The Truth about Money and World Domination!

The Truth about Money and World Domination!


  1. Jonny M says:

    It doesn't make sense. A real business shouldn't be paying back a bank with interest.

  2. Daniel B says:

    Nothing New.. Why there are money? Because people are very destructive species and with out it they would.. Done Earth I think

  3. Henry, Gin Thang says:

    I’ll pray for the actors and performers of this video so that you may one day come to know the REAL TRUTH whose BLOOD was SHED on The CROSS on Calvary .

  4. Joshua Lund says:

    Sad part to all this, what can we do? How far will you go to do it? Risk your families safety? Just like how drug lords control countries, people don't want to stand up against them cause they will kill your family.

  5. suraj maurya says:

    "Zeitgeist movement "

  6. dollar c.g says:

    We are prisoners and we don't even know it. Slaves, you name it.

  7. CoolBaron says:

    Ditch fiat and switch to crypto.

  8. Teo Jing Thong says:

    Who've watched the whole video but still dunno what they're talking about😳😳


    All these rich rappers and ball players and other entertainers have no idea whats about to happen! They will go down with us Satan cares for no man!! But he is using them to keep us distracted from his plan thats about to take place!! Rappers flashing they money and cars won't be able to use that money soon just like the poor people! Bet you they will accept the mark of the beast too!!

  10. Kae&Nas Vlogs says:

    Who else saw xrp….been tryna to get people to see if you own xrp and btc you are already top 3% in new world order

  11. Joshua Stover says:

    This guy isn't getting to the root and its misleading

  12. Santiago Belonza says:

    Always give your best to serve the humanity.

  13. Black Fajita says:

    Bitcoin can replace cash. Digital cash is only bad when BANKS and Government control it. They can't control Bitcoin. I don't want cash gone but when/if it does BTC will be better than that piece of plastic in your pocket.

  14. Missy Conley says:

    Iam SOOOO glad I do not think in fear like this poor soul. He is leading people into a fear based apocalypse. Fear becomes comfortable and addictive. This feels like you're more in control because you "think" one man knows the ONLY possible outcome. When you choose to believe and focus on all the positive aspects of the world, THAT is what you begin to see PROOF of all around you. You begin to see infinite possibilities of how EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE is happening. This crap is leading you down a path to hell on Earth. Come on over the LIGHT. There is love and prosperity for everyone there, if you can lay down the emotional addiction to David Icke. He's invoking fear in your psyche and making millions off of it. But I did not make the rules and I feel very confident in saying, he has made his own bed, and what he has reaped he shall sow….I just hope he realizes this soon. Otherwise he won't be making the JUMP…yes David. We know the rules of vibration that manifest reality. The higher vibration always dominates, which is LOVE. Love Always Wins. Followers, look away before you turn to salt.

  15. Meban says:

    One day there will be a One World Order where there will be one Currency and one Ruler

  16. Charlie boy Vishal says:

    "Don't tell people what you know"

  17. Ronnie Herrera says:

    Problem of future. Im old and i can see it now happening.. Somebody kill those bastard.

  18. Steven Mendoza says:

    It's all about control.

  19. Jorell Ortega says:

    I pay medicare out of my check but yet I dont even have medicare. The lazy people use up my money.

  20. Namaste1001 says:

    He's right, you know!

  21. Paul Anthony Mcgowan says:

    Its actually war crime level criminal , with a network of criminal spies behind it, using Zersetzung techniques to ruin peoples lives and the only way for some people is a crimes against humanity case in some instances. See and get ready for an even bigger shock about what is being done with extreme surveillance technology in a criminal Agenda 21 initiative.

  22. Axle F says:

    I haven't commented on a video like this in years, but today I cannot resist. First of all, it's too late. Enjoy your life, you're not changing anything that matters. Secondly, this type of information is exactly the problem. Who is telling you the problem with our economical system? Is it Warren Buffet? Ben Stein? Art Laffer? Nope. It's David Icke and friends. Look man, I don't care if there are aliens or not frankly, but there are some things you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt and others that you cannot. You can prove a connection between the ancient Bavarian Illuminati and the modern day CFR to an open-minded person who listens. You can take them to the website for example and do some digging and globalist agendas are quite clear. You can show them info on Bilberberg etc. But open your mouth and mention casually about how the queen is a shape shifting reptilian and all credibility goes out the window. I don't give a damn weather they exist or not, but it discredits the entire movement and I don't think it is done by these individuals unintentionally. Controlled opposition much?

  23. isaac Maitland says:

    $5,000 GIVEAWAY (*ONLY 5 DAYS  LEFT)

  24. tony Kari says:

    Who owns most of these banks if not all of them …. yup that's the answer to the question

  25. suthesan arasu says:

    Did they not do that in 2008? Now they can do it faster.

  26. walter bass says:

    the rich get richer then corp.welfare gets bigger n govt.lies n steals/who can we trust!

  27. Sanny Wayiti says:

    They had me till like there’s no financial education in school. The rest wasn’t something I didn’t know, we can’t bater trade B. Motivation to do what?

  28. Ms. Green says:

    Cash is King!!

  29. Eduardo Vargas says:

    Use cash!

  30. tolgahann susur says:

    The only practical output of this video is getting all the money from my account and invest on gold and break the circulation and clear it up all credits?

  31. Achwaq Khalid says:

    Say no to a #CashlessSociety if they take away our cash we're screwed

  32. TheDanielx3 says:

    If you think bitcoin can be controlled from a single point, you don't understand bitcoin.

  33. d p says:

    This seems to be just a mix of common sense information with absolute conspiracy theory bullshit. Not sure what your purpose is here, beyond making idiots feel they know some secrets that others don't but there's nothing they can really do about it.

  34. Minh Châu Nguyễn says:

    "Dont tell people about what you know".
    So what those guys do then?

  35. Chola Bulanon says:

    good thing we pay only cash or goods in the philippines

  36. John Mills says:

    power to the people. if you dont have guns they can do anything

  37. computethisblockhead says:

    Bitcoin if used as originally intended is actually a good solution to the current problem. It is a fully decentralized system and all transactions can take place in a peer to peer manner cutting out middlemen like these evil banks and credit card companies. Any fees paid on Bitcoin transactions go directly back to the community of miners helping to secure the network instead of lining the pockets of crooks. Since mining takes resources such as electricity and hardware among others, miners would be forced to spend some of their earnings back into circulation to cover operation costs thus keeping a steady stream of Bitcoin flowing into the economy. Also, since the total supply is capped at 21 million, inflation will not be an issue thus people's purchasing power will continue to rise. The current "Credit" system we have today simply could not exist in this type of environment where there is no magical money "printing" capability by central and private banks anymore. Every dollar in existence today in created out of debt so there is always more debt than money to pay it back thus creating the endless cycle we see today. I'm not saying Bitcoin is a perfect system but it's a heck of a lot better than the scam we currently deal with.

  38. Russell Robinson says:

    Is that what happened in "its a wonderful life"? & then again in " Brewster's millions"??

  39. Politifeast says:

    So get directly to the real wealth which is free and all around us instead of going through the bank which is a scam. Oh , but the laws which they created prevent us from getting directly to the wealth. You could get arrested and thrown in jail.

  40. Mr Faceless says:

    Ok so we know the problem, there is thousands of videos on the problem now……old news! What about the solution? Seriously any more of these "problem videos" are now purely 'ego'. Solution – remove the FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and separate yourself from your strawman!

  41. mr resalah says:

    it is not all about the money. it is about sending a message.

  42. mr resalah says:

    it is not all about the money. it is about sending a message.

  43. Fock Lung says:

    "They've been doing this for centuries 🤯!" WTF is he talking about; Centuries! GMAFB! 👎🏽🤣🤣

  44. Marios says:

    It's a fact rich people control the world and we even they don't realize it!!!

  45. Akbar says:

    fractional reserve banking is the fraud, the bad and evil system which ever human make..

  46. bathe 79 says:

    David Icke on the ball again but the government doesn't want you to listen the people like him who's in the know, instead they will try to write him off as a conspiracy nut and someone who not worth listening to, where in reality he exactly who we need to be listening to because he's hit the nail on the head of how the system works and that's how the system works in reality. And they don't like use knowing the truth.

  47. Douglas Gonsalves says:

    No one controls BITCOIN!!!

  48. leprechaun feet says:


  49. Hey Hey says:

    Thats the reason why gold standard is the biggest threat for bankers, because the government can't control gold worth. And it's not like as any other money outside we see gold has a international value that no one can't control. There's a reason why bankers don't like gold and the rather have paper printing to people to work for it

  50. dstbb dstbb says:

    daily bull shit

  51. Keanu Chun says:

    This is why Bitcoin is so important. We cannot rely on physical fiat currency staying in circulation, and even if it does, all fiat can be printed into infinity. Bitcoin is special because it is the only digital currency that is truly decentralized, no one person, group or entity can control it. Its monetary policy is written in code. It is an open, borderless, censorship-resistant, unconfiscatable store of value. It is extremely difficult to recreate the circumstances that allowed for Bitcoin to grow into what it is today.

  52. TheBlaNk GiRL says:

    How we can stop technology in the future if they already doing what you have been told us????what people can do if we are all in a debit situation coz it can be possible now adays…

  53. Tyler Parisi says:


  54. Patti Zayas says:

    money like government needs to go………….

  55. # Royalty says:

    Does everybody really understand what's happening? Can someone please break this down for a 9 year old?

  56. Bits n Bots says:

    Exit the Federal Reserve scheme

    Buy Bitcoin

  57. gzBlockchain says:

    I dnt think u understand stand blockchain! And I dnt think u understand bitcoin enough to understand this is the whole reason for bitcoin so we’re not a society working on credit and it’s not owned by one entity or one company it is owned by the people for the people you can’t have somebody control it when everybody owns it and it’s not off credit 92% of our money is already digital centralized and yes 99% of cryptocurrency‘s are Centralized only bitcoin is not centralized there’s not a CEO there’s nobody that you could fire there’s nobody you could go after and this is why you should keep it on the cold storage or a nano ledger foreshadowing look it’s happening in Venezuela how do you think they’re paying for food

  58. gzBlockchain says:

    Yes you’re absolutely right this is been in the works since 1988 look at the cover of the economic magazine says get ready for a new world currency with all Fiat currency burning on bottom of the Phoenix and there’s a coin in middle of the phoenix dating 10 of 2018 there’s no other asset on this planet that has a fixed supply not gold not of course Fiat currency not Real Estate bitcoin first and only on unConfiscateable asset on this planet has ever had ! Beyond that nothing and do I mean nothing has value unless we as a society give it value that’s neither here nor there we still have to live as a society

  59. Jam Jamil says:

    The truth behind the creation of this video is the same, they got benefited too, the more viewers & subscribers they got paid on virtual money.

  60. L. Davis says:

    This is written in the Bible. Read it & believe it.

  61. yodhangzien says:

    I’m tired of those crazy people taxes

  62. 5StarFilmz says:

    Cash is King…

  63. Gerardo Rojas says:

    Too much talking! Blah blah blah blah

  64. The Principled Hypocrite B says:


  65. J Lane says:

    Yeah, Davy Icky is telling the truth, but he works for them ! mther fker. he doesnt have to worry 0 just sell tickets to his serpent show

  66. Kamar G says:

    Revelations fulfilling itself in our very own lifetime. Cashless society and ecentually no buying nor selling without the Mark of the Beast

  67. matay brock says:

    No one cares. They are content in being debt slaves. They enjoy it so much they line up to vote for their slave masters. Then they will go so far as to hire cops to kill you if you do not go along with their slavery. The world is in a sad evil state. Nothing will change until some giant natural calamity happens and people kill all of these evil slave owners during the chaos. Evil has to be killed not worked around.

  68. Skorpion G says:

    How could you own assets when you don't have the proper education and a decent job to afford it??? Not everyone has a rich dad who provides all the necessary capital for you to own assets (for instance, Donald Trump). It's easier said than done for many.

  69. Gaurav Medhi says:

    So digital economy is it not safe?
    India is moving towards cashless society.

  70. Rey Gold Evans says:

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  71. Dan Cheetham says:

    Clearly doesn't have have an understanding of crypto and bitcoin. The whole point is de-centralization. No government has control. No central authority has control. It is controlled in a distributed fashion by the people that choose to participate in it. Cryptocurrency solves the very problems discussed here.

  72. Common Sense. 320A.D says:

    Ok the question is what can we do I know this useful information since we don't have another home to run to we only have this earth so what am I supposed to do now

  73. DOUG BROWN says:

    Money is BS all a Lie Used To Control The Masses. Still have to have a little to survive and pay bills.

  74. DOUG BROWN says:

    08:31 Pay Attention I Must Mention. A Slow and Gradual Change.

  75. Sanjay Maharaj says:

    Money is fake. So why not let it be a electronic transaction? This whole vid is fighting the wrong fight. The fight should be on reintroducing the gold standard, stopping credit money creation and dropping interest on lending. Rather have a once off fee added to the loan amount, as in Islamic banking. That way one is not chasing a moving target to settle one's debt.

  76. MMCrypto says:

    6:57 You know that you don’t need a bank account for bitcoin or not?

  77. flat world says:

    Nobody can stop people humgry and without money that will be the end of the banker

  78. Dirty Harry says:

    Buy gold

  79. CECI CEO says:

    Another prediction for you: there will be mass rioting, looting and all crimes will make living on this earth unbearable. Good luck with that; I'M DAMN GLAD NOT TO BE YOUNG.

  80. darthvader5300 says:


  81. Ylljam Gjikola says:

    In Germany the cash still to be the king not to many places accepted cards

  82. Ylljam Gjikola says:

    We have to change our thinking before is to late we need to enjoy ourselves not being selves of
    Digital money LIFE IS TO SHORT

  83. David G says:

    so my question is: What The F Are We Supposed to Do?? about all these shit… so many of us are Awake/woke but dang, we gotta come up with a mutha fuckin Plan.
    they think they could fool us all.

    why dont we all just gather around, team up, and fight for our rights as humans. We The People Got the Power. only if we work together…. not fight each other.. c'mon man wake uup! 😎

  84. Kiran Kumar says:

    Micro chip .. mentioned in bible

  85. J. R. says:

    with electronic-only currency system is easier for them to shut-out of the economy anyone that they dislike. so they dont even need to arrest "crime thinkers" they simply let them starve out on the street. sweden and norway are soon becoming credit-card only economies. with no paper currency whatsoever

  86. De Lima says:

    I feel like " finally someone heard me!" Lol

  87. X_Master_X Top says:

    The system need to fall. There should be no money at all and no rules

  88. Para 132 says:

    From paid in cash for work to issue of checks to direct deposit to debit cards etc. next as has been tried implants in your arm. It’s Biblical. Without the mark you cannot trade or buy.

  89. Para 132 says:

    “Money is the root of all evil”. Sound familiar?

  90. C M says:

    And WHO owns the banks?

  91. C M says:

    Find your peace, live your life, as independently as you can. It is all you have.

  92. C M says:

    The biggest Ponzi EVER.

  93. C M says:

    I see proof of this, every day, as a cashier. Wake up. Of course, one has to wonder why Icke still has a voice.

  94. Anette Dahl says:

    I am already cashless 😗 this won't affect me the slightest 😂

  95. all sides suck says:

    No money or digital manipulation can stop hungary angry hoards descending on there office buildings ,homes and wherever these vermin stand ,to drag them and there families into the streets and set alight ..and thats exactly how it will end.

  96. George Wormald says:

    The Australian Federal government is presently sneaking through a Bill in our federal parliament to make it "illegal" to have an amount Cash of $10,000.or more !!!
    2019.& Our funds are supposed to be legal tender .
    Ha ha , started then they will lower the amounts down down down over time !

  97. OH MY GOD. says:

    can't wait to see this documentary, even though we should be watching times of the good, not the bad, the world is a hax full stop. 622 MINDLESS DICKHEADS THUMBING THIS DOWN.

  98. Ace Hardy says:


  99. EFT Random says:

    They can wipe your bank, but not your bitcoin. This video does not understand Bitcoin. It thinks its controlled by the FED, which is not.

  100. treasure man says:

    This is the beast the bible talks about in the bible book of revelation

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