release God with faith. GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA: Because He–
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: He acts as you act. If you don’t believe
God, if you don’t act on the Word, you can stay broke, sick,
all the days of your life. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: But if you
will take the Word and put it in your heart and in your mouth and
release– GEORGE: Release it. GLORIA: –healing, release
prosperity– GEORGE: Oh, that’s good. GLORIA: –release
salvation– GEORGE: That’s good. GLORIA: –for your family, you
can have it. GEORGE: And I take it. GLORIA: I take it. GEORGE:
I take it. I take hold of it. GLORIA: Glory to God. We release
it. GEORGE: That’s why the Lord is having us go back over this–
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: –material again. Even though we preached
it over the years, we have to be reminded, and we have to
introduce this concept to people who are not familiar– GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: –with supernatural wealth transfer.
GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Well, the Lord continued to speak through
Brother Capps in this word, “For yes, yes, yes, there shall be in
this hour financial distress here and there.” GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: “The economy shall go up, and it will go down. But
those that learn to walk in the Word–” GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE:
“–they shall see the prosperity of the Word come forth in this
hour in a way that has not been seen by men in days past.”
GLORIA: Praise God. Isn’t that good? GEORGE: “Yes, there is
coming a financial inversion in the world system. It has been
held in reservoirs of wicked men for days on end. But the end
is nigh.” GLORIA: Yes, that’s right. GEORGE: Whoo! The end is
nigh. GLORIA: Well, what about wicked men? Where do they stand?
Well, they can make Jesus the Lord of their lives– GEORGE:
They sure can. GLORIA: –and they won’t be wicked men
anymore. GEORGE: They sure can. GLORIA: The righteousness of God
will take over their hearts. GEORGE: Yeah, exactly. Well,
we’ll be talking about that later on in the study, Gloria.
But I’ll just–I’ll just bring this up right now Zacchaeus was
one of those men. He was an evil man. Zacchaeus was an evil man
who was getting taxes from people that were exorbitant in
their amount. And he spent time with Jesus. If you remember–
GLORIA: Change servicing? GEORGE: –Zacchaeus. He said,
“Zacchaeus, take me to your house. I want to sit down and
talk to you.” And that’s where everybody complained that Jesus
was having, you know, a meal with–with winebibbers and
sinners. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: Zacchaeus sat down with Jesus,
and when he came out, he committed to restore to everyone
that he had stolen from. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: And that’s a
case right there of an individual who was an evil
person, who–who came in contact with the Master and changed his
life. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And he willingly gave back to
people. Well, “The reservoirs shall be tapped and shall be
drained into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It shall be done, saith
the Lord.” And again, I gave a definition of the word
“reservoir.” “A reservoir is a place where anything is
collected in great amounts. It’s a large or extra supply or a
stock, a reserve.” So there are reserves. There are reserves of
the wicked that have been stored up for the just. And that’s what
we need to be partaking of. That’s what we need to be
receiving. That’s what we need to be believing for. And the
Lord said, “It shall be done in the time allotted, and so shall
it be that the Word of the Lord can come to pass that the wealth
of the sinner–” GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: “–is laid up for the
just.” GLORIA: Mm-hmm. Isn’t that powerful? Ooh-way, I like
that. GEORGE: It’s a powerful word. GLORIA: Now, who
decides–so who decides who gets the wealth of the sinner? You
do. If you don’t want part of that wealth, just be a sinner,
and you won’t get any of it. GEORGE: You won’t get it. It
won’t–it will be taken from you. GLORIA: And it will go
right to the hands of the just. GEORGE: There’s a lot of money
out there, Gloria. It’s amazing. GLORIA: You better believe it.
There’s a lot of evil money out there– GEORGE: There’s a lot of
evil money– GLORIA: –just begging somebody to take it.
GEORGE: Well, you think about it. You think about people
that–that fly over here, and they’ll take a couple of days in
New York and spend thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars
on–and I’ve heard this before. Well, they’ll spend hundred
dollars of thousands or a million dollars on clothing, and
take it back to whatever country they’ve come from, and they
never use it. GLORIA: Hmm. “Laid up for the just.” GEORGE: They
never use it. The money is out there. Money for the Gospel
is out there. And the Lord is giving an opportunity on these
two weeks, Gloria– GLORIA: That’s awesome. GEORGE: –to tap
into that reservoir and drain it. GLORIA: Boy, that’s a big–
GEORGE: We’re going to drain it into the kingdom of God. GLORIA:
Amen. GEORGE: Going to drain it into Kenneth Copeland
Ministries. I call for the harvest of every seed that is
sown in this ministry, every seed everywhere. GLORIA: Yeah.
That’s a good point. GEORGE: Every seed everywhere. GLORIA: A
lot of seed sown. GEORGE: And I’m just like Joseph. I go out
there. I inspect the fields in the same way that Joseph
inspected the fields to see what’s out there. And there is–
GLORIA: So– GEORGE: There is a lot of money out there of the
wicked that needs to come in for the Gospel. GLORIA: That’s a
good thing to put in your little noodle and on your notes.
GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: “Call for the harvest on every seed.” When
you sow your seed at church or wherever you are– GEORGE: Yep,
yep. GLORIA: –call for the harvest. GEORGE: Call for it.
GLORIA: What does that mean? In other words, believe God for the
harvest. Receive the harvest. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA:
You could say, “Receive the harvest–” GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:
“–on every seed.” I like that. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s
right. And–and– GLORIA: We must not fail at that. GEORGE:
–the wealth transfer is part of our harvest. It’s part of what
belongs to us. It’s part of the benefit. “Bless the Lord, O my
soul–” GLORIA: Yeah, yeah. GEORGE: “–and all that is
within me–” “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all–”
or the Amplified Bible says, “–forget not one of his
benefits.” GLORIA: I think those of us who walk by faith and
believe God– GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –we’ve got a lot of
seed that we hadn’t called for the harvest. GEORGE: You’re
right. You’re absolutely right. GLORIA: But we can fix that.
GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: (Laughs) GEORGE: It’s easy. It’s easy.
GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: We just call it in. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: We call in the harvest. GLORIA: Take it. GEORGE: We call
in the wealth transfer. And if you look there at– GLORIA:
That’s so good. GEORGE: –page 2. Go to page 2, Gloria. GLORIA:
I don’t know. I like–I like page 1. GEORGE: You’ve got lots
of good notes going there on your page. GLORIA: I like it.
GEORGE: Hmm. What does she say? GLORIA: “The wealth of evil
people.” GEORGE: The wealth of evil people, that’s what we’re
talking about today. GLORIA: Job. GEORGE: In Job 27:16-17 in
the New Living Translation, “Evil people may have piles of
money and may store away mounds of clothing. But the righteous
will wear that clothing, and the innocent will divide that
money.” Isn’t that a good scripture, Gloria? GLORIA:
So, you know, some–this is my thought. Now, people that are
believers, and maybe aren’t up on the top yet– GEORGE: Yeah.
GLORIA: –believing, I mean, they’re just now getting
started, whatever– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –they think about
the wealth of the sinner being laid up for the just. Well, if
you’re born again, that’s how you get just. GEORGE: Yep.
GLORIA: You’re made, the Bible says, “the righteousness of
God.” GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: So the wealth of the
sinner, which is abundant, dope dealers, thieves, un-born-again
people– GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. GLORIA: –the wealth of the
sinner is laid up for those who are in right standing with God.
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: How’d they get in right
standing? They made Jesus the Lord of their lives. GEORGE:
Yeah. GLORIA: That’s exciting, George. GEORGE: That is
exciting. GLORIA: We’re going to see that. GEORGE: We’re going to
see that. GLORIA: I believe we’ll live to see it. GEORGE: We
are going to come into another level of that wealth transfer
coming into the kingdom of God. We’ll see it here at this
ministry. You’ll see it in your household. People will start
giving you things. Unbelievers, sinners, if you will, that are
out there– GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: –who don’t
know–they’re going to start giving you things. Favor is part
of that, Gloria. The supernatural favor of God is so
much a part of– GLORIA: I believe it. GEORGE: –the
blessing of the Lord. And you just need to be believing it and
confessing it and receiving it because it’s a benefit. GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: It belongs to us. And another–this Verse 19 of
the New Living Translation, number 2 there on point B, “The
wicked go to bed rich but wake up to find that all their wealth
is gone.” Where has it gone? GLORIA: That’s happened in
history past. GEORGE: It has happened. And it’s been
transferred to the righteous. It’s been transferred to those
who believe God and receive that, because–because all of
that is being amassed. And I’ve always thought about it. I’ve
always thought about an airplane landing out here on our
property, some big airplane, some beautiful airplane, and the
fact that maybe some corporation wants to get rid of it. They
just can’t hang on to it anymore, and they fly out here,
and they tell Kenneth, “Brother Copeland, we–we know that
you fly airplanes and that you know–that you travel the world.
And we just–we just don’t want this airplane anymore. Will you
take it?” GLORIA: “We’re just going to give you this new
Gulfstream.” GEORGE: We’re going to give you–(Chuckles)–this
new Gulfstream, absolutely. GLORIA: For–to reach the people
in the world. GEORGE: Absolutely. GLORIA: I’d receive
it. Would you? GEORGE: I would receive it. Do you remember,
Gloria– GLORIA: Yep, you bet. GEORGE: Do you remember when
the dog track owner brought a million dollars to Oral Roberts?
GLORIA: I do. I didn’t remember until you reminded me of it the
other day, but… GEORGE: It was back–it was back– GLORIA: That
was the wealth of the sinner– GEORGE: Brother Roberts–
GLORIA: –probably. I don’t know. I’m not judging the man
because I didn’t never meet him. But he never did come see me,
but… GEORGE: Well, the story of it was that Brother Roberts
was believing God to be able to pay the–I believe they were
working on– GLORIA: City of Faith? GEORGE: City of Faith.
And this man– GLORIA: Oh, the hospital. GEORGE: The hospital.
GLORIA: Yep. GEORGE: And this man was watching him on
television and heard about it. GLORIA: That’s right. I remember
that. GEORGE: And he was just–he was just impressed.
He–I don’t think he was born again. GLORIA: He got an
unction– GEORGE: He got an unction. And I’m sure that–I’m
sure that Brother Roberts– GLORIA: –to do this. GEORGE:
–prayed for him, prayed over him, made sure he was born
again. But that man brought a million dollars to Brother
Roberts. And that is–that’s a prime example of the
wealth–that’s a dog track, a racetrack. GLORIA: Mm-hmm.
GEORGE: And you know, people griped about it. They complained
about it. “Are you going to take that million dollars for–”
GLORIA: You better believe it. (Both Laugh) GEORGE: “Yeah, we
are. Yes, we are.” There’s another account, Gloria, of a
man that I’ve spoken with, talked to, and he was–he had
been believing God for a piece of property that was next door
to him. And he–the value of the property was like 1.4 million.
And he didn’t have the money, but the man who owned the
property, he–he said, “Well, I’ll give it to you for
600,000.” Well, the pastor didn’t have the 600,000, but he
kept sowing seed, he kept sowing seed. He kept believing God,
kept believing God. And a year went by, two years, three years.
And finally, this man came to the pastor, and he sat down in
front of him and said, “You know, I’m getting older now.” He
said, “I don’t want this property anymore.” He said, “I
don’t know. I just want to donate to you.” GLORIA: “The
wealth of the sinner is laid up–” GEORGE: The wealth of the
sinner. And, oh, by the way, did I tell you there was a hotel on
that property? GLORIA: No. You forget that part. GEORGE:
(Laughs) So the man–the man received property that was–when
it was purchased the 10 years before, it was 1.4 million. It’s
worth much more now. It’s on the beach. It’s on the beach.
GLORIA: Gets better and better. GEORGE: It’s waterfront. And
this was–this was donated to him. I believe it’s happening
all the time. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: I believe that
there is a–we’re tapping into it. We’re tapping into–like the
Word from Brother Charles, we are tapping into the reservoirs.
We are draining– GLORIA: Yeah, that’s right. GEORGE: –the
reservoirs into the kingdom of God. If nobody’s going to
believe God for that, it’s not going to happen. GLORIA: You
know, if–the Bible tells us, we learned, that the–well, we’re
the just– GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –after we make Jesus
Christ the Lord of our life– GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –said
we’re made– GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –the righteousness of
God. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: So anybody that’s born again, that
belongs to us. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: I’m born again.
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: I receive it. GEORGE: I take it,
Gloria. I take it for this ministry. GLORIA: But you know
you have to–when you plant a seed, you have to take care of
it. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: If you don’t water it– GEORGE: If you
don’t water it, yep. GLORIA: –you don’t take care of it–
GEORGE: Need to weed it. GLORIA: –it’s not going to grow. If you
don’t say it– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –it probably won’t
happen. GEORGE: It probably won’t happen. GLORIA: But if you
say it, it probably will happen. GEORGE: Well, I’m going to quote
Gloria Copeland here– GLORIA: I like her. GEORGE: –from some of
the times that we have had our broadcasts together. And
concerning this particular scripture, “The wicked go to bed
rich but wake to find that all their wealth is gone,” you said
this, you said, “If you don’t have it, demand it.” So we have
to demand it. We make a faith demand on that wealth transfer.
GLORIA: You’re not demanding it of God. GEORGE: Hmm-mm. GLORIA:
He’s not the One holding it. GEORGE: Hmm-mm. GLORIA: The
wicked are the ones– GEORGE: No. GLORIA: –holding it
according to this scripture. GEORGE: And this was really
good. In that scripture, it said, “The wicked go to bed rich
but they wake up–they wake up the next morning to find that
all their wealth is gone.” And you said, “That’s a ‘suddenly’
that’s going the wrong way.” GLORIA: That’s right. Wrong
direction. GEORGE: That was–it’s going the wrong
direction. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And you said–you said,
“Overnight financial reversals.” Overnight financial reversals.
GLORIA: That’s possible, too. GEORGE: Gloria, that’s–that is
so true. Remember the scripture, the Old Testament that talks
about, during the famine, and the prophet said, “This time
tomorrow.” GLORIA: Yeah, yeah, yeah. GEORGE: “This time
tomorrow.” Well, that’s an overnight financial reversal. I
wouldn’t be surprised if people started finding cars in front of
their houses with notes on them that say, “I just had to leave
this for you.” We’re going to see some supernatural things.
We’re living in a time of the supernatural. GLORIA: I think we
might have read this, but I like 3. “What happens to evil
people’s money?” GEORGE: Now, go ahead, Gloria. I– GLORIA: I
mean, there’s the blessing and the curse. GEORGE: Yep, yep.
GLORIA: “What happens to–” GEORGE: Go ahead. GLORIA:
“–evil people’s money?” GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: “Whether money is
good or bad depends on who has the money.” GEORGE: Who has
the money. GLORIA: “When the righteous have money, they do
good things with it. When the wicked have money, they do bad
things with it–” GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: “–or they hoard
it. And those bad things lead to death many times at an early
age.” GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: You–in other words, they
can–they can act on all the curse they want to– GEORGE:
Right. GLORIA: –buy all the dope they want to– GEORGE: Yep.
GLORIA: –do all the bad things they want to– GEORGE: Yep.
GLORIA: –but it leads to a bad end. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: “And
then you can’t look–” Let’s see. Where’d I quit, George?
GEORGE: “Many time–” GLORIA: “Many times–” GEORGE: Yeah.
GLORIA: “–at an early age–” GEORGE: That’s it. GLORIA:
“–you can’t look at the rich and wonder how they got their
money. Money acquired by ill-gotten gain is not from
God.” GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: “You could be part of the mafia
and have lots of money, but you probably won’t live out the full
number of your days.” GEORGE: Now, when we were reading that
before we were– GLORIA: To spend it. GEORGE: To spend it,
yeah, that’s what we added– GLORIA: Added that. GEORGE: –in
between, “to spend it.” GLORIA: What happens to all the
ill-gotten gain money? It goes right to the–into the hands of
the just. You say, “Well, I want some of it.” Well, make Jesus
the Lord of your life– GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: –be good
to obey Him– GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: –walk it out,
and we’ll–and you’ll qualify. GEORGE: You know, we–this
should be the international sign of the hands of the just right
here. My hands are wide open, and I am, by faith, receiving–
GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: –the supernatural wealth transfer–
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: –that is promised in the Word
of God. GLORIA: See, that–you know, people think, “Now, how
could that be?” The reason you don’t understand how it could be
is because it’s supernatural. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: It’s not
dependent on you except to receive it. GEORGE: That’s all
they–yeah. GLORIA: You don’t have to–you don’t have to churn
it up. GEORGE: Yeah. You don’t have to churn it. GLORIA: Just
say, “I receive it.” GEORGE: Yep, exactly. GLORIA: I’ll
receive it– GEORGE: Exactly. GLORIA: –in Jesus’ name.
GEORGE: Well, let’s see. We’ve got–how much time have we got
left? About two minutes. Okay. Let’s look at these scriptures
in point C. GLORIA: Okay, go. GEORGE: That’ll be good. We can
finish it up with this. GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: Proverbs 28:8,
“The wealth of the loan shark.” Ha-ha, in the NIV. GLORIA:
That’s a different title. GEORGE: The NIV says, “He who
increases his wealth by exorbitant interest amasses it
for another, who will be kind to the poor.” GLORIA: That makes
plenty of money available. GEORGE: Mm-hmm. It really does.
And the Amplified translation of that says, “He who by charging
excessive interest and who by unjust efforts to get gain
increases his material possession and–increases his
material possession gathers it for him to spend who is kind and
generous to the poor.” GLORIA: Praise God. Amen. GEORGE: So
those of us–those of us who are giving to the poor, who are
ministering to the poor, we qualify– GLORIA: Tithers,
sowers. GEORGE: –for–that’s right. And we qualify for
supernatural wealth transfer because “He who increases his
wealth by this exorbitant interest, he’s building it up
for another who will be kind to the poor.” So, that’s us.
GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: That’s us. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: To be able
to reach out and minister to the poor. Let’s see. “He who–” This
is Proverbs 14:31. “He who oppresses the poor shows
contempt for their Maker. But whoever is kind to the needy
honors God.” Proverbs 19:17, “If you help the poor, you’re
lending to the Lord, and he will repay you.” GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: And I’ll close it out, Gloria, with this quote of
Gloria Copeland. GLORIA: Uh-oh. GEORGE: From “Kingdom of God,
Days of Heaven on Earth” series, she said, “Think about the loan
sharks, drug dealers, and unjust gain. Think about the billions
of dollars that God is going to vacuum into the kingdom.”
GLORIA: Ooh, sounds good. GEORGE: “Start ministering to
the poor if you want to get in on the end-time transfer.”
Gloria, that’s great. GLORIA: Thanks, George. GEORGE: That’s
great. GLORIA: Hallelujah. Glory to God. GEORGE: “For the wealth
of the sinner is laid up for the righteous.” GLORIA: That is just
an established fact. GEORGE: That’s an established fact.
GLORIA: How do I get into that? GEORGE: By faith. GLORIA: By
faith. “I believe I receive.” GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: “I’m
blessed.” Hallelujah. I don’t put any limits on the blessing.
GEORGE: No limits on the blessing. GLORIA: George
and I’ll be right back. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.


  1. Laura Prather says:

    These concepts are all fairly new to me. How can I find all the nearly 300 episodes on prosperity/wealth that you refer to? I'd love to soak it up! 🙂

  2. Tamia jill says:

    My favorite subject to. God wants to do many things for us. We have to stay living in everything that's part of His Kingdom. Being poor is not part of His Kingdom. Rich and full of life. Full of the Abundance that God has created His followers to live in. Thank You Jesus


    Oh my word, so glad to hear the truth. Thank you so much.

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