The DEFINITIVE Cost of Living guide – Medellín Colombia 2018

The DEFINITIVE Cost of Living guide – Medellín Colombia 2018

probably my biggest concern what’s a boob job gonna cost zip birthday this is a hybrid guava and Apple mix how’s that bill looking holy no today par settles I mean metazine not a bad-looking city right this is the top floor of the HQ the global Express where you can come and get done this is the team that won hope you find a place to live and an investment to generate some passive income but what about when you’re living in medicine how much does it cost to live so today we’re going to show you the definitive cost of living in Medici in Colombia alright so if you couldn’t tell rich is from Texas originally before we were in Colombia you spent 14 years in Florida yeah 14 years Naples Florida and then you came to Medici in kena meditating first time ago six and I moved here full time in 2007 bought my first place and that’s when you found that the company that’s my family can be one part that employee and now we’ve got a hundred employees in four cities getting really expanded for Rico so based off his 14 years in Florida we’ve got a very specific list of the differences of cost of living from health care transport restaurants shopping basic cost of living one of the things by the way that our concierge here in the global Express can help you out with co-working spaces by the way five dollars a day here one of the cheaper prices in town lunch in my opinion is the best deal of the day we do a lot of the lunches dinner at night typical lunch set up you’ve got the soup you’ve got a juice and a quiet a delicious main meal all I know there’s no sugar there’s no mate it’s big but every day it’s different phenomenal get a Big Mac Coco fries how many bucks is up just under four dollars a happy meal for your body that covers home owner is 24-hour security landscaper insurance reserve funds everything in fact they run their labor in their condos better here they did in Florida I think what are you looking at back home three hundred eight hundred a month how much does this apartment cost well I bought it in 2007 when the dollar was weaker and I paid about a hundred and thirty thousand dollars for about 1,500 square feet three bedrooms but if I sold the day on a peso price out of Dublin a 260 million it’s around five hundred million now but dollar-wise not nothing up that much 130 thousand then about 160 now because the dollar is stronger so right now the dollar rules I mean we devised great places here for you got dollars how much would it cost to rent this depends you’re running through the vacation rental market vacation rental market this one’s gonna rent for Oh $2,000 a month furnished but you do unfurnished a local market you’ll get it for maybe 800 $1,000 more oh you have a maid coming in almost 10 years now I found her back in 2008 and I pay her and I get I actually pay above the market I pay her like $25 a day she comes in once a week she does my ironing cleaning and cooking so my dry-cleaning bill I’m you know for the last 10 years here I believe I’ve done one coat twice it’s like nothing yep but she’s super doesn’t tremendous job to run the apartment what do you utilities cost it’s unbelievable you know coming from Florida electricity bills you can pay anywhere from $500,000 a month you know for your gas electricity utilities Internet everything it’s expensive here you don’t see any air-conditioning ducts you don’t see any heaters you don’t see any fans I’m yeah I had a fan my bedroom and I moved in another bedroom 18 months ago I brought it out the way that my temperature control is I have a sliding glass door that I opened if it’s if it’s a little cool I keep it close it’s moderately warm like up to 70 I’ll open a little bit if it’s really warm like 74 I’ll open it like this you talk about total utilities for everything you know for gas electricity garbage internet total 125 100 150 bucks a month everything in Florida might cost me 800 a month owning a car in metazine how much how much we tuck in floor car insurance yeah I move around $100 a month for the best best plan cover everything so how much does gas gonna cost you I spent about 30 to 50 dollars a month so on the motorbike costs about $15 for a tank that’ll give me about 300 kilometers yeah again about three weeks to a month so pulling into the hospital are you okay all right so health care 20 of the best hospitals out of seven Latin America’s top 14 hospitals are medicine yeah we’re gonna do a vlog dedicated to the health care in Colombia but for now a couple brief costs probably my biggest concern what’s a boob job gonna cost well I know a girl got one here for just over two thousand dollars from one of the best surgeries in that ‘change medical tourism is another type of tourism that is booming in Colombia I had a hernia surgery down here for $1,225 back home that’s gonna cost you four to eight thousand dollars ten ten thousand plus I just had my skin cancer done right here by my eye that wood around me ten to fifteen thousand States it was $1,200 here LASIK a couple thousand states for each eye is $350 and these are really top-flight hospitals I mean I’m talking about some of the best in all the Americas what about home care what if you won those seeing home care it’s so it’s so unexpected maybe you’re talking twenty bucks a day twenty-five dollars max you’re like when I had my hernia gal come over a couple days that was part of my cost so it’s very inexpensive what are the drugs gonna cost you about one-third one-fourth of the United States most that’s covered under your insurance here but and then have a lot of generic drugs so it’s very inexpensive very inexpensive plus you don’t need a prescription you can walk in the pharmacy get antibodies if you want them you go viagra it’s not a prescription not that I would ever use it who’s my gym $20 a month okay rollercoaster we’ve got an electronics store no electronics they’re not so cheap in Colombia right it’s about the same as the states now used to do more expensive but prices are dropping and they change the taxes with the free trade agreement we’re about the same pull clothing appliances if it’s local it’s cheap if it’s imported it’s probably more expensive but this is one of the nicest anywhere in the world these kind of you like st knows langostinos one of my favorites I love them I got to get so we get the oranges we got the granite Eva with God why Java sapote this is a hybrid of guayaba and Apple mix my all-time favorite blueberries in general if you’re shopping trolley is gonna cost you 250 dollars in the States it’s around 150 dollar mark here in Columbia could be even cheaper if you go for very local products well I’ve had crowns here before under dollars for thinking root canals for $200 general fillings 35 40 bucks maybe keep cleaning 2530 dollars but this is the most expensive dentistry and medicine you can get it for half the price but one curl is the best dentists ever done in my life and I’ve had 20 of those states we’re now social so in general what are the costs here in medicine as opposed to the u.s. about a third of a price I would say and considering I mean we use the state of the art laughs state of the art materials so depends of we who you compare us to yeah but if you compare us to the same tears same specialties and materials the high quality yes top quality up top the best of the best tell quite a third of the price are you are you seeing new people come to moseyin specifically to get done yes but I think they’re the best type of patient that is actually there people who come here often so they will there know so skeptical about the medical and dental because like for people who are just kind of doing their grapes research for the first time so they think we are parking Public Square area and they’re very skeptical of like can you send me a few leaves of the people you have seen in America just to make sure you are good you’re fine right so people who have already been at the office for a simple cleaning or whitening so they already trust us right since what we call Emax is like ceramic press very good technique they won me the apartment well if you talk to people United States is still just don’t have any clue what a good deal is places actually get center better care and rational price better healthier happier all right so a carrot cake and a cappuccino in the nicest possible Aegean in a trendy digital nomad cafe without $3 50 for the log so see how that’s a good you know pregame bar about 54 beer all right so it’s Monday night so I doubt we’re going out to a club but if we were the cover would be between ten thousand and thirty thousand pesos or $3 to $9 covers on as common once you’re inside a beers gonna cost you know $3 to $5 bottles of liquor in a club anywhere from $30 to $50 so worried which is one of the best parts of meta-gene and these the best restaurants in Provenza at MIT Aegean what a while what are the main meals in this part of town gonna cost you dinner drinks twenty thirty dollars [Music] so once you’re above the $10 range that’s when you’re in the Appa upper prices of Maine meals yeah miniature good lighting over here yeah 80 bucks for Boulevard a good Fowler oh yeah [Music] how’s that bill looking holy no Jordan forty thousand faces it’s like about seventy dollars thirty five dollars please bottom line one of the best restaurants the best part of town all right so 15-minute taxi ride about $3 50 so there is a day-in-the-life in Meridian trending towards the higher end trending towards someone paying in dollars obviously incredible value right now especially with three thousand pesos to one dollar whether it’s for investment or daily living expenses spending dollars in Columbia is a good thing right now I’m gonna finish the blog with this apartment right here a one-bedroom brand-new furnished apartment in Laurel is very close to LA setenta all of the new restaurants popping up in Laurel is this place about $60 per night obviously cheaper for monthly rentals link in the description by the way if you’d like to book this please let me know if I missed anything in terms of cost-of-living comparisons with the US my first six years in Columbia I was living on less than $400 a month and still having the time of my life there are very cheap ways to do things here and there’s slightly more expensive but really comparatively not that expensive ways to do things here your dollar goes so far here in Columbia it’s a reason why so many digital nomads are choosing medicean partly because it’s in this same timezone but also because they have a lot of purchasing power here there has never been a better time in the history of this planet to embrace a life afar and you see you guys in the next video you [Music] you


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