The “Crazy Rich Asians” Cast Finds Out Which Character From The Movie They Are

The “Crazy Rich Asians” Cast Finds Out Which Character From The Movie They Are

– Hey I’m Constance Wu and I play Rachel. – I’m Henry Golding , I play Nick Young. – Hi, I’m Gemma Chan and I play Astrid. – I’m Michelle Yeoh and
I play Eleanor Young. – We are going to be doing a quiz to figure out what character we should be. – Yeah, we should’ve been. – Alright, so pick a
delicious Singaporean dessert. Do you know all of them? – I’ve tried like three of them. – Our options here are Pandan cake. – [Both] Cheng Tng, Ice Kachang. – Chendol, Tissue prata, Kueh. – Chendol. – Which one of these have you had? I’ve had most of them. – I have had none of them. I would think I would should this Chendol. – The Chendol. – Because it looks like hung doa, which is, you know, a thing I had. And what do you choose? – I’m gonna go for Pandan cake. – I’ve gotta say Pandan cake, which is like, it’s like eating a cloud. A soft, fluffy, delicious cloud. – That shaved ice, Ice Kachang. That’s very, very popular. – You’re on vacation. Which of the following would you most likely be found doing? – Parasailing, snorkeling,
reading, sightseeing, eating everything and sleeping. – I’ve never para sailed. – It’s boring. – Thank you my friend. – Sightseeing. You gotta go out and explore
the city for me, for sure. – I want to sightsee, but I also want to snorkel if the water
is beautiful, right. – It’s the eating. It’s definitely the eating. – I’m gonna go snorkeling. – Snorkeling. Cause I like fish. – Choose a glamorous outfit. – A suit. – A suit, but I going to that one. – Oh really? – Oh yeah, I like. – Would you like to wear a suit for a day? – You know what, I would, but none of these are double
breasted, which I’m into. I think it’s like retro cool, manly. – I’m gonna for the summery suit. – You know what, I’ve been
really into pink lately. You know that. – Uh-huh. – So guess… – The glittery pink or the more… – Not that’s purple. The glittery one is not, no. – I’m gonna go for number four. I like a light suit. – What’s the most important trait you look for in a best friend? So a sense of humor, reliable, honest. A little bit weird. Good listener and generous. – All of the above. – All of the above, surely. – Can’t have one without the other, right? – Reliable for me. – Reliable. – Best friend. – [Both] You can only choose one. – I’m gonna say reliable as well. – I was gonna say
obviously sense of humor, but than I saw a little bit
weird and I’m like, yeah. A little bit weird. – Which emoji really speaks to you? Okay, oh yeah. You going for the kiss? – Oh you don’t have the one with the glasses that’s my usual. – Oh, the one with that’s cursing. That’s me no doubt about it. – I’m the one with the
teeth and the glasses. That’s my guy. – I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m stuck. It’s too, too tough. I’m gonna say probably
the blasphemous one. The swearing. – Blowing a kiss. – Finally pick a place
to buy your second home. – New York City, Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Sydney. – Oh my gosh. Sydney. – Half of my friends
live in New York City, because I lived there for a long time. So… – New York. – I’m gonna have to go with New York City. (laughing) – I’m gonna choose New York. – That’s your friend. (laughing) – That’s brilliant. Ah yes. – Ah. – Mom. – Oh God, wow. I got Araminta Lee. – I got Bernard Tai? How did I get Bernard Tai? – You get along with people who go above and beyond to show kindness, but you also really value your
independence and strength. – Totally the opposite of myself. – I think you should do jazz
hands while your reading this. – You’re someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty to show your
appreciation to your friends. Best of all, you’re not
afraid to try new things and seek adventures in new places. – Like BuzzFeed quizzes that tell you who you really are in your soul. – I just… – Realize so much about myself. – Just accept it. – I’m a Senoya. I’ll accept that. – Someone who is earnest,
loyal and honest, but if someone crosses
you prepare for the worst. – Dun, dun, dun, dun. – Sort of terrifying. – Silly, friendly and down
for any kind of adventure. You are the lovely Araminta. – A brilliant. That’s
a think that she says. – You’re a real social butterfly. Okay, stop. You are the type of person who warmly welcomes new friends into your circle, because you radiate kindness. I would love to be Senoya. – Jimmy I love you man, but… – But he don’t wanna be you. (laughs) We love you, but he doesn’t wanna be ya. And Senoya, I love you and I wanna be you. And I got you.


  1. Jillian Monikah says:

    The more i read the books the more I fail to see Constance as Rachel huhuhu

  2. Hannah Shoee says:

    How come I chose everything Michelle chose…..

    Will I never be enough?

  3. Kimberley W. says:

    Cause I like fish 😂

  4. Amina Gold says:


  5. Sarah K says:

    I took the quiz and got Rachel Chu! I think it matches my personality pretty good, haha

  6. ana pudding32 says:

    i cant believe they were doing that quiz

  7. skywalker's bitch says:


  8. Iris Eats says:

    “Snorkeling because I like fish.”

  9. Mashonkui iugar says:

    Okay few says about Constance Wu…well she looks a lot like one Asian porn actress 😇

  10. squared says:

    Henry and Gemma are so elegant, and yes! they even both choose the same suit

  11. bts.bighitofficial tae says:

    Hold up. Where's Awkwafina?

  12. bts.bighitofficial tae says:

    Awww taehyung was at the end with a puppy

  13. Roma Meghani says:

    OMG I watched this about 2 weeks ago while I was on the plane and I never wanted it to end!!!

  14. Roma Meghani says:

    Gemma’s voice is like an angle

  15. thecerealbacon25 says:

    I’m in love with Gemma Chan!!!

  16. Angie Bak-A says:

    Gemma Chan is such a beauty ! that's crazy

  17. Chrysler Recamara says:

    I stan a queen like Michelle Yeoh. YAAAS PROTECC AT ALL COSTS!

  18. sri gunturu says:


    – a south asian :”)

  19. Katie C says:

    I'm literally watching crazy rich asians right now while watching this😂😂😂😂

  20. MC mOcHi mOcHi says:

    I took the quizz and I got Rachel Chu! ;w;

  21. zodiaccurse12 says:

    Awakfina would get Papafina and vice versa 🙂

  22. Chasogi Alam says:

    Gemma's accent is everything

  23. Connor Lim says:

    红豆(hong do) is red bean

  24. Lynea Fung says:

    Did anyone find it hilarious when he got Bernard tai 😂😂

  25. Jiunn Ngee Tan says:

    Why is the picture depicting tissue prata censored??

  26. Ane Emelia sings says:

    Nick Young! I'm happy with that 🙂

  27. Anvi Bhagavatula says:

    But….but….where's Awkwafina?

  28. Crais Reid says:

    astrid is so pretty. 😍😍😍

  29. Justina Y. says:

    Dammmn rachel

  30. Stephanie Miller says:

    Henry is so charming, is he still single?

  31. clara sh says:

    i love their accents and they speak english better than most americans

  32. aesteral says:


  33. Ashley Leeda says:

    My last name is Chan too

  34. Ashley Leeda says:

    I love crazy rich Asians

  35. TheEpicsniper34 says:

    I got peik

  36. s t x r m i i s k i e s says:

    I ship Henry and Constance… sorry Liv Lo :3

  37. Hyrl B. says:

    Define classy


  38. Anne Nicole says:

    anyone who read the book is bothered, cause they put “Astrid Young” instead of Astrid Leong

  39. Your so pretty _ says:

    Whoah gemma sounds like cate blanchette


  40. rtaistg says:

    Unpopular Opinion : some of the "Singaporean Foods" are actually from Indonesia

  41. syzlyn says:

    I love his accent

  42. Michael Ong says:

    Wow almost in every youtube videos about Crazy Rich Asians, most people will compliment how pretty Gemma is and all the bla bla bla's and I love that!

  43. -.- XxPhoenixX -.- says:

    I like fish

  44. luzvez says:

    Their accents are so posh & cool. 💞

  45. Prisha Mehta says:

    Ahhh my second favorite movie 😂😃😉

  46. Kristina Khounpaseuth says:

    I took the test and got Astrid!

  47. BurntPancakes :3 says:

    Why do I feel like my life is literally revolving around fish now

  48. Grace Kim says:

    He sounds like a sober jack sparrow 😂😂😂

  49. fpantonian says:

    Hmm… I thought cendol is from my country, Indonesia. 🤔 well… I never go to Singapore so…

  50. McKenzie Brown says:

    it was cool how Michelle and Gemma got each other's characters

  51. jordan chua says:

    Oh my god. Please redo the film but with Constance as Araminta Lee, and Golding as Bernard Tai.

  52. mylobage says:

    These women are gorgeous. Michelle is finer than ever.

  53. Yaya says:


  54. Chloe Chung says:

    Gemma’s voice is ASMR worthy

  55. Hillary Yau says:

    I'm Asian like them except Chinese Canadian 🇨🇳🇨🇦 and man it's great we finally get representation in the media with this movie and no I didn't watch the movie yet but I would love to

  56. BrokenWolf1990 says:

    Michelle Yeoh exudes class and elegance from every pore.

  57. Aminah Aziz says:

    does Michelle Yeoh even age?

  58. Saanvi Sai says:

    Gemma Chan is so classy, probably the worst swear word she uses in real life is "damn".

  59. i8mju7aq1w2e3sw2o9mj says:

    michelle yeoh is definitely astrid in real life haha for sure. loved her from the wu chun days!

  60. Alex says:

    constance: "snorkling, cuz i like fish"


  61. Dakota Zimmerman says:

    I hope they make a second movie

  62. Camilla Gadia says:

    i tried the quiz and got peik lin

  63. YeetPotato says:

    Who's a Singaporean here and are just bursting with laughter watching them pronounce the deserts??

  64. ツLee says:

    It’s funny how Constance’s accent changed after she acted on fresh of the boat🙂
    Especially because she’s a native English speaker

  65. Jeon Kookie says:

    I Iove michelle's irl character😍shes a fun woman

  66. KK and sims 4 says:

    Michelle grew up mostly in England but out of all the cast aside from the grandmother who speaks only mandarin in the movie Michelle sounds way way ethnic here when her young self sound more British I liked her in memories of a geisha even know she is not Japanese decent

  67. Abby Ong says:

    All of those desserts are Malaysian though….

  68. Astrid kitty says:

    I'm Astrid 😆😄

  69. Miley Nguyen says:

    Make a part two of crazy rich Asian when nick and Rachel r married!

  70. S Sharma says:

    I got Nick Young 💙

  71. Kristine Tan says:

    Everyone's talking about Gemma and Michelle so I'm into Constance hahaha jk

  72. Elena Elena says:

    Gemma is amazing 😊

  73. Stephanie's Crafts says:

    I'm Taiwanese :3

  74. Rahi LehSnabi says:


  75. Unicorn DIY says:

    I just came from watching fresh of the boat! 🤣😂

  76. Miyo Lo says:

    Michelle, real life crazy rich asian

  77. shuen ling says:

    Lol why did they censored roti prata hahhahha

  78. kyoko Genovese? says:

    Gemma screams classy

  79. Reya Mathur says:

    Gemma is love♡♡♡

  80. Claire Bridget Villegas says:

    UGH michelley yeoh's beauty is so timeless. She

  81. Tze Chuen Lim says:

    Do You Know that Henry Golding and Michelle are

  82. Ruchunsinle Tep says:

    Oh my Lord Gemma Chen is gorgeous 😍😍😍. I mean all of them are but Gemma is flawless

  83. BadFluffy says:

    Would totally pay to listen to Gemma Chan talk about food for a few hours.

  84. KJayyy Sam says:

    Lmaooo i got nick young🔥

  85. xtarlightx says:

    cause I like fish

    -Constance wu

  86. Vanhmingliani Tochhawng says:


  87. Daphne says:

    half these comments are just about how wonderful gemma is and as a massive lesbian, i approve

  88. Jhan Lourd says:

    it's so funny how they blurred out tissue prata just because it's remotely phallic x)

  89. Icy gurl says:


  90. fatima zara says:

    Gemma Chan is unfairly stunning

  91. Cookie Unicorn says:

    I feel like Michelle is like that cool aunt that would take you parasailing just to prove that it’s boring

  92. BrokenWolf1990 says:

    Henry, you got screwed, man…

  93. AngieOof says:

    Hungry: **SHOOKETH AFTER GETTING THE ROLE AS BERNARD* me: *starts laughing like crazy**

  94. G Lazarus says:

    The girls are so beautiful. Oh and Henry too lol.

  95. n a l a says:

    i got Oliver T'sien haha

  96. Marcus Reality says:

    It’s CALLED PAN- DAN Constance. PAN-DAN. Oh wait typing it doesn’t say out MY pronunciation.

  97. Denis Then says:

    Bruh im so sorry I just have to point out that at 0:23 ice kachang is supposed to be ice kacang

  98. Denis Then says:

    Bruh im so sorry I just have to point out that at 0:23 ice kachang is supposed to be ice kacang

  99. Mackenzie Haney says:

    I took the quiz and got Colin Khoo :3

  100. Dylan Chrystle Reign Valmores says:

    i got bernard tai too henry. i feel you

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