The Drive Behind A Millionaire – Robert Kiyosaki [Millennial Money]

The Drive Behind A Millionaire – Robert Kiyosaki [Millennial Money]

(upbeat music) – Buenos dias, millennials. And welcome back to another Advanced Lesson in Millennial Money. I’m your host, Alexandra Gonzalez. Today, we have an incredibly
special interview for you guys. Where I sat down with Robert, and saw a side of him
I’ve never seen before. One that was honest, truthful, raw, and it got a little emotional. But in this episode, we find out why a millionaire like
him does what he does. What guides him and what drives him. So let’s use this episode
to enlighten us all on how to find out true purpose in life. – I just know that, like your father, he went to military school
and I went to military school, and noticed the people that have had really tough mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
training, they’re tougher. So I came out of the
academy, like your dad, he went in the Navy, I
went in the Marine Corps, and we come out tougher,
internally stronger. And I don’t know how you guys get that. I call it spiritual
intelligence at this point. Let me draw this (mumbles),
you guys have seen it before. But again, if you look at it this way, this is intelligences, and this is what makes us human beings. We have mental intelligence. we have physical intelligence, you know, like Tiger Woods
is a fantastic golfer. I suck, you know. And then you have emotional intelligence, and emotional intelligence,
they call it EQ, is the most important. Because I get my feelings
hurt all the time, I get angry, I hallucinate in my head, I think things that aren’t true, but the biggest one of
all is the spiritual. Difference between mental and
spiritual, it’s very simple. Mental causes two. So man, woman, good, bad, up, down. Where spiritual is one, so
I’ll give you an example. Why do I do my work? Yesterday, I was driving down the road and I saw this young
guy, just broke my heart. He’s standing there in
the hot Phoenix sun, he says “unemployed, need money to feed the kids,” and all that. Now, mentally I could
say get a job, you idiot. But spiritually, I am him. I feel for him. So in my work, I work for this. I don’t need the money. My teacher was R. Buckminster Fuller, and he says “I don’t work
for me, I work for everyone.” And that was one the biggest lessons I got from the military, from the military was very high spiritual intelligence. That’s why you dad and
I get along so well. Because when we went into combat, which is a horrible experience of good and bad people, enemy and friends. But when we climbed into our aircraft, it was a crew of five, we became one. It is the best feeling,
as horrible as it is, flying into combat, because
we might not come back. But it was the highest feeling
of all, it was spiritual. And I’m afraid, as not just millennials, as as human beings, well
is this good, is this bad? Is this the best Vuitton shirt? Can I get it at a better price? Or he’s cute, or she’s cute,
but is there somebody better? Right? – Yeah, I mean that’s
exactly what’s going on. – So you guys are stuck in your head, and I think you should
get more into your spirit. Like saying what can I do
for my fellow human being? What can I do for the environment? And I think the biggest
secret of my success is I have all, and we all have these. We all have some degree
of physical things we do, emotionally I’m a basket
case a lot of the time, I get upset, I get angry, I get
sad, I get my feelings hurt, and I’m always this is good, this is bad. You know, you watch politics,
it’s all good and bad. It’s a bunch of BS. But what keeps me going is
this, and it’s spiritual, is how can I serve others? How can I serve the planet? How can I fix this problem? Millennials, it’s not just millennials, it’s just human beings in general, if you can get back to being one. Being compassionate. You’ll always have idiots here, you’ll always have idiots
here and idiots here, but just stay in your spirit. It’s like when I saw that guy, he’s probably 45 years
old, I couldn’t imagine being a father saying I
need money for my kids. I gave him a few bucks,
but it doesn’t help. When I gave him a few bucks, I was saying hey, we’re one, I feel your pain. And so what’s happening I think, it’s not just millennials, it’s human. Human beings are idiots, you know? We inflict a lot of pain, but this is spiritual intelligence. Is how do we make it one? Like my love of trees, when I see people cutting down trees, I wanna kill them. (laughing) And then the oceans,
it just breaks my heart because I grew up in the oceans. So when we’re in our spiritual, in our hearts, in our
silence of the brain, of the mind, that we’re most effective. – And I think you nailed it there Robert, because I think a lot of
us haven’t made the shift from being just in mental to spiritual. And so we’re so
concentrated on me, me, me, and it’s because of the era we grew up in. Just all these platforms
are just about me. And so I think if a lot of us made the shift from mental to spiritual, and concentrated on the greater good, we’d do a lot better in
life, be more successful too. It’s sad that we have
lived our lives so small, instead of thinking bigger. And I think what you said too, is what really pushed
you are these critics, and when your feelings have been hurt. And I grew up and I had a hard time because my dad, the Marine,
he grew up with four brothers, and here we are four women,
growing up with a soldier, and he would push us in a very hard way. And I don’t think I
understood until now why that. And I took it very painfully, but it also, I understand now that it
was for the greater good. And that’s what pushed me, and I think we need to use these
platforms that we have to develop that, and find that pain, and create into something good. – Yeah, go here. – Go spiritual. So when I see these
comments, what helped me know that they have a little
bit of truth behind them, and help them make me
into a better person. – And so the compliment I
will pay to millennials, I think your generation is
more socially conscious. You wanna take on these challenges, you wanna right the wrongs of the past, so you’re more stepping
up to, hate to say it, but what the military was. Where we’re here not for us, we’re here for a higher cause. And I noticed that with the millennials, you guys are more looking for
a spiritual purpose in life. And that’s the difference. You find that spiritual purposes, like the reason I teach,
I don’t need the money, I just need to teach what I was taught. And it wasn’t taught in school. So anyway, if you can stay,
there’ll always be idiots here. A hundred years from now, there’ll still be idiots out here. – Yeah, and I think that’s
what keeps you going. So many people are like whoa, Robert has all this
money, what is he doing? Why is he giving us all
this free information? And I think that it’s your spirituality that just keeps you going
and won’t let you stop. – I used to remember my teacher said “I do not work for me,
I work for everybody.” If you work for everybody,
whether saving trees, or the environment, or the
oceans, picking up litter, like I don’t know if you see me outside our building here, these guys, bunch of drunks out here all the time. – All the time, it’s scary. – Lot of good bars, but a
lot of drunks too, you know? But they just throw
trash around the place. I wasn’t trained to do that,
I’m trained to pick it up. And so if you pick it
up, you’re spiritual. If you criticize, you’re mental. – Wow, I’m so glad we got to
see another side of Robert we don’t get to see that often. And I know we teach a lot about money, but it’s not just about
that, it’s so much more. And while being successful is important, we also have to be proud about what we do. So I hope this episode guides you towards your true passion
and purpose in life. And enough of emotional Alex. Don’t forget to click
the subscribe button. click the like button. And comment below if you
wanna see anything else. And we also left a free gift
for you in the description, so click the link to guide
you towards your free gift. Bye everyone, take care. (air whooshing)


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