The Money Mantra : Brzee | Lesson 3 | Increase Abundance & Wealth Consciousness

The Money Mantra : Brzee | Lesson 3 | Increase Abundance & Wealth Consciousness

I’m doing this video quite spontaneously.
Something forced me to go in front of the camera on my laptop and do this video. The
time is a very precious time; it’s in San Diego and the sun is about set. It’s Vishnupati.
Vishnupati is the time that Vishnu, the God of the material world, gives blessings to
all the people. And it is also the day when Sun entered Leo and it is also the new moon
time. When all these combine, it gives tremendous amount of power and energy. The yogis know how to use this time in order
to create good things for the world. So maybe they are behind me in creating this video
for you. It’s going to be completely focused on money because Vishnu is money. Vishnu is
not just a Hindu God he can be called by different names in different traditions. You can attribute
this quality to any God in any tradition. To be precise, the 11th moon can bring this
material energy so I want you to all watch for the 11th moon. If you do any meditation
practice, that will bring you money because the material energy comes into this earth
plane during that time. Vishnupati, which is today, is important but it doesn’t happen
that often so that’s why I mentioned the 11th moon; on the 11th moon you can call on any
God who you want, not necessarily Vishnu, so the most important thing is the phase of
the moon which is the 11th moon Ekadishi, as it is called. It’s very interesting; 12 or 15 years ago
I was blessed with a very powerful mantra to attract money and it came directly from
Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra used to be a king. And he was upset with the fact that he was
not able to make every one of his citizens to be affluent. So he could not find any way
he could do it other than through a spiritual method. So he went and studied with Vasishta;
it’s a long story. But then he became a Raja Rish which is a
king as well as a Rishi who is able to create anything and everything through his own consciousness.
He came through a Nadi lea, a palm leaf, and gave me a mantra, a sound called Brzee. And
it took several hours for the mantra to come through. You just can go and look at the entire
list of mantras. You won’t find Brzee, BRZEE and he said that I should have the name of
Brzee and currently, Lakshmi is known by the name of Brzee. And whoever works with this
mantra will get all the wealth that they want. And I did assume the name for some time and
then I’m more hard-nosed then you really think I am to be. I used it for a long time but
then I changed so I discontinue using that or even promoting that but later on I don’t
know again as destiny would have it came back to it, about a year or year ahead and half
ago because I found incredible success that people are getting from the use of the sound
Brzee. People are getting from the use of the sound Brzee people became millionaires
and people bought houses of $18 million and then some even named their homes after the
sound Brzee because they found a tremendous amount of power in that sound. So, I got really inspired to give that out
to you and then be more grateful to Vishwamitra who is the author of the sound and he said
that he spent about 1500 years of his time in order to come up with this mantra. So,
1500 years of meditation when into bringing this mantra so I thought I would share with
you received Brzee Brzee Brzee. It’s interesting and; he revealed so many things. Vishwamitra,
that by changing one’s name, for instance, this particular Vishwamitra Nadi reading came
through one person by the name “OHM ULAGANATHAN” in Chennai. He is also the one who is attributed
to have changed the name of A. R. Rachman who became a very famous music director and
Oscar-winner and so forth. And in my conversations with Vishwamitra which took place for a number
of days, continued for a number of days, I found A R carried the secrets too. Vishwamitra
gave me the meditation of ARA KARA From Which I Created the Meditation of ARA KARA. I will
talk about it in another session. AR ARA Are Very Powerful Sounds. Most of the
Names of Allahs Start with ARA too And ARA in Tamil or HARA in Sanskrit, All That I Will
Talk To You in Another Session. But for Now I Want You to Use the Sound BRZEE And If You
Go to the Internet Everywhere There Is Brzee. and people created their own Brzee meditations.
Just Say OM BRZEE Brzee Brzee Brzee Brzee Brzee. The Other Day a guy Came around and
Told Me That He Made a Tremendous Amount of Money Just Using the Sound Between 4-6am every
day. So I Want You Take It Seriously and use This Because I Have a Genuine Interest in
Making Everybody Abundant. That’s Possible Because Everybody Being Poor Is Not a Good
Model And Unfortunately We Have Subscribed to That Model As a Race Everywhere. And That
Has To Change And We Will Subscribe to Brzee.


  1. Mr Mawao says:

    what can i do to get money now? i have been chanting brzee for over two weeks now plus Ah meditation plus om meditation still nothing. ..

  2. PatriÇia PatChi says:

    Thank you very much for your time and for your info.
    much gratitude.

  3. Moonlight Night says:

    What is it 11th moon?

  4. Erwin Ntakirutinka says:

    what's the best way to overcome frustration if you feel that manifestation is taking too long!

  5. Velchal Sudhaker says:

    Sir I am stuck with money: person borrowed is not returning does Shreem Brzee work

  6. LAST RIDE says:

    i see shreem brzee in alot of videos ,use that or just brzee

  7. peachee1 says:

    This works, thank you!

  8. Triven Hanumanthakari says:

    namatay sir , sir any manthra for job ?

  9. Sasikalamadhu Madhu says:

    Sir My Son Santhipriyan like to study your miracle School how can he get admission

  10. 장성기 says:

    thank you Dr.Pillai

  11. Subashp Krish says:

    Guruji is there restriction in using brzee at all the time and place. I refers to sleeping time and other activities

  12. 444manic says:

    I thank you for this video sir.

  13. Ben Meinrod says:

    Meditated on Shreem Brzee for 6 hours got two more to go to hit the 8th lol… stubborn I am very lol

  14. Kela Brousard says:

    I have a question.

    There are multiple videos suggesting variations of mantras.
    1. Aum kleem shreem BRZEE 108 x
    2. Kleem 108x or 1,080x
    3. Shreem brzee 108x
    4. Brzee 108x

    Which is more effective to do repeatedly? I will do one 1,080 times a day but not all of them.


  15. PillaiCenter says:

    Learn more about the ultimate mantra for prosperity here with a [FREE] course at Pillai Center.
    Download your audio and eBook now.
    more [FREE] meditations at – just click on [FREE]

  16. sukhpreet kaur says:

    can we chant ds mantra nd kleem mantra together

  17. Felicia Dixon says:

    Won $7.00 in the Powerball. Chanting for new job, car, & house. I keep listening everyday to the chant by Dr. Pillai and chant..

  18. naveen adhikari says:

    Dear babaji Greetings!!!!
    Kindly give me a mantra to get new job…

  19. stebin v b says:

    guruji,I am looking my soul mate for the one year, will the kleem manthra hearing help me. I am an IT profession also doing a business so the which mantra(om breze namaha or shrem breze) will help me for getting the financial freedom and prosperity. I am hearing all these mantras in night(is that okay or any side effect), now it's only 3 days.please help me to advice

  20. Esperanza Morillas says:

    Dr.Pillai.Bdias desde el Sur de España.Usted que me recomienda que utilice OM BREZEE,o también se puede decir SHREEM BREZEE.Mgracias por sus videos.Un saludo.Esperanza.

  21. Diane Bingham says:

    Thankyou, Pillai Center I am also following the new videos. Baba says that a man used it daily between 4 and that both a.m. and p.m.? I have the Venus Hora times for NYC, and I live about 2 hrs from there. In the Hora chart it reads : 6:20 – 7:16 a.m. and there are 3 more times each day. Does this sound right?

  22. VSSOL - First Digital Counselling Platform says:

    I want to earn 9000rs on an urgent basis i am doing this mantra shreem brzee from last 1 month now what m i suppose to do i m in a financial big problem
    Plz help me


    What a most powerful Mantra " Shreem Brzee"

  24. Bhuvan Eshwari says:

    baba namaskar….I n my kid facing lot of problems health n wealth wise…. I m trying for second marriage I m nt getting matches n I m in lot of problems n tension i m facing money problem tooo nooo support from anyone…… baba need ur blessing n suggestions….. thank u…. regards Bhuvaneswari n shravya

  25. zaki raj says:

    Pranaam guru ji which mantra I should recite BRZEE Aur Shreem BRZEE. Pls tell me

  26. lisa lisa says:

    Only been using the mantra about 3 weeks… and 3 checks in mail totalling 1500 dollars… unexpected money! It works


    hi dr pillai

    I want more money in my life and abundance attract in my life pl help me in achieve my goal in my life
    thank you

  28. Kazuya26xxx Bheem says:

    Brother you are amazing.

  29. Masule Maxwell says:

    Is it fine to mantra shreem brzee or just saying brzee only?

  30. Creative expression says:

    Thank you Dr Pillai for your teachings

  31. rpbp says:

    Shreem Breeze is Venus Mantra. Can you suggest a Siddha Mantra for Mercury pls?

  32. Prabuji1978 says:

    Thanks a lot Guruji

  33. Varsha Ailiani says:


  34. Vivian F says:

    If I listen to the mantra audio it will work? Do I have to say the word out loud?

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