The Rich in America: Power, Control, Wealth and the Elite Upper Class in the United States

The Rich in America: Power, Control, Wealth and the Elite Upper Class in the United States


  1. Jason Fit says:

    The Obama Prophecy

  2. Jason Fit says:

    " There's nothing wrong with nepotism , as long as you keep it in the family "
    Steve Forbes

  3. Alex K. says:

    And 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC is where the terrorists reside.

  4. TheGoodNews01 says:

    A note from the Doctor:

    "I repeat: from the standpoint of social justice, money should be abolished, and libertarian communism is infinitely superior to capitalism." Dr. Jose Maria Pueyo – The Anarchist Collectives by Sam Dolgoff.

  5. Liban Qasim says:

    and i say good for them

  6. Leisa Irwin says:

    Why, Barack? What do they do for you? lol.

  7. BobbyBanks77 says:

    First of all, God is God, and Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, get it right chump. Don't you guys rape little girls and make them be your wives?? Pretty sick there guy…..

  8. BobbyBanks77 says:

    First of all, all presidents and the elite are related so get your facts straight, second of all idk who would listen to little girl raper like muslims!!!!!

  9. Slave2PaperWithInkOn says:

    CHECKOUT the 3min38 vid "Cut Benefits to Bankers,Not Public Services," by Positive Money (plus their site+YT channel for more info) and the 1min28 version of "George Carlin on Our Similarities." PEACE

  10. Skibum Willy says:


  11. Gemeral dis says:

    It may be the fate of the rich and over paid to die with their money,even as the universe, and the poor people come to recollect what is ALSO theirs.most rich people probably could not change their nature, EVEN if they wanted to. may be their fate to perish from this world as the rich.

  12. Genius Con says:

    to them, it's just a game. to the rest of us, it's survival.

  13. axewhyzed says:

    Auto-trading systems consistently perform better than emotion-ridden humans. If you compound the profits from a proven system, you have a chance to be a millionaire. For real time results based on 25 years of research, please contact oceanic at post dot com

  14. OLAV WILHELM says:

    william domhoff , is he jewish? just wondering 

  15. Jason He says:

    fuck your bitch, american government! why you always make trouble in the south sea of China and the area around of the DiaoYu Island?! why?! You maybe think you are the only one country who can save the earth?! or there are other purposes could not be open to the world? ! or you just want to show your power, especially to China?! I am here is not represent any government or army, I am just only represent myself, a ordinary chinese youth!!! Don't try to separate China! Don't try to dominate Chinese people with your mind, your value and your culture!!! we are all different at all and not the same!!! more than a billion chinese people live in all over the world do not agree!!!
    If you want to continue to adhere now policy toward to China, please carefully assess the possible consequences!!!!

  16. freedomalert says:

    The rich are the one giving work to the people, prospering the nation financially and giving and paying benefits for the people.  This rich class is also the one that the multibillionaire globalists cannot control.  So this super rich are fighting the rich by creating hate toward them from the low and middle class and the new young easily manipulated youth turned into Communists without them even knowing.  Once the multibillionaire eliminate the rich class, there will be no one to help the middle and low class and that is when they can take over the world.  How the rich help you say?  If Obama, one of many of the globalists puppets say: "let's turn off the water in this city and such city, to force them to say yes to my proposal", the rich are the only once that can put together some big money and keep water coming from other sources. 

    Everything this Illuminati people do, they find a way to make it look like USA did it, and so here USA get blame by the world while they work in the shadows.  USA has been the most used and abused nation by the Illuminati, from stealing her resources, her Federal Reserve, using her as a scape goat and now destroying her financially and morally.

    Now there are three forces here, The Obama Administration, The Illuminati and the US government (The people) whose leaders are being bought by the other two.  Is an internal fight for survival of this country that has been raped and abused.

  17. deanna smith says:

    in the the eternal reality of the class struggle the wealthy say to those of us in the labor class:

    cooperative action for me… but not for thee.

    what are they afraid of?

  18. TheCarin12 says:

    He says power gets passed around between this elite society and then it's offspring. Then he mentions George Romney and his failed attempt at the POTUS. This is 25 years ago. Creepy.

  19. Murheed Khan says:

    no english caption nit there are yiddish

  20. Daath Gnosis says:

    Power and control is the ego, the false ego is concerned with illusionary consents of worth and such is the occult system.

  21. Al Kindi Abu Yusuf says:

    Go and fuck urself and think about poor familiys u fucker! Fucking ignorant human and selfish! 

  22. George Petre says:

    They are rich because they work pretty much every hour of the day… 

    you are poor because you 'work' (i use the term loosely) 9 – 5 – half of which is spent unproductively (i.e…. smoking breaks, surfing the net, personal phone calls…)

    It's not just the fact that the wealthy work hard, it's also down to the fact that they are sensible with their money, poor people just waste their money on holidays, starbucks, to live in the moment, very rarely do they save it to buy another house et.c

  23. Spartaculus Jones says:

    Most people are poor because they are either paid slave wages, fail at self-employment because of competition, are barred from exclusive professions, or cannot find any job at all.

  24. SIMKINETICS says:

    This guy really knows what he's talking about!  Though this was done 28 years ago, his astute observations apply more today than ever.  I've read much about the American power structure over several decades, and know he's telling it like it is; this is well-documented for anyone who digs through the records.  National control is truly at a level that few Americans would believe, at levels of wealth that are difficult to comprehend.
    I was first raised in the lower middle class, then moved into an upper middle class neighborhood in Michigan, then moved to the Bay Area 52 years ago.  I've seen exactly what he's saying up-close & personal.  Working & living in Silicon Valley, I've met & known several upper 1% people; they operate on a whole different level.  This speaker describes them accurately.
    And then there's local politics.  He's right about that too.  I actually got involved directly in local politics from a Republican standpoint ~30 years ago, though I'm usually more liberal.  In fact, I live near the city he's talking about, and my son got a PhD from the university he mentions (University of California, Santa Cruz).  The speaker's got the history down to a tee.
    My own experience knowing players, both at the corporate level & at the local political level, has been an eyeopener.  Some of them seem dangerous, but most of them are fascinating.  One guy I did engineering consulting for is worth ~100M; he told me about traveling all around the world as a young child with his parents to tend to the 2,000 businesses & franchises his parents owned.
    America is widely regarded as a democracy, which is false.  Our Founding Fathers were elite aristocrats who set up the US as a republic with representative democracy based along the structural lines of a corporation.  To some extent, they guaranteed individual rights to protect the populace from over-extension of the business class at the dismay of their peers.  It was not a total betrayal of their own class, but their Enlightenment influence emphasized scientific ideals that paved the way for new entrepreneurs to enter the market place with innovation.
    This arrangement offered class-mobility that still presented a challenge for the working class to excel and/or fight to maintain their constitutional rights against the real power structure that always tries to curtail them.  The history of the US includes some triumphs like Andrew Jackson's shedding of the central bank (privately owned), and The New Deal after the Great Depression.  As a 60's Bay Area anti-war hippie, I know that all our protesting did yield some important concessions from the elite war-mongers.  We should regard our struggle as constant, but now's a good time to ramp-up the effort.  Most Americans should regard this as apolitical common-sense that makes true capitalism a healthier system.  We especially need to emphasize opportunities again; monopolies don't fit that model.

  25. Belinda Ratley says:

    what ever!!!!!

  26. ultimeate ds man fan 68 says:

    28 years ago this guy was a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut. Now he seems like a "dead on" expert.

  27. Steven Stoffers says:

    The two major parties do a few things to make them differentiated a little bit, but the core reality is that there is a ruling elite and it has very different priorities and values than the majority of the rest of America. We rarely talk about it, because it isn't pleasant and most folks don't care and don't think there is any point to talking about it.  But we do hear, it's amazing, some folks unabashedly admit that they were "disappointed" by Barrack Obama, as an easy example everyone is familiar with because he is the president. But did anyone really think they were voting for a new political system, just by voting for Obama?

  28. Marcos Rios says:

    We work just like you if you don't control your money then you lose

  29. HeavyDukes22 says:

    One cannot fully grasp American history without knowing of its labor struggles. Unfortunately many in America today have very little, if any, understanding of the labor wars and overall class struggle. It amazes me the amount of right-wing vitriol towards unions and other pro-labor programs like Social Security and Medicaid in this country. The money is there people, it is just not taxed and spent on war.  

  30. Gemeral dis says:

    In the sensual world, nothing is better than violating the sanctity of the rich and famous;it's like taking a virgin's purity, but WAY more important and powerful,Those sweet sweet, rich Black Pharaoh's and Rich Saudi's and sweet pink American capitalistic monster men.Sweet Billionaire vaginas of men-beasts.Classy, not cheap meat like poor peoples asses.Those rich are some finely cultured meat.Don't waste your money  or devilry on the cheap, poor meats…

  31. Kyles Isler says:

    We need to fight for America now folks. Soon we won't have any form of Liberty and a freedom to pursue happiness through true, by definition Capitalism.

  32. John Carpenter says:

    No matter the geographical location, The Rich are focused, territorial, enormously self-protective, self-defining, narcissistic, aggressive to a fault — even predatory, demanding, organization-minded, and self-perpetuating (immortality through their offspring).  As a group, they are also cunning, capable of anything and everything — law, ethics and morals are their own creation, made BY them, but not necessarily to be applied TO them.  Geographically they are a cohesive lot, despite the struggles over resources and territory in which they are CONSTANTLY embroiled. Global cohesion (communication) among The Rich is their defining feature.  Communication among The Rich is Worldwide; they created and have the means to communicate among themselves at whim — wire, satellite, ship, jets.  That is the single most important factor lacking among the non-rich, the so-called middle and lower classes.  The Rich also maintain for themselves the Power to control communication among members of the so-called middle and lower classes.  In other words, they maintain constant awareness and CONTROL of what the so-called middle and lower classes are "thinking" and doing; the so-called middle and lower classes remain criminally clueless.  Remember White Women, during the last American Female Uprising, screaming their heads off about being excluded from the Halls of Power (Bohemian Club; Augusta National; DOHA; Bilderberg); about not being allowed to be CEO of anything except the kitchen, and on and on?  Enough White Women, and 2 or 3 non-white women were finally allowed into the clubs; just enough to silence the roar.  Note: The Power remained in the hands of American White Males, because they simply shared a trifling amount of it with their wives and daughters.  The so-called Minorities (Of "Women and Minorities" fame) got only as much as was deemed useful but not dangerous or, for that matter, really significant.

  33. Tom Haverford says:

    I'm in the top 3% and it is amazing how ignorant some kids in my high school are. A couple of kids can't imagine living on solely on $50,000.

  34. Hans Jürgen Ochsenfahrt says:

    Soziologie at her best. Ein sehr guter Hochschullehrer und Wissenschaftler. Zeigt am Beispiel der moderaten Republkaner um Reagen, wie das System auf Druck reagiert. Theorie der horizontalen Disparitäten.
    Die Analyse stellt Konflikte und fehlgeleitetes Selbstverständnis der zumindest einen Konfliktpartei in den Vordergrund. Amerikaner sind in der Perzeption auf Individualismus getrimmt. Sorgfältig wird herausgearbeitet, wie eine Minderheit, die sich politisch machtlos nennt, das System okkupiert und sich erhält und akkumuliert. Rolle der NGOs als Ort, wo Politiker ausgewählt werden, wo der Konsens in der Elite zwischen links und rechts gefunden wird, eo Experten ausgewählt werden, Legitimation entstehen soll. Kissinger und Brzinski als Paradigmen. Rolle der Privatschulen. Welche Themen ind Argumente markieren Grenze, sind anzugreifen? Netzwerke. Konsens in Wahrnehmung und Selbstverständnis. (Man sprach Latein in der preussischen akademischen Ekite, aus der sich die Administration preussens rekrutierte. Für den dummen Proleten hiess es ora et labora. Auch wenn das der einzige Satz war der haften geblieben war.)
    Der strukturelle Konflkt der USA zwischen dem Selbstbild open society, Pluralistische Gesellschaft und bei der Elite völlig fehlender sozialer Mobilität. Für frisches Blut sorgen die selber… Einziges Korrekturmoment ist die Wahl. Herausgearbeitet wird ein Prozess, der der Wette, dem Investment in bestimmte Kandidaten ähnelt.
    Am Ende gehts zur Lokalpolitik. Wachstumsmaschine gegen Neighbourhood.
    Sehr lebendig darin noch die Ereignisse von Friedensbewegung und civil right movement.
    Allerdings sind inzwischen Union Busting und Zerschlagen der Mittelkkasse und Arbeitsplatzexport weit fortgeschritten. Die Medien sind konzentiert, in den Händen Weniger.
    Das Konflktpotential ist so gut wie vernichtet. Aus der neigbourhood heraus ist kein Blumentopf mehr zu gewinnen. 1968 scheint diese Powerstruktur zu fürchten wie die Hölle. Trotz der abgehalfterten vielen gekauften, erpressten und geschulmeisterten 68er, die man zu Austeritätsfanatikern und Bellizisten gemacht hat. Und ausstellt.
    Gleichwohl ist die Analyse hoch aktuell. Macht- und Vermögenskonzentration haben sich seit der Analyse ja in katastrophale Verhältnisse gewandelt. Wer dahinter eine Agenda von Wohlmeinenden Friedensengeln sieht, dem ist nicht mehr zu helfen. Das System ist in diesem deregulierten Zustand auf Selbstvernichtung gestellt. Brave new World! Korrupt von vorne bis hinten.

  35. Gavin Ramsey says:

    The US is now officially an oligarchy. Democracy is the face we show, but as a democracy, we are defeated.

  36. se7ensnakes says:

    3 centuries ago there was a system of banking perfected that gave untold wealth to its owners. The system is comprised of counterfeiting money, loaning it, and allowing the economy to become dependent on the counterfeiting.  The system was imported to the Americas and have been the guiding factor in the politics and  economics of this country. The bank owners device a system where they control the creation of money. if the government wanted new money they had to exchange it with a debt instrument and pay interest, if the public wanted new money they have to get a loan and pay interest to the bank. if neither decide to borrow the money supply will shrink exponentially to a mere 3% or to the base money supply, causing an economic collapse. No jobs, no one could pay their bills, no commerce. The basic system is set up this way and guarded in secrecy because the banks control the media and the schools. All the popular information out there safeguards this great secret of how the banks have a monopoly on the creation of money. Not every single bank is into this conspiracy but certain insider banks. This is the main purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank, to help certain insider bank to have a monopoly on the use of money. The Federal Reserve is not set up to profit but rather to help a few insider banks benefit. They are the ones profiting and the ones calling the shots. They insider banks could do it without the Federal Reserve but the Federal Reserve is rather convenient to them. The Federal Reserve is a tool that these insider banks use to bring about governmental authority to their actions. 

    I should add that now the system is global and they are using the American military to spread it.  These bankers want to give value to the paper currency by pegging it to goods and natural resources.  Any country that wants monetary independence, are destroyed by speculators, or by NATO.  Russia apparently have long fallen to these bankers.

  37. archie977 says:

    power is a tree of evil with many branches.

  38. fordulaad says:

    the thing that always gets me about US politics is that everyone fears big government. but the source of the problems is a government that's too weak to control the economic base. a state is just an arena and any group or set of ideas can dominate it.

  39. Ariel Goldfarb says:

    I never understood why there are so many protest and riots in the US. So good is the system for the people that no one rebels to it?.

  40. Mary A says:

    Read Revelation chp.17 & 18 – the USA is "Mystery Babylon" described therein.
    Her CEO's are "the world's great men", controlling the world economy. They destroy small nations' industries by PREDATORY CAPITALISM – then indebt them via IMF.

  41. BillionaireEmpire says:

    Amazing Content!

  42. renato demartino says:








  43. brian kelly says:

    the wall paper behind him is making me dizzy!

  44. Esoteric33 says:

    GOOGLE: "Princeton Researchers Concludes that the US is now a full fledged oligarchy"
    Published April 21, 2014

  45. Fred gunderson says:

    Americans are not permitted to have a president who represent the national interest, the Constitution, or a government of the people.  The video series is being censored on youtube so you cannot know this information. "Nine US presidents assassinated by Globalists"

  46. Freedom Martial Art says:

    Henry Kissinger is behind 9-11

  47. wuteva34 says:

    "It's a private club….. AND WE AINT IN IT"!


  48. campbell mchenry says:

    This was so fulfilling.

  49. Death Rating says:

    Like this video, very informative.

  50. IM says:

    must see on YouTube : "Roule From The Shdows"

  51. Fred gunderson says:

    Of the first 5 US presidents 3 died on the 4th of July!  They were assassinated and a message sent to others who might oppose the Globalists. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.  Washington "did not die of natural causes" modern doctors.

  52. Tate Caraway says:

    This system of making the rich richer which in turn is supposed to raise the lower classes is a problem. But I do think that yes the rich these days are inherited and are very "lucky" people many will never see an office desk or a factory machine and sit comfertable. This is what I see is wrong much similar to Obama care, our generation is getting lazier by the day. If u knew that u would never have to work and could sit in your 1 bedroom apartment or public housing and receive the equivalent of a minimum wage worker with welfare and also including free healthcare and food stamps ect. would you not do that. There is no more competition in the U.S you don't see people really trying to get an education or trying to better themselves in the work force people these days are fine with just being basic. I do not think it is Obama's fault for pretty much letting people live a basic life for free. He tried to bail the U.S out short term not long term, he was and still is in a tough situation and no offense has really made issues even worse by focusing on short term affects. The U.S these days as I like t call it is a sick doctor trying to help other patients but in turn making himself sicker. If you look at any time of economic boom or positives in the stock market you would notice that people wanted to better themselves they were focused on themselves not others and this created "competition" and more jobs. The U.S was also helped itself more then trying to play the father that has to bail out his son after getting in a crash. The more you help others the more it hurts you in return. If people would get off there butts and try to better themselves and create again, "competition" then maybe just maybe the U.S could get back on track.

  53. james hicks says:

    They {the secret government } give you a selection to vote for. And after the people connected to elections make billions of dollars. They elect the one they want. How simple is that.  

  54. james hicks says:

    Kissinger and George h. w. Bush are the oldest members of the illuminati . They need to die. 

  55. platoscave911 says:

    Americans are a mongrel brainwashed society completely ignorant of the economic and political realty they exist in. The smugness of the professor laughing as he explains his theories of the situation is insulting and as far as I'm concerned takes away from his credibility. Maybe his comfortable position in the university compels him to behave as such but I wonder what his attitude would be if he was forced to work like an animal! 

  56. Matthew Jimenez says:

    America is a class society.  I've been saying it for years and the establishment has denied me access to the careers I deserve.  Top 10% gmat score and 80's on the CPA to do menial work.  The pew research has backed me.  Anyone who talks about making capitalism more inclusive is blackballed.  There is reason for this, the establishment wants concentration of wealth.  They want to separate and divide- no unity and cohesion.  In essence, the American public is being duped.  They see a few tokens and sell-out their fellow Americans in the hope that they will be in this class.  Has the middle class' share of the wealth grown? No.  The path of least resistance doesn't work.  The path that works is unifying with me in demanding your legislators to increase your wages 20-60%.  You the people have all the power you choose not to use it.  Jobs won't be lost because you the people control everything- a producer will fill the unused capacity because they know they have margins.  Also, national selection needs to be implemented.  A child should never be overlooked- labor inequities should never be tolerated.  Long-term unemployed should be forced down the private sector's throat.  America isn't a meritocracy it's a class system.  Your idols aren't fairly selected but are bullied in by their relatives.  The Pew research clearly reflects my work of 25 years.

  57. Sandra Bee says:

    Bill Domhoff is well known to people who study sociology of elites and power structures.  Get a pen and notepad out and take notes.

  58. Jason Freddy says:

    hahaha good luck overcoming the upper class elite, while you have hordes of retarded feminists ( and females in general) in the way, aswell as all the stupid mangina whiteknight faggots too. the 1 percent will never lose because the 99 percent are just as evil except difference is the 99 are also stupid as fuck.

  59. Stannis The Mannis Baratheon says:


  60. ucf1999 says:

    10% on all income. Each state would still have their own arrangement. Federal however, should be 10% no more tax shelters or deductions. public or private workers cap gains tax corp tax

  61. allon33 says:

    The rulers have tunnels under USA, coast to coast.

  62. gininitaly says:

    Who is/was this guy?!?! All I could catch was Bill, a sociologist, University of Texas? I'm guessing this is around the Reagan years,, but he pegged everything about how the power structure has worked and is still working.. but before the extremists got rid of the unions by off shoring, the media became totally a propaganda machine which strategically Divided and Conquered this country. So unfortunately 'bargaining' with power has been completely taken off the table to the benefit of the corporations. His solutions are still valid… if we don't fight for our freedom…. they'll take it all and to hell with most of us!

  63. Clarence Doskocil says:

    Austin? It is in 2015!

  64. Dion Kelly says:

    How far can you really get, and what can you really have in America without those "SO-CALLED USELESS PIECES OF FLAT PAPER", since nothing here is free except air and water? I'm sure the people on Wall Street who make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR FROM THEIR JOBS don't consider that paper to be useless. Trade places with Bill Gates, Oprah, Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Michael Bloomberg, or anyone else with a net worth over 600 MILLION DOLLARS, and see how useless those pieces of paper are. It's always better to HAVE AND NOT NEED, THAN TO NEED AND NOT HAVE. If money was really worthless, it would'nt still exist. Good luck trying to work for free in America. All the pride in the universe will not pay bills, rent, or mortgages. It takes money. Face it,, RICH PEOPLE RULE!!!! THEY ALWAYS WILL. YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, SO JOIN TH EM. I sure would'nt mind living the way they do. Sure, I have a job, but I'm doing what I can to join that 1 percent who has that so-called useless paper.

  65. TheLandOfTears s says:

    Listening to him is like hearing Machiavelli's words echo from 500 years back. "In every society there are two humors, the elite and the people, the elite wish to oppress and dominate, whereas the people wish to not be dominated, and from this arise all of the social discords". How true were those words then and now, in all times, in all societies, and in all cultures.

  66. Tia Williams says:

    I"m 47 and have yet to meet people of my social class:upper class. My parents and I moved to our house in 1971. I didn't know the origin of the isolation I have endured since 1975 until a few months ago. They were jealous due to disparity of money. I"m in a ghetto. These people never confronted me about anything nor did I ever induce trouble.. People, in the same room as I, avoided saying nothing more than "hello" for 12 years. Here they are abled-bodies on welfare and I'm handicapped and rich. I have always been ambitious and never succumb to conformity. My childhood was brutal. My "friends" preferred those kids who rejected them for being the poorest in the group and made an alliance with the bums recuse me. My friends only wanted to tame me. These people are lethal and have paid for it their adulthood. I' have adhere to an evolution. I worked in restaurants, technical colleges where I couldn't transcend basics and two schools for handicapped. In the meantime, I have read daily fro 20 years and was diligent in introspection. My parents favored my abled-bodied malicious sister over me. She spent 12 years stealing and in the meantime my father yells at me for misunderstanding homework. I have a learning disability. He's always claimed to love me. One he asks me "Why don't you spend time with me"? I answered, "Haven't you heard enough of B.B. King toknow that the thrill is gone? My sister, for 25 years, has been a kept-woman. She metaphorically signed her John Hancock without reading teh fine print. The irony is that the man is on welfare. Sister Dearest looks awful with her messed up face and bald head with braids. Despite my deficiencies and chaos, I turned out well. I have kept me goals to find good people. My parents spent the first 38 years of their lives on welfare. I didn't know until last year. They act as if they made it. All they want is to be in a nice house with the other welfare bums, but are outsiders. Everyone in my life is a sociopaths.

  67. michael smith says:

    take your super bullshit and stick it in your ass :-[

  68. Kucas Mukas says:

    0.5% used to own 20% of the wealth. You think that was bad? Recent study revealed that today 20 individuals own as much as half the population of the Nation combined! Yes, twenty persons! Many of those people have also pledged irrevocably to will their wealth to untaxable "charity". Communism is slipped in by the backdoor.

  69. Shockzone says:


  70. Kyle worley says:

    Who is this man?

  71. LearnEnglishESL says:

    A Major Baha'i Faith focus is the Oneness of Mankind and “its watchword is unity in diversity”.(Baha'i Universal House of Justice)

  72. Daniel Karaca says:

    The real crisis is the truth, that 1 % of the people have over 70 % of the all money in the hole world. And 50 % of the people have only 1 % from all this money.
    Its a war beetwen the billionaires and us!

  73. Michaela Janschova says:

    We are supporting an “elitist” system the Universe is also supporting this system as we live in a supportive Universe. It’s quite obvious that the “elite” feel that they are entitled to resources including energy, water, and financial wealth – but where does that leave the rest of the 99%? I don’t know who decided that they were in charge of auctioning off resources that belong to ALL of Humanity’s children. As a child of my Creator, it is quite logical and apparent to me that I don’t have to “earn” my right to be here in the first place, and I certainly shouldn’t have to pay or fight for resources that are for ALL of us and not just a select few. Search for "Truth Contest'' in Google and click the 1st result, then click on the earth icon and read free book "The Present". This inadvertently leaves behind a legacy that cannot sustain itself or our planet, which is also consumed by our “negativity” in a physical and spiritual way.

  74. Dewayne White says:

    Well hey if you are rich you're good if you poor you're a piece of shit! that's the structure of today, rich gets richer and poor gets shit on more period.

  75. C Grant says:

    so called america is only 4.4 percent of the world yet the rich satanic capitalist will not support the so called poor in America

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  78. MohammedShafi Mwahima says:

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  79. toto wolf says:

    Well now you know so what are you going to do about it Murica?

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  81. Elijah epstein West palm says:

    born to american and czech background come from upper class wealthy background i had the privilige to live in beverly hills west palm beach florida big houses nice luxury cars lavish lifestyle if you dont like money you never had it lol

  82. Elijah epstein West palm says:

    this man is very intelectual he knows his stuff very well clarified

  83. Copainization says:

    All with a DNA test first then how many STD's before going up the ladder. I did it in the camp.

  84. Marvel Division says:

    the jews are our misfortune

  85. wilson mark says:

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  86. Said Cohendet says:


  87. Debasish Bnunia says:


  88. Debasish Bnunia says:


  89. lyndonkimthomas says:

    Limomimris Wuaia AGYVKBWIS..=_=(^^)🇩🇯=_=🔡B-)

  90. Lisa Pasaribu says:

    kudus dan sahabat kendaraan

  91. Great One says:


  92. Keith Leeuwen says:


  93. Robert Daniel Evans says:

    So please tell me….who’s brilliant fucking idea was it to put Trump in charge? Big problem. The masses aren’t putting up with your bullshit anymore.

  94. BeverlySchnett says:

    how boring they are! (the ruling elites i mean)

  95. Greg Poirier says:

    Time to start smashing the SUV windshields of the 1% e.g.. Lincolns, Acuras. Cadillacs

  96. Greg Poirier says:

    THere's only one thing preventing GLOBAL Justice, Equality & Prosperity: MAN

  97. Greg Poirier says:

    What this guy is saying is that we live in MODERN FEUDALISM. The Middle Ages never went away. We are Techno-serfs. WE are lucky we're not killed in our sleep. WE are "eaters", as Prince Philip says. What a doozie HE is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. alessandro palermo says:

    non ho capito un cazzo

  99. ToyotaGuy1971 says:

    Self-proclaimed, "elite, upper class".

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