The New Romantic (2018) | Official Trailer HD

The New Romantic (2018) | Official Trailer HD

It’s time to say goodbye to grand
gestures. The grandest it gets these days is swiping right instead of left As your local hopeless romantic, I’m sad to report romance is dead. Okay…I’m gonna kill your column What, why? Because your love life is boring.
[sigh] It’s not that boring. You read a sex poem with no sex. I do stuff. [snoring]
I should go. Make your column less boring. I have made sixty seven thousand dollars in gifts Am I a prostitute? No. Am I a gold digger? Maybe. The sugar baby. So are you gonna get in? He’s into arrangements. I could say something. Please don’t. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Uh, I’d like to see you again. You’re gonna date this guy? No. He’s not hot hot, but he is kinda charming. For gonzo journalism, the writer has to become the story. Being solicited is just the first part what happens afterwards, that’s the story. There’s something about him that I couldn’t put my finger on, so… what the hell. Wealthy older people, supporting
struggling younger ones is nothing revolutionary. Maybe relationships aren’t supposed to be for love, but for survival. Why don’t you have a girlfriend? Oh I spend my time texting or fighting. A mutually beneficial relationship, I was a
sugar baby. The hopeless romantic is dragging in all the hits. I loved your last column. I don’t write a column, so. Okay. My column is in arms. Why? You’re not a hooker. I can’t do this right now, this isn’t how this works. I don’t know what being a hooker feels like. What if it feels just like this? Well how journalism works is you follow the story not your feelings. You okay? This would be the moment where it would
seem all hope is lost, but this isn’t a rom-com from the 90s. This is my story. I got bored but I got bored when I was baking so I sprinkled in a bunch of Molly! No! Are you, are you okay? I’m on drugs!


  1. Jayme Canaan says:


  2. Snapdragon 9600 says:

    Trumps future wife? He likes em young..

  3. Nicole Brown-Dominguez says:

    What’s the trailer song?

  4. Claudio Blotta Jr says:


  5. Jacqueline Brazile says:

    Bonnie McMurray. YEW.

  6. Monica Williams says:

    I was so confused watching this movie. I thought it was a TV show because it was moving at such a slow pace. How odd..

  7. szonja kiss says:

    I need Lucas to react to this

  8. Levene Grant says:

    Okay I'll pass

  9. Sprousehart love says:


  10. Jewelz Santos says:

    It’s pretty cool🙃

  11. Farah Hudey says:

    What is the name of the song in the trailer?? The back ground song???

  12. Ana_ JK says:

    Where can i watch this ???(

  13. Naya Olivera says:


  14. fuzzy sharks says:

    the whole sex column thing and the shot of her typing for the column is exactly like sex and the city..

  15. 9wery says:

    شفت نص الفلم في الاعلان ذا ؟(:

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