The 5 Minute MIND EXERCISE That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Your Brain Will Not Be The Same)

The 5 Minute MIND EXERCISE That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Your Brain Will Not Be The Same)

the 5 minute mind exercise that will change your life after watching this your brain will not be the same law of attraction much of our past programming is
hardwired into our physical system and this can keep us stuck in specific
perceptions and behaviors our neural pathways are established connections
within the brain that fire according to these programs and the stimulation they
receive however if these connections dictate
patterns in our lives that we don’t like they can be changed to create new
patterns that relate to new perceptions and new behavior some of these patterns
serve us well and there’s no need to change them but some of them block our
progress towards the things we want they dictate our relationship with everything
we experience in our world and if something that isn’t ideal is happening
it will be because of a pattern and perception we’ve developed from our past
for example if a person is constantly thinking of how they don’t have enough
money then the neural pathway that has been created regarding money will always
leave this person with a perception and belief of lack and limitation on the other side of the coin if a
person constantly focuses on happiness through their thoughts and feeling
states they strengthen the neural pathways that relate to happiness and
those will become dominant in the mind every thought and feeling we have
strengthens the neural pathways that we the 5 minute mind exercise that will change your life after watching this “your brain will not be the same” law of attraction have developed which in turn dictates
what we believe to be true as a result we radiate a specific vibrational
frequency that is in alignment with our beliefs and attract the things that
match those beliefs into our lives with repetition and consistency the
brain can reestablish new neural pathways and signals within the brain as
a small example when we change our routines or decide to do something
differently we promote the growth of new neural pathways you can compare these
neural pathways to habits because once they’ve been firmly developed they stick
around unless we give them reason not to but we each have the opportunity to
create new neural pathways in a more rapid and effective way through our
intentions and actions the following process will help you
develop new neural pathways that align with what you want step number one close
your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax place one of your hands on your
forehead with the palm lying flat against your skin I’ll take the other
hand and place it on the back of your head with the palm against your scalp in
the front of your brain near the forehead is the part of the brain known
as the frontal lobe this area manages your cognitive functions and movement in
the world of chakras it represents the spiritual center of the third eye which
regulates higher awareness imagination and intuition in the back of your head
is the area of the brain known as the occipital lobe which is primarily
responsible for vision by placing your hands in this position
you are sending subtle energies into your brain and your third eye chakra
these subtle energies are a vibration or the 5 minute mind exercise that will change your life after watching this your brain will not be the same “law of attraction” a pattern of pulsation from your hands
that add more energy to this portion of your body
step number two focus on something that you would like to manifest call it into
your mind with as much detail as you’re able to
imagine yourself touching this object and feeling its texture does it have a
sound if so take a moment to hear it what are its visual qualities what type
of energy does this thing have what type of energy does it invoke and you take a
few moments to really connect with this item step number three begin to state the
name of this object out loud for example if it is a car that you choose to
manifest you might say 2017 black convertible Jaguar with leather interior
try to come up with a statement that lists approximately five physical
features of this item there’s no need to list more features than this or to say I
have or I am simply state the name of the object out loud several times with
authority take about thirty Seconds to a minute to do this repeatedly step number
four after you have stated the name of this
object out loud several times you will probably notice that you’re able to
identify the emotion you feel while observing it give a name or several
names to this emotion for example happy excited or peaceful anywhere between 1 &
4 emotions is sufficient state these emotions out loud for about 30 seconds
to a minute and really feel how they feel as you
state them because the emotions most likely make you feel good put a smile on
your face as you do this step number five take a few moments to
state out loud this is my new truth and the 5 minute mind exercise that will “change your life” after watching this your brain will not be the same law of attraction my new reality
in doing this you establish a commitment within your mind to begin forming the
new belief that you already have this thing that you are choosing to manifest
you are declaring it to be true and the brain will go to work to begin the
process of that step number six with your hands still on the front and
back of your head open your eyes and continue to think about your new
manifestation and how it makes you feel as you do this keep your head still and
move your eyes only to the right side and then the left side several times
anywhere from 10 to 15 times of doing this is enough this part of the process
stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain simultaneously when both sides of the brain are working
together in unison the results are much more powerful in essence it locks in the
information that you’ve just given it do this exercise two to three minutes per
day for a minimum of 30 days in doing so you are creating a new internal design
and new neural pathways for new perceptions and behaviors with
dedication you will begin to think more thoughts that correspond with this
manifestation and those thoughts will support you in creating new beliefs
that align you with what you are manifesting when you begin to live these
new beliefs you will have a new energy and vibrational frequency that begins to
magnetize what you want to you the 5 minute mind exercise that will change your life after watching this your brain will not be the same law of attraction


  1. Owais Tariq says:

    I follow your videos and love them! I am trying to grow by myself by practising these things and I have come a far end and I am proud of myself… only I tried this the second time and both times i felt a bit afraid i think and unsure, so the second time I took a smaller thing that is more realistic to get and it helped but the fear wasnt gone completely. I know this is happening because by subconsiousness was programmed not to achieve, but i am working on it… still how do I get that fear out of the way for this exercise and any other advise is more than welcome! awaiting your response…

  2. Cindy Weaver says:

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    I hate to be a pitty party I really do, I'm going through a highly unwanted divorce, we have kids and this women is making my life difficult. any helpful comments on challenges you've overcome would really be nice, I dont have much a social network other than family. thanks.

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    thank you thank you
    its taught me alot about myself. Reminding me daily what really is important in life. Helping people you know nothing about is an amazing thing?

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  13. Debbie Suarez says:

    This is how people convince themselves that there is no God, even in spite of the breath and diversity and complexity of the physical world around us as proof that someone intelligent created nature and us. Some may argue that this is also true of religious people, and for those who don’t have a revelation from God, and still claim to believe, I would mostly agree. However, God is a person and He will reveal Himself to those who sincerely seek Him. You can’t make people disappear and go away just bc you haven’t come into their presence.

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    Creator and Fashioner of everything in this universe! ALLAH HU AKBAR
    Allah is the Greatest.
    ‘Say: He is Allah, (who is) One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent.’ -Quran (112:4) Alhamdolillah for Islam

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    1) Deep breaths. One palm on forehead other on back of the head
    2) Focus on something that you would like to manifest with more details
    3) State the name of it out loud for thirty seconds to a minute
    4) identify the emotion and state out loud
    5) state out loud this is my new truth and my new reality
    6) Open your eyes and think and feel about manifestation.move your to right and left 15 times

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