yo yo-yo CPA strength here with another
video yeah it’s gonna be my best video yet yeah I always tried do everything
better this is gonna be tax tips for if first so you know a little something
about your tax return this is going to be you make four dollars a week your
filing status is single and you have no dependents so like a super simple basic
thing you’re like I don’t even know what to do okay I just got my w-2 it says I
made twenty thousand eight hundred dollars what do I do well you go I RS
gov you can find everything you need here on
all right poke around a little bit it’s touch the buttons what I do is I touch
every single button everywhere I go they just reformulated this so look I’m
looking for it form 1040 that’s what you’re gonna file they have a 1040a or
1040ez but it’s just smaller versions so I just do straight 1040 all 1040 for a
personal tax return this is what you’re gonna have to file if you’re a person so
if you listen to this you’re probably a person okay I mean I’m being sarcastic
yes you are well look this is the 1040 form that you would fill out you could
fill it out by hand and mail it in if you want I mean that’s the easiest thing
now now I wanted to show you there’s also a thing called a publication 17 and
that’s where you want to go to get the tax table which we’re gonna we’re gonna
I’m gonna show you later in the body of the the video so yeah this is the pub 17
and I mean you just know this on GP like I had no idea the pub 17 existed before
I started doing tax taxes tax returns but they do a new one every single year
and it’s like the the Bible for taxes I mean it’s straight from the horse’s
mouth from the IRS and it’s got hyperlinks to everything so when I’m
when I was bored I would just read this thing so I hope right everybody so here
we have a 1040 this is for 2016 but what are we’re gonna focus on could happen
for any year I just want you to know a little more than the average person
about the tax returns that they file every single year and
more than most people as anything so I’m not gonna really worry about too much
this top you just put your name social security at dress on here now you have
five filing statuses to choose from and each one there’s certain requirements or
whatever but we’re going with the basics because how can you do a more advanced
topic if you don’t know the basics so you know I love the basics we’re
sticking with the basics so we’re single that’s the filing status because it’s
just me it’s just myself that’s the exemptions I have so filing status
single exemptions just myself just one exemption I don’t have any dependents I
don’t take care of anybody yeah so so we have one exemption and our funds has two
single this’ll this’ll come to fruition on the second page now I wanted to make
this basic so I figured hey let’s take someone who has a job a 40-hour a week
job make ten dollars an hour which honestly is pretty decent I mean real
life I mean I’ve worked for $8 an hour in my 30s you know and before I got a
raise to $10 but anyways that’s besides point so if you make 400 ollars a week
on your w-2 you’re gonna get w-2 for 20 thousand eight hundred dollars see look
right here on line seven you take your attachment form w-2 so
that’s that’s where it goes as first little section here on the 1040 is your
income and that’s all the income that we have all the information that we need to
file a tax return is going to be on your w-2 and then to know how to do it the
IRS website so the IRS website and your w-2 is the only things you’re gonna need
well and of course to know what know what to do so 20,000 is a very basic tax
return so 20,000 $800 is how much we made that year now I’m not gonna bother
with any of this stuff these are above page front page deductions just gross
didn’t these are pretty rare if you just had a
w-2 one little job that’s all you did very basic you’re not gonna have any
adjustments here so really adjusted gross income is mostly just gross income
so that’s the same thing that’s the first page now I want you to notice just
see drastic growth in AGI it adjusted gross income is such a big number
excuse me I’m gonna push up in my chair sorry about that guys
the adjusted gross income is the bottom of the the bottom of the first page of
the 1040 top of the second page the same for the same number so it’s really a
huge number you know you’re gonna think it’s a big number they put it twice for
a reason all right so now we have twenty thousand eight hundred we’re gonna
subtract our deduction now we’re not gonna we’re not gonna itemize we’re just
gonna stand reduction what is it single sixty three hundred okay yeah we’re
single filing status so minus sixty three hundred leaves us with fourteen
thousand five hundred exemptions well how many exemptions did we have just one
just just just me just you one person one forty four thousand fifty so that
leaves us with the taxable taxable income of ten thousand four hundred and
fifty you know like okay so yeah so now we’re going to go to that tax table and
the pub 17 lets cut over to that yeah so how do we know the tax well we go to the
pub 17 we go to the tax table hyperlink over here this is the text this is the
tax table that you get so yeah I mean just read it line line 43 your taxable
income in what filing status you are so we’re single would we have ten thousand
four hundred and fifty so let’s look for see it has a fifty dollar fifty usually
a range here at least but less than so mm no worked worth 10,000 so let’s go
down to 10,000 here ah 10,000 450 right here look at that so 10,000 450 to
10,000 foot so that’s us right here this range that’s us right here so we owe
what is that one thousand one hundred and eight dollars one thousand one
hundred eight dollars is the tax we go alright so we’re back now we figured out
how to get the 11 oh wait I think I didn’t say that was the first slot lever
no wait there’s different ones it’s for the different filing statuses I forgot
to go over that but just just know because really you’ll be doing a tax
program or you know if you’re a tax program we’ll probably do this for you
but you could look in the tax table anyways so you owe your tax tax
liability you owe the government 1108 at this point now these are above line
credits where your tax liability can’t go lower than zero so you can have
negative liability so you could only zero out non refundable credits this is
what they call those here’s tigers or self-employment tax see we’ve already
figured everything out we don’t have that but that’s a huge one this is
fifteen percent on the back end this is really why I tell you to get an S Corp I
shouldn’t even have gone over that I’m trying to make this fast
now you’re like dude what I 11 thousand I love Oh eleven hundred and eight
dollars this year no you don’t look on your w-2 and it’s federal withholdings
and actually I mean nothing’s a secret here you can you can look on you know
like I said you make four hundred ollars a year so you’re gross your gross wages
is twenty thousand eight hundred for the year fifty two weeks
four hundred four hundred a year but that’s not what you take home because
you take home you – your taxes taxes being Medicare and Social Security
that’s seven point six five percent so if you make four hundred dollars that’s
about thirty dollars coming out of your paycheck
now I’ve I’ve said that the government took out a one thousand one hundred
eight dollars in federal withholdings every week which is really not gonna
happen in real life but for our purposes here because I want to show you you know
your tax liabilities 1108 but it depends on how much you’ve already given them on
your federal withholdings through the whole year that determines see your
total payments how much you’ve paid through the year here and here’s here’s
refundable credits but anyways you’ve paid one thousand one hundred eight
dollars through the year that’s about twenty a week – for thirty weeks of
taxes so you bring home three hundred and fifty so you know you have a job for
four hundred you have twenty dollars a week in federal income tax withheld and
then 30 in Social Security Medicare so you’re taking home 350 every week this
is what it would look look like come tax time you would actually zero out because
they say hey you owe us you we figured everything out and you owe us one
thousand one hundred eight dollars and you’re like oh okay that’s cool but hey
guess what I’ve given you one one thousand one hundred eight dollars
through the year so I I have zero I don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe
me anything so that is that is the tax return this
is a very very basic very basic tutorial or whatever I don’t know if is a
tutorial I just I just want you to know something about this which you know from
this is my going into my seventh tax season I realized that well III probably
a little skewed because I get the tax returns I do are obviously people who
don’t do it themselves so but it seems like people don’t know anything so they
wouldn’t they wouldn’t know if I’m doing a good job on their tax return or not
like they don’t know anything so how they could check it is beyond me so I
would like to see you just know some of the basics and that
way you know if you go some by all means if you have a simple one like simple
like this you’re single you just have one W two just try it yourself you know
I will just try yourself and if that seems too daunting you know
go to go to a professional tax preparer and you know but at least you can have
an idea of what the tax returns gonna come out to and which is more than
anybody else and let’s see you know I’ve worked for H&R Block for something like
this for a very simple simple tax return if it’s your first year they might do it
for free they might charge 40 50 bucks for this
now as a small tax preparer which I am I mean I have my own business I I I go
through a tax software company called pro series and I do a paid by a return
thing so this would cost me thirty dollars to print this out for a client
so I have to charge someone at least thirty dollars and you know so if you go
to a smaller place I would say this return could be I mean 75 to 100 dollars
you know just because they have to make some money anyways gosh I’ve talked way
too long oh my god I have I have some alerts from new after that’s app new
from Africa prison show that’s my favorite YouTube channel so I’m sorry
I’m gonna have to go anyways if you have questions please leave them down below
if you want to see me do a different scenario trying to make videos that help people
that’s what I’m trying to do here that is my main objective in making these
videos is helping the most amount of people because it makes me feel really
good to help people and you know what I’m gonna see you guys
tomorrow you guys have a great but whatever if you’re because I have fans
from across the world like when I when I upload at 8 a.m. I got I got this guy
saying oh he watches my video before he goes to bed at midnight so I’m like oh
my god so whenever you’re listening to this
watching this just man let’s let’s enjoy this life all right until tomorrow


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