The Rich Man’s Daughter: Full Episode 63 (with English subtitle)

The Rich Man’s Daughter: Full Episode 63 (with English subtitle)

What happened? What do you mean she’s gone? My daughter left me. She went with her Papa. Lessen my stress. Agree to be my best man. And besides, you’re the only one
I want to be there by my side. She was just here. Althea. You love Pearl. I think you’re just too afraid
to admit it to yourself. Why don’t you try
to win her back? My God, I’m pregnant? Since it’s my wedding day
and all, is it okay if I drive
myself there? I already know the way
to the church. You’re not fooling me. You’re
enjoying every second of this. I wish Paul is also happy,
and enjoying this like me. Hi, Gerald. Paul, what are you doing here? Can I talk to you? I’m sorry, Paul, but Alex and
I have somewhere to go to. We have a date. Remember Alex? Yeah. He’s the guy I saw you
with, right? So you’re still together? Yes. I’m happy for you. I really am. Actually, I just wanted to see
how you were. I’m about to get married. I see that. But will that make you happy? I don’t know. I guess. Actually, I just wanted
to say goodbye. Daddy Batchi? Where should I put this? Just place it on the
side, Marinel. Sorry. I don’t know why I said that. I’m sorry. It’s okay. It’s normal to miss them. It’s really hard to forget
someone you love. Of course. And we shouldn’t forget them. Because they were a part
of our lives. Wait, are you guys tired? Do you want to have
some food delivered? Yes! Wow! Someone’s energetic. Your son really reacts quickly
when it comes to food. Okay, what would you like?
You want burger? Pizza? Dear, isn’t Paul here yet? Auntie, he’ll be here soon. Okay. If you say so. Here! He’s already calling. – I’ll talk to him.
– I’ll just go inside, okay? What’s taking him so long.
I’ll just text him first. He’ll be here soon. Hi, Auntie. Joily, please forgive our son. But Paul should be here soon. It’s okay. – Is Sally ready?
– Yes. – Wait. Excuse me for a second.
– Alright. – Hurry, okay?
– I will. Paul, everyone’s already
looking for you. Where are you? I’m breaking the cycle, Jade. What? Are you crazy? I love you, Jade. I think you should follow
your own advice. Martyrs never win. Is that Paul? What do you want me to tell
the people here? Is this serious? Was that Gabriel? Can you pass the phone, please? Okay. But you still have to tell me what you want to tell the
people here, okay? He wants to talk to you. Hey! I knew it! What are you planning now? I’m just doing what will make
me happy, Gabriel. Something that you
should do too. You know that we’re all dressed
and ready here, right? You really had to wait for the
last minute before backing out? You’re being a jerk, you know? You were stupid
to let Pearl go. She was the only girl who could
meet you eye to eye, wasn’t she? And I think you’re
blind if you still can’t see how much you love her. You’re blind and stupid,
Gabriel. Ah, okay. So you’re the one ditching
your own wedding, and I’m still the stupid one?
You really are a jerk! When I see you, I’m going to give you
a knuckle on the head. And not only that, I’m going
to throw a centipede at you. Is Sally there? Can I talk
to her too? He wants to talk to Sally. I’ll just go in first. Is Paul already here?
Are we starting? Best friend? Paul wants to talk to you. Huh? Paul, what’s this? I love you, Sally. Not in the way you want or need,
but I love you, Sally. That’s why I’m setting you free. What are you talking about? Where are you? I’m sorry, Sally. Remember how you told me that you were going to grant
me a wish? That you will give it to me, so
long as it’ll make me happy? Yes? I’m sorry, Sally. But I don’t think I can
attend our wedding. But I still want you
to celebrate. Celebrate because you’re free. Paul! Paul! Where are you? What will I tell people? Jade. Jade, Paul isn’t coming. Excuse me. They told us to go here
at the front desk? We’re looking for
Dr. Jaime Reyes. That’s me, Sir. Are you the relatives of
Paul Tanchingco? Yes, we’re his parents. Where is our son? What happened to Paul? Please follow me.His car crashed into a post.Your son’s car was
a total wreck.
But the police are still
They still haven’t
released a statement
on what caused the accident.But I’m sorry to inform you,
Ma’am, Sir.
We couldn’t do anything
to save him.
He was already dead on arrival. Paul! Paul! It’s your Mommy, Paul. Paul! Paul! Paul, it’s your Mommy, Paul. Paul! Paul, wake up for your Mommy. Paul. Paul! Why did they make me go home? I thought Paul was
getting married? And where did Jade run off to? Where did she go, and why didn’t
she take me with her? Ama, they went to Paul. They didn’t want you to see him, because it might not be
good for you. Why wouldn’t it be good for me? I also want to see Paul. What is happening to
Paul anyway? Ama, I don’t know how to answer. I’ll just leave you
here for now. I’ll try to find out about
what happened to Paul. What is really happening
to that kid? Why won’t anyone tell
me anything? What is going on? I’ll just leave you here
for a moment. Why are you all leaving
me alone? What is going on with Paul?
Where is he really? I’m getting a headache. Ama? Oh, Paul! Jade and the others
went to find you. Why are they looking for you
if you’re already here? Ama, I won’t stay long. I have to leave soon. Where are you going? Take care of my family, please. And kiss them for me. Especially to Dada. What are you talking about? And why are you leaving
so many requests? Can you tell Dada that
I forgive him? And can you also tell
him that I’m sorry? And please tell Jade
to go in my room. I left something there for her. Wait a second. I’m confused. Where are you going anyway,
huh, Paul? Ama? Don’t forget my requests, okay? Paul? My God. It was just this morning when
you were still alive. You were even happy to ask
permission from me. But now. My goodnes, Paul! Paul! What exactly happened to my son? He wasn’t forced to crash. According to a few eyewitnesses his car swerved to hit the post. It’s suicide. That’s
what happened. According to the eyewitnesses, it did look as if the
driver decided to crash his own car. Such a stupid thing to do. Is that all you have to
say, Oscar? Paul committed suicide and
that’s all you have to say? I don’t want a dead son! I would rather accept a gay son
than a dead one! I don’t want a dead son! Paul! – Mommy!
– Hi! – Look at you two.
– Kiss Mommy. I’m so happy you’re here. That means I can watch
the news now. How was your workday? It was okay. A little tiring, and I missed
you, so I have a surprise! This is great! Thank you, Mommy! What’s that? A robot! Meanwhile, a member of the
prominent and well-known family of Tanchingcos
has passed away, after being involved in a
vehicular accident that happened earlier today,
at three in the afternoon. The said victim is no other
than Paul Tanchingco, the second child of prominent
business tycoon, Oscar Tanchingco with his wife, former movie actress
Amanda Tanchingco. At this moment, representatives
of the Tanchingco family has yet to face the press. Sir Gab? Jade? We offer our condolences. All of us here are saddened by
what happened to your brother. Thank you. Have you eaten? Do you want us to prepare
something for you? We’re fine. We have to go back as soon
as we get Paul’s things. Where’s Ama? Does she already know? Because if she doesn’t, let’s not tell her yet.
Because she’s sick. No, she doesn’t. And we haven’t said
anything to her. But I think she knows something. I think it would be better if
you go to her. Talk to her. – Go on.
– Go to her. Talk to her. Ama? Your blessing. Your blessing. Why are you still awake? You should rest already. Why did you have to
go to Paul earlier? He was just here. We even talked. Ama, how did you talk to Paul? He wasn’t here. He was far away. Paul won’t be coming home soon. You don’t have to lie to me. I know. I know what happened to him. He’s gone. The reason he came to me
earlier was so he could leave some requests. So I know. I already know. He’s not with us anymore. I know he’s never coming
home to us. That he’s gone. He’s gone. Ma? The hospital already
cleared him. Dada has already contacted
the funeral home, so they’ll take care of Paul. Let’s go. Let’s go home. I don’t want to. I’m not leaving my son. I know it’s too late. But I want to be with my son. I want him to know that
I never left him. Even if it’s too late. Auntie, I understand. But is it okay if I talk
to Paul too, even for just a few minutes? Even if I know he won’t hear me? I’m so sorry. Paul. Paul. Is this the gift of freedom
that you were telling me? Why did you have to take the easy way out to solve
our problems? It’s unfair, Paul! It’s unfair! Paul, didn’t I tell you? You’re my happiness. What will happen to me now? What will happen to
me now, Paul? Why did you leave me? I already told you that I accept
you for who you are, for what you are. I love you so much, Paul,
so why did you leave me? It’s like you killed me too! You killed my heart, because
you’re gone! Paul! Paul told me something. I remember. He left something for you. Ama was right. Paul left me a letter. I guess Paul really
did visit her. Why are you still here, Amanda? I thought you were going
to take her home, David? She doesn’t want to go yet, Da. Don’t you dare touch me, Oscar! David, give us a second. Hon. Don’t be angry at me. I didn’t want Paul
to kill himself. It’s his decision. A wrong decision no one wanted. So why are you mad at me? You know why I’m angry at you. Because you forced him! We forced him to change! Especially you! I only did what I had
to do as a parent. And this is a rebellion
on his part. He did this to spite me, because
he thinks he can get back at me that he can hurt me
by what he did! Can you hear yourself, Oscar? Paul is your son! Your son killed himself, and he’s not just some
random person! It hurts. But to be honest with
you, Amanda? I’d rather have a dead son
than a gay one. I made a mistake before,
by supporting you. And by looking the other way
while you hurt, punish, and beat our children
to submission! I’m not just angry at you. I’m angry at myself too! For supporting what you did! I supported the things you did
that pushed our children away! But never again, Oscar! Because I will not allow what
happened to Paul, to happen to my other
children too! I won’t! Because I don’t want
to be like you! I don’t want to be a bad
parent like you! I know this is hard for
you, Jade. But you should read the letter. It’s okay. It’s okay.Dear Jade, I know by now
you’d be crying
or cursing me for what
I had done.
And I’m sorry for that.Don’t blame yourselves.It’s my choice.It’s a bad choice, I know.But like you, Jade, I can’t bear
to lose our family too.
I can’t bear to totally go
against Dada either.
I thought I could.But I can’t.Because as much as I hate him,I also love him so much.I love Dada so much, even if
he doesn’t love me back.
Even if, most of the time,I feel he hates having
a son like me.
I’m so sorry for Dada that
I had to be one of his sons.
How I wish I could change
myself, right?
But, Jade, you know
how hard that is.
Because if it were easy,then we would’ve changed
who we are so long ago.
Then we wouldn’t have
suffered so much.
I’m okay now, Jade.Even if I hurt a lot of people.And I’m so sorry for that.But I’m okay now.I’m so selfish, aren’t I?But I’m so tired, Jade.I’m so tired of fighting.I’m so tired of explaining.And I’m so tired of
defending myself.
I know what I did is
senseless to you.
Yes, it is.So I’m begging you not
to do what I did.
Instead, I’m begging you to make
my death relevant to your life.
Jade, I’m scared.But I don’t want you
to be afraid.
I hid who I am my whole life,and I don’t want you
to do the same.
Fight for me.Fight for yourself.Use my death to escape
this prison
you’ve chosen, given
by our own father.
This is my gift for you, Jade.To be your reason
to free yourself.
It’s time to stop, Jade.It’s time to stop pretending,and stop living your life
according to the comforts
and standards of other people.Make yourself and
your life happy.
It’s a choice.The only choice I want you
to choose.
You know. There are a lot of cases
where our people, the LGBT, commit suicide because
their family can’t accept them. But why did Paul do it? He shouldn’t have done it,
right? Because if he was really
tired of his life, or if he’s having a hard time
with his situation, he could always talk
to his friends. If he can’t talk to his family. Or to whoever! There are so many people out
there who you can talk to. He shouldn’t have thought
about suicide. You know? I’m glad that’s your stand. Because lately, all you’ve
done is drink. Ever since Marinel
and Abby left you. I was starting to think that
one of these days, you woul.. You know. Really? It’s like you don’t
know me at all. Sure, I felt like a part
of me died. When they left me,
I felt like I did. But I’m okay now. Life goes on for me. And I can handle anything
with you two beside me. – You know what I mean?
– Of course! I love you guys so much! Hey! That’s disgusting! Why are you acting like that?
It’s as if you like me! Are you crazy? I don’t feel that way because
you look like a monkey! And I don’t like monkeys! Says the person who looks
like a salamander! – Look at yourself!
– You’re so conceited! You really think I’m going to
like you that way? Even if you were the
last woman on earth! I’d rather be single! I’m going
to get drunk! I’d rather be single too!
You jerk! Guys, please stop. Let’s be serious for a minute. I want to go to Paul’s wake.
I want to offer my condolences. What? Are you sure? Or are you crazy? You’ve been hiding so Jade
doesn’t find you, and now you want to go
where she will be? And are you even ready to
face Oscar Tanchingco, huh? Are you ready to face him? Why don’t you use your
head sometimes? I know Paul. He was good to me. And out of all the Tanchingcos,
he and Jade’s grandmother were the only ones who bore
me no ill will. Besides, Paul helped me
out so many times, so it’s just right that
I visit his wake. Even if his family
throws me out. Mama? Why are you still awake? You’re Oscar, right? Paul’s Dada? And Jade’s? I’m going to start sulking, Ma. Why can’t you remember me when
I’m one of your sons? Do you want anything? Paul asked me to do
something for you. What did he ask? He wanted me to tell
you that he is sorry. And that he has forgiven you. He loves you very much. And he asked me to
kiss you for him. Good night. Amanda, I’m sorry. My condolences to you
and to your family. Thank you. Ma. What he did is a sin
against the Lord. And it’s bad luck too. I’m sorry, Oscar. I gave way to you today, but I
won’t be coming to the burial. And I don’t even think that you should give your son
a good burial. Shut up, Lucky. It’s up to you whether you go
or not to the burial. You didn’t need to tell me. Forgive Lucky. You know how he takes
after Dada. Come, Lucky. I’ll take you away before you
two get into a fight. Mama? Is it okay if I leave
for a moment? I just need to breathe. I’ll go with you. Even if you beat me up, you won’t convince us
to change my mind about moving out
of your house! – Mama!
– Stop it! Is violence all you know? That’s my mother! Don’t you hurt her again! If we really are for each other,
love will find a way, right? Hi! I’m Cathleen.


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