The True Cost Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Documentary HD

The True Cost Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Documentary HD

we communicate who we are through clothing it is fundamentally a part of what we wish to communicate about ourselves we used to have a system a fashion system that has absolutely nothing to do with the fashion industry today it has been reinvented it’s based on materialism the problem is that comes at a really high price garment factory collapsed killing more than 1000 clashes between clothes factory workers and riot police last November 112 people were killed in another major Factory fire 30,000 Foreman workers in Bangladesh will killing the rice for cheap building the promise of globalization was that it was going to be a win-win that consumers in the rich world would get cheaper goods and people in the poorer parts of the world would get jobs and that those jobs would give them an opportunity to work their way out of poverty there’s enormous rapacious industry that is generating so much profit why is it that it is unable I’ve kept to support millions of its workers properly the actual business model is completely unsustainable unless you change that model you can’t change anything when everything is concentrated on making profits what you see is that human rights the environment workers rights get lost my god you can do better than this you


  1. 2much Fun says:


  2. tm says:

    part of the reason i dont buy from Pink fucking 80$ sweaters and its still stupidly cheap labour

  3. Gargie396 says:

    Dov may be a pervert but he knew his shit…

  4. Darkangelcali says:

    So when does this comes out? I really want to know more about this, though I wear japanese brand clothing made in china, I want to investigate which brands use force labour factories.

  5. Mithu Ahmed says:

    so touching… !!!

  6. Lily D says:

    I once saw this story about this woman in charge of workers who were making these bags for some kind of Olympics, or Exposition event – and it struck me that she was "white" and the workers were "Native American" …. Makes me wonder looking at this trailer if the only reason that the plight of these workers is being made public is because the managers and owners of the factories are "non-white" …. Are they really concerned about the workers, or merely replacing one set of owners with another set of owners, while working conditions remain the same?   Am I being paranoid?  Overly cynical?  Maybe. … You ever see the conditions that migrant workers in the US face who have to work in the "chicken processing factories"? … Well, I suppose one day, robots will be able to do that work.  I mean, "they" are already talking about cars that can drive themselves. …… Umm, where is the movie about "life on the Rez" and how politicians do not care about their plight?  Or the movie that says, "Slavery :  Migrant Worker today, Illegal Alien tomorrow"? …. Saw this news story about former Pres. Bill Clinton suggesting Natives would be made better off if their land was used to "house" solar panels, by a solar company that would sell them, and others (non-Natives) electricity …. Missing from his suggestion was the idea that the Natives would be charging rent for those panels, or getting electricity "free of charge" for the privilege of allowing the solar company to place their panels on their land. … Because if the Natives have to pay for that electricity, I imagine many will end up "losing their home" because of an inability to make "regular payment"…. Where do you go after you lose your place "on the Rez"? .. "Civilization"? … When I hear the title "business leader" it is difficult not to think of "Cancer Man" from the TV series, The X-Files….The Cost – of progress…. who cries for the chimney sweepers of Victorian London?

  7. Ginaness says:

    how come e don't just factor in the price for making these situations above board and safe and healthy, into the price of the garment? And make it super duper known so that we are accountable? What was wrong with that pitch a few years ago?

  8. tor says:

    heres a link to watch the whole documentary for free! no bullshit
    if this doesnt work google it to find another one

  9. Sock Puppet Superstar says:

    Globalism is so wonderful.

  10. Songmi Lee says:

    i just saw the movie, this is ridiculous! Basically the whole movie is about to blame US and European white people for everything what is bad in this world! If you buy a 5$ t-shirt, if a factory building collapse in Bangladesh, if the police force shut down people in the demonstration, poverty, the air and water pollution basically EVERYTHING is white 'western' people fault. Congratulation for this!

  11. Jemma Henson says:

    americas economy needs a fucking revolution

  12. chris mcmorran says:

    That is the world we live in. It's not he materialism but monetary system and values built in to society that make these things happen. The more other suffer the more you succeed.

  13. HempFairy says:

    Fashion is bullshit! Say what you will, FASHION IS BULLSHIT!

  14. Kerri Astorino says:

    so these people design the new fashion or have the background of making them and they get abused?

  15. Frank Flores says:

    The monetary system promotes distorted values and aberrant behavior. Please investigate a resource based economy.

  16. luhole says:

    Not to mention the cost to animals.

  17. Aikaterini Argyroudi says:

    This documentary has literally opened my eyes and is about to change my plans of my future career. My mindset has shifted and now I see.

  18. Henry Dukats says:

    What is the name of the song at the end ????? Thank you !!!!!

  19. Laura Brouwer says:

    This documentary inspired me to do my graduation project about our fashion industry. It makes me sick and sad, seeing al those people suffer while producing our clothes. When I'm graduated I would love to start an initiative for fair fashion.

  20. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ says:

    yeee profeeet

  21. Jan Scott says:

    Powerful stuff. This will not work persuading western women to change their ways because feminism has robbed them of empathy and convinced them their selfishness is the perfect moral compass.

  22. Bournemouthdreamer says:

    I can recommend this movie to everyone. Watch it. Listen. Change your lifestyle. Preach.

    After this watching this movie, with tears rolling over my cheeks at times, I wanted to meet the garment workers and apologize for my selfish behavior. Because I never took their situation serious. My life has changed and I hope this movie will change your life too. Because I believe that together we can make this world a better place. And say goodbye to poverty forever. An we have to start somewhere and for me this is a good place to start.

  23. Pero Peric says:

    what the fuck are you talking about. It's completly sustainable. 100 % , and it works beacause we have no compasion (where rasists to the bone). With compasion, it wouldn't work. Stop bullshitiny like were all babies. We all know and we don't fucking care. REAL WORLD FACTS.

  24. Wolfen443 says:

    Disturbing, but as long as there is market for overprized clothing in the Developed countries the companies, employers and governments overseas will continue to exploit the workers. Ironically, the se jobs pay more than the salaries they could otherwise get for jobs in their own country ( China and India are the best examples or the working poor moving up into higher levels of society) due to years of developing a middle class in their countries. . So which solution is better?. Do away with these jobs or improve working conditions?.

  25. prettybird367 says:

    Oh the little toddler lying on the floor while his mother sews on the machine… that breaks my heart.

  26. Jenny Koski says:

    Came here from Tanya Burr's february favourites. Anyone else??

  27. Kristen Miner says:

    what's the song at the end?

  28. Meet23696 says:

    song name..Natalie Taylor – I Want It All, you're welcome.

  29. Branka CI says:

    It is Sick!!! Shame!!!

  30. Gabrielle Johnson says:

    Wow. Very moving trailer (moved me to tears). I'm not a big consumer….however, even I was ashamed of my shallow pursuits for material things, as I watched families being exploited for what will cost us only $9.99, and will eventually end up, of very little consequence, on the floor in a corner of the room.

  31. John San Juan says:

    Donald Trump will be added to this terrible problem.

  32. Kelly KitKat says:

    Do you see farmers and other american businessmen being villified for hiring migrant labourers from mexico? My guess they will only villify these garment districts that hire migrant workers so long as the employers are non-white.

  33. Filippa Nisula says:

    my vegans where ya at, Lets change the world!!!

  34. girlwholoves popcorn says:

    this is just unbelievable, I never knew!!!! WHYY??

  35. Iftekhar Sarkar says:

    Now tell me who is marzia ? ??

  36. little pet kingdome says:

    what they should do is take some of the money they give to models(who barley do nothing by the way) and give it to these hard workers

  37. Judd Weiss says:

    Wow, what a deceptive trailer and documentary.
    The bargain deals on your clothes aren't putting people into poverty. Poverty has existed for thousands of years. If you stop buying clothes made in these factories, do as you like, but you're removing opportunities that allow people to rise up to a better life than their parents. We judge their conditions, but they were worse before the factories. More factories creating more demand for workers is how to raise conditions. China and East Asia are producing advanced tech items in high end factories because millions were lifted up with the poor crappy garment factories of a few decades ago. Sending these people back to the farms is not kind and charitable.

  38. Robertson Tirado says:

    Where are the equality Warriors in the US?

  39. Be says:

    I hate how materialistic central western society has gotten….too much vanity and narcissistic behaviour strays away from generosity and compassion ?

  40. mastertheillusion says:

    Greed is a cancer upon this earth and all of us.

  41. julia Hakim says:

    this makes me cry every time

  42. Yesenia Maqueda says:

    In this day and age, we from first world countries are so materialistic, we don't even realize at what expense we get what we have. We just care that if it's "the newest trend" or if it's"the latest model".

  43. gtfomaddie says:

    God I hate this world.

  44. Peter Janik says:

    The system is completely UNsustainable 🙁 and Earth ? is an smallest but rarest LIVING PLANET of the universe….

  45. florence cat says:

    For anyone wondering, the song is Natalie Taylor – I want it all

  46. Anakin Skywalker says:

    " What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul ?" – is a reminder of what's going on

  47. IateAllTheBlueberries says:

    I feel like I´m going to hate myself after watching this…

  48. New Life says:

    now show us how ppl being killed in wars for oil …that is more dramatic

  49. lockey says:

    what song at the end of video?

  50. Brutus Tan says:

    Don't be fooled by the bleeding hearts of this trailer and misguided activism. Alot of this is just emotional shortsightedness. This may seem unseemly to our spoiled first world nation eyes, but these poorer countries HAVE to go through these growing pains. If you EVER want these countries to catch up to us, then they HAVE to go through this. Without this, they will STILL be in dirt poor poverty with EVEN WORSE jobs and LOWER Pay and WORSE CONDITIONS of Misery and Strife only working on subsistence farming instead. Only a few hundred years ago the now great and powerful United States was once one big sweatshop. Now they are the richest freest country on Earth. Still don't believe me? Post war Japan was considered the knock off capital of the world, now they are world powerhouses. And best of all, the once iconic example of an exploitative basketcase sweat shop country of CHINA is NOW the NUMBER TWO WORLD POWER. We are just spoiled and able to see it but not relate or understand the history behind it because of Globalized mass communication and media.

  51. Mitch Mabee says:

    We Americans have the shortest memories. Nobody recalls the last time the bleeding heart liberals wanted to feel good about themselves on this subject? It seems true the old adage describing the difference between a conservatives and a liberals. A man is drowning 100 feet from the pier. The conservative throws him 50 ft of rope and says swim 50ft and I'll pull you the rest of the way. (the analogy never lets us know how it all turns out) The liberal stands at the end of the pier and throws the man 200ft of rope and then lets go of his end and is off to seek the next opportunity to feel good about himself. The liberals pick up this popular garment industry cause every 7 or 8 years. When they do, its always the poor workers that take it in neck. If the activist are diligent they are able to shut down the garment factories. This is a nuisance to the industry for about a week and a half. There is no shortage of 3rd world countries where the people are starving that feel as if God has blessed them when one of these heartless corporations open up in their community. The people that produce documentaries like this one go to great lengths to avoid looking at all the hardship and starvation they cause in the areas where they successfully shut down a factory. Short sited doesn't seem sufficient to describe it.

  52. tina says:

    how do we know where are our clothes coming from tho?

  53. TheKidAztech says:

    This makes me just wanna walk around naked instead

  54. Common Sense A Super Power says:


    Buy from ethical fashion labels
    Go minimalist buy less shit
    Buy second hand clothing
    Do clothing exchange w/friends
    Donate unwanted clothing
    Start a movement
    Start your own ethical label
    Seek out charities that help
    Buy less polyester, more wool
    Learn to see your own clothes

  55. Vanessa Bun says:

    as i person whos origins come from 0:42 (Cambodia) communism sickens me as most of my family has died from communism before i even got to know them however my family was really lucky as most of us moved to the united states i wasn't even alive when most of my family was still alive would just like to say please treat every one as a human and please do not support communism.

  56. Fatima Saeed says:

    But I'm poor

  57. WindiGreens says:

    I got this movie a long time ago and only now just watched it. What a shame on the fashion industry which has more than enough to fairly pay these workers in third-world countries without making a dent in their yearly capital.

  58. Dwindle Deeds says:

    A few shitty clothes comes at the cost of many inocent and precious lives.

  59. Christian Osorio says:

    I saw the movie, but this trailer alone brings me to tears

  60. glorialoreto says:

    That's why I give almost my clothes

  61. Cris Yorke says:

    Very true! That's all almost ALL of my items that I bought are from the U.S.A./EU/Canada/Australia. I steer very clear from China or Asian (except Japan and SK) products.

  62. sarah S says:

    song !!!????

  63. Nicole Jarel says:

    Really great documentary that everyone should watch! As a vegan, I have done plenty of research on sustainability, fair trade, and other issues, but I never really went into this subject. Made me rethink everything I’ve complained about, the things I have bought, and how close minded I have been.

  64. Qais H says:

    the people who did this were naked

  65. Ele D says:

    I really don't get people with overflowing garderobes. We are all sick

  66. P.D says:

    After watching " The True Cost" I've no words to describe how cruel and greedy, the fashion industry is……..

  67. Jake Dean says:

    You can easily reduce how much you contribute to this. I buy most of my clothes (and a lot of other stuff too) at charity shops/second hand shops. I do always buy underpants and socks new but wear them until they've got holes. You can find such great stuff at charity shops, and often cheap. Try to find local manufacturers, hard for certain kinds of clothes but for sure doable for nice jewelry, for instance. You can also learn to alter or make your own stuff! got a bed sheet that's beyond fixing? There might still be good areas in it so you can make tea towels or shopping bags out of it.

  68. Jec Peralta says:

    "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." – Desmond Tutu (Foreword)

  69. bellatrixevans says:

    And if you guys want to hear something even more ironic – you know how H&M and Gap and Forever 21 are super cheap in the USA? Well they're ridiculously expensive here in places like India (shares a border with Bangladesh, and there are plenty of factories that export cloth from here). So H&M is marketed and sold as an upper-middle class luxury, with the same jacket costing $ 30-40, instead of maybe $15-25 as in the US stores. It's quite absurd

  70. Jihan Rizki Ramadhantiari says:

    What the song?

  71. Ola Firszt says:

    I stopped buying fast fashion clothing just after watching trailer of this documentary. And I am so proud of myself for not supporting this unsustainable business?

  72. Melanie Willard says:

    learn to sew.

  73. tony thomas says:

    Capitalism in the West is based on exploitation of resources and people in poor countries

  74. glemial says:

    This is why i hate europe and America, they are the evil of the earth

  75. Movi Manandhar says:

    This is a must watch! Everyone needs to know where their clothes are coming from. Truly an eye opening documentary!

  76. Kell Brigan says:

    Can we have another doc on why the runway models look like corpses?

  77. Marilyn Zambrano says:

    Siento que viviré con la ropa que tengo por siempre!!

  78. Dipshit says:


  79. heyam m says:

    What can we do to help these people ?

  80. Fatma Khamis says:

    I saw this and it truely changed me

  81. charmaine harvey says:


  82. QFK's special says:

    If the garment industry disappeared, then the poor workers would be better off? How? The documentary shows the poorest workers. But many other garment workers could be making decent living. You can probably make a documentary to show the evil side of any industry.

  83. eXY L says:

    Capitalism world

  84. Azra Aktas says:

    I know I’m late to this but I just watched it and it really moved me. I was wondering what I could do to ‘help’ ? I already buy second hand clothing but what are other things I can do ?

  85. Maria Mitrofan says:

    I think it's time to sabotage these companies and stop buying their products …

  86. Angie Taho says:

    This world is crazy?

  87. Karyn C. says:

    Thank God for people who make these sorts of documentaries and the people who post their info. This trailer alone made me burst out crying…i know The True Cost will be a fabulous eye opener. Thank You Richard Wolff and your production team; Truth is contagious and you are true heroes for spreading it to us.

  88. Skaa Maune says:


  89. aimeeem says:

    And the garbage peoduced by fast fashion are thrown back to the third world countries.

  90. Soul Fashion says:

    I watch the video so many times and everytime i watched than i was asking myself that what i can do to change the things happen again and again, finally, I am doing something now, I create a self-media to interview designer and brand who design the fashion base on circular economy.

  91. S A says:

    The trailer gave me chills and I havnt even watched the doc yet will do

  92. Job Quiroz says:

    If you take a closer look you can see than the problem is mostly caused by women, and the ones that suffer the most are also women. Where are you feminist??

  93. Amelia Septiany says:

    Minimalism brought me here

  94. Sylvain Coq says:

    This world…

  95. yellooh says:

    Now watching

  96. blue jay says:

    Don't blame the clothes. Blame the people who run those business. In earlier times in America some business men took care of their employes. Some educating ,feeding them, giving medical care, recreational activities. Place to live. Mentoring some employees that showed interest in advancing. Some left to start their own businesses. It depends on the employer.

  97. Cal 99ers says:

    It looks like the 2015 version of what was happening in the US and England in the early 20th century fabric factories. If history repeats itself India and China should have their violent Unions battles by 2035 and wages out of wack by 2080 prompting big business to return to North America to take advantage of those 3rd world countries

  98. asylumDAYS says:

    The fashion industry only makes narsisist people

  99. Lulu - says:

    I watched this video and…
    I felt nothing. I don't care.
    So I'll go and buy some more. Bye.

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