The Rich Man’s Daughter: Full Episode 17 (with English subtitle)

The Rich Man’s Daughter: Full Episode 17 (with English subtitle)

Everything happened so fast, Ma. After she used my phone, she just said something
weird, like… Just tell Mama and Dada that
I love them and sorry. What do you mean
Jade is missing? She ran away from Pearl
while they were driving. She escaped! I don’t want to go back home.
I want to be with you. I’ll have my men look for her. She’s giving me more reason
to be angry at her! I’m sorry if I had been
insensitive. But believe me, Ma, This is for
Jade’s own good. Now that my sister is missing,
you want to leave? Do you even care a little bit
about my sister? You’ve been so aloof lately! It’s like your hiding something! Tell me, do you have a mistress? I was told that there
is a big fire that reached up until
Kalayaan Avenue. You look worried. Do you know
someone from there? So you’re a couple now? What are
you planning to do? I’ll help Althea with
her company. But we’ll be careful not
to be found by my Dada. This is my girlfriend, Jade. Have you gone to that
friend of Jade? The one who visited her
at the hospital? Althea? I know where she works!
I can drive you there. The last time I saw her was when
I visited her at the hospital. And after that, I lost
contact with her. Okay, thank you.
We’ll go ahead. Wait a second. I just have to
use your washroom. Is there someone in here? I guess there is. Hello? There’s someone there. Our janitor asked to
use the toilet. Actually, she’s been
there a while. Sorry. I wish she’d use the lock,
right? Can you just imagine what I
could have seen? Disgusting! – All right, we’ll go ahead.
– Thank you very much. – Bye!
– Let’s go, Pearl. Love love? You can come out now. Sorry, I forgot to
lock the door. How was my mother? How did Jade became friends
with Althea again? I remembered you mentioned
that she’s a lesbian? Yes. She’s a lipstick lesbian. I think she went out with
Jade and David before. Oh. So they became close? Now I understand why she visited
Jade at the hospital, because they’re very close. Well, Ma. Just wish they
weren’t super close. She could have influenced Jade
with her lesbian tendencies. I think having a gay member
of the family is enough, there’s no need to
add a lesbian. – There’s no need for that.
– Pearl. Jade isn’t a lesbian, okay? I would know because
I’m her mother. When Paul was a kid, I already
knew he could be gay. But Jade has no trace
of being a lesbian! She is completely
a woman, Pearl. I’m sorry. I was just thinking out loud. Ma, I know it’s impossible for
Jade to become a lesbian. Well don’t ever say that
about Jade again, if you don’t want
to infuriate me. Anyway, do you want to eat at
your favorite restaurant? I’ll just call Gab so
he could join us. Do you know Angeline Perez?
I think she’s from here? Yes, I know her. But I haven’t
seen her. Come on, get away from there! We have to clear the way
when the firemen comes! Angie? Angie, were you hurt? – What are you doing here?
– I’ll take you to the hospital. – Get away from me!
– No, I’ll help you. I told you to go away.
I don’t need you. I can help you. I can’t leave
you like this, okay? I can help you. I won’t ask for anything in
return. I can help you. Please come in. This is where we house our
overseas guests from abroad, business partners and clients. There is cable. The refrigerator
is working. There are new bed sheets
and towels. This place has everything. I’m sure you’ll be
comfortable here. Gabriel, thank you. Don’t worry, this will
be temporary. I’ll look for a new place
as soon as possible. Angie, you don’t have to hurry. No one’s rushing you. No one will make you leave. And by the way, I ordered
some food, so it’ll be here in
thirty minutes? I’m sure you’re already hungry. if you want, you can invite
your boyfriend over. What was his name again?
Mark, right? I don’t have a boyfriend. It didn’t work out between us. That’s too bad. Anyway, I’ll go ahead. I still have to look
for my sister. Jade ran away from home. All right. I hope you
find her soon. I just want to thank you again. I didn’t expect you
to do these for me. You’re still so kind. I’m just glad nothing bad
happened to you. Here are the keys. – For the Jathea love team!
– Jathea! Fine, even though I hate you.
I love you, guys! Cheers! What was that? Are you
already drunk? You’re a bit harsh. – You know the drill!
– What’s happening? Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Magic! Okay. What was that? Just a thing we do. Every time something good
happens to one of us, we dance like that right after
our first shot of drink. It’s our way to celebrate. We’ve been doing it before
El Gamma Penumbra. Do you want me to teach you? Maybe next time. Jade, relax, no one will
recognize you here. Everyone here is a lesbian. And your parents are
nowhere near. What if El Gamma Penumbra’s
here? – She started it.
– They’re your new favorite? I said are they your
new favorite? They’re her favorite. All right,
how does it go again? El Gamma Penumbra! Okay. Wait, I’ll just head
to the washroom. Hey, teach her how to do
the magic dance. Game! – Stand up!
– You can do it! Wait a second. Babe, who are you looking at? That girl looks familiar. She looks like one of
my friends daughter. We look so pitiful.
Take notice of us. Let me take a picture. It is her! I didn’t know that Amanda’s
only daughter is a lesbian. Sometimes, Oscar infuriates
me so much. He’s the reason why our children
keep running away! He’s a good father,
but he’s too strict. You can’t blame Oscar. Your husband was raised in
a old-school Chinese ways. I share the blame though
when it comes to Jade. It means that I am not enough
for her to stay. My God, when did raising kids
become so hard? You said it, Amanda! But God has a purpose for why all this is happening
to your family. Dear, did anyone tell Lucy
we’ll be here? No. I don’t know why she’s here. Be quiet. She’s near. Hi, ladies. Fancy seeing
you all here. Hi, Amanda. Nice to see you. Oh well, I gotta go, you know?
I’m meeting someone here. Well, see you around. Bye. I know why she’s here. I heard rumors that she
replaced her husband with the chef in this hotel! She has a new boyfriend? Didn’t her husband just
pass away last year? It would’ve been fine had
it been a boyfriend, but the chef’s a girl. She’s with a lesbian! My God! She hooked up with a lesbian? Correct! That woman will burn in hell! Dad, how are you? If you ask me, I’m better now. I thought I wouldn’t get
to be happy again when you passed away.
But I was wrong. Do you remember Jade, Dad? Hi! We’re together now. She’s the one who makes
me happy nowadays. Dad? – Is it okay if I call him Dad?
– Of course. Dad, thank you for bringing
Althea into this world. Thank you for raising this
woman, who’s my girlfriend. Don’t you worry, I will
never hurt her. I will never make her cry. Because I love your daughter. Someone’s blushing. Speak for yourself! Look at you!
You’re the ones blushing! Just a little! Why?
Is that wrong? No. There’s nothing wrong
with a little blush! Dad’s telling us,
“You’re so cheesy!” “You guys are such losers,
quit it!” I like this cut better than
the one you had before. Babe, I’ll just be outside. Okay. Amanda, I know you girls
were avoiding me. And I also know you were
talking about me. Lucy, I don’t really care
about you right now. I have too many problems
of my own. I heard your son Paul ran away? He’s already back. It’s Jade who we’re
looking for now. So if you see her anywhere. I saw her last night
in a party. She was with her girlfriend. Girlfriend? Yes, girlfriend. A female lover. Oh, I’m sorry. Has she not come out
to you yet? What do you mean out?
What are you saying? Why are you saying she
has a girlfriend? She’s not a lesbian! My daughter isn’t into
the likes of you! Amanda, why do you make it sound as if I’m a bad person just
because of my preference? The way you’re treating me reflects on what you’ll do
to your own daughter! My daughter is not a lesbian! Then why the hell was she in a
lesbian party last night? Yes, she was with all
kinds of lesbians, and she has a girlfriend! If you don’t believe me, here! I took a picture of
your daughter. Yes, your precious Jade
daughter is a lesbian. She’s just like me, she has a relationship
with a fellow woman!“Jade isn’t a lesbian, okay?I would know because
I’m her mother”
“She hooked up with a lesbian?”“That woman will burn in hell!”I’m really sorry if this is how you found out your daughter
is a lesbian. But it doesn’t change a thing because she’s still
your daughter. I can help you if you’re
having a hard time understanding your daughter.This family does not have
any homosexuals
because that will only bring
shame to the family!
And any one of my childrenwho goes against the
family standards
will be punished!Are you all right? Let go of me! You’re a liar! This is not my daughter!
This woman is not Jade! Jade will never fall for a girl!
She’s not a lesbian! And don’t you ever
spread rumors that my daughter is a lesbian,
because I will ruin you! You know how powerful my
husband’s family is, so watch out! My Dad and I never really talked
about me being a lesbian. It’s like he understood and
it was fine by him. He never got angry when I brought my first
girlfriend at home. One time, he even gave me money
to take her somewhere nice. What? It’s like he was giving his
blessing for me to date her! And when we broke up, It was Dad who told me that I would meet another woman
who’d love me better. Take note, he said woman,
not man. You’re so lucky with your dad. He understood you, and he accepted you even without
any explanations. Now I miss my grandmother more. She was the only one who
understood me at home, but Dada and Mama took her from
me as a punishment. They took her to Batangas. Batangas. Well that’s not far from here. We’re already in the south.
Why don’t we go visit her? We can’t. My grandfather
is there. My parents might be there too. I want to introduce you
to my grandma, but I don’t want to
get you in trouble. I know what to do. Here, call your house number. You want me to do what? Call home. I have a surprise for you. Hello, good afternoon. Can I talk to Mr. Tanchingco
or Mrs. Tanchingco, please? They are at the office, sir. And Ma’am isn’t home yet. May I know who this is? How about Mister. John. Mr. John Tanchingco? Is he there? Just tell him. It’s Gerry Sy. Sir, It’s Gerry Sy. Hello? Hello? The line went dead. It’s just a prank call. All your antagonists
are in Manila. We can go visit your grandmother
in Batangas, and be home before dark. You’re so awesome, Love love! Come on, let’s go! Amanda? Why do you look like you’re
about to attack someone? Are you okay? I’m okay. Someone just got on
my nerves earlier. Oscar, what’s the latest
from your men? Have they found Jade? I still haven’t gotten
any news until now. What’s taking them so long
to find my daughter? She’s just one woman! Amanda, you’re too stressed. I’m already hammering my men for daily updates in their
search for Jade. They will find her. Jade cannot hide
herself forever. Let’s go home. Oscar, before we go home, there’s one more stop
I have to go. I just have to do this,
so I don’t go crazy. Dear Lord, you’re the
only one I trust. Please don’t let Jade be
the one in that picture. Please don’t let it be true that my only daughter
is a lesbian. I don’t think I can take my
daughter falling in love with a fellow woman. We already made a mistake
with Paul, please don’t let the same thing
happen to Jade, Lord. It will break my family apart, and I fear that Angkong will
cast us all out. I’m not going to let my family
become poor, or be embroiled in scandal. I will not let that happen
to my family. My God, whether it’s
true or not, please don’t let my husband
find out. I am afraid of what he might
do to our child. So before this gets out,
please help me. Please give me strength. Because if I can do nothing
more for Paul, then at least give me
a chance with Jade. I will do anything just
so my daughter doesn’t become a lesbian. – Ama?
– Jade! Jade! My darling! I knew it! I knew you
would follow! What took you so long? I miss you so much. And I miss you too, Ama! No one knows I’m here right now. – I had to escape.
– Okay. Althea! Who are you? Ama, I want you to meet, Althea. She’s a special friend.
And my favorite person. It’s nice to meet you. Hello. You’re so beautiful, dear. Do you already have a boyfriend? I used to have a boyfriend. But we broken up. Jade here just left her
longtime boyfriend. Yes, it’s true! Because she is in love
with someone else. I can’t believe you, Ama. When it comes to me, you
remember everything. Because I love you so much,
dear child. Tell me, dear, now that you’re
out of the house, are you finally free to be
with the one you love? How I wish you took him with
you, so I can meet him. Ama, just keep eating. What’s important is that
I’m happy now. I’ve noticed, dear. Your eyes are sparkling! I was exactly like that, when
Junjun was my boyfriend. My eyes twinkled too! Why are you giving back
the crab’s fat? Because it’s the best part.
So I’m giving it to you! I still don’t understand how Jade fell in love with
someone like that? How did they even meet? Maybe she was influenced
by her friends? She visited me in Batangas. No one’s in the office, Ma’am.
And they’re busy. – They have an event tonight.
– And where is this event? Why don’t you ask
her girlfriend? There she is! By the tech booth. She’s Althea’s girlfriend? Yes. Her name is Jade.


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