1. Steven K says:

    That intro was so satisfying

  2. אלעד אלפסי says:

    i still thinks its imoral

  3. Arden Roy says:

    Taxes are re-appropriating most of the surplus value stolen from the workers in the first place by capitalists.

  4. Ronald Caughran says:

    Is tax evasion theft?

  5. Sahim Chowdhury says:

    This video is ridiculous. Communist

  6. GordonFreeman says:


  7. Shantanu Shinde says:

    Taxation is theft, then profit is theft as well. Costumers don't get to decide price of products based on cost of production, it's companies who decide it. Especially for basic amenities like health care, education, food, clothing, housing. So, you either pay them shit ton of money or die. You atleast get to vote on tax, you don't even get to vote on profits.

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