The Secret To Wealth And Happiness

The Secret To Wealth And Happiness

Hey, what’s up my friend. Kris Krohn here.
And today i’m going to be talking about the secret of wealth and happiness. Is there
a secret? And if there is, what is it? Can I shave a decade or 2 off of your
life experience? I think in this short video, I can. You know, we talked about
where happiness comes from. And let’s be honest. If you take a look at what people
spend money on and if you take a look at where people’s time commitment is and
their calendar, that pretty much tells you where people’s priorities are in
life. And right now, for most of us, we’re so busy trying to get ahead. Some of us
are playing the game of keeping up with the Joneses. Some of us don’t want to
admit it but it’s actually kind of true. And there’s this hope and this idea that
if I have money and I have a nicer house or I have more
travel or if I have nicer cars, will that bring me the happiness? Today, I want to
share a little bit of my personal journey of what I’ve learned about
wealth and what I’ve learned about happiness. And I believe I can help you
learn how to be a heck of a lot happier today than you might actually be. So,
listen up. School is in session. So, I had an experience where when I was
poor financially… And I knew that I was going to make it through a real estate and
I’d done my first deal, I knew that I needed more deals to get me where I
wanted to be. And my… At the time, I was really driven by feeling like it was
the world against me. College wasn’t going to give me the degree that I wanted.
They said I was too stupid to get the right grade in the sciences. My mother in
law is going to kill me if I don’t get a degree. My wife and I are just trying to
figure out how to be happy and figure out life and and what its meaning is for
us. And I really felt lost. I wanted to get where I wanted to be a lot faster. I
wanted to be free and I thought if I was free from a job, I’m going to be a lot
happier. So, something weird happened when I fast
forward 4 and a half years. I bought my 25th home. I had a residual income of
$12,000 a month. I woke up that morning I asked my wife, “Is today the day?” And don’t
get me wrong, I was thrilled. I was so excited. I was driving a BMW convertible
at the time. And my wife and I were building this big honking mansion of a
house. And dude, I was just I was floored at the idea of walking into my boss’s
office and firing him. In a nice, polite way. They had been good to me but I was
done. When I actually quit, it was seriously one of the happiest moments in my life.
And I don’t want to take that away from me, I don’t want to take that away from
you. But the next day, I woke up feeling not very different and saying, “Now what?”
And that shocked me. Having more money didn’t actually change as much as I
thought that it would. Few months later, I was on a beach in Jamaica. Small
little island called Kokomo, with my wife. We were celebrating being retired. It
sounds really weird. But 27 years old don’t need to have a job anymore. Living
life on my terms. And something was still itching inside. Something was still
missing. Money had actually not brought what I thought that it would. It was true
now that my behaviors were different. I didn’t have to show up at a job. But I
was really surprised. And I wouldn’t figure out the answer all the way for
years when I went on a humanitarian trip with my family to Africa. We had
stockpile a whole pile of money. And we had gone to Africa to do… We were going
to help build an orphanage and we were doing a clean water project. And
we were out there and we are having all of these really amazing moments. I was
with this one family, this woman and their culture they’ve been taught not to
show their emotions. This woman had been widowed. She had I think 7 kids. And
we brought her a cow. And in this part of the world, a cow was a business. A cow was
food, a cow was milk, a cow will put your kids through school because the only option
is a paid education. And when we gave her this cow, she had this just stone brick
face and the tears were streaming. But she was trying so hard not to cry. And I
was just trying to understand what’s the meaning of this. And then the next day, we
went over to the school to bring them a bunch of school supplies. And after we
had finished like giving him all these donations and building planting trees
and giving him school supplies and everything that they needed, this little
black boy came out and he presented me with a gift. It was um… Well, I’ve got it.
Let me show you. This uh… This little boy presented me with a ball that he had
made. This ball is made from recycled or just grocery bags, I guess. And this
plastic twine that’s just kind of wrapping it all together. And he gave
this to me as a ball that I could play with. And I had my family with me, I had
some of my friends that had helped me put this whole project together. And then
the master of the school came up to me and he said this, he said, “What we lack in
resource, we make up for in creativity.” I’ll tell you something. Spending weeks
with the poorest people on the planet, I never saw so many happy people. People, we
happier than we are here in the States. People that were content, people that
find joy where they can find joy. They don’t derive meaning the way we do from
achievement per se or from having things. It’s just such a different way of life
that they have there from where we have here. Let me talk about this conversation
of what makes happy. Friend, I want to tell you something. Buying this
multi-million dollar house? It brings me a lot of joy. I mean I’ve got the most
magical view out that window of the whole Valley. And it and a bed when all
my windows are turned to the… Turn of the city and I see it light up at night. I’m
inspired, I feel calm, I love the energy of this place. It’s it’s magical to me.
And it costs money for this. Or I Drive a really, really, really, really, nice car. And
when the tops down and I’m just speeding, I love that feeling of just the wind in
my hair. And I feel… I feel free. This is what I want to share with you. The
meaning of life it isn’t about what we have. It’s about how we feel. And that’s
what took me so long to figure out. I mean, I made millions of dollars of real
estate. I’m building more wealth than I’ve ever had before. But what impact is
that really having on my feelings? This is where life comes down to the art of
fulfillment. And fulfillment comes down to meaning. What is the meaning in your
life? I’m going to tell you right now, I can look back on my journey with my wife.
When I was poor, when I had no money, when I was struggling and I felt beat down. I
felt like no one supported me. The reality is I had some amazing
happy moments in my life at that time. And in Africa had amazing happy
moments. And being wealthy? Amazing, happy moments. Doing charitable work every
month with my wife in our foundation? Brings me happiness. You know the weird
thing is? The opportunity for happiness was always abounding. It was always
available. I find it with raising my children
during some of the moments. I find it doing really simple things. I find it in
yoga or I find it and working out at the gym or praying and meditating. I’m
amazed. I really thought that all this money would change so much. And in the
end, all it was going to do is magnify my soul. So friend, listen. If you want to be
in the journey of creating wealth with me, awesome. Let’s do it.
Because I think that there’s a yearning inside to meet our potential and when we
live beneath it. We feel like we’re missing out. And I think we are. I feel
like the purpose this life everyone’s trying to figure out what that is. For me,
it’s growth. When I am growing, I’m happy. And when I’m happy I feel fulfilled. I
guess if I could take this whole conversation all over the place and hone
it into one way for you is… For me, happiness comes down to
feeling. And I’m responsible for my feelings. I’m responsible for all my
emotions. I can’t believe I used to make myself as sad as I used to be or to feel
as bad as I used to feel. Or feel shame or guilt about this. When the reality is
every opportunity, there’s negativity abounding. There’s an equal opportunity
for happiness. Do you have the ability to find it? If you want to build wealth with
me, I’m going to tell you this. The person that knows how to control their feelings
and their emotions and learn how to be happy now, regardless of when or how they
build wealth, that’s a person that has the ability to have the real wealth of
life now. For what really is wealth? It’s not money. If you need a thing outside of
you to make you happy, then you’re lost. But you can find yourself again. In the
next 5 minutes, I want to challenge you when this video is over to just
pause. And find something real simple in your life that can bring you joy,
happiness or peace. It’s your life. Those emotions are your choice. And you know
what? It’s true. Having money opens more
opportunities, more doorways and my favorite thing to do with money has been
the experiences that I’ve been able to afford. I’ve been able to travel to 40
different countries. I’m on my journey with my wife’s I’ve hid in 100
different countries. I want to see the whole world. But with this money, there’s
a stewardship there where I get to do so many cool amazing things. And I’m just
telling you, you don’t have to have money to feel that way now. Some of us are
saying, “Kris, I want to do charity work like you. I want to be rich so I can give
more.” I’m telling you right now, you don’t have to wait to be rich. You don’t… A
massive gift is not more meaningful than a small gift. Every one of us has a way
to give back today. Everyone has… Every one of us today has the ability. You and
I, to make an impact and make a difference in someone’s life. I guess if
you really want to be happy, yeah, you can click the link below. You can get with me
in my team. I’ll show you how I technically build wealth. And it’s… Dude,
it’s just text. Look, it’s awesome. I’ll mentor you, I’ll work with you. I’ll show
you how to do it. But don’t do it hoping that it will make you happier. The
happiness you’re looking for is available right now and it’s just one
choice away. So, make that choice right now. And start living your life today as
if you were a billionaire. Because your feelings it doesn’t have to be any
different. But I do believe that happier people get more, have more, do more and
experience more. So, the real wealth? Happiness, joy, meaning, fulfillment. That’s
something that we have all of us within our grasp right now. Thanks for watching
the video guys. Appreciate you so much. Thanks for allowing me to get vulnerable
and just share some of my personal feelings on something. Where I see so
many people lost. Lost sheep trying to find their way thinking that money will
do something. You don’t have to wait decades to figure out that the wealth you’re
looking for truly is available now. There’s so many poor people that that’s
how they died. And they live a fantastic great life. And I know a lot of rich
people that die miserable. So, it really has nothing to do with what
you got. And if you’re in the pursuit of trying to figure out how do I elevate my
life standards, my lifestyle, if you’d like to have more opportunities to
travel around the world or to give more then you got to get a handle on money
and finance. And I can help you with that. So, click the link. Get with me and my
team. We’ll help you on that journey too.


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