The Future Of The Trump ‘Cult’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

The Future Of The Trump ‘Cult’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Robert Pauly says:

    Thier investigating a claim of criminal activity. Like illegal fisa warrants and
    quick pro quo. What's the
    problem? Everyone is doing a llittle investigating now days.
    I think it will be an interesting year. Really I
    Hope this political nightmare calms down some time. It is stressing everyone out.
    Dont hate your friends, your family or neighbors
    over politics. Everyone have a good night!

  2. denise salt says:

    Trump's henchmen in the Senate said they did not care about what people think about them in 50 years. They all have kids and will have other offspring in the future. Hitler's family couldn't even live in peace for years.

  3. Dann Marceau says:

    Scarlet Letter/ Orange Stain.

  4. Murda Cloak says:

    Bernie 2020 🔥

  5. ahmonguniform says:

    Day of redemption coming, crimson tide!

  6. Francisco Valiente says:

    Trump 2020, 🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸💥

  7. Terry Waltman says:

    The republicans started off as " the know nothing's " around the time of the civil war… Google it.

  8. Fred M says:

    Loving the analogy here. Be worth waiting for so bring it on…

  9. randal gibbons says:

    This is why I reregistered democrat to vote for Andrew Yang.

  10. gutzy19 CKG says:

    Trump isn't a real president, he just plays one on T.V.
    TrumpLANDFILL2020 Dump the Chump

  11. Thomas Tamir says:

    I hope it comes out on the Obama administration.. I wonder what kind of a reputation he's going to have. The demorats with their 33 million illegals and 128 thousand criminals saved from being deported. Just more crank bait.

  12. evets1709 says:

    If Trump and his enablers … everyone from his family to the slime suppoting him in the house and senate to the appointed filth like Barr don't end up ALL serving prison time, then I will look at justice as being robbed.

  13. methehappyone says:

    Sooner Or Later,, The Rats (Republicans) Will Be Jumping Ship In Any And All Directions,, But It Will Be Too Late For Them And The American People Won't Be Forgetting That Any Time Soon.

  14. methehappyone says:

    Never Follow A Man That Styles His Hair In A Cotton Candy Machine,, Because It's Only A Matter Of Time Before Serious Brain Damage Reveals Itself.

  15. Johnny Johnstone says:

    What's a crying shame ?

    A Bus full of MSNBC journalists and democratic socialists going over a cliff and there's two empty seats !!!!!

  16. Telly Vin-a says:

    oh i thought this video was going to be about those red-hat wearing morons and their russian-trained assets trolling the anti-trump videos

  17. Romera says:

    These people (MSNBC) Are crazy, lmao, all you people are their Sheep.

  18. Rursus says:

    Those Dominionist Christians actually believe that there is no tomorrow. According to them, Jesus will return soon and annihilate all other humans than themselves. Democracy is then obsolete and Jesus will start a dictature, and Trump will be among the annihilated ones.

  19. Dan Rodrigues says:

    They'll simply claim that it's 'fake news' and those morons will continue to buy the bs that they're throwing at them…

  20. Tajai Calip says:

    This is the worse time in our Country. We thought back in the day was worse. People are now saying don't talk. Talk. Don't talk. Talk. Don't talk. Talk. Not knowing what to do with themselves. Our Country has been the most baffling place to live. The Country is filled with People who walk around saying, "Why you didn't say anything." After that. "Why are you talking." Too many drugs frying their brains. Its so toxic. I hate even imitating the ones who annoy me because its started to be in large numbers. There are so many Followers. Then they want to say. "Who is going to let Someone do this or that to them." After they have violated others in the worse way. Their language is so filled with BS. They should just go hide anywhere. Especially the ones that say, "You are not doing anything." Then of course. "You are doing way too much comes rolling around the bin." You are a threat for not wanting to get into an elevator and should go to trial. The drugs have these People so screwed up in the head. They are addicted to something to be that ignorant and irritating. These nutty fruit cakes need reform emergency style like all day long. Seriously.

  21. Patrick Leaver says:

    The republican party will cease to exist very soon. If there is a single republican who believes in the constituion, come forward.

  22. K.I.S.S Keep It Simple Survival says:

    Why do I listen to such crap?

  23. chigglywiggly says:

    I live for the day when these MAGA cult scum face justice.

  24. Volkan Hunter says:

    When World War II was over, hitlers minions ran all over the world. Likewise when the orange orangutan reign of terror comes to an end, there will be consequences for this murderous traitors that afflict our country today. It won’t matter where they run, the entire world will be ready hog tie them and bring them to justice.

  25. d wilson says:


  26. YouTube Moderator says:

    More like TRUMP DEREANGEMENT CULT. Sad sack sore losers gaslighting the president.

  27. Vince Baleto says:

    Republican party is a Disaster.

  28. Matteo says:

    Hopefully the future is every last one of them goes all Jonestown. Would be the best thing a Trump worshipper could do for the world.

  29. Luke Lim says:

    Are they betting Trump will reform the government into an empire. So all their crimes be forgiven. Like star wars yo.

  30. Robin says:

    German citizens did not stand up to Hitler, and they regret it to today! History repeats itself…….

  31. AgentX says:

    It’ll be whitewashed. Like just after the American civil war, criminal southerners atrocities against the black population was whitewashed, and were allowed to return to their abuse, which lasts till today. They’ll be allowed to come back to power like nothing happened. I would say within 5-10years.

  32. Ofinfinitejest says:

    The Republican Party has become fascist, obedient to corporate power, and theocratic, and then on top of all that aiding Putin and Russia. Every single Republican running should be voted out in the next election. Every last one.

  33. Jack Slingluff says:

    Yes, there will be a reckoning. God willing it will be sooner than later. There are no bounds to republican hypocrisy today and I am sure we are only vaguely aware of the full extent of their misdeeds. The first step is we must break Trump supporters' 'cognitive identity' so that they are able to psychologically allow themselves to consider the truth. Right now this psychological process prevents them for accepting facts even in the abundance of overwhelming evidence. So yah like a cult that has taken years of cognitive conditioning develop. Fox News continuously reenforces this conditioning and Trump supporters keep drinking the Kool Aid. To break this process contact advertisers on Fox News and tell them you will no longer buy their products and services as long as they fund coordinated disinformation and deception campaigns. Pretty soon the Kool Aid will stop, Fox News viewers will awake up, and then the reckoning can begin and it will be devastating for all who have been complicit.

  34. B smith says:

    I wish they would turn over rocks the rocks under the twin towers would be a good start but sense the MSM was covering up all the corruption that was going on
    that will never happen. You would think they could of at less told the American people why one of there reports was reporting that building # 7 had gone down
    and it was still up right behind her. I'm surprised they haven't blamed that on Trump why would anyone believe anything msm said.

  35. Vinyl Athletes says:

    106 dislikes were from Trump cult members

  36. Daniel Calvert says:

    Wow the triggered cult members have really ramped up in the comments, usually they confine their drivel to responses rather than original postings….or maybe it's just the troll bot farms are cranking up to help putins poodle in election year.

  37. Angela Ward says:

    When the truth about trump & others comes out it will be a whole lot worse than anyone can even imagine right now.

  38. Wesley Williams says:

    Trump and his clan will eventually go to jail

  39. Wilfredo Diaz says:

    I agree!!! The truth will come out and history will be harsh to those that covered up all of Trump's illegal activities!

  40. tom smith says:

    Trump is an agent for Russia. He laundered money for the US mob and Russian mobs. The SDNY knows this and has the evidence

  41. Steve Logue says:

    When Deutsche details come out trumps assets should be seized like any other criminal with proceeds of crime.

  42. Matthew Sigurdson says:

    MSM is a cult. They defend the left.

  43. Bionic man says:

    TRUMP and Hitler one of the same

  44. Fergus Mallon says:

    It's time to start destroying the evidence

  45. Rico Von Spacewolf says:

    I hope that there are actual consequences down the road for this regime. If America does not make an example of Trump and punish him to the fullest extent of the law we have failed ourselves. Not punishing trump will serve to invite other con men into the presidency and America will forever be changed in the worst way.

  46. Sonya Johnson says:

    In November, black people need to be lined up around every single block in every city in every state waiting their turn to vote. A lot of us are complicit in this mess because a lot of us stayed home in 2016. That cannot happen this year!! Trump is a morally reprehensible human being, and the black vote is key to rescuing the world from this joke of a president. From Gucci suits and briefcases, to long t-shirts and tattoos, every black person eligible to vote needs to do so. If we do that? We will crush him and his joke of a presidency!

  47. D'shawn Cherry says:

    Cult is right!

  48. D'shawn Cherry says:

    Help save the world VOTE 2020

  49. Hildebeast Clinton says:

    Cult? More than 1/2 of MSNBC viewers believed that Trump was removed from office after the house impeached him. 😂

  50. Michele Mcneill says:

    Also it's not just the difference between Nixon's and Trump's abuses of power, it's the stunning difference between Congress then, and now. Nixon's Repubs had the integrity and courage to go and tell him they could no longer support him, and he resigned. Trump's Repubs? Don't make me laugh! Poodles, the lot of them!

  51. Keith Clarke says:

    That piece off crap we have for a president is worst than hitler

  52. dread nought says:

    Nothing scares the guilty more than the truth. That's why they're all out to get Trump. He knows the truth. And he will use it against them. MAGA BABY!!! 2020 and Beyond!!!

  53. sally forth says:

    Most of trump cult is very old white men that like to wear ballcaps that identify them, like those old veterans with veteran hats. They have been cyber marketed. They will not live to see many more elections and are afraid of how the world is changing. Pity them, and regulate cyber propaganda in future.

  54. T Losal says:

    The world will remember how trump prevented America s downfall n how the media n its paid experts teamed up but failed…..

  55. Jan Accardo says:

    Comparing trump's impeachment to Clinton's is a farce! Lying about an afare is a far cry from lying everyday compromising our democracy! Our government is shockingly corrupt!

  56. George Dunn says:

    Forty years, you say? Well, that's the answer, isn't it: the plan is to die before their rock is turned over. Of course, that plan requires that they all be atheists as well.

    As for their offspring, except for Trump's own, the kids are probably out of it; Americans being very forgiving, or at least forgetful, they'll live down the shame (though name changes wouldn't be out of the question).

  57. Apostle Victoria Alston says:

    What is G-d doing with Trump. I am more than sure HE is using Trump for something big. There is something that's going to happen this year and the president is bringing in the judgement, America must be judged. We have turn our back on the whole reason the people came here the first time. Religion freedom!!!

  58. Michael Duff says:

    The fact they think people who support the President are a cult tells you all you need to know. AG Barr is going to bring a reconning to the Obama administration. Remember 16 lies and ommissions by the FBI and DOJ in the FISA court filings.

  59. Steve Sloan says:

    You maybe correct; but, only if democracy and the constitution survive.

  60. Gustopoet says:

  61. Theresa Johnson says:

    Barr is a compulsive gambler, he doesn't care as long as he can get the money Trump to keep gambling. Barr has no interest in the United States, who is this guy? A Spy.

  62. ala ska says:

    MSM LIES aren't working.
    Dems are the corruption and we will make them pay in the 2020 election.

  63. Rose Smith says:

    My grandfather always said don't lie/hide secrets, they Always come out.

  64. Sallie Gallegos says:

    But will Barr go to jail for his corruption?

  65. Norma Woods says:

    Another cult in America??LOL
    The Russian puppets and the trumpets??:::
    HOW many com name's?
    White nationalist/ kkk/ KMaga/ NRA
    For the love of money:::

    The brainwashing of the evil is coming to light, more and more killing are in sight!!::

    All those close door meeting and the promises make to Russia from America???


  66. Brad Gies says:

    Mr. Rich, you are so right. Anyone downgrading environmental regulations as climate change becomes the crisis of the century is going to look so bad in the history books.
    The problem is that Trump and the GOP don't care about history books written 10 years from now. If there are no foreseeable consequences in the near future they don't care.

  67. Molly Jo Simmons says:

    Willian Barr has a terminal illness & doesn’t care about the future.
    Barr & the other American Oligarchs want a multimillion dollar lifestyle while Trumps rules
    They don’t care.
    It’s one big fat party👺🥳

  68. Valerie Hayes says:

    Trump's Evangelical Christian cult followers believe in an 1800's rewritten version of the Bible by John Darby. This ingrained and massive deception is preached in churches all over the world. The Exclusive Brethren Mennonites and several other denominations are behind this political/religious cultism. They believe in the doctrine of dispensationalism, that the Jewish people are separate in God's eyes, and that Christians will be beamed up in a secret rapture during the great tribulation. None of these concepts are in the original Bible. The fruits of what they are doing is steeped in idolatry, lawlessness, money, and deception – all of which signals a destructive cult. Trump is becoming increasingly paranoid and irrational as well – similar to Jim Jones. The more he gets backed into a corner – the more irrational he will become.

  69. PeeWeenie says:

    It is not a cult. A cult is a group of individuals who do not accept Christ Jesus crucified.

  70. Jimmy Jameson says:

    MAGA 2020!!!

    We love you DJT!

    Reelection is a slam dunk!

  71. The Safespace says:

    Demons talking

  72. Admin Fenzexpo says:

    👑 KING TRUMP 👑 your predictions are always erroneous and your future MSNBC is the same as the democratic party, zero influence. People have woken up to your fake anti American news, you should get on the winning side or stfu! #Trump2020 #Trumpdynasty #Trump4theworld #democratsarewitches #Godiswatching #chooseyourfatetoday

  73. Jim Battersbee says:

    Do Americans not see their presidents power to carry out extra judicial killings on foreigners will one day be used to stop political opponents at home?? Can you not see that? Are you blind as well as stupid?
    "One day there'll be a Democrat Attorney General"……..and why would party make the slightest difference?
    If Trump is such a danger to "national security interests" why did the Dems support his grab for an extra $75 billion for the already obscene military budget???
    America has totally corrupt two party system, two sides of the same coin.

  74. Jazz Haze says:

    Tom Steyer is a good guy. Look at his track record. Do your own investigating and you'll see he has integrity and morals and maybe, most importantly, intelligence. Yes, he's spending LOTS of money of his own to run his campaign. But what better to spend money on? He's trying to let people meet him so they can see for themselves that he wants to fix the broken America we live in. Of course no one person can fix it. But he has taken on the BIG corporations on the side of right and justice and health, and won in real battles.
    I hope with my heart that he somehow has a miracle surge and can find the way to be the nominee for President on the Democratic ticket. America needs a leader that is not dishonest, not mean, not stupid, and not prone to wild fits of egomaniacal behavior.

  75. Harumi H. says:

    Yes I want to believe that the truth is going to come out eventually… Unfortunately it may not be now. The stobburn and resistance of the Republican party is alike the cult it may need a huge "awakening" thing to happen for them to be awaken from the cult mindset Trump has "imprinted" ito their brain.

  76. David Spondike says:

    Wm Barr is an accomplice and co-conspirator.

  77. Joan Meijer says:

    Let us not forget all those people who worked for Nixon who went to jail. Nixon didn't go to jail – he was pardoned for his crimes – but sixty some odd men went to jail for being complicit in his crimes. I can't wait to see those senators who are breaking the law in Trumps behalf wake up behind bars….like McConnell and his criminal thief wife.

  78. john smith says:

    CAme out but they didn't suffer any conswquences due to the "statutes of limitation"

  79. Amber Lemoine says:

    Who the fook is that guy???😂😂😂

  80. claudermiller says:

    Did anyone go to prison for the 2008-9 financial crisis? Did anyone go to prison for lying us into the Iraq war? Why should they worry? Trump will issue a pardon to everyone and the United States will never put a former president in prison.

  81. HeartDoc Andrew says:

    While #WonderfullyHungry, I share the thought that many of my fellow evangelical Christians have essentially been "transactional" in engaging in a #QuidProQuo with #DonaldTrump –> "We'll pray&vote for you, but we would like you to do us a favor, though." Instead of seeking GOD's face (2 Chronicles 7;14) so that He'd heal our land, they've made a terrible deal with #ImPOTUS45 with terrible consequences for our country.

  82. berdboy says:


  83. Iras Brown says:

    The Republicans bought there boy tRump. The funny part is how the ones who have the most to loose in some cases continue to back this mental treeslofe. 🤯

  84. L A says:

    When will Americans learn that when AmericanS join the military, they are making the republicans and the private military contractors very wealthy, it is a very profitable business for them. If you care about America: DO NOT JOIN AMERICAN MILITARY!

  85. DianeD08 says:

    Republicans work they will not have a tomorrow. Trump want stay in office for life…

  86. Richard Williams says:

    All you have to do is look at a Trump rally you will witness a typical Cult Following. It is so SCARY that it is almost like NAZI GERMANY ALL OVER AGAIN

  87. Stephen Wilson says:

    Trump is the best president America has ever seen. He has turned America into the best economy ever. The corrupt Pro Iran Democrats will suffer in 2020 for the fake dossier and the fake impeachment. God bless trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  88. Sed DelMar says:

    They look as if they do not care for future analysis by academics. I think they are “all in.” They think they will be writing the history books.

  89. Ellie Sarke says:

    Thats what the nurse said when trump was born "theres gonna be a stain."

  90. Debra Blasus says:

    Take them Rocks and. Pressed to death Trump a Witch Hunt.

  91. Kemel Gill says:

    Trump all the way… Hee! Hee!

  92. Bigbradwolf says:

    Funny how the liberal media cult don’t like Trump because he exposes their elite globalist agenda. Pathetic

  93. Karen Shaub says:

    Ford arming Germany in WW2. Are we supposed to be surprised? This is the problem with capitalism. It has no ethics. No morals.. There's nothing but greed.

  94. Spiritgumm says:

    Like Trump, Ronald "we start bombing in 5 minutes" Reagan had a pretty crazy tenure as president with impeachable offenses before and after he was elected, but he's been enshrined to the point that everyone is brainwashed into thinking he's some kind of god. I wouldn't bet that Trump, Co. will go down in history as the worst president despite the facts.

  95. Henry Martinez1060 says:


  96. d. nuzzio says:

    Wit till Barr uncovers the barak ebola ,deep state regime.

  97. Flash Gordon says:

    F'n leftard inbred idiots!

  98. Sable Burden says:

    Well you guys forget. To the republican/trump party it's not about what lies ahead it's about how long can they hold the power until it's gone.

  99. Rye Gingerale says:

    It'll be interesting to see how many Trump grandchildren change their last name

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