The $12,000,000 Lifestyle of 21 Savage

The $12,000,000 Lifestyle of 21 Savage

21 Savage was one of the most talked about
rappers in 2019. The London born rapper is reportedly worth
over $12,000,000 according to Celebrity Net Worth and when you have that kind of money,
your likely to treat yourself to a couple of fancy and expensive things once in awhile. 21 Savage’s real estate portfolio is pretty
impressive and his car collection features over $700,000 worth of cars that average people
like you and I could only dream about owning. 21 Savage also made it clear to fans that
he was done buying jewelry in an effort to put a light on the importance of financial
literacy but that doesn’t mean 21 Savage doesn’t have a couple of expensive chains
still laying around from back in the day… I mean he is worth $12,000,000. But are you curious on how 21 Savage made
all that money and what else he could possibly do with it? Well then we have you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the $12,000,000
Lifestyle of 21 Savage. Now before we get into how 21 Savage spends
his money, we have to give you guys a little background on how 21 Savage earned all his
wealth. 21’s first taste of money happened back
before he even began rapping. In Atlanta, 21 Savage was a well known kush
salesman that surprisingly made a decent amount of money doing so. It’s obviously unknown how much 21 made
but he managed to make enough money to get his mom her own place while he continued living
at his old house which was now 21’s personal trap house. 21 Savage also mentioned that he did a lot
of home invasions around Atlanta, where he would sell most of the stolen goods for some
extra money. 21 soon realized that this kind of lifestyle
will not turn out well for him so he started to focus on music rather than the trap. After a few studio sessions, 21 Savage released
his first mixtape titled “The Slaughter Tape” which gained a lot of traction around
Atlanta and even had various hip hop blogs call him the “underground hero in Atlanta”. With the success of his first mixtape, 21
Savage began to start receiving his first few checks from rapping. Our estimated guess on what 21 Savage was
making per show is somewhere in the ballpark of $500-$1000. We also assume that other Atlanta rappers
were lining up to get a feature with 21 Savage and estimate that 21 charged around $500-$1500
for those features. Once 21 Savage got his first taste of rap
money, he knew that this career was for him and has never looked back since. Around a year after the release of his first
mixtape, 21 Savage dropped a song called “Red Opps” which now has over 117,000,000 views
at the time of this recording. The success of this song basically changed
21 Savage’s entire life. His show prices most likely tripled and his
streaming numbers probably brought him in a nice chunk of change as well. The success of Red Opps also put 21 Savage
in a situation where almost every record label was trying to sign him for millions of dollars. 21 eventually signed to LA Reid’s Epic Records
for an unknown amount of money but we can easily assume it was for a few million. This deal also allowed 21 Savage to keep the
masters to all of his songs which is incredibly rare for an artist, especially this early
in one’s career. Now with all the business stuff taken care
of, 21 Savage went on to make timeless hits with one of them being Rockstar with Post
Malone which was number 1 on the charts for 8 weeks in a row and broke multiple streaming
records. Other notable hits was his song “Bank Account”
and “a lot” with J. Cole. So now that you have a little background about
21 Savage and his career, it’s time for the fun part where we go over how much we
think 21 currently makes and how he spends his impressive multi million dollar fortune. As of late 2019, we estimate that 21 Savage
makes around $120,000 per show on average. This of course can change since 21 can charge
whatever he wants for a show but I think if 21 Savage were to go on tour that this is
probably how much he would make for every performance. I also think it’s worth noting that 21 Savage
got paid $1,000,000 to perform at a Bar Mitzvah back in 2017. Details about all of this are scarce but reports
state that two lawyers named Janet and Michael Steinger flew 21 Savage to their hometown
on their private jet to perform at their sons Bar Mitzvah and allegedly paid him $1,000,000
in the process. This obviously was a once in a lifetime deal
for 21 Savage but it just goes to show how much a rapper of his size could charge for
a single performance. In addition to the shows, we also estimate
that 21 Savage charges around a quarter of a million dollars for a feature. 21 also makes a good amount of money from
streams and record sales but his percentages are not public to determine how much he makes
from that but his streaming numbers are quite impressive so it’s definitely a significant
amount. Overall 21 Savage is rumored to be worth around
$12,000,000 and we assume he makes around $3,000,000 – $6,000,000 a year at this point
in his career. Now when your making that kind of money, you
can already assume that 21 Savage lives in a nice house, and he definitely does… or
at least he did. 21 keeps his real estate situation pretty
lowkey nowadays but it wasn’t always that way. When 21 Savage first got some money, he moved
out to Los Angeles from Atlanta and stayed in a massive mega mansion in the Hollywood
hills. 21 was renting this multi million dollar mansion
for around $45,000 a month from Danny Fitzgerald, the same guy who rents out the “Clout House”
to FaZe Clan. 21 Savage’s house looked almost identical
to the “Clout House” inside and out and were around the same size in square footage. 21 stayed in the hills for awhile but eventually
moved back to Atlanta. When he went back to Atlanta, 21 Savage bought
a luxurious 2,200 square foot penthouse on the 24th floor of the Downtown Atlanta W.
It’s unknown how much he bought it for but as of early 2019, 21 has put it up on the
market and it could be yours for $800,000. It’s unknown where 21 resides now but he
has made it clear that he frequently invests in property around Atlanta. In addition to real estate, 21 Savage also
seems to love his cars. His collection is somewhat small compared
to other rappers but that doesn’t mean it’s not impressive. The first car 21 Savage owns is a Ferrari
488. Now you’re probably thinking “oh that’s
the car Drake gave him for his birthday”. And you wouldn’t be wrong, but your wouldn’t
be right at the same time. Drake did gift a red Ferrari 488 to 21 Savage
on his birthday… but only to ride around in for a few days. But after driving that car around, 21 Savage
admitted that he fell in love with the 488 and ended up buying one for himself a few
days later. The Ferrari was purchased for an impressive
$250,000. The second car in 21 Savage’s collection
is the Bentley Bentayga aka the Bentley Truck. The Bentayga is mentioned a lot in modern
hip hop and that’s due to its iconic look and luxurious driving experience. It is the fastest and most expensive SUV on
the market. 21 Savage allegedly paid around $230,000 for
his Bentayga and I can almost guarantee that 21 doesn’t regret that decision at all. The third and final car in 21 Savage’s collection
is the Mercedes Maybach S600. This car was purchased right after 21 Savage
was paid $1,000,000 for that Bar Mitzvah performance we talked about earlier in this video. The car was purchased for $192,000 and It
must’ve been on 21’s wishlist for quite sometime if it was the first thing he bought
after making a quick million. Now when you got the houses and the cars,
there’s only one thing left to really purchase and that’s jewelry. 21 Savage used to be really big into jewelry
but recently admitted to no longer purchasing it anymore because he wants to be smart with
his money, so he invests in real estate in cryptocurrency instead. But just because he doesn’t buy jewelry
anymore, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a few pieces of bling still laying around. One significant piece of jewelry 21 Savage
has is a double sided chain of his own face as well as Jason Voorhees on the other side. This piece is completely flooded with VVS
diamonds and apparently cost 21 a cool $121,000, which was paid to the creator of the piece,
Rafael Loandco. Another piece 21 has is a “Slaughter Gang”
chain with a Jason mask in between the two words. It’s unclear who made this piece and how
much it cost but it’s still a pretty cool piece of jewelry. 21 Savage also has his notorious 21 Dagger
chain which is flooded with crystal clear VVS diamonds as well as another similar chain
that just says “Savage”. The price of these two chains is unknown but
I feel like they were not cheap. In addition to his chains, 21 also has a $55,000
Patek Phillpe watch that he and his ex girlfriend “Amber Rose” gave each other as gifts. The total of the two watches was around $110,000. 21 also has an impressive collection of designer
clothes featuring luxurious brands such as YSL, Louis Vuttion, Gucci, and many many more. The total price of his wardrobe is obviously
unknown but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is over $300,000. When your paying over $1,500 for a single
article of clothing, it can add up really fast. Overall, 21 Savage lives one luxurious and
expensive lifestyle that almost everyone would dream of living. I also want to make it clear that this is
just what the public knows about 21 Savage’s lifestyle. As I said earlier, 21 is really putting an
emphasis on the importance of financial literacy so he has slowed down on the flexing online
but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t splurge from time to time in private. Regardless, we will probably never know but
I hope 21 continues down the road he’s on because he is having one impressive career
so far. Well there you have it, the $12,000,000 lifestyle
of 21 Savage. If you enjoyed this video then make sure to
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week so comment down below any suggestions on who we should make a finance video on next. That’s all I have for today, I’m out!


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