The 1 Bitcoin Show- Get on the BTC Mayflower! BTC ETF thoughts, Brhodium & airdrops

The 1 Bitcoin Show- Get on the BTC Mayflower! BTC ETF thoughts, Brhodium & airdrops

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
November the 27th 2018 at least it still is in the west coast in Denver what’s up
dude dude strong hand Abraham Lincoln is back from uh Norway for all my long-term
long time viewers remember Abraham Lincoln was with me in Bergen now he’s
he’s back here in Baltimore with me hey Abraham are you there
oh yeah was it oh yeah strong hand long-term thinking Bitcoin is next
Bitcoin value your wealth in Bitcoin value your wealth in Bitcoin that that’s
really your big takeaway from for from the recent events right if you value
your well the Bitcoin that you don’t panic
you don’t worry about the Fiat freaks out there all right okay so it’s late at
night I’m gonna own what Tuesday I don’t know what the ADA is anymore
Friday though 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time is this week in Bitcoin I want to remind
everyone I was confused about the time in time yesterday I’ll get to the guest
in a second but I just want to say that so let’s
start with the opossum tweets man you guys I’m I’m a tech bald out there on
Twitter TCH B alt and lately some people you really have some nice inspirational
Bitcoin tweets I gotta say and I’m gonna start with this one and I gotta say
welcome to the Mayflower the Bitcoin Mayflower and this is from bit Mac’s
double-oh-seven buying Bitcoin is equivalent to
purchasing passage on the Mayflower voyage to America
it takes vision courage conviction and long-term thinking but the potential
payoff is worth all this sacrifice strong hand yeah that’s a really nice
that’s a great way of putting it I mean it was it was risky to give them the
Mayflower I mean that were there were no guarantees that people knew that hey
we’re going to a new land and and if and when we get there it is going to be
something that people aren’t going to even be able to imagine what we’re gonna
be able to do with this land and uh hey I admire all the people that stayed on
this Bitcoin Mayflower ship with me and yeah this this promised land where work
or getting off to what potential just to change the world bigger than the
internet pound that like button alright breaker magazine breaker mag comm has an
article and it’s a good article about this subject matter the one I would
advise you to read all about this subject matter SEC chairman reveals what
killed the Bitcoin ETF Clinton’s message was clear
he’s the SEC dude to get a Bitcoin ETF and trigger the flood of new money that
some optimists think would follow crypto we’ll have to clean up sketchy exchanges
yeah I mean it’s the wild wild west out there the ETF type of people they’re not
into wild wild west they’re not into Mayflower they have it they’re not into
getting on the Mayflower they want the freaking Manhattan skyline already there
or something on to him on that line of thinking at least so yeah it’s the
frontier right now the crypto world so these the approval of an ETF it’s going
to take some time I’ve been saying they’re gonna keep the link just get
used to delay after delay after delay but if you if you’re a long term
thinking you know eventually the delays lend it will happen it will it be 2019
2020 who knows it will happen there will be a Manhattan here Manhattan was empty
once okay there are a bunch of tents there
everyone say was there but yeah so uh when I hear about these Bitcoin ETF
articles I am I’m already very well prepared for the delays I’ve been
yelling about the delays now yeah talking about the delays for a while I’m
not yelling about I’m not frustrated with the delays days I’m tough I
understand I understand that they’re going to happen I’ve been in this game a
long time yeah I don’t get excited about specific dates anymore at all because
when when it was suddenly biggest supposed to happen in the Bitcoin space
and they give a date for it it’s always delayed a year or two years whatever get
used to it this thing isn’t and everything’s not gonna change overnight
this is not an overnight thing but when we look back on it we’re gonna Mike it
might seem like that you know you get there’s a different feeling you get with
perspective I mean now I look at the you know 2015 it wasn’t that long ago
it really wasn’t but in terms of Bitcoin man things have totally changed
so it does kind of seem like it changed overnight but living it Mike it seemed
like living 2015 when I was in Chicago Conference when I met tone Vaes and I
know I’ve talked about this a million times and Bitcoin was what like in $200
$300 whatever it was and hardly anyone was even attending this Chicago
conference and people were scared I mean litecoin was under $2 people were
worried that Bitcoin could go to zero to live through that and then see the the
ups of a you know a year ago I mean it seems like it’s been decades a living
through it felt like decades but in fact it was just a short period of time check
out the links below follow me a tech vault of course you can get t-shirts
like this if you haven’t seen this one in a while have you okay someone’s in
the super chat let me read that off there Paul F sent 2.99 Australian
dollars where and he uh and he has smiley faces after
that well Paul thank you for the $2.99 and all in Australian dollars I want to
make it to Australia in 2019 um you know what I might not be able to now with
everything that’s going on in my life and I might be able to it’s I have to go
to synagogue every day for the next year basically yeah anyway you guys can check
out if you wouldn’t know why that is we’re not gonna talk about that you can
watch what was that Wednesday Wednesday’s show check out the archives
below disrupt meister comm there are big Jewish communities in um in Melbourne
and Sydney though so uh I wanted to go to a delay okay well let’s not talk
about Australia right now love what you dudes are doing down there love it love
what you guys are doing down there I love I love Australians fun I don’t
like I get shot the Sun here here’s a this is a you know I do the beyond
Bitcoin show every Saturday right so the here’s a beyond Bitcoin show moment for
all you people who like to be outside it’s just different in the southern
hemisphere you the Sun feels different on your skin I don’t care if you’re
white or if you’re a dark white guy a light white guy a black guy it feels
like you’re getting torn in two in Australia right when I was just in Chile
in New Zealand the clouds if it gets cloudy that’s cool but when it’s sunny
man there’s a big difference between running around Baltimore when it’s sunny
and running around the sydney or wherever okay so pull also since the 299
Australian dollars again soon baby soon moon alright so again people don’t it
will happen eventually you gotta be patient
I can’t I’m not gonna give you a time I’m not gonna give you a day on on when
Big Foot we’re one day closer to for all you Fiat freaks 222 a return of twenty
thousand dollars we’re one day closer to the 2020 Bitcoin having in fact the year
2020 day and I’m making this video of course in 2018 year 2020 is only 13
months away I think it’s less than 400 days away now
actually as of today so Mema so we’re talking about some people didn’t like to
hear that the that sec guy says that bitcoin needs to clean up its act before
there’s an etf whatever i don’t know how it’s there still will always be shady
exchanges maybe there is that there’s a point when there’s a certain amount of
non shady exchanges and they they’re they’re dealing with most of the a
certain percentage of all the bitcoin being traded back and forth and that’s
when they finally give in and say okay you can have a bitcoin etf it’s there’s
going to be a bitcoin ets there’s going to be institutions pouring money into it
it also in that article they talk about custodial solutions that has to be a
prude improved upon we already know that’s that’s happening be patient we
will look back on this day you know in 2022 when we look back on 2018 we will
laugh just like i laugh at that uh chicago story from 2015 so meanwhile on
twitter Gabbar gar backs tweets out and this has be kind of almost the opposite
of that breaker bag article or or the more so the the news that the SEC thinks
crypto exchanges are dirtying won’t approve an ETF this is kind of the
opposite here what I’m about to say Nasdaq and van eck MVIS indices
announces index partnership and intention to bring to market transparent
regulated and surveil digital asset products such as Bitcoin futures
contracts more to come okay so there there you go some financialization right
there is going to happen anyway without a big epic point etf and when what you
know they make the announcement when will that really happen who knows
it’s going to happen so you’ve got one thing talking about delays delays delays
and you got a positive announcement about
they knew that’s going to eventually happen it’s all going to eventually
happen just like you’re eventually gonna pound that like button and subscribe to
this channel check out those links below right here is all good lab this shirt
that I’m wearing underneath this shirt I’m still I think I have look at this
I’m like layering Bitcoin shirts I have so many big points it is cold outside
today at Baltimore days like this remind me why I travel around the world and I
only like to go to warm places so oh yeah okay yeah all good labs guys trying
to Dave a tweet it’s linked to below everything I talked about in this video
is linked to below trying to cheer you up during this bear market we are
offered you 25% off every all good lab items and it you can click on all good
labs comm slash discount slash bear enjoy all right yeah I don’t consider a
bear market I sell have as much Bitcoin as I did before but everybody knows I’m
a real positive dude so if you you know if you want to be cheered up and get a
new shirt get a twenty five percent discount click on that for those dudes
they’re in motion and if you’re not positive just remember there are people
in motion that should make you happy I’m happy
when I hear a lot happy all the time but it’s it’s a great it’s great to know
people are being productive productivity always beats destruction and we’re gonna
get to that in a second remember every single day I posted a new video here on
disrupt meister calm you can see all like over 1100 crypto related Bitcoin
related videos I’ve been involved with over the last few years and man you know
I’ve got a strong hand and some conviction I’m not going anywhere
yeah you know you can count on seeing Adam Meister here talking about the
glory of Bitcoin and I know a lot of you derive a
of uh like you enjoy you guys enjoy seeing a a smiling face here a
reassuring smiling face here everyday and I I’m glad I can provide that
service and I have said this everyday now the last few days I there obviously
is a lot on my plate and I really appreciate all the DMS and emails you’ve
sent me and as York intellisense is so late on the East Coast I again once
again today I have been unable to get to most of those emails and DMS I will I
will email all you guys back and DM you guys back and hopefully I’m reading all
the comments also that you leave I can’t respond to every comment on the YouTube
comments but I appreciate it always leave a comment comments are great to
leave and you can again hey let’s let’s keep this thing rolling baby let’s let’s
stay positive and again a lot of people are still say I lost money you didn’t
lose any money if you saw the same amount of Bitcoin now your wealth and
freaking in Bitcoin rate offended by selling affected by selling you know I
am no it’s okay I sell anymore so who is this my buddy
Vala sticks I always butcher his name he’s causing self Bitcoin Tina also I’ve
hung with him in person I’ve seen this dude he’s got a good positive tweet out
there too I want to share by Bitcoin he’s more akin to buying land in New
York City Manhattan when John Jacob Astor brought bought land in the early
1800s the difference being Bitcoin will be worth much more on an absolute and
relative basis early buyers of the world’s one and only money they shall
come to understand think about that quote just gives me like I think about
being on the subway in New York City because we asked her place and
everything but yeah if you if your family bought Manhattan land in 1800s
early 1800s you’re a pretty good shape and so he’s saying
bitcoin is even better than that hey man it is it is quite a land grab we have
here that you can be involved with or you can’t grab maybe won’t grab any land
and you’ll just complain in the future make up some excuse why you didn’t get
this Manhattan virtual property and I went to the eye doctor today I just
wanted to say and so why am I still a little blurry uh a little bit I think ah
I actually ran with the eye drops in there my eyes are fine by the way so
apparently my vision and my eyes got better I don’t know uh I I was I will
say this to everyone when I was in Santiago Chile I discovered this dot in
my eye and I was a little worried I get and then I saw all my digital photos I
took almost a year ago was there really high resolution I could see that dot in
my eyes I was like oh this is not something I got in Santiago this is not
from the dust in the air I was a little concerned you know when you start goo
I recommend the people who uh you know you start googling a supposed medical
condition you might have you can get you start to worry a little bit I was I know
hey it got me to go to the eye doctor so no the dot in my eye is just like a
birthmark type of things it’s not a problem but hey if you do see a problem
with your eye I get the dot in my eye wasn’t causing
any vision problems at all either so I wasn’t that I wasn’t that worried I you
know I don’t like to spend money so I did I was concerned enough that I I set
up an eye doctor appointment it was good I have not been to the eye doctor this
decade how about that um so it’s good to if you see something in your eye and you
haven’t been to the eye doctor in over a decade
there’s health tip of the day found that like button okay but I’m fine and the
eye doctor woman was hot I couldn’t believe it but and that’s just a bonus like but hey
man I value my wealth in Bitcoin so I was
just like totally you know there was no like
I understood totally professional relationship type of type of thing but
some guys they so many young guys that you’d like to see a hot woman look in
your eyes I guess I don’t know I just remember the previous time it was a
funny kind of dorky Asian guy I doctor that looked at my eye over ten years ago
so this was lot has changed all right so uh that’s a nice side comment there you
know the show you get all sorts of interesting thoughts so who is this here
who who is this bruiser ker Krypto the opposite he says the and this is all
linked to below the opposite of bitcoin is not fiat its indifference yeah that’s
actually true I’ll just get my Obama phone let the government take care like
life will pass me by that is basically the opposite of Bitcoin personal
responsibility is the new counterculture Bitcoin is the apex predator so I
already mentioned that uh 2020 is only 13 months away for those of you who need
or who need to be reassured that yes there will be a 20-20-20 having is more
than 13 months away I think it’s scheduled for May around
the Preakness and actually the Preakness still be in Baltimore then sadly it
probably will not be so sad okay most of you like what the heck’s the Preakness
google it but don’t Google like I scary stuff because you’ll well anyway so
Blake Anderson at Rio Vijay and Chris black will be on there this week in
Bitcoin show at 3:00 p.m. on Friday Eastern Time those guys are real VJ I’ve
never actually I’ve tweeted back and forth with him before I’ve never spoken
with him he’s never been on the show he’s a real smart guy obviously Chris
black and is a smart guy also in blake anderson also so it is going to be a
very good combination i think that’s a really good combination for those of you
familiar they all have twitter feeds blake anderson real vga and at
Chris black and Chris and Blake have been on the show before for you were so
it’ll be it will be a fun time and I’ve I scheduled that I scared of that one
two weeks ago basically or ten days ago so I’ve been looking forward to end last
week we unfortunately we did not have this weekend Bitcoin because if what
happened so I’m really happy to get back on with it this weekend Bitcoin train so
be Rodya be be rhodium a lot of people’s people have asked me about this be
rhodium thing um and again let’s get let’s let’s take a few steps back
it beaver it was an air-dropped crypto dividend back in what was it December or
January you had to sign up for it so if you were a Bitcoin holder you were
entitled to this if you took a few of proactive steps and a lot of people did
including myself so a lot and we have been waiting patiently patiently for
this to happen now I want to say I’m not because I’m bringing it up I’m not
saying to buy it I am just when I’m getting an update for people like me who
like to get free coins who went through the whole process who want to be able to
you know trade it in for Bitcoin we value our wealth at Bitcoin and I I said
earlier in the show and all these people talking about hash wars and getting all
riled up about it and thinking it’s cool and wanting to destroy other coins hey
man I would I’m the type of guy and I I would hope most people are the type of
people who enjoy productivity over destruction who enjoy getting a free
coin overseeing people try to destroy other coins okay
I think crypto dividends are positive I hope more people experiment with
airdrops once people get out of this unfortunate negative bear market
mentality that a lot of people are in right now and that’s just I mean people
are that’s the psychology of people right there you know people are gonna
get down and not do when people are screaming about Fiat prices in the
Bitcoin what was yesterday’s thing that I talked about the new the new Fudd that
people are posting out there the coin crash or Bitcoin whatever yeah anyway
there are brave souls out there that got strong hands that are positive that they
are building a lot of stuff it’s just not getting a lot of attention and all
building stuff on Bitcoin now crypto dividends that’s just that’s total wild
experimentation and I say you know do what you’re gonna do if it’s gonna get
me a free coin and it’s a friendly fourth or it’s a friendly airdrop and I
think the airdrop thing is cool because you don’t have to wait until a trusted
source can split it for you if again so I mean I’m saying it’s cool but this one
has taken a year for us to actually be able to get get it on in exchange that’s
what we’re waiting for right now for the people visit again there’s a lot of
people that so they’re in the hole you know you future airdrop ders can learn a
lot from this you know maybe maybe have everything cool with the exchange a
little bit earlier than be rhodium did here and and the person from be rhodium
reached out to me someone who’s dealing with that so I’m gonna give you uh I
mean I talked about airdrop so here’s here’s what the whole be rhodium they
there’s a roadmap link I link I think I look yeah I link to that below but again
they’re taking their time because I don’t want to make any mistakes I don’t
want you had these pieces of paper in my pocket I gotta write this stuff down
it’s something totally different this is real life stuff okay uh most of the
community are happy with the end with the end of q1 2019 as these changes are
looking at the codes as it is a completely new blockchain not a fork
alright so they’re gonna get on the exchanges probably at the end of in q1
of 2019 and their community is fine with that
once the exchanges have you the code then it’ll be released to the public
the devs want the major exchanges to look at it first and get it listed then
it’ll be open the devs aim for more than one exchange and this is key again two
exchanges are needed for coin market lit coin market
cap listing as you’re more likely aware of a coin market cap is hugely important
to get on the dabs aw have realized a new road map that have released a new
road map okay and you can link on their road map so again this is it you get a
little behind the scenes kind of time stuff there I have always said if you’re
doing a crypto dividend whether it be airdrop or a fork you’ll get everything
in line you’ve got to be old coin market cap the coin market cap okay I mean I
don’t I’m not the biggest fan of the site but that makes you legit right
there you gotta be on a legit exchange okay if you think everyone’s gonna know
about you because you’re so awesome well no they’re not you haven’t you maybe you
are so awesome but you get P you need to be on corn market gather you need so
again luckily these dudes have taken their time and they will be on corn
market so think I got it if they if they want to do well if they want to bring us
some value as holders of a Bitcoin who had the be rhodium the ghetto take your
tuck people take your time I’m patient with you dudes so okay I
just talked about crypto dividends for a while and I just I’m just gonna look in
the chat this one time as usually I just answer a super chat it’s a little
experiment I want to see if anybody said anything insane door because sometimes
good luck now no one said no one said anything crazy when I know I look at
bitcoins of the moon is there he actually retracted a comment he said
strong hand oh another time good all right there’s someone actually someone
with a dirty name I’m asked a question I’m not gonna answer his question he’s
got a dirty name I rock someone says okay good so no one said anything why I
thought that would trigger some people talking about crypto dividends I didn’t
want to trigger people but it was just an experiment I want to look because
again people say why are you popping these s coins I’m not pumping s coins at
all when I mention a crypto dividend I’m pumping Bitcoin because it’s another
reason to have a strong hand and hold that Bitcoin you get these free off
coins that are being arrow dropped on the Bitcoin or forked off a Bitcoin
crypto dividends learn about it I made up to turn myself people use it all over
the world now and uh hey free free coins and and then to the people that’ll say
oh it dilutes the value of Bitcoin oh there’s only one Bitcoin one Bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin everybody understands that be rhodium is not Bitcoin there’s
not one person out there on the planet Earth that thing’s be rhodium is B and
because there’s two point 1 million B rhodium and somehow dilutes Bitcoin no
no not one person so keep on I look forward to getting more cryptic
dividends in the future somebody out there make some more air
drops okay so speaking of rhodium you know Andy Hawkins a fan of e rhodium and
in one of his recent steam it’s I link to this below I’m bringing it up because
of a comment that was left underneath and the comment I’m gonna read and it is
a reminder of why we got into this in the first place because a lot of people
are doing this point in Andy cuz now he’s talking to you know he got into
Fiat he sold his bitcoins for Fiat $4 and again and he’s got personal reasons
for doing it everyone’s everyone’s got a life to live gotta do their thing for
the family and everything but this reminder there’s just comment underneath
I think speaks pretty loudly here I think I will keep my life savings in
cash in a bank account so that I can make it easy for lawyers government pack
governments hackers and bitter spouses to get at it I wouldn’t want to make it
hard on them so yeah that sums up in nutshell that’s why you get into Bitcoin
right there I mean when you’re weary when you’re in Fiat you’re taking a risk
you are definitely taking a risk if you live in the real world you could end up
with a bitter spouse the government could confiscate it for you could commit
some crime and have your bank account be shut down by the government and again
Bitcoin bitcoin is unconscious skateable if you’d handle it correctly
cash dollars oh no oh oh oh no and you don’t want to learn app you really don’t
want to learn the to your true reason of the true meaning of uncompensated bull
when you are totally in fiat because if you’re learning you it’s gonna be a very
nasty lesson because you’re gonna really learn what confiscate able means okay so
but know that comment is is it’s a funny little reminder of yeah the
unconscionable nature of a Bitcoin no matter you know no matter what it’s fiat
value is they can’t no one can take it away from you
if you if you handle it correctly you control your private key well that’s it
for the show today I’m gonna go to sleep but just really gotta go to sleep i’m
adam meister the big got it i I have to get up at 5:50 in the morning I’m at
yeah come to bed anyone guy I’ll be a bet the filler tomorrow morning 7:00
a.m. 7:00 a.m. minion bet bet the filler tomorrow morning i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out the notes section below click on the
squares bang that bowel button baby see you


  1. CryptoJohno says:

    Hey Adam… just an FYI for you. I have notifications turned on for your channel, but I still don't get a notice when you go live so I keep missing your live streams. This is you being shadow banned I think! BTW, good show and I love your channel so thanks!

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    I can't see an ETF approved before price discovery is determined by a regulated exchange like bakkt. Even the CME and CBOE have had regulatory drama because their reference prices were determined by exchanges which were not meeting the SEC's standards for transparency.

    I had a thought last January that btc may not really moon until the right people are holding. Basically 20%ers and wall street need to be the majority rather than Joe six pack. It wouldn't surprise me if bakkt and custody solutions were needed for institutional entry before the fire is lit under the SEC for ETF approval specifically to get institutions in first. Maybe a bit conspiratorial but it's kinda the same model with private equity being restricted to "qualified investors" under the guise of protecting the public.

    Anyway, look into Richard heart's bitcoinhex airdrop. It's not Bitcoin awesome but slightly less embarrassing a premise than our Brhodium bags. Its an erc20 token which uses block rewards to pay time locked bag holders. Maybe you can get Andy interested in an alt with a "use case" that doesn't amount to just dumping on noobs with unit bias. Here's the link:

    If you haven't seen this before, consider it a thank you for giving me the the heads up on Brhodium and bgold.

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