The Tragic Cost of Progress in Ethiopia

The Tragic Cost of Progress in Ethiopia

The land belongs to the government and each
peasant has a right of usage.   The last 6/7 years have seen the emergence
of large agricultural businesses financed by domestic and foreign investors. 
Addis Abeba, capital of Ethiopia, In this trading room all the agricultural
goods of the country are being bought and sold.
  Coffee, sesame, corn, wheat, in the last 20
years Ethiopia, country of 80 million people, has tripled its production and is witnessing
an economic miracle.  
A double digit growth boosted by foreign investors rushing into the country to get hold of the
land, one of the most fertile in the African continent. 
Ethiopia has become the new grain basket for rich countries.
  At 700 km west of Addis Abeba, Gambela is
one of the greenest and water-richest regions of the country.
Here thousands of hectares have already been allocated to foreign investors.
Leading Indian, Chinese or even Saudi food producers export their production to Asia
and to Europe.   
2 ethnic groups live on these lands, the Nuers, cattle breeders and the Anuaks, farmers.
A threat is hanging over their head; their territory is being reduced to nothing.
  The ANUAK community is being surrounded by
these large commercial farms. Ogulu is the leader of the community. He represents
the village in front of the public authorities.  
Farming remains his main activity. He farms without any machine nor irrigation system. 
  The survival of his community depends on these
2 hectares of corn.  
« The corn will soon have to be dried outside and put away 
Then we will plant it again because we need reserves. Each year, Ogulu sells a third of his crop
at the market. One ton for 130 $.  He would like to improve his performance to
spare his community from starvation.  
« Land is essential to our livelihood, the problem is that we don’t have modern tools
and so we are not very efficient. If the government gave us a little attention and sent two or
three tractors per village, the problem would be solved.
But they don’t care, the only thing that they care about, is to make us pay taxes, that’s
the problem. The priority of the government is elsewhere.
In the offices of the Ministry of agriculture in Addis Abeba, they roll out the red carpets
to foreign investors.   
The director of investments is talking to a Turkish businessman who is already established
in Ethiopia and who is planning to expand his cotton business.
  You have a strong agricultural background,
so it’s an important contribution for us. We see the opportunity to give you this land
as an opportunity to develop new technologies and new management.
Thank you. Feel free to visit our office whenever you
like. If you need a chair, lets’ get you one.
Thank you for your support, I am convinced that we have a great future ahead of us.
Our company that is established in Turkey takes it very seriously.
It’s a first step for us. I hope that in the future, we will grow our
agricultural business by producing cotton and why not other foodstuffs.
I am sure that there is significant business to be done here.
Thank you  In 7 years, the Ethiopian state has already
allocated 1 million hectares to foreign entrepreneurs.  Eventually, they plan to give them three times
more land, which represent the size of a country like Belgium.
The region of Gambela is at the heart of all business deals. 
« The dark green corresponds to the land that has already been allocated to investors.
« The light green represents the land that is still available for investors, because
they are not protected nor occupied by villages or farms. 
« If we aim at development, accumulation of capital, job creation, technological transfer,
and exports, we have achieved them all. On the other hand, the infrastructures are bad
on these uninhabited lands so we need to work together with investors to grow our economy,
increase the profit margin of all investors. It’s a win-win strategy.
A strategy which appeals to the leading international groups. 
There would be already over 70 foreigners who signed long-term leases at very low rates. 
« The rent they pay is ridiculously low, from 6,5 $ per hectare and per year to 32
$ per hectare and per year. In other African countries if you rent land, if you invest,
the rent will be from 260 to 395 $ per year and per hectare.
In Asia, it costs from 525 $ to 655 $ per hectare. So the price for getting land in
Ethiopia is very low. Ethiopia is now one of the cheapest countries
of Africa attracting foreign investors. 6,55 $ per hectare and per year, it is the price
negotiated by Ruchi, one of the biggest companies in the Indian agricultural sector. 
The group turned to Ethiopia in order to create new distribution channels.
  « The area of the farm starts over there
and stretches for 17 km on the other side. It all belongs to the company. 
Let me show you what we’ve done.   
The company rents out 25 000 hectares of totally virgin land. 
Their wealth of these soy beans that produce oils and biofuels. 
  « It’s soy 
« Last year we farmed approximately 20 hectares, this year we farmed around 3000 hectares and
next year we plan to double the area up to 6 000 hectares.
« We don’t really depend on the workforce, we are planning to mechanize it all.
Today, we are already using a tractor to plant the seeds. It allows us to plow 1 hectare
in 1 hour, and we have 25 hectares so it’s going to take 25 hours.
  In order to insure production at an industrial
level and reap 2 crops a year, the company has dug 24 wells.
It has already brought twenty trucks in from Germany.  
A mechanized agriculture that is always looking for more outlets.
  « The investors have very few constraints.
The contacts are extremely interesting for them. They may farm what they want when they
want, they may sell on the global or local market of their choice, in fact very few of
them are interested by the local market, they all try to export on the global market.
« Take for example the company called Saudi Star, they have approximately 10 000 hectares
and they produce some rice. This rice is exported in the Middle East and elsewhere. The populations
around here don’t eat rice.  
Very little pressure and many advantages. Tax exemption, access to local credit, everything
is done in order to encourage people, and not only foreigners, to buy land. 
Some members of the ethnic group in power take advantage of these lands that are being
sold at a very low price, for instance the businessmen established on the high plateau.
This is the case of Baru, he farms approximately 200 ha.
  «This cotton plant produces flowers for the
time being. The flower will change into a grain and this bud will produce cotton. 
  Hi how are you !
  To work the land, he uses a local work force.
These young Anuaks come from nearby communities.  
«These guys are daily labourers, I have others workers who watch the farm.
There are other ones over there on the tractors, these are the only seasonal labourers that
we have for now. Later on in the season, we will hire more people. When you farm, you
need a lot of people. « We are working for the country and the
country is developing quickly. I am proud to contribute to the development of the region.
I am happy to see that the living standards of our employees are getting better.
We are one of the reasons for it.  
A hundred extra helpers will be hired for each crop.
But the jobs that are paid 40 $ per month consist of very basic tasks.
  « The advantages for the local populations
are very slim, their lands and their natural resources are being taken away from them,
because these investors clear the territory, destroy the forest, cut trees.
Even if the government pretends that these investments are aiming at improving these
territories by granting them infrastructures and social services, these advantages are
not included in the contract, they are left up to the goodwill of investors.
These investors, in agreement with the government, are causing population displacement.
  « Didn’t you see what is happening in Gambela?
They kick people out of their territory and put them in villages.  
«This is massive displacement.  In order to encourage farmers to free their
land, the government has launched a so-called “villagization” campaign. 
Officially, the goal is to improve their living standards by grouping them together in artificial
villages. In Gambela, 28 000 persons have been grouped
together this way.   
400 Annuaks have been established in this village for 3 years.
Moot is one of these settlers, he was evicted from his land and was forced to join this
« When investors showed up, we were told to pack up our things and to go to the villages.
If we had decided not to go, they would have destroyed our crops, our houses and our belongings.
We were not allowed to complain because these lands were granted to investors.
We didn’t have a choice but to take our chicken and our goats and let the investors take over
our land. We couldn’t even claim compensation because
the government decided that those lands belonged to the investors, so we were scared!
  If you get upset and if you claim that someone
stole your land, you are being put in prison. If you complain about being arrested, they
will kill you, we know that it’s not our land any more; we have been deprived of our rights.
  At the regional office in charge of the villagisation
program, they defend the merits of this grouping.  
  « There is no forced displacement. Our goal
is to bring some changes to their lives, from food safety at the scale of the territory
to the scale of the families. For this reason, they must be grouped together.
« Our population is spread all across the territory. As long as they live that way,
we can’t give each of them water, nor schools, nor agricultural tools, nor care until they
are grouped together.  On top of the food aid that the government
gives out to the population, everyone who has joined the program such as Omot received
1ha of land to farm from the public authorities.   
« On both sides these lands have been given to the population of the village, on the other
side of the road over there, it belongs to investors.
  « A farm this size is not enough to live
on, I have nothing extra to sell at the market in order to buy school supplies for my kids.
« Sometimes the food aid comes three months late. I don’t have enough land to feed my
family and my kids. I don’t have a big enough plot of land to
grow onions, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes.  
Arietta made the decision to live in the village.  Because it is easier for her there to take
care of her kids and to educate them.  
« They grouped us together thinking that they were going to build a school and a medical
center at the same place. Beforehand, we would go from one place to
the next researching new fertile lands. Finally we moved here in order for our kids
to have access to medical care and education.   
But his hopes for a better life didn’t last very long. 
  « This is the classroom for second level
students but the teacher hasn’t arrived yet. The school was closed during the holidays.
Three teachers are expected back.  
While they are waiting for the return of the school teachers, the kids work in the fields
belonging to the investors.  
« If you work there you will make 65 cents in the morning, 1, 30 $ if you stay for the
afternoon and if you come back the next day you will make 2,60 $ and then 4 $ if you stay
for 3 days.  
The clinic is closed as well, because of a shortage of labor
  « Recently a nurse was appointed. She had
no medicine no equipment so she left after one month. 
The only promise the authorities kept is access to water.
In the heart of the village, this well where children come for water is a real breakthrough
for these families who used to walk several miles to fetch water.
  Back in Ogulu’s community.
Men get ready to launch the canoe that they sculpted out  wood.
  Despite the pressure of the authorities, Ogulu
refused the villagisation program. The community is resisting they don’t want to lose their
« 2 years ago, they pushed us to enter the villagisation program. Some of us chose to
join it, but we refused to. Because we think that if we leave our lands,
if we vacate them, one day investors will come and take our place to farm them.
In those villages, there isn’t enough land to feed our families, those who went there
live less well than we do. We even have to help them.
  Looking for another livelihood, they have
started fishing in a lake which is one hour walk from the village. 
  « Did you make it here on the boat ?
No problem. The repair held up pretty well !
We will have to put the canoe away over there. In order to unload the fish nearby the village. 
  « Be careful, it may tip over.
No, it’s heavy enough, it is well balanced. It would tip if it were too light. 
  Gambella enjoys this traditional lifestyle.
It is a huge resource, and it’s much more important to preserve it than to bring in
these investors. I am sure that the profit done by these investors is much less than
the advantages that the State could benefit from if it kept its traditions and its environment.
  Will the Anuaks and their lifestyle resist
the whirlwind of globalization that is sweeping across Ethiopia ?
Africa is threatened by this mad rush to feed the planet.
Will the Ethiopian government be able to take advantage of the development of its agriculture
without sacrificing the soils not its populations? This is a matter of survival for these communities.
Land is the only thing they’ve got.


  1. t says:

    It’s a shame the term “Tragic” comes out of the mouth of European folks in this context. The term “Tragic” applies to what Imperialism or the European whites aka “ the West” have done to totally decimate the indigenous native communities of North America, Australia, Southern Africa, slavery of Western Africa, Northern Africa to list a few. And this tragic devastation of innocent people of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia still continues to do to date in the name of fighting terrorism with the terror of their own. These are the tragic acts against humanity committed by the Europeans. Make no mistake these evil people will face justice someday soon; as they say “what goes around comes around” and the sword of justice will be upon them and their blood empire will collapse on its own immoral decay. Amen.
    China, India, and Turkey are the products of imperialist occupations and they know better than most, and their cooperation in this venture is purely bilateral equivalent-exchange which brings win-win situation to both sides. Ethiopia today needs outside investments to grow its resources and to bring about or change the standard of living to its population, and this temporary small sacrifice it makes to achieve is worth it wait in gold in a very short period of time and the people who today labor on those farms will be running them when they are ready to do so. Outside investment and modern techniques of farming induces modernization of local expertise for the greater Ethiopia of tomorrow. Blessings!

  2. Wondimu says:

    sad and terrible.

  3. John Mastrangel says:

    The investors come in town with grit, money, machinery, and a willingness to hire the local men. The investor takes all the risk to carve out of the wilderness a livelihood while the Socialist sits on his behind ready, willing and able to stir up trouble. Once the farms are up and running it wouldn't surprise me to see the farms Nationalized and fail. The African had thousands of years to make the continent profitable, lacking education they've failed miserably.

  4. Mark Jupiter says:

    Why not a documentary about progress instead of the tragic cost of progress.smh

  5. Julie lilote says:

    I am both Ethiopian and Kenyan the land in Ethiopian is 100% owned by gouvernement while in Kenya is individual. Speaking from experience.

  6. Katherine Dorsey says:

    The way these people have suffered only to be ripped by these fvcking theives!! Disgusting entirely !!

  7. Body Geoffrey says:

    Hi i am a person actually from the region. I can speak the language i am an anyuak the group affected by these land grabs. Sadly the problem is not the government handing out land to investors (even though thats some major nonsense ) but the investors disruption of the local landscape and habitat do to excessive resource use and over farming. Also us Ethiopians should be very concerned because we have perhaps one of the most fertile lands in all of Africa in fact 80% of what is going to be the Nile river comes from Ethiopia and the government selling the the best land in Africa for pennies on the dollar for 99 years is very problematic to our development and one day we can find ourselves having to ship food in from india, china or saudi Arabia with the label produced in Ethiopia i don't know about y'all be that is a very upsetting thought. If this land was being used by the government to feed our hungry population that (do to global worming has become very susceptible to drought and food shortages) then you could call it an economic sacrifice but this seemingly bad deal for Ethiopia could only mean one thing, the corruption of the government which every one has known for a very long time. The government probably gets mad paper from these companies to sign these deals promising to help the region. the west tries to keep Africa down by crippling them with debt and then pretending to help in the form of Aid which intern helps the capitalistic system by having governments buy a bunch of food to give as aid but though the west has tried very hard to keep us down the solution is not selling our land to even greedier hands Saudi Arabia is going to grow there rice in our country then use it to feed there people IndIa is going to do the same thing and so is China it seems to me like the only people not getting fed by this deal is the Ethiopian people. I think that we need to be more self reliant and understand what Batswana is doing caus they got it right the most peaceful country in Africa we can learn from them.

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    Ethiopians are smart, hard working people. They do not want western charity.

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    "Tragic cost of progress"? Well, at least they admit it's progress. Lol Gee, I wonder what the cost of no progress is. It's only tragic for white paternalists who want to see black Africans in a perpetual state of noble poverty, so white liberals can romanticize about a society uncorrupted by the evils of economic growth and industry. You see, they care so much that they must stop Africans from falling prey to things like… modern technology, medical care, infrastructure, and up to standard living conditions. It would be such a tragedy to see a Medieval existence fade away. Of course they play racial politics too by pitting the so-called indigenous people against other Ethiopians… basically employing a divide-and-conquer strategy. What else is new? And sadly some Africans, some Ethiopians in this case, go along with it. Anyway, Journeyman Pictures have a suspect racial history. I had to bug them just to block comments on a video about an Italian gang murdering African migrants, where Italians and other whites were calling for the continued murder of black people. Journeyman claimed they were unaware, but I have serious doubts. You don't leave open a comment section without intending to monitor comments. Most of comments, the overwhelming majority were racist and with intent to incite violence.

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  66. ELIJAH ORAWO says:


  67. Berhane Gebriel says:

    በገዛ፡ አገራቸው፡በገዛ፡ምድራቸው፡ለማኝ፣ስደተኛ፣ችጋራም፣ሊሆኑ፡አይገባም።የውጭ፡አገር፡ዜጎችም፡ሆኑ፡ቡችሎቻቸው፡የንግድና፡የተለያዩ፡ዕቃዎችን፡የማምረቻ፡ተቅዋሞችን፡ለማቛቛም፡ከመንግሥት፡ፈቃድ፡ሊሰጣቸው፡ይገባል። የአንድ፡ሐገር፡ሕዝብ፡ከፍተኛው፡ዋስትና፡ገበሬዎችና፡ግብርና፡ነው፡፡አርሶ፡አደሩ፡ምድረ-ሌጣ፡ከሆነ፡ሀገራቸው፡የቅኝ፡ግዛት፡ሥር፡እንደሆነች፡ያረጋግጣል። አርሶ-አደሩ፡በገዛ፡ምድሩ፡ለማኝ፣ስደተኛ፣ችጋራም፡ሲሆን፡እናት-ሐገሩ፡በቅኝ-ግዛት፡ሥር፡መሆኑን፡ተገንዝቦ፡የሐገሩን፡ነፃነት፡ይፈልጋል።የውጭ፡አገር፡ዜጎች፡በቀጥታም፡ሆነ፡በሌላ፡መንገድ፡መሬት፡መወነን፡የለባቸውም።"እምነት፡የግል፡ነው፡ሐገር፡ግን፡የጋራ፡ነው።"ሲባል፡መሠረታ፡ሕጎችን፡ባለሥልጣናት፡መጣስ፡እንደማይፈቀድላቸው፡ማወቅና፡ማክበር፡ይገባቸዋል።

  68. Russ G says:

    So, Ethiopia, a country in a continent of a billion people, is being financially colonized by vastly MORE overpopulated shit holes like India and China? IOW, they can't, or VERY soon won''t be able to, feed their bloated populations so they're going to exploit Africa? But Africa is on its way to TWO BILLION people in a few decades, and FOUR BILLION by the end of THIS century! If Ethopia is feeding Asia, who's gonna feed Africa?

  69. Russell Campbell says:

    Beautiful country. I hate to see it Americanized.

  70. mrblurblur2003 says:

    Ethiopean govt sound very stupid to be giving away land to foreigners. Why can't they help their own people who are suffering from poverty.

  71. B uppy says:

    That price is waaaay to low for at $6 per hectare (2-1/2 acres) per year!

  72. Bmlk Kmr says:

    the world is coming to an end… God please bless your innocent Children …@Amen

  73. SilverSurfer says:

    This is not good for the locals as their jobs are done by machines. It would be more profitable to plant trees and sale wood in long run.

  74. SilverSurfer says:

    The Ethiopian woman are actually more beautiful than American African women.

  75. Brooklynsecrets Brooklynsecrets says:

    Its a gat damn shame there own goverment would allow land to be sold to people not from here and mk these families move elswwhere while the ones that bought the property are getting the money and paying the workers pennies and cant even survive off there pay checks . theres got to be away these workers could live and tk care of there families while taking care of the land so everyone is benefiting from this . just got to mk some noise to mk this happen and everybody will happy and nobody will lose if they do things right

  76. Edita Trinio says:

    What a stupid government, they lease their land very cheap because they are being paid in bribes under the table. these foreigner will abuse the land using chemical fertilizer and pestecide. polluting the land and water. then cancer will increase. To the people of Ethiopia overthrow your government and hung your politician on every electric light pole. Your country will have no future, the only one making money will be your corrupt politician.

  77. Ras Kai says:

    Ethiopia future is dim…country put together by force…whichever tribe has more weapons rules…this is the future Syria…thugs selling their own to foreigners for cheap commission money. Angry majority Oromos…armed to their teeth Tigre , Harai,Gurage and the like minority misers cowardly side with the powerful to survive but will vanish in the end and wimp Amhara that lost power in illusion.and indigenous people that thrived under Amhara rule are now being wiped out under Tigre rule…Muslim Afars and Somalis will eventually join their brothers in the East…this is Ethiopia today …injustice and corruption

  78. Julieta Licumbi says:

    Between progress and famine, I would pick up the first one.

  79. Tazabi Mna says:

    Leba tigrean parasites were evicting the poor farmers to steal their land

  80. Pleadthe5th says:

    @2:33 I just want to pinch those cheeks. That baby is gorgeous!

  81. Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    This pure exploitation and not investment! Glad that corrupt government(TPLF) is not in power any more!

  82. Patriot of Abyssinia says:

    I'm Ethiopian and have never seen any Ethiopian that looks like that ever, he looks Sudanese.

  83. Patriot of Abyssinia says:

    These exploited lands were stolen from my family during the Socialist revolution! The Nobel families who got their land taken away should get a share of this money!!!

  84. Taha Heyari 46 says:

    Ethiopia was a great empire ,with fighting the desert with success inshallah is your road to prosper which will be the only way to become one of the biggest countries in Africa ,my love to you Ethiopians

  85. Emma Milka says:

    Like Ethiopia cannot provide subsidies and extension services for its own people to do farming? Do these people realize what is at stake here? No win-win strategy here.

  86. Avoid This Compmay says:

    I pray tbe keep their land,


  87. 张Megumi says:

    The government should lease the land to foreign investors and sell them only to the citizens.

  88. Craken Flux says:

    I like those people. They look intelligent.

  89. The Impaler says:

    At least you have the land even if it is leased in Romania they sell the land to foreigners forever ,they have about 50% of all arable land and Romania is about 45% arable land…keep your land and work it ,nothing is more important than food and water ,money does not mean shit ,trust me

  90. kishor kumar says:

    They have good natural resources ..but education is must…

  91. EG Hix says:

    That's stupid to let foreign control and own your land. Do the chinese or india,Russian,the brits or any other ethnic group let the african control their lands. Wake up stupid people. Love your land, nourish your land, hold your land in sacred trust for yourselves, for your tribesmen. Love your lands and she will love you back. You must limit the amount of land that foreign can control in your country. Can you own large tracts of land cheaply in their country? No wonder africa is so f*** up.

  92. EG Hix says:

    Will someone in Africa, please impressive me!

  93. Prince Alex Yonwuren says:


  94. sundiii99OWS says:

    This is exactly why all people worldwide should OWN ALL things worldwide! So no one is left without a place to live, grow food, etc. All nations need to start building only Tower cities connected to Maglev Trains! Most food could be grown in warehouses with soil! It’s on YouTube!

  95. sundiii99OWS says:

    All people should own ALL LAND! Then all people’s lives will change, true, but for the better, because everything will be “free”, food and necessities should be free! Then these people couldn’t be told “you can’t have this food,it belongs to that company, and you must BUY IT, and if you have no way to get money then starve!” It’s evil capitalism. When all people own all things, no one can say that. Then all people will be owners and can’t be forced to BUY something from THEMSELVES!

  96. sundiii99OWS says:

    When all people own all things, then no one can force anyone to BUY something that they OWN! They can’t be forced to buy something from themselves! That would be ridiculous! So it should be free! We can now eliminate money because most of it is just numbers in computers. This is the greatest time in history! We can eliminate money with computers! Then we wouldn’t need farmers, so all people can become DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS and live in new Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide! Because in T&T education would be lifelong and free on computers!

  97. sundiii99OWS says:

    No one can survive easily, for long, by “rugged individualism”! That’s why all people should own all things and HELP OTHERS SURVIVE. USA still believes in “rugged individualism “ even though it’s a lie. Even USA will soon have to let Socialism be worldwide! And all nations need to quickly build Tower cities connected to maglev Trains to SAVE THE EARTH! If only USA would change fast.

  98. Satish K says:

    As an Indian I am ashamed about what the Indian companies doing to African forests and natural resources..Shame on you Ruchi company. All the foreign companies should provide employment to the locals(not mechanisation), give good salaries and investment the profits in developing infrastructure in the host country.. don't destroy the resources like water and soil using chemicals (for short term profit)

  99. Satish K says:

    If you keep wildlife and forest then you will get more foreign currency than leasing land for chemical farming (by cutting the forest)

  100. Osawemwen Egiebor says:

    I hope the idea is not to push the owners of the land away under the disguise of farming. This will lead to war.

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