The One DIFFICULT Thing Every Rich Person Does BEFORE They Can Become Rich

The One DIFFICULT Thing Every Rich Person Does BEFORE They Can Become Rich

Sometimes around the year 2011, I approached
one of the business owners in my country and begged him to allow me to hawk his product
for him. Street hawking is the lowest kind of job you
can ever do and as a result, it’s the job for the poorest and the illiterate. So, how did I find myself in such a mess? Well, three years before this time, I had
abandoned school. I have not only decided to not collect my
diploma certificate from the polytechnic I went to, I decided never to have anything
to do with the classroom, ever again in my life. I wanted to build a company of my own and
when the business world became unbearable for me, instead of looking for a job in a
bank, I decided to be a slave because I love myself so much. Yes, my decision to do the ugliest job is
as a result of my great love for myself and I’ll explain some details about that soon,
as I try to show you The One DIFFICULT Thing Every Rich Person Does BEFORE They Become
Rich. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so
that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Now, here is the thing; if you want to be
rich, you have to love yourself enough to hate yourself. I know, most people love themselves, but not
enough. It’s because you love yourself that you eat
good food. It’s because you love yourself that you want
to have a nice job, so that you can pay your bills and be comfortable but it’s also because
you love yourself that you want to protect yourself against any harm and that’s where
the problem lies. You can exist for 100 years and may never
live. You can be alive and try to avoid pain. You can protect yourself so much that you
only do safe things. But you can’t have a meaningful life without
loving yourself enough to hate yourself. You can’t live until you die
Jesus Christ in the Bible gives a brilliant analogy about the seed. What happens to seed is that, for them to
grow, germinate and become fruitful, they first have to die. We have to bury our seeds, they will die and
grow and it’s only then, they can bring forth the desired fruits. The same thing happens with your life and
my life. You have to bury yourself and die before you
can live the kinds of life that matter. This is what most people don’t want to do
because they love themselves so much. Yes, most people love themselves so much,
but they don’t love themselves enough to hate themselves. You have to love yourself enough to bury yourself. Burry Yourself with Secret Preparation When I was in secondary school (the same as
a high school in other parts of the world), I announced to two of my friends that I wanted
to become the best student in the class. My friends laughed at me because as at that
time, I was just an average student. Because they laughed at me, I went back home
determined to prove them wrong. I lied to my father so that my stingy father
would give me money to buy books. I bought many books that no one else in my
class had and I started waking up early to read before going to school. Whenever I returned from school, I would say
NO to the TV and instead, continue reading my books and within a single year, I moved
from being just an average student to being the best student in my class for about 5 subjects. That radical change didn’t just make me proud
of myself, it taught me an important lesson which has stayed with me till that time and
that is, you must love yourself enough to be disciplined in the secret. I don’t see many people doing this and it
makes me angry. Take, for instance, a lot of people in my
country are afraid of their employers. These people wake up as early as 5 am because
if they don’t wake up early, they may not get to work on time and that may be the end
of their job. These people wear certain clothes, not really
because they like to, but because that’s what their employer wants. My question is; why are people so disciplined
in the public when these same people are not disciplined in their private matters? The reason is that people don’t love themselves
enough to bury themselves. You have to love yourself enough to hate yourself. You have to love yourself enough to be disciplined
when nobody is watching you. You have to love yourself enough to punish
yourself by yourself. Think about it. I know a grown-up adult who goes back to school
because they want to have more degrees. NO, these people don’t love education. They only go back to school because they hope
that their degrees will help them to get a promotion or a better job. And in fact, these people don’t care about
the promotion or better jobs. They only care about the money such a job
will give them. Now, this is where the matter gets complex;
I know many adults who don’t read any books about money, self-development or anything
like that and these same people can go back to school again and again to get degrees? What is happening here? It’s simple; people are discipline when someone
watches them. People are disciplined when someone is there
to grade them. Unfortunately, the same people who are disciplined
enough to read academics books because of grades and degrees are not disciplined to
read books that can change their life because nobody is there to grade them for reading
such books. You have to love yourself enough to discipline
yourself in the private because private is where the giants are made. Private is where the battles are won or lost. Private is where we choose to fail or to succeed. You have to love yourself enough to hate yourself
when nobody is there. Love yourself enough to expose yourself to
danger Look at the forest and show me the strongest
trees. They are not the trees that are protected
by a thousand other tree, they are not the trees that never see the hot sun or tough
wind. The strongest trees in the desert are those
who are exposed to the sun, the heat and the tough wind. Show me any strong man or woman among us and
I’ll show you how those men have deliberately exposed themselves to the sun, the heat and
the wind of life. Jesus Christ says in the Bible, “If you keep
your life, you’ll lose it.” That’s the truth and you must never forget
that. If you keep your life, you’ll lose it. Just as we love our bodies enough to expose
them to the rigor of exercise, you must love your life enough to expose it to the real
world. And let me tell you what will happen when
you expose yourself to the real you; Yes, you’ll make mistakes and fail. These failures are like the pains you experience
in the gym. Those pains are holy angels for your life
because the more of them you have, the stronger and smarter you’ll be and the more your chances
of success. What are your dreams? Don’t wait! Get out and do something. Don’t let the fear of failure paralyze you
because if you do, you’ll spend the rest of your life doing things you were not made for
and you’ll be miserable. Birds are made to fly and horses are made
to run. No fish is happy except it can swim and no
lion is happy except he runs after its prey and destroy them. In the same veil, none of us can ever be truly
happy except we do what we were made for and this always requires that you expose yourself
to the world of uncertainty which will lead you to a lot of mistakes and failures. But I have good news for you; if you love
yourself enough to hate yourself, you’ll end up as a hero. Love yourself enough to have some enemies
When I decided to forgo school for my entrepreneurial journey, that was the last thing my family
member expected of their last child who was on his path to becoming the only professor
in the family. Because my family members expected me to live
like everyone else, it’s normal that they didn’t support my decision. This ended up making my life miserable. I failed many times in the business world
but that wasn’t my only pains. Emotionally, I had no one to encourage my
audacity among my family members and that was more painful than I can find a word to
express right now. But here is the thing; I love myself so much
that I was willing to have a few enemies. You see, I’ve met some people who told me
that the reason why they are not pursuing the dream is that, certain people don’t give
them the support they need. You have to love yourself enough to be a lone
ranger if needs be. Love yourself enough to live your own life
Why do you think most people buy things they can’t afford? Why do you think most people use phones they
can’t afford? Why do you think most people use cars they
can’t afford? Why do you think most people live in apartments
and homes they can’t afford? Well, most people are lost. Lost in the crowd, so much that they don’t
have their own life anymore. You have to love yourself enough to live your
life from your head, not from what the public thinks is smart or good. For example, the phone I’m using right now
is iPhone 6 which I bought as a fairly used for less than $200. Do I have money to buy the latest iPhone? Absolutely! So, why don’t I buy new iPhones? Well, I’m a utilitarian and I try to make
my family and kid think the same way. I don’t buy things because they are fine,
sexy or beautiful. I buy things because I need them. This mindset has helped me greatly as an entrepreneur
because if I had not been a utilitarian, I would have not been able to re-invest most
of my income over the years and I’ll probably be broke now. I’m not preaching that you live like me. I’m only advocating that you love yourself
enough to be willing to endure the ridicules of the ignorant people in society. What is the single message I want to pass
through this video? You see, every single individual who had been
genuinely wealthy get to a point where they have to love themselves enough to hate themselves. Everyone who has achieved any significant
success, either in business, science or sport got to a point when they decided to do difficult
things even in the secret. Every great man who has ever lived got to
a point when they have to decide to die so that, like a seed, can grow, germinate and
be fruitful. You have to love yourself enough to hate yourself. Thank you very much for watching our videos. We’ll like to give you another interesting
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