The Family Fortune – Stanley and his daughters | Sanlam Private Wealth

The Family Fortune – Stanley and his daughters | Sanlam Private Wealth

it becomes much more than just money. the traditions, the values, the long-term objectives, a family meeting and you add the family story, But the minute you sit them around the table to facilitate and money you can spend tomorrow. with nothing attached to it. It’s only money, and what happens then, the money gets passed over The first generation doesn’t talk to the next generation And then you can feel as if you’re entitled to spend it. It’s a bit like winning the lottery. You can feel quite euphoric when you get a lot of money. I would definitely not make the same choices that I did today. of how to work with money. without them actually having some experience It’s a lot of money to just give over to your children You can move in with me. with the amount that I have left currently. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford any property I’m actually homeless. but you can get rid of it in a very short time. It takes you a lifetime to create it, Well first thing they said was – we spent all our money. but rather within the first five years. Not even over the duration of the children’s life expectancy, of how wealth can be destroyed. You know, this is a very serious case And this is what we have left. and how fast money goes. Being a teenager, I didn’t really realise how much everything costs 1.4 million. Yes. Finish school plus university degree. Take all my money! Passion projects. actually gets spent so quickly and so irrationally. But the biggest shocker to me was definitely they way money Mine doesn’t include holidays. Clothes. Entertainment. Beauty. For 5 years. Lifestyle upgrades. to continuously upgrade. the consumer dynamic that exists today, forces you As they unleash the floodgate of that capital, 2.2 million. It’s for a good cause and it’s fulfilling. International volunteer work for 5 years. Wow, that’s a lot. 1.3 million. Range Rover Sport, Red Audi Q2. Statistics say that you will buy a car within 17 days. It’s way easier if they just make a payment into our account. and to physically throw it in the dustbin was just devastating. To hold that money in your hands Okay. Ok, so it’s about 38% just for tax. It’s kind of heavy. Five hundred. Fifty. Two. Capital gains tax. Oh, no. Please remove 18%. That’s a lot. Seven fifty. Five hundred. That’s five hundred. What people refer to as inheritance tax. When they inherit there is going to be estate duty. Okay. That is for inheritance tax. Please remove 20% Oh, my goodness. and knowing that it is ours. I’ve never seen that much money in one spot The amount shocked me. Please follow each instruction carefully. and worked out what it will cost. We have found out from you what you want in life In front of you is our hard-earned family fortune. about wealth. so I have a surprise for them to open up their eyes Money doesn’t come easy, So whatever money they’ve got, they spend on themselves. they don’t buy anything. Because they still stay with us and there’s no expenses, and knowing that it’s not something to worry about. I just think that we grew up really privileged It is the luxury lifestyle that they get used to. My kids don’t see money the same way that I do. We spoil her too much. She just takes him for shopping. She’s got her dad around her pinkie. they just know how to handle you. When the new iPhone 7 came out, So when we go into a shop and she wants it, she just gets it. She always gets what she wants. My name is Lieneke and I’m the baby of the family. She’s got very expensive taste, so she won’t just buy anything. She’s a little bit more on the lazy side. I don’t really like responsibilities. I’m more just go with the flow. My name is Sheri. I don’t know why. She needs to buy shoes every month. I can’t not buy shoes if I see it. I love shoes. I’m the big sis. My name is Chrisley. to Stan. He loves spoiling his daughters. If they want something they will definitely go We just get what we want. He says yes to everything. He likes to spoil us. We are daddy’s girls. I saw that you just have to believe in yourself and go for it. The first two times it failed. I started the business three times. To build a business is not easy. I’m the breadwinner. I’m the head of the family. We like to explore and do stuff and not just sit around. We like to travel together and just be as a family together. I’m Christelle and I’m the mother of the 3 girls. I’m a proud father of 3 daughters. I’m a businessman. My name is Stanley.

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