Taxation is Theft?

Taxation is Theft?

oh hey bamas I was just smelling the odor of the sweet sweet British paycheck now it’s pretty bland this one’s actually from a job I had about two years ago ah the sweet sweet memories steady income regular hours more than a man like me oh I’ve been stolen from fifty pounds stolen from me money liens rightly so but apparently I don’t get say I get spent what one election every five years whooping that that’s much of a turn around we’re gonna have thieves to come into our houses and steal our priceless possessions so why don’t we allow the federal government to do the same oh we don’t have a federal government in Britain you pose a twat maybe I can be able Sisson see it’s not really bad is it I mean it’s a lot less of this give me all you give me all the young money and I’ll give you mrs. pinky-winky [Music] that’s still fair buddy well if one person gets to steal from you is that better what about two five what if we gave every man a hamburger enough of does that give you the right say from myopic cake dude this is no civilizations developed tell us on how society right now develops itself it’s like that whole analogy you guys keep on doing with whoa who will pick the cotton move out the slaves and you compare that to Road seriously you’re comparing a systemic transport basis to a generalized commodity to be bought and sold many times over not the same thing there’s a very obvious reason why businesses prefer state-run roads the same way than industrialized economies prefer state-run schools is it really any coincidence the toll roads in this country began to disappear once people ISM getting to a close who even are you oh me oh I’m a rational Mouse so that makes me very busy Lewbert read the script you know it goes excuse me the state has been showcased to be incredibly inefficient a bureaucratic nightmare that can never innovate like the market can they waste too much money in doing so I mean have you seen the state’s attempts to be cool they couldn’t even make the Millennium Dome profitable way around the profits thing but apart from that it’s pretty much all Chicago School Taft so many of us have a distrust of the state sector these days it’s really no wonder because for the past 40 years men in black suits have been trying to convince the entire world that all of the private sector defects can be blamed on the state well actually quite surprisingly for a lot of us leftists as well the state sector is pretty damn efficient alone no I’m serious widespread free the point of view services benefit amazingly from economics of scale let me treat you this way imagine if you had 10 companies all competing in the market not to make you the best product but to win you over to them any cars are sauce them in order to do that you’ve got to come up with some soon as he designs some aesthetically pleasing logos some memorable tag lines before long you’re spending so much dough in marketing you’re not even interested in helping people just getting yourself seen how about if you got rid of all of that and you just had one removed from the market doesn’t need to compete sounds like on one more time in your hands for R&D that is investment not waste besides R&D is pretty much the definition of the market right now how come on is true that the private says he uses lots of R&D but the fact of the matter is just about every single piece of general purpose technology was first invented in the state sector yeah sure samsung may well have made this phone but who designed the battery that goes inside now why is the state sector so significant here time companies flocked new models of these out every year to keep the money train rolling and most importantly to keep faith with their shareholders it makes some flimsy crappy reliable to break GPT takes decades not years to bring it up to commercial satisfaction do you really think that shareholders are gonna bother investing you the tagline of coming this summer 20:47 look you’re really getting off topic here buddy yes okay businesses might want roads yes okay the market might not be as efficient as I first thought it was but the fact of the matter is taxes still aren’t moral fair enough it is hard to argue with the fact that my money is taken from me through the use of a warm think yeah but here’s the thing for the majority of us that is really really small in my last paycheck that was barely a twentieth of my monthly income and that’s not even tax tax if you look closely it’s just national insurance I know that it’s annoying don’t get me wrong but isn’t part of my brain would much rather spend that money on the latest triple-a release game or a bar of soap from lush but the fact of the matter is is that for this money you are getting a lot you’re getting a health service you’re getting an education firemen roads libraries Civic Society that’s where 50 quid then fuck me daddy I’m ready pointless here you got no semblance of basing your ideology or something so bloody and significant especially when most of us will be workers not owners now hold up I am no nor me I know full well that a lot of this money is going to be spent on corporal warfare IMF loans and bailouts I do recognize that I recognize that it is part of the system that we live in the system must be changed yes but unfortunately we’re not there yet and until then we have to hang on to what we’ve got whilst the very government I am living under is selling it off to the highest bidder Oh okay so very significant thing to base your entire ideology around but remains taxation these okay no no no taxation is theft at this point times they won’t really care about the views of a nine cap I mean I’m sorry but please come back let me ask about those properties of X i if I ordained if we read listen to natural law here baba through the common ownership of one sells for to himself you want a wibbly-wobbly philosophical answer well that we could do the positive and negative right shit if we really want we could do the Kant and moral hierarchies if we really give a shit I don’t think that most people do besides I think there’s probably better people who could do that job than me I think when all the dust has settled it comes down to the fact of taxes being negligible compared to what you defend what exploitative labor there’s no such thing as exploitation dude look if I pay someone to pick my Kiwis you remember their old paycheck of mine well I made about an average of thousand pounds a month now if we why do you keep leaving I’m in here Oh 1,000 pounds now an average day we made about fifteen hundred pounds were for goods generally there are about three people on the shop floor and each day divided by all of us that’s 500 pounds each now I’m gonna be super generous and say that only half of that total is profit that brings us up to a colossal daily average of two hundred and fifty pounds but I only saw 60 what’s going on you decided to take that job no I didn t be teething ass on this for a living I’m not denying the pattern it’s a very liberal estimate it is but I’m not interested in the amount of money that’s there I’m interested in the fact that I don’t get a say I don’t even get a vote best I can do is fuck my boss now if we drag this out over a month that’s over three thousand pounds I’m getting screwed and this this little number here is what we consider hey Chicago boys what good you can start your own business let me get the sign again on if everybody saved up my money and started why nobody’s gonna buy your cigars if they both quit smoking to sell you cigarettes by the way I wouldn’t stop there either I consider rent feft as well you know the amount of money we spend just existing in buildings and I think it costs half our paychecks to have our own personal washing machine fix it but it’s their property oh really yes if they were allowed to do that then nobody would be under find anywhere to rent and maybe if Jesus had been hanging we’d all be kneeling over a fucking give it what’s what we’re doing I think there’s a very specific reason why we call them American libertarians see if you’ve ever actually read anything written by Adam Smith you know the least not really the big pastiche that we all view Maz today I’m not saying he’s a left winger or anything it’s just well actually back then he totally was a left winger but yeah it doesn’t matter the fact of the matter is he was viewing capitalism as it was emerging in Britain at the time not just viewing it as great because but America has a very different tradition to us Anglos its entire founding was based on a certain systemic hatred of taxes and tea actually my boy never really was about the tea or the taxes see America just wanted to earn the slaves wholesale didn’t like the idea of old money it controlling the territory so they I let me throw all of those ideas into the melting pot of exceptionalism and capital you get all sorts of zany concepts like the self-made man the you turned addict and above all the cult of the founding fathers they’re not going to sleep with you I’m sorry so what of it is taxation theft yeah there’s no point basing your entire life around it I know the capitalism might seem like the general flow of life but it’s actually a very very recent system and at the heart of that system is exploitation something that just about every single one of us as a class find ourselves in the daily grind of and gain nothing from some might argue the taxation on business is a natural trade-off for they get from us I know that it’s really juicy to claim theft out of a by a be a salary when you first get into politics but we only view it that way because well it’s right there in front of us there isn’t a spare column that counts your total labor value we shouldn’t get pissed off with a penny scraped off the bow or compared to the huge overhead well guess she got me there been a circle is complete you know you are right it really is a very very American thing this whole taxation not good business doesn’t it rather well at least we know live in a socialist country like France [Laughter] sass one two three four percent for personas in one video Stan extended universe miss Ruth Bucky I’m late for the trends guy family some risk cancer no no no not doing it no no stop give me an opinion


  1. Steven K says:

    That intro was so satisfying

  2. אלעד אלפסי says:

    i still thinks its imoral

  3. Arden Roy says:

    Taxes are re-appropriating most of the surplus value stolen from the workers in the first place by capitalists.

  4. Ronald Caughran says:

    Is tax evasion theft?

  5. Sahim Chowdhury says:

    This video is ridiculous. Communist

  6. GordonFreeman says:


  7. Shantanu Shinde says:

    Taxation is theft, then profit is theft as well. Costumers don't get to decide price of products based on cost of production, it's companies who decide it. Especially for basic amenities like health care, education, food, clothing, housing. So, you either pay them shit ton of money or die. You atleast get to vote on tax, you don't even get to vote on profits.

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