The Berenstain Bears: Trouble with Money/Double Dare – Ep.6

The Berenstain Bears: Trouble with Money/Double Dare – Ep.6


  1. Dora Boots says:


  2. Dora Boots says:

    I love your music

  3. Dora Boots says:

    no are not I love there music to you are gust a bully

  4. Andreastn bullet force Gaming says:

    beast brenstain bears are cool as me

  5. Andreastn bullet force Gaming says:

    i like chiken

  6. meli55ajane25 says:


  7. Makiah Saunders says:

    I love this show

  8. Mar Diaz says:

    I would like to add that friends are NOT more important than making money.

  9. thisaccountistrash says:

    I am 10 years old and I still watch this video I love it

  10. Autism Fam says:

    That's before railway series episodes

  11. Cristian DeDe says:

    If Farmer Ben ever came at me & the homies like that me he wouldn't have even finished that sentence we'd start taking flight

  12. Rainny says:

    am I late?

  13. A strange Gacha life player says:


  14. Rebecca Bailey says:

    Used to watch this before school every morning. I’m 24 and I’m still watching this, think it’s safe to say I’m sad ?

  15. Stacy Fillman says:

    Is my VIBE

  16. dennis tan says:

    FF w

  17. Janakeia Chrisman says:

    shut up too tall let brother make decisions for himself don't tell him what to do

  18. 황금왕 says:

    oh I love this too

  19. Kenzie Collins says:

    The Berenstain Bears is the best show ever

  20. Ty Cobb says:

    9:43 sister is just trying to make money so Lizzie and Millie are babies

  21. Michael Fernandes says:

    I love this show

  22. HorekRokomBD says:

    many learning. It's not stop.

  23. Leighton Good says:

    ???????? love this show

  24. Indira Ramesh says:


  25. The LEGO & The Crayola Show says:

    Copycat from "Cars" & "Inside Out" (Pixar)

  26. Craig Virk says:

    It is like the gimmies

  27. allen com says:


  28. JIE GAO says:

    The Benstain Bears .. Trouble with Mony / Doubllu Dare Ep 6

  29. JIE GAO says:

    Published On 18, 2018

  30. JIE GAO says:


  31. Samantha says:

    Was there ever a baby??

  32. qq Omg says:

    I’m 8 and I still watch this

  33. Amy Still says:


  34. Peyton Palmer says:

    123456789 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 5 the same time . I am a beautiful person . I am a beautiful person . I am a ?????

  35. MrHammadmossop1988 Ul-Haq says:

    I love this programme thank you for uploading this I remember seeing this years and years ago not this particular episode though

  36. TOY’S ARE FUN! says:

    I love this show

  37. toyreviewfe says:


  38. JOSHUA ALLEYNE says:

    I love this show bro like its so cool it helps me got to sleep at 9.:)

  39. KING 1-7 says:

    is it just mean that I think the intro changed?

  40. Miles Quickster says:

    5:12 Yup, business is evil…most of the time

  41. Miles Quickster says:

    17:00 This whole scene was a Milly Molly reference

  42. Ciana Popolizio says:

    I remember this show. I used to watch it when I was a kid.

    13:52–13:57 You're chicken, Too Tall!

  43. Yello Jello says:

    That was so sweet of brother to stand up to too tall
    But heh bully and playtime from Baldi it reminds me of it xD

  44. Gabriel Kawa says:

    Love this show. Why do you guys hide how many views you have?

  45. Spritial_Pie says:

    Somewhere deep in bear country
    Lives the Berestein family
    They're kind of masterminds
    They're a lot like people, only far more so

    The bear fact is
    They're just like you and me
    The only difference
    Is that they have parallel universes

    The Berestein bears
    When things go wrong as things might do
    The Berestein bears will find a way through
    Momma, Papper, sister and brother
    Will always be there for each other

    The bear fact is
    They can be as smart as honey
    Sometimes you'll find
    They might be plain funny

    The Berestein bears
    The Berestein bears

  46. Farzana Muktar says:


  47. Sarah Nixdorf says:

    I go to serendipity a lot to save money, plus convenient stores alot. Tootall looks like he's in junior high.

  48. Sophia DiMucci says:

    It’s 2018 and I’m 16 years old and I’m watching this

  49. N0VAK1LL3R says:

    I don't understand dares, just cuz someone says it that doesn't mean you have to do it, it's not like you're gonna die or anything

  50. Thanos says:

    brother and sister didn't do anything wrong. Only thing they did wrong is not know how to balance making money and friends. 90% money 10% should be about umm…friends. that's balance. just like when i snapped the universe to death.

  51. rippetoe 38 says:

    24:00 Brother breaks the fourth wall.

  52. Ashley Bella says:

    I have 173384737447474747477446574848494948755757474838283737374747474646474646464646473738282829393849494948447466447473828284747464737282838747446723773374747444447799904848484848484744747474747465654747474747474747474747464747449494585848575754747 money

  53. Ashley Bella says:

    And poop

  54. cromusic ibra says:

    Hang on, HANG THE FVCK ON… BerenSTAIN Bears? That can't be right. goes to bookshelf and pulls out an old picture book As you can see, it's spelled… looks at cover BerenSTAIN? Why'd they change it? I remember it being Berenstein. I know it was Berenstein because the authors' real names were flips to publishing page Stan and Jan… Berenstain… I can't believe it. A piece of my childhood was a lie!

  55. 권세안 says:


  56. Itzmagicalunigirl says:

    I always ask for a hatchamal

  57. Itzmagicalunigirl says:


  58. Angelina Cosentino says:

    I’m 12 I still like rhem

  59. Papiya Chowdury says:


  60. Papiya Chowdury says:

    V vv e123456778o9013456789901334667890011331224556778

  61. Clasicos de Cartoon Network VHS says:

    I'm here a team

  62. aneesha Mickey mouse says:

    I love money

  63. Morgan B says:

    Anybody else realize when they look at the price of the coat they're looking at the green coat but when they change the angle they're in front of the red coat

  64. Ginger Chatman says:


  65. Asha Holla says:

    the book versions were way better.

  66. Teto Kasane says:


  67. Stephanie’s Miniatures says:

    I’d like to visit them

  68. Amanda Wright says:

    Mama bear said I know the cubs like my cookies but I never made this many I don’t where they all going
    Papa bear I have no idea
    Mama bear I know the cubs are selling my cookies

  69. Iftekhar Ahmed says:

    first is the worst
    second is the best
    third is the …

    what did you say as a kid?

    mine was hairy hairy chest

  70. Thomas gootmusic fan Romero says:



  71. Courtney Skinner says:

    That’s a lot of berries for a dollar

  72. J Dmitri says:

    When ur 8 & still watch the bearnstian bears

  73. J Dmitri says:

    Sister( I’m to busy I have all these berries to Selling something
    Lizzy ur always to busy selling something
    Both of them( were about to end this woman’s whole career

  74. Regan Olivia says:

    When you’re 17 and watch this every night before bed

  75. Tristamatic shows says:

    I D double triple knot double dare you

  76. Tealla Fitzpatrick says:

    Age check 43 still watching

  77. Anant Shinde says:

    Best berenstain bears ever

  78. maia parker says:

    2019 anyone

  79. Autism Fam says:

    He’s like spud from bob the builder

  80. David Lovell says:


  81. Naziah Hinson says:

    There more than life then earning money

  82. Shane Bradley says:

    I’m 10 and lovvee this show

  83. Dayton Neill says:

    "She's probably going to try to rent us pillows." LOL

  84. Indurok says:

    I love how all the bears in this show are so understanding when the cubs make mistakes, like how Ben was with Brother hanging out with Too-Tall. Brother didn't get punished for it but got words of wisdom from Ben to teach him a lesson.

  85. WEIRDBRO4 says:

    yum. chicken.

  86. twisted whiskers says:

    You guys are just kids you don’t have to donate even if you were a grown-up you still wouldn’t have to

  87. Alyson Jackson says:

    This is one of my favorite things the books and show wish you didn’t have to pay on youtube

  88. Lenny Villegas says:


  89. David Mu says:

    Speaking about Trouble With Making Money, I'm also thinking that there is also more to life than just smartphones. I think there's also some Trouble WIth Smartphones too.

  90. Richard Dong says:

    WOW. Brother and Sister have such ungrateful friends. And to think they spent all their hard earned cash in the end for a party for them even when they weren't very nice to them beforehand. THEY DID NOTHING WRONG IN THIS EPISODE.

  91. Sis Bro Rocks says:

    I watch this show with my brother all the time, i am 9 my brother is 7 and we still think that this show is the best, so we watch it all the time and we love it so
    much we can not stop watching it.

  92. Alyson Jackson says:

    Papa looks at the price its free but the price is high

  93. kayla ramirez says:


  94. kayla ramirez says:


  95. George C says:

    he died boi yeet

  96. George C says:

    he is a chicky

  97. George C says:

    he yeet

  98. George C says:

    this dogy went poopoo

  99. Dash Ash says:


  100. Big O says:

    This is so far the most BA episode. Kids want to earn some cash and they throw a fit about it?

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