The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC can dominate & Altcoins can have a trillion $ marketcap! Bcash, ETH

The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC can dominate & Altcoins can have a trillion $ marketcap! Bcash, ETH

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 19th 2019 strong hand just like the shirt says offended by selling
value your wealthy Bitcoin bitcoin is the next bitcoin uncomplicated ball
personal responsibility is a new counterculture okay yeah welcome to the
home of no fancy sets or graphics check out the links below everything I talk
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is saturday check them out well let’s start out with this tweak
that i found by this guy named ted bought wait that’s me follow me on
twitter at tech ball eech be alt well this adam meister guy whoever he is he
tweeted this out in a 10 trillion dollar cryptocurrency market cap world with 90
percent bitcoin dominance the total altcoin market cap would be one trillion
dollars like it or not there will be opportunities outside of nine trillion
dollar bitcoin under this scenario not a bad place to end up strong hand okay
sorry i i was thinking about this scenario earlier you know how i’ll
attain the dollars very much but i I remember I read a very optimistic and I
mentioned this little past show a very optimistic vision of the future where
cryptocurrency is worth like a hundred trillion dollars now that would right
now like the total wealth on earth is to is a quarter of a quadrillion which is
250 trillion so to say that cryptocurrency would make up 40% of the
value of the earth I don’t know about that but 10 trillion also was in that
scenario now let’s say we get if we get to a world and that would be a beautiful
world where all cryptocurrencies valued at 10 trillion dollars and the Bitcoin
maximalist the Bitcoin Firsters like me I’m a Bitcoin I think Bitcoin will be
the one well to be the one it doesn’t mean that other ones are gonna exist
I’ve always said there’s gonna be a top tier let’s talk 90% Bitcoin dominance
well I mean that’s that’s dominant that is incredibly dominant and in a 10
trillion crypto world though that leaves 1 trillion dollars of freaking value for
the rest of the other coins well to compare that to the present the total
value market cap of cryptocurrency right now is a hundred thirty-five billion and
that’s including Bitcoin so we’re talking about without Bitcoin all coins
being worth 1 1 trillion dollars in a market cap under that scenario and that
summer you’re gonna argue well maybe it’ll be 80/20 but it’s all about the
8020 rule right I don’t know maybe but but what I’m saying is you know big
Bitcoin maximalist I I would hope they would be very happy under that scenario
they may be some people that kind of seem angry now toward altcoins
why would they be angry under that scenario like 90% Bitcoin dominates all
coins were there would be always worse worth a trillion dollars and that would
provide so much opportunity for people who just want them to who say you know
what I don’t want to deal with Bitcoin I want to experiment well that’s a pretty
cool place to experiment in a 1 trillion dollar market cap land there now again
this is all theoretical but I’m trying to paint a positive picture for the
future a Bitcoin but at the same time saying you know why I believe there can
be why it’s important to be in the top tier of all coins now I guess you know
you’d wanted in a 1 trillion dollar all coin market cap you’d want to be in that
top tier so I can see why like theory or wherever they would want to be
pretty dominant of the altcoin sector and they could still be really
successful and so much could be built around altcoins
under that scenario you know we say all colonies are just places for Bitcoin to
learn and to adopt and maybe that process will continue for a long time I
mean there’s always going to be people who dream of having the next Bitcoin
they’re always going to fail but it seems to me that it there could be a big
space for them to play and uh I this is uh Jim from Philadelphia he’s got he’s
under another name here I don’t want to say he’s out of names coming xxx name
bitcoin is the scale bitcoin is the scale yeah well okay thanks for a dollar
ninety-nine tell Matt like button all right
Soto thank you very much for the the contribution now James it’s it’s James
Jim James he uses another name there but it’s James so I and I wanted you know
also put in perspective as you say oh it’s a crypto currency being a 10
trillion dollar market one day that seems it’s pretty uh pretty big well
think about this I mean Google is almost a trillion dollar company now I think
back welcome back in 1998 what I mean what were all the internet stocks worth
in 1998 so much less back then okay so the whole world has been rewritten since
1998 okay no if he would have said there’s gonna
be a one company almost worth a trillion dollars called Google in 20 years from
that from 1999 people would have they would have laughed but as someone said
when this internet is gonna take over the whole world and it did it should the
whole world we live in a completely different world then let’s say 1991 it’s
a completely different world and that’s what we’re talking with cryptocurrency
here this is this could be so huge and I just again throwing out some numbers
there but there’s room for those all coins in there too
there is definitely if the cryptocurrency world’s gonna be worth 10
trillion dollars and half of us worth a hundred trillion died and I seriously
doubt it will be them that’d be great maybe it’d be a worth $120 with that
everything that we’ll have inflated so much that the total value on earth is
like a quadrillion but dollars by then that’s possible also that’s possible
that the total value of everything on earth is worth a quadrillion due to
inflation and and cryptocurrency would be worth 10% of that I don’t know that
that still seems like a all right kid continuing on so uh yeah clay this sub
video at 2 X and let’s talk about what Arjun said in his tweet he said
congrat well first of all tab l pavel DAC rests
who um who has said that he’s a troll before sent me four dollars in canadian
uh about four Canadian dollars so thank you to take time out
he says when moon and so he likes to say that a lot I mean whatever he just gave
him body so if you if you’re like if you’re trying to eat a troll but you’re
paying me whatever and then that should make us in five dollars American dollars
he says laugh all laugh out loud when Lambeau well mention is not a troll and
he’s awesome thank you for the five dollars when Lambeau well dude man I
spent watching your videos you’ve been working too hard it’s been snowing too
hard in Seattle for you so you got no benches like 50 so he could heal get his
Lambo before everybody else here his fun times because he’s got a different
timeline than a lot you know that a 23 year old guy you know he doesn’t have to
save as long as a 23 year old does so the event invention should if you’re 23
let me tell you something you better not have a Lambo before Ben she does you got
it you gotta hold on to your Bitcoin and least until the 2028 having if you’re 23
if you’re like 50 you’re on a different different timeline
watch some invention of engines videos he’s awesome
and he’s working really hard and I don’t I hope he can cut he’s got a plan I hope
he can comfortably he’s got some Bitcoin so he’s got a play on that comfortably
retire and I’m glad just have a plan people I value your wealth in Bitcoin
he’s still buying vehicle okay going back to RG Arden says congrats to
coinbase on the acquisition up things kind of
being joking around here Congrats Tacoma babe coin based on the acquisition of
chain analysis start-up neutrino fYI fYI the CEO Giancarlo Russo was ex CEO of
hacking team and he links to that who sold offensive intrusion and
surveillance capabilities to governments law enforcement agencies and
corporations so basically coinbase has bought a
company that can keep track of every single aspect of your cryptocurrency
purchases a coin analysis a chain analysis company so I mean coinbase
really wants to be the face book of a cryptocurrency so you don’t keep your
coins now if you’ve already purchased your coins well they’re gonna keep track
of you be aware be aware they’re gonna have some big capabilities and looks
like they’re going to go into some very interesting corners of the of the
cryptocurrency world again it’s a free market out there are they gonna offend
some customers if they know they’re spying on them and who knows probably
not I mean so many people you know go to Google and you know their their phones
are all jacked up with all sorts of apps that most people don’t care about being
spied on that’s just that’s just the way the world that’s unfortunate you should
care about that and you should be careful and it is it is troubling that
coinbase such a prominent company in the in the
ecosystem is clearly going direct if they purchase a chain analysis
company who had a seat in the CEO of that company has participated in
intrusion and surveillance capabilities for governments let speak for itself so
just an FYI there okay check out the links below and yes eventually bitcoin
will have second set layer solutions that will make it much more private and
there are currency cryptocurrencies out there that claim to be quite private and
again this is why there are going to be alt coins and again me talking about all
coins beforehand I am still a Bitcoin first or I still value my wealth in
Bitcoin I still only buy Bitcoin and I don’t you know but it’s just I we’re
gonna have to deal with it they’re going to be all coins in the future and they
and it will be a legitimate place to be a trillion dollar industry perhaps all
coins will be that and the bottom line is if all coins are a trillion dollar
industry that means Bitcoin will be a nine trillion dollar industry and we
should be happy about that we should be darn happy that bitcoin is a nine
trillion dollar market cap really I mean that which what a beautiful world
because again today on MIT on February in the nineteen twenty nine if you’re
watching this in the future it’s all a cryptocurrency the total
market cap is a hundred and thirty-five billion dollars right now it’ll be great
gonna look back on this video one day as again you can first one you pound that
like button and look back I disrupt meister I kind see old videos of mine
where I’m talking about Bitcoin being worth $400 those are fun videos to watch
especially when you know that you listened to what I said and you bought
Bitcoin cuz I know I listened to what I said and I bought pickle and it’s fun to
watch that stuff conviction I had it then I have it now I’ll always have it
strong hand alright and I’ve always been doing a video here
everyday well always is like I’ve been doing a new video here every day
god-willing all right so now I don’t like to put people up on pedestals but
you you might have heard this news we had Elon Musk on the latest episode of
arc invest podcast we have he we had a few things she had a few things said
about Bitcoin and they quote him paper money is going away and cryptocurrency
is a far better way to transfer value than pieces of paper well you know what
Eli’s a smart dude I agree paper money is going away government’s want to keep
track of people so they want their own digital currency so they can and most
people are 80 percenters and they would just let the government keep track of
them but and and cryptocurrency is far better a far better way to transfer
value than pieces of paper I agree with that
now Elon now the thing is yuan G could you all of a sudden just say yeah
bitcoins not the one I like pot coin instead I don’t know why he would say
pop coin well I did see that geo room anyway hey anybody remember pot coin
that was like a big thing back in 2016 pound that like button but so so it’s
hey I’m not putting I’m glad he said something nice about cryptocurrency but
a dude like that can all of a sudden one day be talking about popcorn or
something you never know what’s gonna come out of that guy’s mouth but he is a
smart man and I hope he gets a human being off of this planet in a major
major way we need private individuals with big dreams like that I’m a space
dude I hope that may be the first uh trillionaire on earth will be because
they’ll be because of crypto and they’ll uh pay for a space program to get us in
the clouds of Venus or on Europa or something like that and so you can list
I didn’t listen to the podcast yet I just I’m just saying I know people are
gonna be talking about that uh gamma CONUS tweeted this out oh this is good
he says this is very bullish for Bitcoin I don’t know if it’s very bullish but
it’s bullish for Bitcoin was these things were Illinois may tax private
retirement funds to pay public workers pensions
oh that’s lovely so you know all you guys you thought you had a private IRA
now your state government of yeah maybe Allen oi California New York what do all
those things have in common um maybe what are those progressive
states with huge welfare programs maybe they’re gonna steal their just go say
hey we’re gonna steal from your IRA now to fund the public workers pensions
because we promised all these of Public Works workers who never did anything in
their lives that we’re gonna keep paying them until they die even though they’re
not working now they never work so they never did anything useful like work do
they thought they were working but yeah that’s very bullish for big that’s
bullish for Bitcoin because people will learn the hard lesson oh man the
government my state government can take my IRA they can’t take my Bitcoin yeah
learn it live it love it baby IRA yeah yeah again IRAs gold people are
now still telling me about this stuff Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin that’s
my answer always I I saw a video today as is some guy talking about oh it’s
time to buy gold Yeah right alright yeah they’ve been saying that
every year watched Doug case he stayed in 1980 I mean there are many it’s funny
Doug hazy by golden 1980 said buy gold by Danny five 1995 last year whenever
always buy gold buy gold and then finally last year dr. Doug Casey also
turned into crypto too but he was talking about all such a nonsense crypto
is also its gold 2.0 and it’s it’s the gold thing it didn’t work out dudes move
on the this is it and yeah I’m just laughing about Doug Casey in 1980
Bitcoin or 1981 whatever it was there’s some video of him and talk about silver
also and it’s just hilarious because now there’s so many people that it had
become Bitcoin millionaires who were born after Doug Casey was talking about
anything with Doug he sees him he’s not perfect but he
sound money ELISA he’s he’s against government spending he’s against the but
he just you know the gold thing that dream didn’t come true
it’s it’s too it’s it’s too bulky you can’t you can’t ship it around this is
the perfection of gold bitcoin is the perfect everything they dreamed about
plus so much more all those gold books everything they dreamed about is Bitcoin
plus a lot more plus a lot more and this is the technological world
we’re in now we’re not in the Stone Age anymore
and yeah again we’ve got kids morning like 1990 1995 or a Bitcoin millionaires
now and are well on their way to becoming who knows a wealthy just keep
getting those Bitcoin dudes keep T start with one and two then four then ten a
hundred two hundred a thousand whatever and you can you can’t get there what’s
this Alec zip this dude I don’t know what this dude’s name is somewhat of
this this is a good story though someone just paid 20 100 etherium for
transaction fees that is over three hundred thousand dollars spent to
transfer $15 did they mistake the fee with sending value yes they did I assume
they did guys be very careful when you were sending any cryptocurrency just
look what you’re paying for the fee and look what you’re actually sending don’t
reverse the to this person did that and this is where the big boys play there
are no bailouts now again aetherium didn’t have a
bailout once before but you should expect for that to happen at all for
them to turn back to change for you all right so yeah it can happen and I’m glad
this was pointed out some all of us over twitter but learning experience on
twitter i can’t just you’ll be very slow when you’re sending whenever i’m moving
around bitcoin i’m take my time I’m very careful again you know the user
interfaces on some of these things could be easier they will be easier because
again we’re just at the beginning of all of this we’re at the point I talked
about 1998 Google there wasn’t even Google yet in 1998 I tell you yesterday
I was talking about uh how was scanning the gbtc guy how it’s it’s he it’s so
early they’re all these there are all these
people who want Institute want companies to hold their Bitcoin for them and
that’s just that’s just going to grow even we’re and that dude is doing so
well what is his darkness he was a very so
burnt Barry Silbert you know he’s doing real well as is and this industry is so
little right now like he could just become a tremendous it could be a
trillionaire as I said we’re so early in all this when again when they’re still
users or interfaces and people were messing up and sending the try use it
sending the feet the fee they’re snoozing is what they meant to send yeah
all right finally let’s talk be cash oh no be cash well I’m bringing this up
because well this is a rumor bit main had to liquidate some 500-thousand be
cash over q3 and q4 to cover losses no wonder be cash has tanked yeah no
wonder and but the thing is and the other bit main is still going to IPO
apparently so I mean they’ve admitted tremendous losses this part I don’t
think they’ve admitted but it’s a rumor and this guy seems to always be right
this is bt ste king 555 he’s got all this inside information on bit named for
some reason straight out of China and know if if they have if it may have to
give up like 500,000 bch and that crashed the price and its
and the price is still I mean it’s okay considering that they had a split also I
don’t know I don’t I can don’t but don’t get angry people but be cash probably is
gonna go up in value again I mean they’ve got a king king uh trolls
marketing them it’s it’s centralized they’ve made it they weather that storm
they got the Bitcoin name unfortunately some of you people use it with them they
pretend to be Bitcoin it’s just we’re gonna have a lot of newbies coming in
again in 2020 and 2021 it all play out it’s all cyclical they’ll but it
survived its it survived with them dumping five hundred five hundred K a
five hundred thousand be cash over q3 and q4 I mean there’s only seventeen
million out there so and again they they owns I think a million of them so if
they still own 500,000 from what I’ve heard who knows alright enough of that
but just uh don’t be shocked if you if the big cash trolls come out again and
start saying everybody makes a big coin flipping this that and the other because
they weather that storm and if he actually if for some reason the Hong
Kong stock exchange allows them to IPO well that I mean that’ll be good for be
cashed it also that’ll be good for all of cryptocurrency
to tell you the truth I mean love them or hate them if big name is able to get
on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and says that’s a big accomplishment for a
cryptocurrency related company it just is something well we’ll have to deal
with look on the bright side whatever so be cash will do well great that’s great
for them you like Bitcoin that’s awesome because it’s good the more the merrier
if cryptocurrency companies are successful get on stock exchanges IPO
that’s good for the whole space is good for Bitcoin to look it’s positive stuff
back be in motion don’t type trying to destroy don’t try
to destroy if you don’t like another coin just let it be let it be because
you believe in the rock if you believe in Bitcoin you don’t need to poke fun
and other coins try to destroy them I mean you should have the self confidence
it’s just like you as an individual if you believe in yourself you don’t need
to rippled someone else all right finally
we do have a super chat from guy Bennett he’s in 20 bucks Wow dude thank you very
much for that generous contribution I you’re a great supporter of the show
Pascal’s Bitcoin wager you should live as though bitcoin is the future and buy
Bitcoin Bitcoin does not work you have only you only have a finite loss some
fiat whereas you will receive infinite gains when Bitcoin moves oh man that’s a
really good way to end the show I agree I agree it is uh you know you just lost
a fiat if all that Bitcoin isn’t going to see your but a Bitcoin what’s his
area you love Sofia big deal you were gonna lose some fiat buying that
big-screen TV you’re buying that car you don’t need or gambling it in Vegas or
whatever you do buying her flowers and real lose it anyway so uh but on the
other side and I believe in that other side strongly oh my will you be so happy
that you have Bitcoin in the future because it will be quite a quite a
valuable asset all right i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe the channel ICTV oshiete so you check out
the links section below pound that like button bang that Bell button strong hand
and click on the squares you see out there yeah now my hair is falling down
it it wasn’t as good as it was yesterday I’ll see you guys in the chat bye bye


  1. Justbuy Bitcoin says:

    1,400% in one hour on potcoin . Made a nice 3 btc or so if I remember correctly💪🏽 those trading days were weird.

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    Hey Adam join our new product launching soon Hope to see you soon to explain details

  3. Matrix Dweller says:

    Bitcoin loses dominance every time we have a bull run it will never be at 90%… Also when people wake up to the fact bitcoin uses cryptography the best cryptographers in the world switched away from in 2016 it might not even remain number 1 by marketcap

  4. R James says:

    Yep! That trillion dollar analysis is quite possible!

    And those mining reward halvings keep getting closer……………….

  5. Roger 9000 says:

    Yeh man great show Adam !! Brilliant to look and think about how things are moving forward for bitcoin and for all of us !! Adam I’ve started intermittent fasting man ! It rockkks dude ! How often do you do it ? I’ll have to checkout the beyond Bitcoin show for when you talk about it next !! In motion man 🙏⚡️🙏

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    100% agree if you're 22 or 23 you should be holding until 2028

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    Does anybody think we are still going to see more bitcoin forks ie bcash?

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