The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (HD)

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (HD)

[Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] [Music playing] -Hey Do you believe in ghosts? Well if ya don’t, that’s too bad, ’cause there’s a
lot of folks who do, and for good reason. My name’s Brom. Brom Bones. I’m here ta tell ya a story, a true story mind you,
about something that happened
not far from here. You see, you cross the small port of Tarrytown
and you’ll see a little valley with high hills,
what they call Sleepy Hollow. I grew up there,
made my livin’ trainin’ horses and what-not. Oh it’s a magical place,
the quietest spot on earth. Kinda makes ya drowsy to visit there. I guess that’s why they call it what they call it. Now, some people think the place is haunted,
they say some German doctor or long-dead indian chief
or even some wizard bewitched the place. I don’t know about that. But I do know one thing. Let me show you something. Over here we got the graveyard
of Sleepy Hollow. Now somewhere among all them tombstones
you’ll find buried a German soldier. An interesting thing about this German soldier –
he lost his head during the Revolutionary War. Really. Got blown clean off by a cannonball. I guess that’s why some people think
the place is haunted. Well…. Makes ya wonder, don’t it? Now to the story Y’see, some time ago,
Sleepy Hollow found itself
with a new schoolmaster, by the name of Ichabod Crane. Ichabod Crane.
That name certainly fit the fellow. Ichabod Crane all tall and lanky. Ichabod Crane with long arms and long legs
and feet like shovels. Now – the Holy Bible defines the name of
Ichabod as “the glory has departed.” Well…. Just take one look at him
and you know his name. [Music starts] He owned one suit, two shirts, two neckties,
a pair of stockings, one set of underwear,
a broken pitch pipe, and one rusty razor. He owned four books: a book of hymns,
a book of dreams and fortune telling, a New England Almanac,
and being a superstitious fellow,
a book of witchcraft. Odd fellow, that one. All the children of the town used to make fun
of him as he made his way
to the school every day. They said he looked like one
of them scarecrows escaped from the field. He’s so skinny!
A wind’ll knock him over! That or a feather!
Look at the scarecrow! Ha ha ha ha Ichabod’s schoolhouse was a dilapidated,
rickety piece of work
that flooded every time it rained. It had only one room,
and the broken windows were pasted together
with pieces and pages of old schoolbooks. But the children were there to learn,
and Ichabod was a stern teacher. It wasn’t that he was cruel or anything like that,
but he kept control in the old-fashioned way. He handed out his justice
in the fairest way he knew. The weak and timid were spared
while the stubborn and wrong-headed
were given a double dose. All this he called “doing his duty
by their parents.” “Spare the rod and spoil the child!” Ichabod lived and ate at the house
of the farmers in town,
the ones whose children he taught. This was a necessity for all schoolmasters,
since they were paid very little;
but especially for ol’ Ichabod, since even though he was thin,
he had the eating capacity
of an anaconda snake! Whoo! That boy could eat! And to make up for it,
he’d help out with chores, mending fences,
cutting wood and what-not. He’d even watch the children of the family,
holding one on one knee
as he rocked a cradle with his other foot. (Sound of a baby crying) Still, he was always hungry
and always in need of some money. To increase his earnings,
one evening each week, he taught the church choir
to sing psalms from the Bible. La la la la la la de da,
dee da da da da la dee durn …. On Sundays, he would lead the chorus
and was even able to make a few more coins
by givin’ singing lessons to the local folk. It was here he met the beautiful and wealthy,
Katrina Van Tassel…
I’ll get back to her in a moment… The truth is, Ichabod was an odd mix.
He was intelligent and superstitious
at the same time, and loved the tales of mysterious happenings
around Sleepy Hollow – the more he heard,
the more he wanted. After choir as the evening dew fell,
he’d sulk homeward,
his imagination running wild, set off by the surrounding countryside. Every sound would make him uneasy,
and the rustling cattle or chirping crickets
or hooting owl would set him into a full fright… When the poor boy was spooked,
he would sing his psalms
at the top of his voice… (Ichabod sings) Back to Katrina Van Tassel,
one of lchabod’s singing students and the only daughter of the wealthy,
Dutch farmer named Baltus Van Tassel. Now, she was a blooming fresh girl of eighteen,
plump and rosy-cheeked. Ichabod Crane easily and immediately fell
in love with her, attracted by her intelligence,
her charm, and her radiant beauty. But that was his first big mistake…
y’see Katrina was my girl. Ichabod was now playing with fire. What made matters even worse is
that Katrina seemed to enjoy all the attention
he was givin’ her. So Katrina turned her fancy
to the schoolmaster, well, first I wanted
to fight him. But I found other ways, more creative ways
of getting at him…. (Ichabod starts to cough) Yep, I stopped up the chimney. And there was the one night me and the boys
broke into the schoolhouse at night and
turned everything topsy-turvy and upside down. Ichabod was certain that witches
in the neighborhood had wreaked havoc
on the place. My Favorite gag I pulled whenever that
scarecrow of a man visited the Van Tassel
farm for singing lessons. And he visited that farm far too many times
for my likin’… I’d imagine he did it on purpose,
just to be near her. (The sound of a howling dog is heard,
overpowering Ichabod.) Taught my dog to howl
when he heard Ichabod sing. Wasn’t too hard to do, actually.
This kind of thing put ol’ Ichabod
in a frazzled state of mind, which was the idea. Then came a day, late in October,
the day before Halloween,
Old Van Tassel sent out invitations to attend a festive evening of merry-making,
to be held at the farmhouse. Ichabod got an invitation, too,
and his spirits were high. He dismissed school early and ran home
to get dressed up in his finest clothes. He borrowed a horse from the Dutchman
he was staying with that week. A wretched thing of a horse, actually,
all surly and broken down,
with a rusty burr-infested mane and tail. One of the beast’s eyes was blind
while the other had the fire
of the devil himself in it. “Gunpowder” was its name. The poor thing had seen better days
and was on its last legs. Ichabod mounted Gunpowder
with all the dignity of the knight of the old days. That didn’t stop him from looking like
a giant grasshopper riding a horse. (Sound of horse “clip-clop”.) He rode to the Van Tassel home,
enjoying the sights and smells of autumn, and as he watched the sun set
with a crimson and yellow glow, he dreamed of Katrina. Lovely Katrina. (A fiddle playing a jig is heard.) When Ichabod arrived,
he found the merriment had already begun. All the townsfolk were dancing
and making merry. I was there too, with my horse, Daredevil.
There to see him frolic onto the dance floor,
that gangly scarecrow. During this entire spectacle,
his dance partner was none other than Katrina, who seemed to enjoy it all very much –
devil take that boy! Then when Ichabod entered the Van Tassel
parlor, he made a bee-line for the banquet
table. There, spread out before him were platters
of cakes, trays of doughy doughnuts,
crumbling crullers, sweet cakes, ginger cakes, honey cakes, apples pies, peach pies,
pumpkin pies, hams and smoked beef,
broiled shad and roasted chickens, bowls of milk and cream and a giant teapot
sending the rapturous vapor
of sweet steam all around. The boy had made it to heaven.
Ichabod was in his glory, which increased as he imagined
one day marrying Miss Van Tassel, and becoming lord of
all this luxury and splendor. Then, after dinner, all the folk gathered
for storytelling. Gather around for some stories. Now this is the time of the year
that spirits like the best. Don’t know why it is … the cooling of the earth
seems to call them from their eternal sleep. Now you may have heard of
“The Woman in White”
who haunts the dark glenn at Ravenrock. She was on her way home one evening,
when a sudden snowstorm
caught her out in the open – she tried to take shelter in a cleft in the rock,
but it did her no good… she froze to death. And to this day, you can still hear her bone-
chilling shrieks at dawn, right before a storm. But perhaps our best known story
begins in the town graveyard, where we have buried
a headless Hessian soldier. That’s right, lost his head from a cannonball. And every night he rides,
in search of a new head
to replace the one that’s missing. The headless horseman rides tonight. Begarbed in robes of black
to bear a being from the earth,
never to bring him back He is evil’s foul embodiment
with laughter on his breath The headless horseman rides tonight.
The minister of death. A fearful thing happened to me the other day.
I ran into that horseman. I did! Out there by the tree
where Major Andre was hanged
by the hands of British Soldiers. Oh, I saw him. In the dead of night he come up behind me,
and I challenged the spectre to a race. He on his goblin horse, and I on Daredevil. And race we did, faster and faster and faster. Until suddenly,
when I reached the plank bridge, the Hessian bolted
in a flash of sparks and light! A puff of smoke…and gone. But he’ll be back again. Oh yes…. I can promise you that. The headless horseman rides tonight.
He rides the wind alone. Beneath his arm he tightly tucks
his head of gleaming bone. His voice is harsh and hollow. It is horrible to hear. The headless horseman rides tonight
to fill the earth with fear. The very witching hour of night is upon us.
I’d be careful out there if I were you.
Have a good ride home, ladies and gentlemen. (The clip-clop of horse hooves is heard.) The headless horseman rides tonight. Begarbed in robes of black
to bear a being from the earth,
never to bring him back. He is evil’s foul embodiment
with laughter on his breath. The headless horseman rides tonight.
The minister of death. (Slowly, the sound of a heartbeat is heard
and grows louder.) (The heartbeat stops. Ichabod gulps.) (Chirping crickets are heard.) (The chirping stops abruptly.) (A sound of hoof beats is heard,
and increases.) (Laughing is heard.) Ichabod Crane! (The scarecrows on either side
of the stage start to move.) (The sound increased to a fevered pitch
as Ichabod squeals in terror.) (The sounds return,
faster and louder than ever.) (Suddenly, a lit pumpkin tears
through the paper screen
of the shadow puppet.) (A headless figure grabs Ichabod
and pulls him into the fog.) [Music playing] The next morning, Ichabod’s horse was found
out grazing in the middle of a field,
but no Ichabod. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner came and went.
But no Ichabod. The children went to school. No schoolmaster.
No director for the church choir. All that was found was Icabod’s horse, saddle,
and beside it, a shattered pumpkin. The brook was searched, but the body
of the schoolmaster was never found. Now some are thinking that Ichabod
is living elsewhere, keeping his distance
from the apparition. All the old country wives know better.
No, they say he was spirited away
by supernatural means… What do you think? [Music playing]


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