The #1 Reason Why Most People Die Broke! ๐Ÿค‘

The #1 Reason Why Most People Die Broke! ๐Ÿค‘

Cody Sperber: What do you think, Shannon? Are you watching me watching you? Shannon: Yeah, I’m trying to give you thumbs. Cody Sperber: Give me some thumbs, baby. Shannon: I like this [inaudible 00:00:09]. Cody Sperber: Oh, there you are. Isn’t that amazing? Cody Sperber: I’m watching you watching me. Shannon: Watching you watch me. Cody Sperber: Here, come over here and kiss
me. Come on. Shannon: Oh my God. We got to go. Cody Sperber: Nobody wants to watch us kiss,
by the way. It’s completely gross. Cody Sperber: Hey, what’s going on, everybody. It’s Cody Sperber, the Clever Investor here. Today’s training is about a concept that I
think a lot of YouTubers and Instagram influencers and all these people on social media, they’re
trying to tell you all this advice, all these different pieces of information of whether
or not, or what it takes to be rich, and whether or not anybody can get rich. All right? Cody Sperber: And what I’m about to say is
going to be a little bit counter to the common core beliefs that are out there right now. Now, we’ve all heard DJ Khaled say, “I got
the major keys,” right? The keys to success. The path to wealth. The steps you want to take in order to really
make a lot of money. Cody Sperber: So I’m going to answer this
question and I want your guys’ thoughts on this. Can anybody get rich? Does it matter who you are or where you’re
born or what your skin color is or what your gender is? Can anybody get rich? Now, if you go on YouTube right now, you go
on Instagram, everybody’s got advice on this concept. And a lot of the advice is the exact same. We’ve all heard this advice. Heck, I’ve even come on here and said some
of these things. Hustle. Right? If you want to get wealthy, you got to put
in the work, you got to hustle. Well, when you’re young and you’re 18, 19,
20 years old, in your 20s, maybe even in your 30s, you got a lot of energy, a lot of the
capabilities to hustle hard. You don’t have a lot of liabilities, maybe
you don’t have a family yet. So one of the keys to success is to hustle. Okay, maybe. Cody Sperber: What about sacrifice? Living below your means. Giving up partying and going on vacations
and watching TV and taking long lunch breaks. Sacrifice. If you want to get rich, anybody can get rich
as long as they hustle and they sacrifice. Okay, maybe. Cody Sperber: If you asked, if you lined up
five millionaires and five broke people and you said, “What do you think the number one
key to success is?” Almost unanimously, they’d all say, “It’s
your mindset.” If you just put your mind to getting rich. That’s the pre-qualification. If you just put your mind into it, have that
good mindset, anybody can get wealthy. Cody Sperber: Hard work, setting big goals,
right? Not being standard, not being average, living
below your means, educating yourself, constantly self-educating, having good time management. Now, let me ask you guys something. Would you guys agree that these are all probably
parts or pieces of the ingredients or keys to success to getting rich? What else? What else did I leave out on here? Because while I think that a lot of these
things do go into helping somebody get rich, I don’t think this is it. I know a lot of people, a lot, that work hard,
that sacrifice, that live below their means, that have big goals in the beginning, they
have the best of intentions. They’re always reading, they’re not messing
up, they’ve got decent time management skills, they’re productive, and they’re broke. There’s more month at the end of the money,
and they’re always needing and wanting more. Cody Sperber: I mean, let’s just get fricking
real. How many people do you know, maybe if you
look in the mirror you have a lot of these things. Maybe somebody that you love or you’re really
close to has a lot of these keys, but they’re not rich. So, let me ask you something. What do you think is the most important thing
that you absolutely have to have if you want to get rich in life? And I’m talking about money. I’m not talking about, like, good family and
friends and all that stuff. I’m talking about really rich with money. What do you think the number one thing is
that you have to have? Because you can have these things or not have
these things and still get rich. Cody Sperber: I know a lot of people that
are really, really rich that are assholes, that have a negative mindset. They’re just jerks all the time, they’re always
pissed off, but they’re rich. I know people that do not live below their
means, never did, but they started a business or they did something and they made a lot
of money and they got rich. All right, maybe they went on to Wall Street. Cody Sperber: So what do you think that number
one thing is? In the comments section down below, right
now, I want to see what it is you think the number one key ingredient. Let’s see if anybody can get this. Because I’ve started off with no money, and
I had to teach myself how to master the money game. I had to change my mindset, self-educate,
increase my capabilities. But it was because of this one thing that
changed everything for me. What do you think that was? Cody Sperber: How many times have you gone
to a seminar or an event and the speaker is just amazing. Maybe it’s a Tony Robbins event, something
like that. The speaker is unbelievable, and you just
get so fired up, you’re so motivated, you’re so excited. You have all this energy, you’re ready to
go and dominate. Two weeks later, you’re back in your old habits,
your old routines. There’s no domination. You’re confused more now than ever. In fact, you’ve actually sunk lower because
you saw and you felt something bigger. But now, you’ve actually shrunk back into
your bad habits. Is it really motivation? Cody Sperber: But, let me ask you this. Take a janitor and take a heart surgeon. They both could be motivated, they both could
be focused. And yeah, maybe the janitor, when they put
in their time and they work, maybe they have pride, maybe they’re doing all the right things,
but they’re trading their time for money, just like the heart surgeon is, but the heart
surgeon’s making a lot more money per hour than the janitor. It’s not necessarily that they’re unfocused,
they’re just focusing on different things. Cody Sperber: But I don’t think it’s hustle. I mean, yes, you want hustle, and I come on
here all the time and talk about hustle. Do you want to be rich? Yes. Do you need to sacrifice? Absolutely. But that’s not the number one thing. It’s not necessarily just your mindset, even
though that’s kind of like what everybody says on YouTube. Hard work? Hey, the janitor works hard. He’s not rich. Big goals? Yes, but no. Living below your means? Sure. You want to sacrifice, you want to save your
money. Self-education? Always. But it’s definitely not the number one thing. Time management? I know some people that are really rich and
they barely work. Cody Sperber: So here’s the number one thing
to me, and this is the only thing that matters. Strategy. All right? Strategy. Did I spell that right? Speaker 3: Fragile. It must be Italian. Cody Sperber: Good thing you don’t have to
know how to spell to get really rich. Cody Sperber: It’s strategy. It’s the only thing that’s fricking important. Because I don’t care how positive you are,
how much motivation you have, how focused you are, how good at your time management
you are, how much self-educating you do. If your ship is pointed in the wrong damn
direction for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, you’re fucked. And you will never master the money game,
and you will never come out the other end. And you will waste your time and you will
end up, at the end of your days, broke, dependent on your family or dependent on the government. And I’m telling you right now, Social Security’s
going to run out. The government’s not dependable. Your family doesn’t want to be burdened. So you have to, right now, get focused on
the right strategy in life. Cody Sperber: Take the janitor and take the
heart surgeon. Let’s say the janitor is making, I don’t know,
20 bucks an hour. They’re a good janitor, right? They make 20 bucks an hour. And let’s take the heart surgeon. He’s making, I don’t know, 500 bucks an hour,
whatever they are. Doesn’t matter, they’re both trading their
time for money. If they stop working, even though the heart
surgeon makes a lot more money than the janitor, that heart surgeon, if they stop working,
they’re going to stop being rich. So it’s not trade your time for money and
just do something better and get a bigger return for the trade. Instead, that janitor, if they did live below
their means and sacrifice and saved every dollar they have, but focused on the right
strategy as a side hustle, AKA investing your money, because you can’t work your way to
wealth, but you can invest your way to wealth. Cody Sperber: That janitor can outpace the
heart surgeon over a 20 year time frame, because the janitor focused on the investing strategy
as a path to building wealth, where the heart surgeon focused on just doing a job over and
over and over for a long period of time. And yeah, this person might make a lot of
money, but if they’re not investing it and they’re just spending it on lifestyle and
their bills and their debts and that kind of stuff, I’m telling you right now, this
person can outperform this person in the long run. Cody Sperber: You can entrepreneur your way
to wealth, you can invest your way to wealth, but you cannot save your way to wealth. Taxes and the devaluing of the dollar. And you can’t work your way to wealth, because
if you stop working, you stop earning. I’m telling you right now, strategy. Cody Sperber: What do you guys think? Do you guys agree with me? Can anybody be rich? Hell yeah, that’s why I love real estate. Real estate investing is the most proven wealth
building path in history. For thousands of years, people have needed
a place to live. Landlords have been renting out property and
earning residual income, passive income, mailbox money. The way our tax structure is structured right
now, if you own real estate, you can depreciate it over 27 and a half years, you can 1031
exchange your profits into a better asset, if you go to sell and pass on those profits
tax-free and build your wealth. You can use the power of leverage to buy more
real estate than you can actually afford. Where else can you do that? If I have $25,000 and I go to buy Apple stock,
I can only buy $25,000 worth of Apple stock. But if I have $25,000, I can go to a private
money lender or I can go to a bank and I can buy $100,000 worth of real estate. You feel me? Cody Sperber: Your tenants can pay down your
debt over time. There’s a certain amount of your expenses
and repairs that you can write off, your mortgage interest. Real estate is where you need to focus all
your time and attention. Now, I like dividend paying stocks, because
there’s some cash flow, but I’m telling you right now, I made my wealth in real estate. Whether it’s active or passive, you can make
a lot of money a lot faster than any other niche that I know of. So you’re at the right place, you just need
to now know how to perfect and implement the right strategy within real estate. And you need to know how to spell strategy. Cody Sperber: All right, that’s all I got. What do you guys think? Drop me a comment down below if you agree
or disagree with this. Listen, I’m doing something that’s so much
fun right now. Our students are loving it, we’re having an
absolute blast. It’s my 30 Days to a Deal Challenge. I’m actually taking people, because real estate
is a little complicated, especially when you’re brand new. But if you go and buy a course or something
like that, and you lay the course out or you watch all the videos, it’s exciting and you
learn a lot, but how do you actually have the confidence to go out and implement it? Sometimes there’s a lot of overwhelm. Cody Sperber: And so what I’ve done is, I’ve
kind of stripped away all the complexity and I’ve distilled it down into, on Monday, do
this, on Tuesday, do this, on Wednesday, do this, on Thursday, do this. And I created my 30 Days to a Deal Challenge,
where every day is kind of mapped out and it gives you that focus and that confidence
to move forward. All the training and the tools and everything
are included. It’s less than $3 a day, which I made it the
most affordable training in the game, and it’s fast and powerful. So if you want to get involved with our 30
Days to a Deal Challenge, just put, “I want to take the challenge,” down in the comments,
but I highly encourage if you want to at least make some quick cash in real estate, you start
there. All right? I wish I had something like that when I first
started. Cody Sperber: All right. I don’t have anything else. Til next time, I’m Cody Sperber, the Clever
Investor, signing off for now. Take care, comb your hair. Til next time. Sperber out. Shannon: Sperber out. Cody Sperber: Hey, that’s my line.


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