‘The True Cost’ – Official Trailer

‘The True Cost’ – Official Trailer

we communicate who we aren’t through clothing it is fundamentally a part of what we wish to communicate about ourselves we used to have a system a fashion system that has absolutely nothing to do with the fashion industry today it has been reinvented it’s based on materialism the problem is that comes at a really high price garment factory collapsed killing more than 1000 clashes between quote factory workers and riot police in Cambodia last November 112 people were killed in another major factory fire 30,000 gorman workers in Bangladesh will paying the price for cheap building well the promise of globalization was that it was going to be a win-win that consumers in the rich world would get cheaper goods and people in the poorer parts of the world would get jobs and that those jobs would give them an opportunity to work their way out of poverty this enormous rapacious industry that is generating so much profit why is it that it is unable I’ve kept to support millions of its workers properly the actual business model is completely unsustainable unless you change that model you can’t change anything when everything is concentrated on making profits what you see is that human rights the environment workers rights get lost my god you can do better than this you


  1. shuxuan gong says:

    what is the background music?

  2. Alexander Pazmiño says:

    Desde q vi este documental cambiaron totalmente mis hábitos y el no consumir este tipo de marcas

  3. HADOW S says:

    what is the music? please!

  4. africanbella28 says:

    I love this documentary because it spoke volumes about how we really don't give a fuck about people in this world. I understand that the factory owners run these factories, but fashion companies should be able to oversee how their workers are being treated. These people are making their fucking clothes earning $2/day and working in deplorable conditions to make us look good. And for the female at Joe Fresh who said, "All they're doing is sewing all day", I hope you end up poor with health issues because these people are dying because of people like you. P.S. money is the root of all evil.

  5. narantan says:

    Why shoot a movie – and not to spread it freely available to millions of people watched? The film has a price … if so – it is not meant to open eyes

  6. Ssha94 says:

    This Had me in tears just from the trailer. Real issues that matter.. fucking wake up everyone. So so sad

  7. Peter Janik says:

    Know your product story behind, ecology is in our hands….

  8. Akash Sirdar says:

    So let's close all the factories in the developing countries so that their poor workers starve to death?

  9. 박 슬 채Fi says:

    This just shook me to the core and I haven't even watched the documentary Oh my goodness. Trump needs to watch ths

  10. anika k says:

    these kind of documentaries make me feel super grateful that i was born in a good family in a good country. but yet again i forget about it and turn back into the selfish person i've grown to be.

  11. M Jones says:

    Being at the top of the fashion food chain I can tell you, everything about fashion, and most everyone in fashion, is completely worthless.. that being said, sub-standard factories burning in impoverished countries also make tons of things unrelated to fashion.. Great documentary and song..

  12. Neko Girl 562 says:

    I watched this in class today and this has changed me

  13. Abigail says:

    What about all the animals they kill for these clothes fuck off not only human rights matter.

  14. Kara Tao says:

    I thought that my clothes came from little factories, all clean and tidy with stylish workers. After watching this movie, I was all wrong.
    This movie is so naked, so real. We need to spread this to everyone, to schools, to our friends, to our family. One part of this movie that impacted me the most is when I saw the last part of the movie. I just cried when the screen panned from hungry shoppers to miserable workers.
    Wow, now I realize why the fashion industry is so big and so rich.
    I'm such an idiot _.

  15. ALF V WARRIOR says:

    Yes, always wanting more for giving less is the ultimate perversity that will destroy humans…

  16. woon ko says:

    everybody should watch this. wow. I'm not the one who buys clothes much but I like fashion always had… I never knew it's this serious gosh really surely people can be better than this.. how can you overlook this situation? how can you look away… I decided to become vegan quite recently but there's miles to go make this world better geeez…

  17. Jaida Gehring says:

    My geography teacher showed us this trailer and it had me in tears… my God, we can do better than this.

  18. Bolsheviki says:

    Capitalism is an ongoing crisis.

  19. Bolsheviki says:

    Also, I find it apropos of nothing that the lady's shirt at 2:18 says 'age of MAGA'. Make America Great Again…I can't believe this is our reality.

  20. Amina Jamal says:

    everyone is responsible for the dignity and safety of these workers ,we should be fighting for rights of all workers all over the world who are fulfilling the desires of the west or the rich all over the world at the expense of their health and safety
    The Prophet SAW said everyone is a shepherd,which means we all are responsible for everyone who is in our care,in workplaces ,in our homes ,even animals and plants etc ,we will be questioned on how we treated all of them
    there is accountability for every action and ALLAH SWT is the judge
    May we make ease in the lives of all who we meet and employ

  21. Srebrenka Bogovic says:

    No it is not TRUMP who needs to watch it. It is millions of women who can bloody well do without the next T-shirt and/or dress. It is NOT the governments that solve the problem, but ALL of us. We stopped buying South African wines and it contributed to the fall of the Apartheid. We can start washing and darning our T-shirts instead of throwing them out and buying a new one for 5 bucks. And a friendly message for Megan: is the only thing that interests you in this doc. is what song it is? …

  22. Sathandra D says:

    Please consider buying pre-owned clothing and other products. Americans buy an astounding 22 billion items of clothing, with each item being shipped numerous times from country to country by the time it ends up in a retail store, creates an enormous amount of air pollution. Toxic chemicals polluting waterways and killing the poorly paid workers. In  2013 alone, 12.8 million tons of textiles were sent to landfills.  Donate textile to charity, upward of 90% of clothing donations to charitable organizations end up with textile recyclers, 10% are offered for sale to struggling Americans looking for a bargain. Stop buying the cheap, throw away products, called fast fashion, invest in a few good pieces, and donate that what you no longer wear.

  23. bengalifob2 says:

    "If the son of Adam had two valleys full of gold, he would long for a third." – Prophet Muhammad

  24. dennioffm says:

    its so easy for us to look away and ignore everything that is going on. Same with the meat industries even though everyone knows where the meat comes from and how its made.
    My god we can do better than this

  25. Alex Volpe says:

    Emma watson brought me here from her instagram

  26. The Day Family says:

    how does this not even have 1mil views!

  27. kunisha samunathan says:

    Trailer is somewhat wrong. Runway designs are made in the studio/atelier whilst those kind of manufacturing are for the mass consumers. Theyre showcasing a real scenario but a wrong product

  28. EnceepT says:

    #FashionRep – We out here fam!

  29. Lufti says:

    but the FR fam needs that 1:1 succ

  30. Ddslayer6 says:

    This is why i'd rather fork out money for ethical clothing, than support slave labour

  31. Badia says:

    are there also positive examples in the documentary? Some stuff that gives you hope in the end? (like fairtrade projects and so on..)

  32. Apy.M says:

    I watched whole movie… I AM soooo Sad right now… That what some people do is ashamed for whole world…. I AM so angry and sad…
    Some people are dead because of some sily shirt or boots…
    Reast in PEACE….

  33. Courtney Turner says:

    The lovely actress Nikki Reed bought me here

  34. ButtonWalls says:

    Good, more cheap shit for me.

  35. Lee Stock says:

    everyone says how shameful the human race is after watching this video but then they go out and keep buying these clothes that put these people in such horrible conditions, it a cycle that will never stop because people don't want to sacrifice things for people they will never meet

  36. Nguyen Ha Thanh says:

    It's a shame for people

  37. Klara Kruki says:

    Watching this movie have changed my life.

  38. Cheryl Williams says:

    This movie is profound and life-changing!

  39. Elly Comley says:

    This horrific stuff is why I buy my clothes from op shops. Also, while you guys are educating yourselves, how about watching some videos on veganism?

  40. Patrica Ivanova says:

    My name is PatriCa I've been in America 14 years every year iLearn and understand that people are the one running this country, we worth so much, without us there nobody we allowed that to happen running their businesses buying the clothing making them Reach and more reach, and we never get appreciated, and what's so crazy that they use the forces the police department Sheriff's Department are cousins our brothers against us just for the money we need to have gate and private community from them, we allow that to happen they put our security in there, to force us out they think they created the nature the animals and us, God forgive me, but I have to say, every morning my prayers for us poor innocent people God bless you all poor animals poor nature I love you, """""my wish to them God burn their eyes so they can see anymore not to see the human as a slave not to see the animal as a fart coat God burn the eyes not to see at all put a curse on them forever until death,

  41. Max says:

    But then, how do I know the place I'm buying from is not like that?

  42. Emzvlogz says:

    I'm a little confused. So they are working and are not making a lot of money. But if we stop, then wouldn't they not be making any money at all and be jobless? Can someone please answer this so I can get my facts straight? THank you! BTW I am not hating, I totally support this. in fact, most of my clothes were bought thrifted or hand me downs. If you answer, thanks for your help!

  43. Baka Aho says:

    capitalism : it just werks :^)

  44. 707 says:

    I watched the movie and its heart breaking I never knew something like this even existed I totally recommend everyone to watch it

  45. kiki Lovely says:

    When i saw Bangladesh i've thinked about my friend she is a good girl,and she comes from Bangladesh,i understood that she likes Italy but she miss her ilfe.
    She has lot to teach to me,she is very good and i think that maybe she has wieved that events in the videos.
    Sorry for my english i am italian

  46. Sofia Vaccarino Ruiz says:

    I'm feeling so bad… before this video I did't know nothing about that. I'm really hungry becouse no one tolk about that

  47. Daniel Avram says:

    Yeah, gave up a while ago… My main store supplier became trifstore now… You can't beat those prices there…

  48. Klara Kruki says:

    I watch this trailer before I go shopping

  49. Greta Navarauskaite says:

    Wake up people from this nasty dream and be Love and Light ech ather 🙏🏻❤️🕊🌸🦋🐄🐖🐓🐟🌞🌸❤️

  50. Orla v. says:

    I work as a retail assistant for primark and sometimes I'm very ashamed of it. The amount of cheap crap they sell is unbelieveable. We get paid so well, Nearly double minimum wage. If they can afford to pay us so well why can't they do the same for the producers?

  51. Pr. Farnsworth says:

    Représente la Ts1

  52. ZosiaSamosiaOo says:


  53. Noura Mangaka says:

    that why I don't buy from any mall of famous brands I simply go to small shops where local or Indian or Chinese products which beautiful and simply costs

  54. Charles E. Darko says:

    Share it with everybody you know, on Facebook, on the streets, school, work and everywhere. It has not all the views it should. It is not just clothes, it is everything. We have to open our eyes because one day we are going to pay to God.

  55. Sara Franklin Stiz says:


  56. Joy Bennett says:

    Great doco. Everybody needs to see this. We need to reinvent the clothing industry – I don't even use the word "Fashion" any more.

  57. Xhoana Veshaj says:

    I'm glad I thrift

  58. Bunny G says:

    “I live just to get what I want.” Sadly, this is what I thought when I saw the Black Friday scene in the movie. It looks like people are in a rush to buy a bunch of things before they die.

  59. hot cheeto dust says:


  60. Ronja Instanes says:

    Amazing documentary and trailer. The quality of the filming, music, language and generally everything… a well done documentary. It does a really good job at informing us about this serious problem that could make the lives of millions of people better if we worked towards changing it.
    Thank you for this

  61. Laura dell'orto says:

    Is high fashion tho…better?like I really like drawing clothes and I think their supposed to be fundamental part to another expression of beauty and an art not at this cost obviously

  62. citic101 says:

    so colin firths wife cheated on him with some fat guy ………….. a right slapper

  63. -- says:

    Im still thinking when are poor countries ever gonna stop being poor? imcompetent? Always in need of help of developed countries? They're so much more responsible for their poor lives.

  64. Mariela Laura Díaz says:

    Excelente documental sobre el lado oscuro de la moda en Europa y EEUU, acá en latinoamerica es un poco mas solapado pero también excite, involucra no solo la esclavitud sino también el medio ambiente, los valores humanos, estamos involucionando. es triste pero es verdad.

  65. patricio chorizo says:

    okay okay its very sad but please ?! what can we do ?!

  66. swati maurya says:

    all the fast fashion brands have their manufacturing industries in developing countries like India and Bangladesh where workers are not even given sufficient amount of money, they are paid like Rs 20 or 30 for stitching one single garment that can't even fulfill their basic needs & they sell it on really high prices.It's high time now consumers need to know the true cost of the clothing.

  67. olivia1910 says:

    I truly wish I could do something to change my shopping habits, but unfortunately it can be really hard/nearly impossible to get away from those brands depending on where you live. I live in Geneva (Switzerland) and we only get like either H&M and Zara or super expensive brands like Louis Vuitton, no in between. We don't have thrift stores. Trust me, if we had Goodwill I'd never set foot in H&M/Zara ever again. I usually wait until I can travel to do my annual shopping, but sometimes I just need some basic pieces that are so easy to find in stores like H&M. And I'm not a fan of online shopping. It's really great and important to spread out the issue, but unless we start to work on creating more ethical brands that aren't ridiculously expensive and that are available worldwide, it just makes us feel guilty and powerless

  68. L Wen says:

    I am extremely picky about what I will purchase and I think that if everyone else thought the same way, there would be far less waste. Too many people don't put any kind of thought and will purchase many things which they will quickly regret. There should also be more consideration put into design and that way there will be a much smaller but better quality selection. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing what most people around me wear in public.

  69. RaVen Sequoia says:

    PLEASE put ENGLISH Subtitles

  70. Hamidreza Tahvildarzadeh says:

    dove posso trovare la versione completa in italiano ? qualcuno lo sa ?

  71. Jo S. says:

    You know youre going to stone me but this problem is very hard to fix. On the global scale. We(the more advanced countries) are "using" the less advanced poor countries for our benefit and in the process were destoring lives, the planet, animals and wild life, plants etc etc. IT IS BAD. YES IT IS. We all know that. Its bad. But its working this way whole ages. And It always had. But now in the 21st century this process is more speed up and maximized. In another 50 years this planet is done… do you realy think we can still change it? Or beter question – do you all really want to change it? Cus the cost would by very very high. For all of us. Our lives. Every aspect of it. All of you are shocked but this is the cost of our lives. It ever was. We can change our lives for theirs. Switch it. Do you want that? IS THERE ANOTHER WAY OUT OF THIS MESS? Just think about it. Cus stopping buying clothes changes nothing in this. Even if million people do this. Its about everything elese not just clothing. Just think about it racionally(not emocionally). Im going to watch this movie. Tonight.

  72. Play Valentino says:


  73. Fra / says:

    Does anyone know where this documentary can be found in italian?

  74. The Panda says:

    Death to Capitalism, it needs the poor to survive. End the exploitation and competition that fundamentally and arbitrarily separates us. I want to live in a free and equal world, nobody deserves the luxuries that corporate overlords hold, especially in exchange for the the blood, sweat, and tears of the working class. Don't be fooled by the fake notion of "choice" in the "free market", if you don't have a choice to say no without facing or causing harm it is not meaningful.

  75. Sanchita Chandra says:

    Kristen Leo's comment section brought me here!!
    M so glad to know about this. Will do my best best best on the same. Will never stop learning and watching behind the veil.

  76. Valery LaColom says:

    This is the best documentary i have ever seen no doubts. It made me cry, but the most important, it made me think.

  77. Coni EA says:

    Que tristeza tan grande 😔

  78. odo Geming says:

    Tidakkah kalian malu wahai manusia ? Kalian bersenang2 diatas kesedihan orang lain Terkutuklah kalian

  79. crystalstar927 says:


  80. Emily Euphoria says:

    I’ve always loved thrifting, but now I really do. :’(

  81. Simona Usnyte says:

    First of all, we need to find our true style and see the difference between what do you truly like and what is just a stupid trend that promotes consumerism and buying clothes that are just popular for only one season

  82. demode atelie says:

    incredible! i know for the reality, but i see now the reality and my eyes cry :'(

  83. Palak jain says:

    I don't know what I can do but from now I will minimize my shopping expenses and try to donate my old clothes to a place where I know people will wear it and I will have utmost respect for each garment I wear

  84. WitherWolf33 says:

    If we could make changable matter, then all you would really need, are about two of all your clothes.

  85. Christy Hardy says:

    Share this video!!! I don't do social media anymore..
    Because I cannot stand what people have become. But, if any of you are still stuck there, hopefully for reasons outside the realm of vanity… do your part & spam this trailer to your friends & family. Stop handing your money to companies that you know can offer you those rollback prices & everyday deals, who have the cheap food… why do you think those prices are so low guys? Why does everybody love Target so much? Think about it…

    How long do you think "the eye in the sky" can watch you waste your free will & ignore the suffering of others while you complain about how everything is "too cheaply made" & yet always "too expensive"??? 😬😠 You people always have a petty complaint about something.

    Those women running to those designer bags 😝… the gunshots & cries of those poor workers… 😢
    This is disgusting. We all have so much blood on our hands… just so we could hoard way too much stuff. Are you happy to let them suffer? I can barely sew a tote or pillow & these people are pushed with a 50-75 cent incentive to sew 2,000 garments a day. Shame on you… now go repent. Or don't & keep reading the headlines of the increasing frequency & strength of the storms & scratch your head wondering if maybe God is a little bit furious at all of you right now.

    If you embraced the culture of these people instead of just eating their food & using them to make all of your sh*t, you'd know a little something about the ascension process, be on "the wavelength" & know that the big day of reckoning is not far off. You'd know better to clean your act up NOW.

    (If I'm coming off as Christian at all, please don't mistake me. I actually want God to like me. Not pretend to walk into his "holy house" in slave made clothes, wearing a slave made cross to show everyone how good I am.)

    Stupid cowards 😂 This is so done… you're in so much trouble. Prayer & scripture means jack-sh*t when you don't actually bother yourself to shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness. Spineless & selfish… the lot of you.

    God is here actually… like legit flesh & blood… & can see all of this & your mortal excuses mean nothing where he is subject to those same confines of mortality. Don't everyone get up to help at once or anything… no no.. you're too busy for that.

    I'd start paying attention to the way things sync up around me if I were you… someone might be trying to tell you something very important with subtly beautiful hints that you're not picking up. Thus, the shouting of the storms.

    Don't even get me started on what you've done to the planet 😤

    I dk about you but I've been having a lot of revelations lately… enjoying the rapture of all this illuminated truth.

    This has been a diatribe by Christy Hardy… brought to you by Julian Casablancas who saved her from killing herself 5 years ago & told her who she really is. Typically takes a male & a female to create life doesn't it? Ya buddy… there's two of us. A very, very angry pair of us that you have to answer to.
    (Cult Records, Sick sick sick, the sick six, 4 Chords of the Apocalypse, "don't be a coconut God is trying to talk to you, Big Bang album artwork, slightly misguided but symbolically savvy strokesareilluminati tumblr…)

    But, what do I know? I'm just a crazy lady on the internet… you're an awesome person who has all the answers & who's life is totally working out for them right? 🤔 So maybe I suck & you're right.

    Save my children or I will end you. Get cute with me… I dare you…. you precious lamb you (gives passive-aggressively hard noogie on your unused, empty skull) 🙃

  86. PuddingRanger says:

    This has shaken me up from my sweet dream of the Pakistanis/Cambodians/Indians having good jobs that can pay their bills.
    This is SHAME. This is nightmare.
    This has to END.
    And i'm thinking how to. (Any advice?)

  87. edrin lepcha says:

    what the world has become

  88. neo7th says:

    1:44 Climax in this Promo

  89. Rosell Jardinico says:

    Can anyone send some links or websites who caters unused clothes? I'm from Philippines and we recycled some clothes sometimes we got from our friends and relatives.
    We make it as rags, mops, and etc. as long as we can still use those textiles.

  90. Sir Abduo says:

    let's talk movies "sudan" brought me here and Iam glad thanks Adnan for the review ❤

  91. Rachel Macasadia says:

    The gap between the poor and rich people widens to the point of forfeiting many lives.
    Not knowing and just learning this situation hurts my soul, I also feel indirectly guilty.
    Even though I can't help any of those people,
    I'm going to stop myself from buying new clothes as much as possible.

  92. CBD Oil & Medical Cannabis Expert: Dr. Rachna Patel says:

    Incredibly insightful documentary! Thank you so much.

  93. Cor Smith says:

    Important film exposing consumerism & the unseen TRAGEDY.

  94. paultheuglydog says:

    What kind of clothes can I buy that will not cause harm to people in other countries?

  95. Kemi Beats says:

    Das tuff

  96. Global Landscapes Forum - GLF says:

    I am writing on behalf of the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), the world’s largest platform on
    sustainable land use, to request to use your video for our upcoming Digital Edition.

    The GLF Kyoto Digital Edition is an “Online Gathering for Climate and Landscapes"
    Thousands will join our online series of video addresses, live discussions and creative talents for landscape solutions. The Digital Edition will take place over 24 hours, comprising of 3 Acts – your video will be part of Act I.

    Act I: Video series from inspiring leaders aimed at sparking conversation and action. Four segments, on climate, landscapes, lifestyles and rights, each followed by live Q+A with special guests.
    Act II: GLF Kyoto conference 2019 broadcast live from the conference venue
    Act III: Discussion forums broadcast live from around the world

    We have identified your video content as a vital part of this global narrative on the interconnected issues of climate, landscapes, lifestyles and rights and hope that you will grant permission to use it for the purpose outlined above. It will be fully credited to you and sourced to your youtube link.

    We look forward to receiving your positive response or answering any further questions you may have.

    Best wishes,
    The GLF Team.

    About GLF
    Founded by UN Environment, the World Bank and the CIFOR in 2013 the GLF
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    D.C. and Nairobi and Katowice.. GLF’s 22 Charter Members are among the world’s
    leading development organizations. To date we have reached over 280.5 million from
    185 countries and we aspire to create a movement of 1 billion to create a
    global landscape that is productive, prosperous, equitable and resilient.

  97. Threelly AI says:

    arrrr….too good.

  98. Angela Gumbs says:

    Zara owner : As of late September 2018, Ortega had a net worth of $70 billion, making him the second-wealthiest person in Europe after Bernard Arnault, and the sixth-wealthiest in the world.

  99. Larus Delawarensis says:

    I wonder if this young man spreading the chemical over the plants is still alive..

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