The Truth About The Olympics

The Truth About The Olympics

Hi everybody! It’s Stefan Molyneux from Freedomain
Radio. Hope you’re doing well. Here are some interesting truths and facts about the Olympics.
Did you know that originally the Olympics were conducted entirely in the nude, usually
by fairly well-oiled young men who I guess were parading in front of Socrates and Plato,
as perhaps tasty morsels for after the games? But, I guess wouldn’t work so well now. High-def
and slow motion… I mean, nobody looks good doing any kind of exercise no matter how cut
you are, but what’s going on at the moment is, of course, there’s a winter games going
on, and the economics of the Olympics are really quite fascinating. There was up until
they nineties fairly strict bans on athletes making any money. You had to be an amateur
and so on, and even now the top athletes in track and field in America usually make less
than—about half of them make less than $15,000 a year, and the International and American
Olympic Committees pay the athletes zero dollars. They will actually cover some flight and hotel
expenses, but even that money comes from a combination of private and public sponsors
and donors. So, they rake in staggering amounts of money while paying the athletes, who everyone
is that watch, zero. Now, some athletes do make a lot of money. And in fact, you will
get a bonus if you are, I think, in Malaysia and you win a gold you get a gold bar worth
over $600,000, but I don’t think they have ever won a gold. In America, you get $25,000
for gold and lesser amounts for silver and bronze. You have to pay taxes on that, of
course, but you will get some extra scratch, but not a lot of money for the athletes. It’s
kind of important to remember as we start looking at the economics and fiscal reality
of the Olympics. So, mega-corporations are kind of handpicked
by politicians to make up some of the lost taxpayer revenue from the whole affair, and
generally leave a giant smoking Nevada-sized crater in the public finances. So, mega-corporations
like Samsung, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Cadbury’s, and so on… all of the least healthy things
(laughs) are advertising at the Olympics… and, they provide sponsorship opportunities
and, of course, they pay the government millions or tens of millions of dollars for this, none
of which really goes back to the taxpayer, but stays in the government. See, the government
takes money from you to pay for the Olympics, takes money from the corporations to help
fund them, and doesn’t return the money back to you. It’s quite of a giant exercise in
crony capitalism or “crapitalism”. In fact, the government sometimes goes to such lengths
that they ban anybody who’s got a small business, who might show up in a background shot, from
advertising their business. In the London Olympics, they actually went after anyone
that had the word “Olympic” in the title. Even at the restaurant they went to after—a
Greek named “The Olympic Grill” or something like that. Apparently, the copyright is so
strictly enforced it goes backwards in time and across different venues as well. So, it’s
pretty tightly controlled. When McDonald’s secures a right to an Olympic venue, they
use government power to ban anyone else from selling French fries in the entire venue.
So, really, it’s quite a—you know, remember how the government doesn’t like monopolies.
Well, they will create one for you if the price is right. Now, in 1960 the right to
broadcast the Olympics sold for $50,000. Now, they run into the billions and billions of
dollars. It’s important to remember how this actually
works. So, the Olympics are generally constructed using the taxpayers’ money, the athletes are
often trained using the taxpayers’ money, the images and videos are broadcast over public-owned
and publicly-funded airways, publicly regulated airways, but then you have to pay a huge amount
of money, in terms of time, just watching commercials and sponsorship opportunities.
So, it is pretty wretched. It’s the same thing that goes on with NFL stadiums where generally
publicly-funded stadiums are filmed and the events are broadcast across publicly-funded
and controlled airways, and then the taxpayer has to pay, in terms of time, in terms of
commercials. So, the Sochi Games, the winter games in Russia, are estimated—spend is
51 billion dollars, 51 billion dollars. An International Olympic Committee official has
said that as much as one-third of the 51 billion has been siphoned off by corruption. And,
this is a—kind of a clue as to why governments really like mega-projects. There’ a variety
of reasons which we’ll get to—but most fundamentally, particularly sports mega-projects—it tends
to dissolve resistance to massive spending. “Well, it’s for the Olympics” or “it’s for
a stadium” or whatever. So, when something is emotionally resonate with the taxpayers
it tends to lower resistance. And, if you can also tie in government spending to national
pride—which is kind of hard to do outside of wartime and sports—if you can tie government
spending into something intangible, like national pride, then of course peoples resistance to
massive spending goes down. It’s kind of strange, Sochi. It’s a subtropical,
Black Sea resort where the temperature hovers at the moment around 10 degrees. There’s no
snow. It has to be shipped in. If you’re going to run some winter games in Russia, I’m not
sure it’s wickedly hard to find a place in Russia with lots of snow in say February,
but… How did it become a winter venue? Well, according to spokesperson, Vladimir Putin,
the head of Russia, he likes Sochi. He likes skiing there. He’s building is own palace
down there. It is his personal choice and he is completely behind it. So, a woman recently made a documentary on
corruption in these Winter Olympics in Russia, was visited by a number of representatives
who actually paid her, offered her, three times the documentary cost not to release
it, which she declined and stopped answering her door. In this documentary, there’s a building
contractor who was threatened he would be, “drowned in blood”. Uh, no longer a (laughs)
Olympic event. He would be drowned in blood if he refused to pay kickbacks of fifty percent
of building costs in Sochi. And, the documentary also highlights the cost of the Olympics to
local people who have lost their homes and livelihood to construction. It’s just this
big giant claw Borg that goes through neighborhoods scooping up peoples’ homes and business and
so on, and building Olympic junk over them, which generally falls into disuse and becomes
a homeless, graffiti artists, and drug addicts afterwards. The environmental damage of the
Winter Games, particularly in Sochi, is hard to measure, but has been considered fairly
catastrophic. In Beijing, for the recent Olympics, 1.5 million people were displaced. In other
words, were shoveled out of their homes to make way for the couple weeks of athletic
excellence. So, to build a road to the Sochi Winter Olympics
in Krasnaya Polyana–it’s a mountain resort, it only hosts the ski and snowboard events—the
Russian state spent three times more to build that road than NASA did for the delivery and
operation of a new generation of Mars rovers. An article in the magazine “Russian Esquire”
estimated that for the sum that the government spent on the road it could have been paved
entirely with a centimeter-thick coating of beluga caviar, but because seagulls don’t
vote, it wasn’t. Now, interesting coincidence… so, of the fifty plus billion dollars being
spent on the Winter Games, about 7.4 billion of them have gone to a boyhood friend and
former judo partner of Vladimir Putin, whose name is Arkady Rotenberg. And, that’s really
quite a staggering coincidence when you think about it. What really are the odds of that
happening? Well, in Russia actually close to 100%. So, here’s some text around the corruption.
So, Mr. Mortezav, who is a fairly successful construction business owner says, “we started
building a project in Prynasol”—which is a beachside area of Sochi—”it was a wing
of the presidential resort home. The contract came to about 47 million pounds. There was
an official…,” he said, “…who wanted to be bribed. You pay him a commission, or else.
I should have paid him 12% and an additional 5%, but managed to get it down to 3%.” He
goes on to describe how the money is paid directly into the Kremlin’s coffers. “It works
like this. The money is brought to the presidential administration department. I go to the fifth
floor, pass through the security without being screened…” Yeah, you don’t want to screen
people who are bribing you. “…and leave the money. So, he described how bribes went
through the roof when the city and region was declared an Olympic venue. Dozens of major
contracts were issued through OlympSoi, the government-run body responsible for organizing
and building the Winter Olympics. And, one “chenovnik”—Russian slang for a senior official—was
told that the going rate for bribes was 5%, then asked, “What if it were 50%?” Mr. Molavof
added, “I realized he was being serious.” The money thrown around by the Kremlin to
ensure that Russia would get the games is also revealed. Cal Shantz, the former Austrian
Olympic skiing champion and personal advisor on bringing the Olympics to Sochi, talks about
the big-money lobbying that went into the games. Cash that Leonardo Chyechnev, former
head of Russia’s Olympic Committee said was, “practically unlimited”. So, of course there’s physical excellence
and amazing athleticism on display, but the fundamental driver, I would argue politically,
is it creates a massive, massive fogbank for bribery and corruption which is dissolved
in peoples generally positive views of the Olympics and it can be covered up or exacerbated
under the cover of nationalism. Wherever you have big construction projects, and government…
big construction projects plus government—they’re always involved even if they’re not paying
for it directly; issuing all of the licenses and permits and all that kind of stuff—you
just get massive corruption. Transparency International has long cited the construction
industry is the world’s most corrupt, pointing to the prevalence of bribery, bid-rigging,
and bill padding. By 2025 are estimates that the cost of fraud in the construction industry
worldwide will have reached 1.5 trillion dollars. So, not only are governments generally the
biggest spenders on infrastructure, but all of the private projects, you know: worksite
inspections, approvals, permits and so on… all of which are ripe for kickbacks. Now,
big one-time projects are super juicy for corruption because if you just building another
road, you have all of these cost estimates and completed projects beforehand that you
can compare the cost to and look for deviations. When you’re building something new, what happens
is, it’s never been built before and nobody knows what to compare it to and so you could
hide a huge amount of corruption in those things. And for contractors, bribery is always
attractive. I mean, the cost of a bribe is dwarfed by the value of the contract. This
is known as “The Two Lock Paradox” in among economics. A study by Neil Stansbury, “when
a project is really big” he says, “it is easier to hide large bribes. Most projects involve
building something unique, or at least something that’s never been built in that place before;
makes it harder to estimate whether costs are reasonable or not. And, Turkey’s construction
spree also plays a major role in an economic quote “boom”. China has spent—it really
is impossible to estimate how much building these ghost cities and, of course, governments
say, “look at our GDP, look at our construction industry, look at our unemployment” because
you know if you pay a million people to dig holes and fill them in again it looks like
you economy is doing really well. So, for investors who don’t know much about free-market
economics and debt and so on… the numbers will look better when you engage in these
mega-projects. But, because they’re not fundamentally customer driven, consumer driven, they are
enormous wastes of capital and human capital too. People get trained to work on particular
projects that are unlikely to be replicated in the same way ever again, which mean all
their skills get lost. Another thing that happens is that politicians like big, flashy,
new things. They like cutting ribbons on new things all the boring work of say maintaining
sewage infrastructure which is not particularly exciting and no politician is going to get
a photo op on it. Also, you can get bribes on massive new projects. You can get bribes
and construction going on those big new projects a lot more than you can on road maintenance
and so on; again, in which the costs are generally well known, and which is not flashy. So, I
guess it’s a step up that Russian politicians are now focusing on sports rather than say,
invading and dominating eastern Europe, but nonetheless it still comes from the same kind
of place. So, in the 2012 Olympics, which was in London,
there was a security company, G4S, and they were going to provide security personnel for
444 million dollars, which was ten times the actual original estimate. I guess, you just
lean on that key and you can make a lot of money. But they said, “well gosh, you know,
even though it’s a massive recession, times of massive unemployment, we’re just unable
to get the right number of security guards”. And so, the army and the police had to then
go out and fill the gap, and despite this failure, this security company got to keep
89 million dollars as a management fee. Nice work if you can get it. 2004 Summer Olympics
has been somewhat credited with—although the Greek government is a fairly profligate
spender in even the worst of times, or the best of times, or any times in between for
that matter—but they did, you know, to join the Euro currency zone they did actually adopt
some austerity measures. (laughs) Austerity for the Greeks is kind of like telling a guy
on a 10,000 calorie-a-day diet that you’re going to cut him to 9,800 calories, and then
he claims that he’s starving to death in some low-calorie Hunger Games nonsense. But they
did reduce deficits from just over 9% of GDP in 1994 to 3.1% of GDP in 1999, right before
they joined the Euro. Some of that, of course, was fraud and lies, but some of it was real,
but then the Olympics broke the bank and government deficits rose every year after 1999 peaking
at 7.5% of GDP in 2004, the year of the Olympics, because they spent 9 billion Euros on the
Olympics. Now, Greece is a pretty small country. The cost of housing the Olympic Games was
about 5% of the annual GDP of the country. Now, was there the resulting economic boom?
Well, of course there wasn’t. I mean, building giant stadiums for which there is no long-term
economic value. You might as well set fire to the money. I mean, the Olympic torch should
be cash and the blood of unborn taxpayers fueling its fire because that’s all it’s burning.
In 2005, Greece suffered an Olympic-sized hangover with GDP growth falling to its lowest
level in a decade. However, the GDP of individual construction companies, as well as the Mob,
organized crime, and politicians rose extraordinarily high. Brazil is hosting the 2016 Olympics
as well as the 2014 World Cup. To construct its five-star accommodations to entertain
and house the wealthy, it is actually emptying out entire neighborhoods; and, as I mentioned,
1.5 million folks were displaced for the Beijing Olympics. You would not want to be a stray
dog in Sochi at the moment. They’re rounding them up and disposing of them, for which I
think not much detail is being provided. Now, a lot of the money that goes into the
Olympics, of course, comes from taxes, as mentioned. There are huge amounts of money
that are given in grants and subsidies and so on from governments. And, there are over
eighty Olympic committee members who make over a hundred thousand dollars, but as mentioned,
they pay the athletes zero dollars. And now, a few of the athletes do make a lot of money
and end up on cereal boxes, not so much the steeple chasers, but there is a lot of money
for politics. There is a lot of money for construction companies. There’s a lot of money
in corruption. And, there’s a lot of money for the people who like to roll around in
chauffeurs and the International Olympic Committees. There’s almost no money for the athletes.
I mean, I consider that to be pretty egregious. I mean, it is pure exploitation. It takes
20 years, 15 to 20 years, of intense 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hours a day training to get to the
Olympics. People are only there to look at the Olympics. They’re not there to look at
the construction companies, or the judges, or the committee members, or the politicians.
They’re there to look at the athletes and the athletes are the only people who make
little to no money from it. This is exploitive in the extreme and also, of course, since
some of the athletic events, not so much at the Winter Games, but certainly the Summer
Games (or the regular Olympics). A lot of the gymnasts and so on start their training
as children. And because they start their training as children, this is really child
labor. This is unpaid child labor that is being used to enrich governments and contractors
to the tune of billions of dollars. I mean, it makes a Dickensian factory look like Chuck
E. Cheese, as far as the exploitation goes and this is true even for the children who
are in a more voluntary situation. If we take a look at some of the pictures—I will move
over a little bit here—we’ll take a look at some of the pictures of what goes on in
Chinese training camps. It’s pretty, pretty brutal. While we’re looking at those, we’ll
continue to talk a little bit about what happens even in the American situations. So, Joan
Ryan wrote a book in 1995 called “Little Girls in Pretty Boxes” and she wrote the following
about the system for producing gold medal gymnasts, “What I found was a story about
legal, even celebrated child abuse. In the dark troughs along the road to the Olympics
lay the bodies of girls who stumbled on the way, broken by the work, pressure, and humiliation.
I found a girl whose father left the family when she quit gymnastics at the age of thirteen,
who scrapped her arms and legs with razors to dull her emotional pain, and who needed
a two-hour pass from a psychiatric hospital to attend her high school graduation, girls
who broke their necks and backs, one who so desperately sought the perfect weightless
gymnastic body that she starved herself to death.” So, little girls as young as four
or five are recruited and spend their childhoods in gyms raised by coaches, some of whom behave
like Spengalis. These kids are brainwashed into attempting dangerous tricks, accepting
injuries, and pain. These gyms always have a psychologist on staff to goad or guilt these
kids. Parents often don’t know what goes on because they are sometimes banned from the
gyms. This is true in the U.S. as it is in China. The reason female gymnastics is a race
against puberty is because once maturity happens the female body adds 5% body weight, which
adversely limits their strength and endurance. By contrast, male gymnasts can only be developed
after puberty because that is when they acquire sufficient strength to do their tricks. This
also means that their careers are not only post-puberty, but last longer into adulthood.
There has been an ongoing sexual abuse scandal in American swimming. ESPN’s T.J. Quinn and
Greg Amante wrote in 2010, “youth swimming coaches, many certified by USA Swimming, the
sport’s national governing body, have been able to molest young swimmers and then moved
from town to town escaping criminal charges and continuing to victimize other underage
swimmers.” ESPN found the abusive coaches, some of who molested young swimmers for more
than thirty years, avoided detection because of a number of factors. USA Swimming and other
organizations had inadequate oversight. Many local coaches, parents, and swimming officials
failed to report inappropriate contact they witnessed. In some parents driven to see their
children succeed ignored or did not recognize what should have been red flags. There is
a study with an Australian sample on sexual abuse in sports; out of 370 elite national
and club regional athletes surveyed, 31% of female athletes and 21% of male athletes reported
having experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18. Environment-specific sexual abuse
rates were particularly high. 41% of the sexually abused female athletes and 29% of the sexual
abuse male athletes indicated that the abuse was perpetrated by sport personnel. The sport-related
abuse was largely perpetrated by those in positions of authority or trust in relation
to the athletes, primarily coaches, and less frequently support staff and other athletes;
the vast majority, more than 96% of the perpetrators where men. So, as I mentioned, one study by
the USA Track & Field foundation demonstrated, “approximately 50% of our athletes who rank
in the top 10 in the USA in their event make less than fifteen thousand dollars annually
from the sport. So, sports is an improvement over war and
sports, in fact, was considered by the ruling classes to be an excellent preparation for
war. What do sports fundamentally do? It substitutes geography for value. Right? Why is your team
better than some other team?—because they’re closer to you, in the same way that your army
is better than the other guy’s army because they’re closer to you. It gets you addicted
to loving a uniform rather than the character of the person in the uniform because people
can shuffle in and out of those uniforms, but you must remain loyal to the team. So,
it is an empty geographical shell that is around you that demands and evokes your allegiance.
This goes way back to our tribal days, of course. I mean, all who did not develop an
irrational allegiance to those geographically proximate to themselves in the form of the
tribe would usually be expelled from the tribe; and if all the tribal members didn’t care
whether it was their own tribe or the other tribe that won, that tribe would be wiped
out. So, we’ve been selected for bonding, or an irrational adherence to costumes that
are geographically close and that is prepared for by sports. Hate the other team or dislike
the other team or want to beat the other team… well, this is a fundamental lack of empathy.
And don’t get me wrong. I love sports. I think sports are a lot of fun to play. They really
are. But we all know, come on, sports Team A which you then follow—watch Hoop Dreams
or, you know, any of the other sports films. You are just watching that sport team. Those
rag-tag bunch of misfits who somehow find a way to get together with a boozy manager
to beat the other team, and achieve victory, and change their lives, and so on. That’s
Team A. You could take the exact same movie and go over to the other side to Team B, and
you would follow them, and you’d feel exactly the same thing. Whoever you get emotionally
invested in is the person you want to win, which is why you get all these little intros
to these athletes. You know, they grew up in poverty and, you know, both parents were
struck by lightning, but the electricity passed to the next generation allows them to vault
tall buildings with a single bound, and so on. So, sports has always been a preparation
for war and I’m very glad that the world is having sports events rather than war events,
although that has a lot more to do with the development of nuclear weapons than it does
with any particular maturation of the human condition, but it is really important to understand
that it’s a completely irrational adherence. When I was growing up, my local team in England
was Crystal Palace which was populated by a lot of people from Trinidad and Tobago who
could barely speak that English, let alone the Queen’s English; and I was supposed to
find some massive allegiance because they mirrored my experience in some manner and
they betrayed it next year and next year other people would come in. So, I’m just supposed
to love the uniform because the uniform is the closest one. I mean, we all understand
in our heads. You know, that that’s completely irrational. It’s silly. Now, I don’t mind
people indulging in their silliness, but not at my expense. Right? I mean, if you want
to go worship some local sports team or whatever and think that they’re the best thing since
sliced bread, be my guest. You know, just keep your Goddamn hands out of my pocket through
the state when you do so, and don’t sell off my daughter’s future to indulge in your silly
local anti-rational dangerous tribalism, and understand, at least with the Olympics, that
these are people who were exploited as child laborers, not paid, for the profit enormously
connected rich well-connected largely corrupt conglomerates, multinationals, and corporations.
At least, see the Olympics for what it is; and then, if you can continue to enjoy it,
you might want to look in the mirror and just ask yourself, “How?”


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    some also call it "wrestling"… 😀

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    50% of the pop either dont want to know, and the others 50% can not do any think about it anyway, so knowing about it seems pointless.

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    The professional level allows you to really see the high level that a particular game can be played. NBA teams have to strategize how to space the floor while running the pick-and-roll with spot up shooters in the corners against a scrambling zone defense and a physical center. Sorry, but playing 1-on-1 hoops in your driveway and airballing every other shot is no substitution.

    Just as you have to actually try to win while playing a sport, it's more fun watching the pros when you prefer one of the teams to win, even if neither team plays anywhere near you. Ask anyone that actually watches instead of just pontificates in ignorance.

    If pro sports fandom were completely statist and tribalist, you'd think every sports fan would be equally loyal to their local baseball, basketball, football, and hockey teams. Not sure if someone who projects as much as you knows this, but they do not. Maybe that's because they actually care about the sport, not some tribal allegiance.

    Sure, if you think your team is somehow morally superior to all others, than you have a problem. But get this. There's an easy solution to that, and we even already have a word for it. Where I'm from, we call it "sportsmanship". Sportsmanship isn't just some loosey goosey term for acting generally pleasant while participating in a sporting event. It means being courteous to your opponent before and after the game, and basically saying that even though during the game it might get a little tense and adversarial, it's nothing personal and ultimately rooted in a common interest and love of the game.

    Kids are all taught this at a young age, and yes it is sad that many people take a step backward as adults. But that behavior is not pervasive, it's no still no excuse to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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    Corruption happens because people don't care about it, even when its published.
    As long as people see a shiny "Olympics" logo, they will completely ignore most of the shady deals in the background.
    Obama knows this, that's why he flew his entourage to Belgium to try and get the Olympics to go to Chicago. His friends there would have become instant billionaires, and Democrats would have their superPAC funding boosted for a decade.
    Same goes for high speed rail, interstate highways, broadband internet projects and other catchphrases that make apathetic masses happy.
    VOTERS are the problem, not a bunch of guys named Vladimir, Barack, George or Bill.

  25. Geo Martin says:

    Meanwhile, the coke slurping and burger munching sheep watch their sport and can't give a fuck.

  26. major600 says:

    The Olympics are like Christian missions. Under the banner of "spreading God's word", the missionaries provided cover for greedy imperialists. Under the banner of "international harmony through sports", the Olympics provide cover for greedy governments and corporations.

  27. Teslastyle says:

    On your critique of sports generally, couldn't you say the same thing about a company, nation, or even a family? Any group of people that we favor for no objective reason, but rather favor simply because we belong to that group?

    On the sports vs war issue, I think team sports offer a much more positive outlet for the more aggressive parts of human nature. Team sports can help young people focus their efforts towards positive pursuits through exercise, discipline, teamwork, and ambition all in a fun atmosphere. I think the cost-benefit ratio makes it a good investment when funding school activities. However, as you point out, the problem arises when professional sports teams or international events require multi-billion projects to support them.

  28. Gerry Boudreault says:

    The Great Obscenity returns to bankrupt Russia.  They used to do the winter games in one place (Innsbruck etc) so why not do it that way?  A permanent Olympic site, built up each game (a 'host' country works at it each 4-yr bash).  Do NOT take a cent of my money for these sports crimes. This nonsense put many more homeless onto the streets of Vancouver, eh?

  29. Miatacrosser says:

    Informative video.  While you were describing the disparity between the athletes and the high rollers involved with Olympic Games and the fact that sports were used to prepare for war.  All I could think about was they should rename them the Hunger Games. 

    Also, I'm probably one of a handful of Americans who have heard of Crystal Palace.  Only not for the futbol team or the old exhibition hall but for the car racing circuit within the park that held races there during my youth.  Also a friend of mine saw Pink Floyd play at the Concert Bowl within the park.   

  30. UberNuber420 says:

    That very last shot really made me tear up. :C

  31. Tommy Rad says:

    The Olympics. Just more co-opting of talent by the elite. Just more garbage.

  32. wiedep says:

    As I always say, "you pay and they play".
    Pass it on…

  33. Dean Daniel says:

    Stefan Molyneux I LOVE what you do.  🙂

  34. Dean Daniel says:

    16:21 ….. when you called it a company and then corrected yourself and called it a country i found it an amzingly ironic moment because you were correct in the first place.

    the IMF  has rendered all our countries no longer protectors of our sovereignty but corporations to manage our enslavement.

  35. Gh A says:

    Olympics, like religion, like Government….gets people to accept Horrible treatment that they would  Never condone Otherwise

  36. Stuwart Harris says:

    to be forced off your land and to another is human trafficking…

  37. Juvenal Gaspar says:



  38. Stephen Fowler says:

    Oh my god, after listening to you for nearly half an hour I find out you are a fellow Palace fan, it just goes to show what a fine bunch we are keep up the good fight

  39. john jr. - Lt. Col. Al F. Simmons says:

    i cant wait for the world cup at qatar comes. stefan will have a field day with the corruption coming out of that

  40. redryan5048 says:

    Olympic haters!!

  41. Ozbrithian says:

    Why can't the government ever spend billions stupidly on something I like? Like BLTs? Why can't they find some way for their cronies to make crap loads of money that involves me getting to eat free BLTs? Seriously, that way it's business as usual, they're gonna screw us over one way or another, but at least I get a BLT. It's not fair that only sports fans get to be the "beneficiaries" or crony capitalism, why not bacon fans?

  42. Daniel Rozeboom says:

    If you claim that athletes being unpaid is "exploitive", this completely contradicts the libertarian argument against the minimum wage which I happen to agree with (see also: Schiff, Stewart). I agree that putting children into abusive training is exploitive but for a 20-something adult to choose to compete unpaid (AFAIK most or all athletes are not forced to go), they clearly get something out of it that makes it worthwhile besides money.

  43. Richard Alexander says:

    Yeah, the Olympics are a waste of money. Sports events of all kinds are, and athletes are some of the most over-rated people on the Planet. In this country, the children aren't so much exploited, though, because this is what they want to do. They enjoy it. 

    You might have said more about the gymnasts who wind up paralyzed for life after they make a mistake on the balance bars. I think that NYTimes ran an article about the lives of these children, who usually are completely forgotten after their bodies are ruined.

    I do wish humans would invest their energies into productive pursuits. The day comes when everyone will give account for the way they use the money they get.  

  44. nphanlon1973 says:

    This is why I love Horse Racing because it is the most honest of sports.When they say it's about the money and they call it an industry they truly mean it.Other sports have commentators prattling endlessly on about "sportsmanship"."fair play","Olympic spirit" etc…don't give me the speech.

  45. Heder Cruz says:

    Please Have a lokk into the  Brazilian 2014 World Cup , I bet it beats Russia on the fraud. ! 

  46. keehotee says:

    Stefan Molyneux, arbiter of truth.

  47. Tutor Hawk says:

    So how about that "truth about" Abe Lincoln?

  48. TC1024 says:

    Wonderful video; thank you Stefan. Being from the UK, I've often talked about how I hate that so much emphasis is put on sports and questioned why the government takes such an active role in promoting it. This puts things into perspective.
    I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the BBC?
    All the best.

  49. John Shen says:

    A less than scrupulous high school student could listen to this and find his future career choice.

  50. Widiar says:

    As long as the world is in this current state, there is no reason to have Olympic games at all. Professional sports should not be supported with tax paying money no matter how successful, for that money should be targeted to the health of the whole society, activating people to live healthy lifestyle and do sports that are good for them – especially the kids.

    I say this even thou I am studying sports at the university, for professional athletes should be able to support themselves, as for 90% of the athletes it is more of a hobby that they enjoy doing than "work". Especially so as professional athleticism and sports are not type of work that bring resources to society, as their main purpose is to keep people stuck in celebrity worship and not taking real responsibility of their own lives and the surrounding society and people.

    No ordinary people are paid to do enjoyable hobby each day and then celebrated for it. In the western societies, more and more of government money (=tax payers) is targeted to "trendy" and "competitive" sports that only serves the good of the 1%, as 99% of the ordinary people are left without support, coaching and training because they are "not fit" to be a professional athlete, for genetic reasons or just because they have no time or resources to achieve it. That is not an ethical reason to waste millions of euros each year to support a few people who are successful, while majority of the young people are out of shape, obese and living a lifestyle that will lead to major health problems later in life.

    There are hundreds of sports and activities other than ice hockey/football/basket ball and other trendy sports that would be good for the ordinary people and with the money "wasted" for professional sports, we could offer that to thousands of people each year.

    I respect 100% the hard work of professional athletes and their commitment, but I agree about the Olympics and other sport events that they should not be supported with the tax payers money, as long as we have hundreds of more critical and more important targets to focus the money into.

  51. cannabisPREVENTION says:

    Yeah yeah, we get it. TYT just hates anything popular.

  52. Christopher Ball says:

    It upsets me that we spend so much time and money on Olympics/sports events and millions starve? Humanity has become a nasty race. I'm not against entertainment of any sort, but shouldn't we fix our world systems before we sit back and entertain ourselves. Make a real difference.

  53. Johan Andersson says:

    Isn't the phrase "I love sports" followed by "sports is an irrational adherence" a big contradiction?  

  54. rico dyson says:

    when you have money
    the olympics is great!
    all the after parties, sex with slutty athletes and booze!
    sex money power
    god i love life!
    cheers 😉

  55. CloneD Anon says:

    Russian athletes who win gold medal get about over 150k USD from Russian government.

  56. GordosMama1111 says:

    welcome to the FREE MARKET, stefan. money is power. no matter how many NAP's you write up. good luck enforcing them!

  57. Tomas Kvietkauskas says:

    I love Stefan's videos headlines. They often starts "The Truth" however how much truth there are in his videos decide by yourself. 

  58. Frejborg says:

    What can we say Stefan? It's just so true, no comment necessary.

    .. This has been an enlightening view of the Olympics, thanks.

    People don't want to accept the evil showcased all around them, so they are convinced it does not exist.

    Seems to me, that if people really knew how bad it is…. we'd all be on our knees begging God for mercy and forgiveness.

  59. atolliver91 says:

    now , i see it different …

  60. Luna Fly says:

    Football….Olympics. Just CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE! Namaste

  61. WanderingFool100 says:

    I think the Olympics are an important cosmopolitan event.

  62. Lord Sandwich says:

    My Dad was a gymnastics coach for years and it was nothing like that!

  63. George Davies says:

    Wow big up crystal palace, right round the corner from me

  64. mary smith says:

    who pays that prize money? if it's paid by the govt then it is not taxed, they are just paid less than advertised.

  65. mary smith says:

    This was a FANTASTIC commentary. Thanks Stefan.

  66. notinfoilplease says:

    "Does anyone want to host the 2022 Winter Olympics?" A new yahoo article stating that city after city are starting to decline the "honor" of hosting the winter olympics.

    Maybe philosophy is starting to win out!

  67. Oliver Eaton says:

    The olympics summed up in 5 words: GET FAMOUS WHILE DOING SPORT, Don't get me wrong, i love the olympics but this is my opinion

  68. ROK says:

    The truth about the FIFA World Cup?

  69. jackgoldman1 says:

    Olympics is a lynch pin of globalism, politics, and global money. 

  70. thatmaninblack says:

    Sports would be dead, if it wouldn't be about teams, clubs, countries – or if we are talking about the U.S.-  states. I really don't care about sports, but usually I watch the Olimpics, or at least checking out the medal stats and I'm happy if a Hungarian wins. 🙂

  71. peter tuann says:

    girls gymnastics is a horror show, but women watch girls' gymnastics, the TV ratings are awesome, women don't watch women's soccer, volleyball, etc.  Just ban gymnastics for women.  

  72. KD Ballantyne says:

    I lived in Salt Lake City for eighteen years, but fled the city before the Olympics. I wouldn't have been able to afford tickets anyway. Getting ready for the games made the city unliveable. For instance, they worked on the freeways and the sidestreets to them at the same time, making it nearly impossible to ever drive anywhere.

  73. Danish Aziz says:

    thnx for share

  74. Brady Bell says:

    Karl Schranz

  75. wiedep says:

    When the Olympics are pitched in your city, run away as fast as possible!
    They play, you pay…

  76. Kevin Reed says:

    I have been enjoying your videos especially from a historical perspective. I am amazed that you keep doing videos despite some of the backlash you get for shedding light on the historical realities of certain eras we are egregiously misinformed about. My question is why? Especially considering your video on slavery showed the totality of the trade and more importantly the mass manipulation of the working class to be driven against each other. Yet your comments were full of some very disturbing commentary of people who either do not care or do not understand that racism is a tool of the rich. Yet video after video you create and while I commend your resilience, I do wonder why you create these informative videos considering the unnecessary scrutiny.

  77. Jahn Warner Laster Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Primal Health Shaman says:

    f**k the Olympics and f**k the NFL~

  78. RealEyes C says:

    Wow, how sobering and necessary information like this is. I feel somewhat ashamed that I have made it this far in my living not really understanding the true essence of this " Wizard behind Oz." Pretty Goddamn sobering to say the least. :/ Thanks Stefan to you and your team for the effort u make for truth . It helps, even painfully sometimes.

  79. 텐구아레스 says:

    The Olympics are created by the demons of Orion.

  80. madmanzila says:

    I am a retired Olympian to be my fellow tubers
    I just ran a movie through my mind of what would happen if all the Athletes went on a leave of absence indefinitely to press for justice in the money splits 🙂 but i ask you ! who would convince these now "depended poor brainwashed to mental physical mastery glory brainwashed slave whores" who have no longer a mechanism for self esteem other than the approval of the fans and coaches … (i speak from experience and include me in it )its a fucken tragic affair all though they enjoy their ride and i pity them not mind you///
    Its maddening to think of the deception that happens on the innocent excuse athletes provide for use to the politicians … heheh News Sports pop music and commercials repeat in deferent sequence ad infinitum …

  81. k8500000 says:

    So, what would a proper event, properly celebrating excellence in physical ability, look like, compared to these farces. How would we organize and fund such occasions.

  82. Slim 74 says:

    Russia an early democracy that has gangsters running contracts. Same history that the united states has.

  83. Slim 74 says:

    Why do we allow china into the Olympic games? Americans need to stop being so self absorbed

  84. Jacqueline Rogers says:

    honestly I want it be in the Olympics, I would love to be in gymnastics but there is nobody who would help and support me, and it is going to take a long time to train me😢😢

  85. Venice Mackay says:

    poor ordinary people of brazil now they are in even deeper shit.

  86. Nathan Johnson says:

    My high school swimming coach turned out to be a a child molester….dropped his family off at Disney World and arranged to meet up with a 13 year old girl. Fortunately the girl was an undercover cop and he spent time behind bars

  87. Rick Willis says:

    The Olympics haven't been the same since the Cold War ended. The Soviet Union beat the United States more than we beat them. It was unfair at the time. It was basically Soviet Union Professional athletes against American amateurs. And of course the other big rivalry was East Germany vs. West Germany. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, we were suddenly allowed to use Pro athletes.
    Now our new rival is China. They finished second behind the United States in 2016 by 51 medals. I read articles on how the Chinese took these children around the age of six and placed them in these Sports Schools to train them for future Olympics. It was very cruel how these children were treated. And moving the Olympics from one city to another is a tremendous waste of money. I still remember reading about how the "Rumble in the Jungle " between Ali and Foreman bankrupted the entire nation of Zaire. It's all done for prestige. I love sports, but find that to be insane with 2 billion people going to bed hungry every night.

    Great video.

  88. Sinsearach says:

    the olympics have been dead for a very long while, just a commercialized zombie of meaninglessness

  89. Feta Cheezz says:

    Athletes used to be naked until there was a mix up in the mens 4 X 100 m baton relay!

  90. Mel Souza says:

    What terrible facts. It is so sad to hear what is behind all the glamour of sports. Really sad.

  91. megacide84 says:

    The Olympics is just a multi-faceted money laundering scheme.

  92. DrCAS1964 says:

    The Olympics should be cancelled. Nationalism is wrong and racist…right Liberals? Nobody should root for their country. That is bigotry.

  93. Maurício Carvalho says:

    I dont think sports events have that effect any more, here in Brazil the Olympics and World Cup were pretty much one of the main reasons the federal government was impeached in 2016

  94. Bradwick1 says:

    Once the stadiums, bobsled tracks, pools, ski jumps, Ice rinks, and all the rest of the massive construction is used for the short time of having an Olympics. The vast majority of the Olympic games infrastructure is then left to ROT AWAY!! The contracts should cover restoration of the land once the games are ended, or leave a usable structure for the country like a public pool. Instead its just left to rot and never be used for anything. Post Olympic blights to the land is something that should be addressed.

  95. James Campbell says:

    3:20 minutes of the video. It was in Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Down the street from me there's a Greek restaurant called Olympia Pizza.

  96. Ash Pujari says:

    I understand that everybody else makes money right ? … everyone except the athletes ?

  97. Ash Pujari says:

    the athletes are trained by tax payers monies ?

  98. Ash Pujari says:

    all the coaches are on the dole ?

  99. Ash Pujari says:

    the gym fees … the equipment … the transport for the athletes … the hotels … the nutrition ?

  100. Ash Pujari says:

    are the athletes meant to be celibate or raise a family on the dole ? … all while every bastard is profiteering nicely ?

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