Swayamvaram Telugu Full Movie

Swayamvaram Telugu Full Movie

Is water over? Beer is available.
Would you drink it? Is it Boost that I should
drink it in time and again? Let us go. There is School.
We can have a drink. Let us go. Go and drink water.
What a beauty. Sorry. Where are you?
– Here. Being a housewife.. ..she should know the
chores to be taken up. Just now breakfast is over. Instead of cleaning the dining
table you should have.. ..thought of helping your husband
in searching for the tie. I do not understand, buying them
for hundreds of rupees. ..and searching for the cloth
pieces if they are not found. Instead, I will give a piece
from my old sari for today. You may tie it and go. Had it been in your hands.. ..you would have made me wear an old
sari. What do you think of me? You want to remove me out
like a betel leaf from Upma. ln Upma we use curry
leaf and not betel leaf. If it is not curry leaf
use spinach. Do not talk rubbish. Answer my question first.
Sorry for the disturbance brother-in-law. Sister, is soda available? There is Phenyl in the bathroom. You will die in your drink. When two persons are quarrelling, ..do you not have the common
sense not to disturb. I have never considered both
of you as human beings.. ..as godly persons who gave shelter. Although inebriated, you
do not forget sentiment. Leave it, brother-in-law,
I am in urgent need of a half-peg. Else, the brain does not work. Catch. Son-in-law. Leave something for the spirit. You are no less in talking. – do not
know how to stitch buttons. It is all right. It is time for office. Get me a cup of coffee. Coffee is not available.
I will get you tea. What? Again a quarrel? You are asking me again.
Maybe India and Pakistan.. ..may stop, but not my
sister and your father. It is a rule. Okay, you get me the tea. What is it? You are making signs
like Sunday afternoon news. Do you ask us to clear your way? Go. It is us only. Why are you
looking like a TV serial? Get me the tea. – Why you shout?, I will bring. For marrying you I should be
slapped with my slippers. Shall I get it for you?
– What? – Tea I thought otherwise. Oh God! I do not know what moment
my father named me, Anand Rao. But I did not have any happiness. To whom should I complain? The moment you see a gal.. How do you expect them to
respond if you start talking. I know her. I too know Aiswarya Rai, but
they should know us. The other day, I met her at
the water tap. She is the same girl. The friendships at water taps
and milk booths are not useful. He is dying with shame.
You please go. I am sorry. I thought there
is no one. I am extremely sorry. It is okay. Showing your speed. I tapped.
Really thinking that nobody is in. I do not feel anything. Then, you do not feel anything?
– No Really, you did not feel?
– No. Take an oath on God. Going without taking any oath. If
you do not believe in God.. ..you can take an oath on me. What, uncle? This baby is
leaving without any purchase. Did she not like the shop? She did not like the
Trial room. – Poor girl. Coffee! Again to the club? No to the Pub
– Pub is better than the club. If you go there, you will
sleep after.. ..playing tennis and the result
will be suffering from body pains and.. you’ll be unable to
either sit or stand through.. ..out the night
and spoiling our sleep. Why this unnecessary fatigue? This is not fatigue,
but my feelings. ..to purchase that house, raze it. And build a Tennis Court.. ..to bring a player and I
would like to compete with him. That is the reason for this practice. Where is the coffee? There it is. Where? Why do you think
about my tennis? Keep your sari shoulder-pin correct.
I will make a move. Brother! Brother! Did you
see the paper? Potato 1 Kg, 25 Rs,
40 Rs are gram pulses.. ..are equal to cashew. I am
unable to believe it, brother. Is it true? – Yes. It is better if you go and find
the exact price in the market. Okay, brother. Where are you going? I am going to find out the
prices in the market. Is that why you are leaving? Call for the Fire Brigade. Yes. We have
that facility here, too. I will go. Tiffin is ready for you. Did I not take my Tiffin?
– Yes. Proceed. Come Bose! Please come.
– Did you not go to office today? Did you not buy your clothes? No, daddy.
– Hi – Hi You did not like the clothes?
– I liked them. Then, why did not you buy? – Perhaps
she forgot the purse, Uncle! What, Did you forgot the purse?
– She has taken the purse.. ..but forgot to
keep money in it. Daddy, please do not tease
me for some time. Okay, daughter. It seems she is not
in mood. Come, we will take Tiffin.
At least, take an Idly. At least take a cup of coffee. It is all right, uncle.
I have just taken some. Tell me. Why did you come?
And why are you going? I wanted to give this cassette. What is it? Evening ragas of Hari Prasad Chaurasia These ragas and Talas
are Anu’s subject. I too brought it for Anu. Then, give it to her, Bose. Cannot give her.
Her mood is not too good. Then, I will give her. You may go.
– Okay, uncle. See you. In these days boys
are ready to give love letter to a girl.. He is hesitating to give a small cassette. This boy must
be a very sensible one. But I feel he is too timid. Sir, parking bill. How much?
– Five rupees. Five rupees? Sir, is the car not yours? It is ours. Take the money. Take the bill, sir.
– Give it to our driver. Sir, what do you want?
– Paper Onion Dosa Available, sir. Utappam? Available, sir.
– Ice-cream – Available, sir. Cake. – Yes. Bring one single Tea. One single Tea. Greetings! Catch him, catch him!
Thief! He is escaping. What is this? Nobody is following.
Did I run so fast? May be I am the cousin of PT. Usha.. ..and nothing fails when
one makes an attempt. One.. Two.. Three.. Four..
Only forth? That means.. ..after having one tea and
paying 100, I brought only 40!? Sir, please give me
the balance of 57 rupees. I will ask the servers to
thrash you if you ask again. Keep that 7 and at least
give me 50 rupees. What, man? You are asking as if you
have saved money in a Bank. You should have thought of these
things while robbing the cash counter. What happened? He has taken away money from
cash counter and escaped. This is my first theft. I made
a mistake due to inexperience. At least give me twenty five rupees. Bargaining with them after
robbing the cash counter. When you are prepared to
rob you should have robbed.. ..after giving five or ten? Why
did you give a hundred. I decided to give five only,
but car parking fellow took it. Did you ever steal a car before this? When I got down from the
car like its owner.. ..the parking attendant asked I
have given the change. You are still in the apprentice
stage as far as robbery is concerned. I too thought the same way.
But who are you? Do you know Charles Sobhraj? How can anybody not know him?
He is the Guru of our clan. Do you know his Guru? – I do not
know, Sir – He is the one. Even now, he phones
and clears his doubts. When I saw you I felt it. Bless me May all good happen to you.. Not with this hand,
with the other hand. Again and again
– Let us go. Stop. Is it the way to ask for lift? Do you expect one to come
with a knife and ask? Learn to talk with some respect. Come on, Babu. Put on a song. What is this? Sit properly. Why? Is it not comfortable?
Buy a big car. You can board a lorry coming
from behind! Get down. Am I to get down really? Look.
The house is 10 kilometres away. I will be tired if I walk. Either the tie or the shoe lace.. ..You can catch anything that
is within your reach. To get our work done is important. Do not you feel what others think?
When will you change? I will not change, unless
I am bored of myself. What if others get bored of
you in the meanwhile? Bose, it’s my life. I live for
myself. I do not change my methods
either for our neighbours.. ..or somebody on the street corner
or a distant relative. If so, nobody may
like you in the end. Why? Do you not like me? We
move together from school. Till now there is no problem.
You have a lighter? Move aside. Where to? Till we meet a beautiful
girl walking alone. Great fellow you are! So early in the morning to the
temple? – It is Friday today. Are you required to come
till here to know this? You will know if you see the calendar. There will be beautiful damsels
on each and every step today. If something goes wrong.. ..A six-foot cot also will be ready
in the hospital. This fellow is irritating. Give him a couple of blows. Thank you. Do you come
to the temple every week? We come every day. – Oh! Did you park? I will walk around
the temple and come. – Okay. Oh, madam. You did not take
the oath on that day. From that time onwards I
am mentally agitated. The clothes that you left
I bought for you. Of course, I gave it to my maid
because I did not have your address Madam, do not look like
a lady villain? Please tell me if your
anger has not gone away. I do not have any anger on you.
please do not make any nuisance. Then, please swear on me. Is it a must? Yes! What did she say? She expressed regret for
Becoming angry. She gave me sweet also. Does giving sweet make such a sound? That sound is from the temple bells. You know very well about the
sound since you alone ate it. Ate what? Prasad. Did you not take Tiffin? Then, I will move.
– So soon? You have been eating
grass for half an hour. It does not look nice. You have a car. Stay
for some time, then go. There is the car. But car
driver’s wife may go away. What happened? She is suffering from cancer.. Oh poor lady. You have seen her? I asked. But she did not
want to show. Shall I go? Before I go, why
do you not give me a.. ..final touch. All those after marriage. Then, your husband may not agree. It is doubtful. I will wait in
this place tomorrow evening. Prabhu, do not bring the driver. – Ok. Shall we start? I am the driver and
you are the owner. Me!? Owner! I am not suitable
even to be a cleaner. You accept, okay? Hey sorry, Biryani finishes. What? What are you doing? I am afraid. The other day
you slapped me like Jhansi Laxmi Bai. Why, what happened to your bravery? I am sorry, do not do anything please. You do not know what to do? ln the temple you have to join hands.
Places like this are for kisses. Do you think that this a door
bell in your house for the.. ..doors to open at a push? Knowing that you are in the lift,
I have asked for removal of the fuse. My people are around the building. The lift will not move until
I give the green signal. In the meanwhile I can touch
you or kiss you.. ..and may be tempted
to do anything I will bow down. Please
do not do anything. Then, you accept that all
you have done are mistakes? Whatever I have done are mistakes. Slap yourself with the hands.
You slapped me more vigorously. Say Venu is the best. Venu is the best. Venu is great. Venu is great. – That is good. I have said everything
What you wanted me to say. Please give the signal to your people
and ask them to move the lift The lift does not move if we ask. It will move when the power comes. That means, you did
not stop the lift? Is it necessary to plan and stop
the lift to frighten you? The power was out at the
time and I just played a game. Bloody idiot ‘Are you the picture of my heart?’ ‘Are you the sculptor of Ellora? ‘ ‘I bow to your lips which are
filled with sweet poison.’ ‘Everyone will become your slave
after seeing your figure.’ ‘I lose my sense upon breathing the breeze
that has touched your intoxicating body.’ ‘The one who can see you
without fear is only the moon.’ ‘The words that emanate from your
lips, are like someone boon.’ ‘You are fully decked up
like a heavenly maiden.’ Shall I bathe you with
flowers and jewels?’ ‘Shall I break my silence
after seeing you?’ ‘My youth is waiting for you.’ ‘How should I make you believe me?’ ‘From where you are coming,
O heavenly maiden?’ ‘My heart beats are not in
my control after seeing you.’ ‘I cannot live without seeing you.’ ‘Why do not you speak
after listening to me?’ ‘Will you love me?’ ‘Shall I describe your
beauty to everyone?’ ‘Shall we sing and play
games in the garden?’ ‘And the world will bless
us to live together.’ ‘Your beauty is like the
lightening of the sky.’ ‘How can my wish be
fulfilled without you?’ It is 11 in the night and he
has not reached home so far! Where is he roaming? I do not know where he was roaming
till now but now.. ..he is in the house. Please move. I do not believe what you say. I too will not repeat what
I have already told. Okay. If he is in the house
as you say, I will decide.. ..about him this way
or that. – Is it? Without knowing that you are
reading Bhagavad Gita, I was.. ..prepared to give you right and
left. Sorry.. Good night. Sorry, Ghantasala sir! What! You do not knock the
door before opening it? Are you already high? Even the ribbon is not cut.
Then how can I be high? How is it you came here?
– To give company to you. Company for me? You can as well say that you came
here as you do not have company. Uncle, I have a doubt for
a long time. Tell me how you can
drink without company? There is a mischievous background
behind this lonely drinking. What? Immediately after my love
marriage with your aunt.. ..one night, I asked your aunt
to give company to me. Did she give you company? Yes, she gave me a divorce. That is why, from then on, I never
ask for company. Cheers! – Cheers! The moment to drink does not
seem to be good. Whom do you want? Is my brother-in-law Subramanyam
there? – No. Or is drunkard Subbi there?
– Yes. Stop your jokes. What are you doing? You know what I do in the
night. Why are you here? I too know that. Get in. Brother-in-law, please
do not go there. Why?
– The planets are not favourable. Planets? For drinking?
Very sad! Whose glass is this? Mine. – That one.
-That too is mine Does it mean you are playing
doubles? Are you drinking raw? No, I mixed soda. What have you mixed? When he wanted a strong drink,
I mixed less soda. Who is that? Me, myself, your brother.
Thinking that this may not.. ..give a kick, I fixed a stronger
one and kept in there for safety. It smells bad. Mix soda Where is the opener? I kept here only. Do not make a sound.
My son is sleeping. No, he is standing. Do not talk like a drunkard. He is
sleeping in his room downstairs. What do you know about him? He is a gem.. Diamond.. Topaz. You have made such a good
impression on Venu.. ..I do not know that brother-in-law. Do you know the image our
boy has in public? You know he studied his
degree for three years. Yes. During the three years he
had been to college on only.. ..one day. That too, when the
principal phoned and asked ..me to send him to college
only for once to take a.. ..photograph with him and
sent him back. I sent him. Thus, he went for only one day
and failed in four subjects. Is it true Brother-in-Law? Had it been someone else, he would
have failed in totally. Had it been someone else, he would
have had a new girlfriend everyday.. ..but he has only one
girlfriend every year. It looks I am a bit high but my son
is a man of principles. Thanks. How many persons are there still? There are ten people there. I cannot do it. Leave me. Not possible, sir. Father is
sitting outside without.. ..moving anywhere till evening, You’ve been asked to listen to the
songs of all and select a good singer. It does not stop.. It does not sing.
If it stops.. It will not move It will not stop you will
have to stop it. Next. – I did not come to
sing a routine song. Then? – I have a remix..
Just like Ushashri Ramayan and ..MS. Ramarao Sundarakanda.. ..the name is Perraju Ramayan. If you kindly give
time I will prove my talent. After hearing your voice, we
feel it is tolerable. Please start. Once upon a time there was
a king called Dasaratha.. ..who ruled Ayodhya. He had three wives, four sons
and a hundred servants.. Proceed. Afterwards, Rama married Sita. And then his misfortune
took him to the forest. While going in the forests with
brother Lakshmana he.. ..happened to see a flower. Immediately he plucked the flower.
It is a rose flower! O Rose flower.. ..You are blossoming
with passing day. While singing and dancing,
his foot hit a stone.. The stone changed into a woman.
That is our Ahalya. Although it was a stone till
yesterday .. ..the curse was removed
because of you and.. ..by the time the song
was over, she disappeared. Thus, the flowers gathered
by Rama were sold by Sita.. ..and they were happy. One fine day, when Rama
was not there, Ravana came singing. I am not a hero but I am a
villain and abducted Sita Come here. Bend. What! Is the battery down? Do not remind me of the past. I cannot tolerate songs
right from morning. I get body ache listening to them.
My health is deteriorating. For headache, body ache, and
heart pains use Amritanjan. It gives relief in a jiffy. Who? I myself?
– No, my pain. Do not talk of advertisements.
Come to the program. – Directly. It is nothing. There is a
girl whom I know. – Girl? Yes! Girl. She sings well. If you can give a chance in
your company.. What is this? Although my size is bigger,
my stamina is less. Please do not play with my life. She is a graduate in music. The other fellow who came
in the morning was a post graduate. Venu, please. Why so much interest in
that girl? – Her voice is good. Is it only her voice
or anything else? Keep quiet. Since how long?
Are you going to bathroom. I love her since one year What is her age?
– Eighteen. What is the size? Size of shoes! I do not know. That means you haven’t
told her of your love. What is this? You are going
while we are talking. Bring her to Golconda
hotel Tomorrow. I will see your taste. Yes uncle, when I said Anu sings.. He behaved as if he prostrated before me
– Is it true? Bose does not have the talent
for lying. Yes, as parents, for us
it is all right when she sings.. ..but what about the listeners? Our duty is to only sing. You said the correct thing. It
is the fate of the listeners. My daughter does not sing so badly
that the audiences fall sick. What uncle says is that we have no
problem even if they revolt. You have understood me. Shall we make a move?
– Yes. – Bye. Go and return safely. Do you have any need for it? We do not need it or
even you now. Come on. How is this dress? Bose, I only asked
you about the dress. The hair is good as it
is or a pony tail? You are beautiful in whichever
style you are. – What? You are all right in which
ever style you are. We are meeting the company
owner for the first time. It is not possible
for me to be cool. Do not have such feelings.
He is decent. Please hold this. I have to
tie the lace. Thank you. He gives special respect to ladies. I am sorry.
I thought it was my friend. Thank you. Same to you In one word he is
a perfect gentleman. Beautiful. My tension is reduced as
I listen to you. It will entirely go
away when you see him. Good Morning, sir, we have
a special breakfast offer. Are you from Andhra Pradesh?
– Pardon, sir. You belong to this state?
– Yes, sir. Then we can speak in Telugu
happily. It is great, sir. It is Tea. Do not bring sugar,
milk, and brew separately.. Mix and bring it, okay? Do not feel any tension.
I am here. Hello! You go and sit at table fourteen.
– Okay. Excuse me which is
Table number fourteen? Thank you. Hi! I have reserved this table. I am sorry. You take it. No jokes. First get up from here. Not possible. Steward! You divide that tea into two. Stupid. Yes asked for the table? Take it. Why are you leaving? When did you come? Just now, where is the
girl you talked about? Here is she. Is she the Lata Mangeshkar you said?
– Is he the Gulshan Kumar? Do not talk to me unnecessarily. I am not talking to you. It is better to sing on a platform rather
than to sing for this company. You sure are fit for that. Okay, okay. Anu, sit down for
a minute. You come this way. What had happened? You may not know she is only
suitable for fights, not for singing. That means you know her previously! No flash backs. If she sings our company
will have to be auctioned I said at her house, that I will
make her another P. Susheela What can I do? Do not say that. Give her a chance to sing
in your company. Tomorrow, you bring her to the
studios. My father will look
into that. – Thank you! Do not tell me anything. What is the wrong
if you go and sing? He does not like even if I sing. I too, thought that. At the
time of fixing the alliances.. ..your father liked it when I sang. Later, I came to know of the taste. Bose, it is not possible for
Anu to sing. To keep your word
I will come and sing. Did they tie up their dog? I do not know, brother. Go, check and come back. Okay, brother. In the house of my brother
we have this facility. – My fate! Who is he to like or dislike,
Uncle? His father is the
MD. of the company. Just like Rajanala was the son
of SVR in some picture. His father may be a hero even
if he is a villain. It is not a mistake to try. After
hearing your voice there.. ..Will not be any problem
from him. I say accept it. Whom do you want to meet, sir?
– Is Venu there? He who is tall like a TV Tower. I have an urgent work. I will come and meet after the recording.
– I too will come. Nothing to worry. Carry
On. Bye! This way. Engineer sahib, the equipment
in our theatre is very costly.. ..they are imported, from
where will we afford the maintenance? She is Anu, I had told
you. – Greetings Sir! Greetings! God bless you.
Best of Luck! ‘Shall I tell you clearly?’ ‘Shall I tell you the feeling
which is hidden in my heart?’ ‘Shall I tell you about
the meeting of my eyes?’ ‘Shall I tell you clearly, O beloved?’ ‘I am like the lightening
which departs from.. ..the sky when it rains and
when it feels lonely.’ ‘The dreams and the feelings
which I am unable to express..’ ‘Shall I tell it to you now?’ ‘My eyes started seeing the dreams.’ ‘And my silent lips started
to express the feelings.’ ‘That minute is important to me.’ ‘I am unable to express
the feeling of my heart.’ ‘Shall I tell it to you now?’ What is your size, sir? Seven and a half. – No eight Hey Lord Krishna, you were
stealing while you were a child. With your inspiration
I became a thief. I was caught as if in
an encounter, when I put my.. ..hand in a cash counter but
this time I succeeded. Bless me that my start with
stealing shoes grows into billions. I take your leave. My shoes!
Somebody has stolen my shoes. Hey, Nanda Gopala. Did you call me? Not you, you may go. Killed me.. What is that howl? If the brake was delayed for a
second, I would have cried ‘Ma’. There is a difference between
your howl and mine. Why is your howl so great?
– In my howl there is agony, sir. What happened? I have stolen a pair of new shoes with
much difficulty and left my old shoes. If you have stolen them, then
why do you howl? Wear them. Where are they to wear? When I went into the temple and
returned after prayer. Somebody has knocked off
the shoes. You should have kept your
stolen shoes under your arm. If you exhibit them openly, like in an
exhibition. Who will keep quiet? It is all right. You can cry leisurely in the evening.
First sit in the vehicle. – Where? You will not sit unless I tell you. No, sir. I asked out of
affection as a co-thief. Let us go. One minute. I will be right back. Where are you going? When you see so many
wallets and chains you.. ..ask me where? If you go a bit forward.. You will also find rods and hand-cuffs. – Sir. ..I do not have the habit
of standing in the queue. That is why I brought you. Go and bring five
tickets of rupees 30. Five tickets! You have taken
five tickets. Do you want to sell the remaining
three tickets in the black? No, our people are coming. You are maintaining a group? Why this delay? It might be his own auto.
He brought it slowly. The meter shows fifty. You give. I would have been sleeping
after a drink if I had that 50. I would not have come to the picture. Do you have the money? I did not bring any money thinking
that you would bring it. When you do not have money
you should have come by bus. He will ask money immediately
after boarding. Why do not you have the money? Why would we have so
much discussion if we had? How much do you need to be paid?
– Fifty. How much do you need, sir?
– Fifty. If you give me five minutes,
I will pick someone pocket. Do not get excited. No problem. Excuse me, uncle.
You have change for a hundred? I have two fifties. One is enough. Thank you. I will give the second fifty,
if you give me the hundred. Uncle, I have asked
you for a hundred. I did not say that
I have the hundred. If you want your fifty you
please come here at the same.. ..time tomorrow wearing the same
shirt and he will give you. Sir, you are Thief of Thieves. The title is good. Sell
it to cinema people. I think he is not going to come. Please wait for a few more minutes. She is my friend, Bhavana. Why are you laughing like that? Did you phone my house
in the afternoon? – Yes You should have told your name. I thought some ex fans might have
called and came by managing. Which tooth paste you uses? Why? What is that smile like an ad-model. Do not worry, Venu. We forget
so many things in life. Forgetting to zip up is not
a crime. I am sorry. Why did you phone? I have told you. She is Bhavana.
She sings very well. Is that so? Thinking that you may give an opportunity
to her in your company as you given to me. Are there any other singers? You will have to simply agree. There are so many
singers in our street , Venu. I see. Excuse me. I have
to talk personally to Anu. Do I look like a broker to you? Are you not? Sorry, sorry.
I will take the bill. Venu, next time when you
are coming out, do not.. ..forget to zip up. – You! Where is Anu? She is not coming.
She is suffering from headache. Oh, I see! Hi, Venu! Oh, hi. What is this? Bose said you are having headache
and will not be coming ? Nothing, really. I will not
be free if I come with him. That is why I avoided it.
When did you come? I remembered some urgent work.
I will go. Bye Bose. What happened Venu? Why did you leave so suddenly? Do you really not know why
I came? Why women behave so diplomatically? Do you think he is a fool to go
round you for the last one year.. ..come to your house and laugh at
your father uncouth jokes? He loves you. Anu, he loves you. Really, I do not know that.
He never told me. Has he to open his mouth and
tell you? If a man goes around you for
one year, his searching eyes.. ..tell his feelings for you. Not that. Do not tell me stories. I
know about women very well. If somebody is going around
them even though they do not like.. ..they make go around them for
years without telling the fact.. And when they find a suitable
boyfriend or husband.. ..they call him and say ‘sorry’, I never feel like that. You
are only my friend. Some may even go a bit farther
and call him ‘brother’. Why, the first day when you
came to know that he likes.. ..you, you could have called him
and said that I do not .. ..have any interest in you, he
would not have wasted his time. How can I say that, Venu? During all these days
you moved with him.. ..Did you not find one minute
to tell him of your feelings? What is your problem? As freely and as openly I talk to you.. .. I never talked with Bose. Hello, what is this? Bring that camphor for Aarti,
Venu. Fix them quickly I am trying. Why are you late?
Go quickly – Going aunt. What Sister, the whole house
looks like a marriage hall. Is this to commemorate
the silver jubilee of the.. ..truce between you
and brother-in-law? It is auspicious Friday today. Wives pray for the longevity and
welfare of their husbands. Why longevity? To get variety
of abuses from their wives? I will kill you if you
talk like a madman. – Sorry. Listen. Now, I am telling you,
I will get you beaten up and.. ..buried there if you start
asking me during my worship.. ..’Sister, is soda available’ I stopped drinking from the night
when the stock was over. I swear on it. Oh Housewife, I am famished. Is there any tiffin to be served? Let alone Tiffin, even coffee will not
be given till the worship is over. Did you hear! They do fasts
or worships for husbands.. ..but they do not provide so
much of Tiffin for him. What sort of ritual is this? Do not ask me these things
when I have a hangover. How much did you
drink last night? There is no use of talking
about the past drinks and.. ..thrown away bottles.. Whatever advice you want you lend a peg now.. ..And I will repay two in the night. Do you think I am running a
”spirit shop” just like a 24.. ..hour milk centre to supply
you drinks whenever you want? Do not talk foolishly. No use here. I will search
for an old bottle and.. ..get a peg of drink. Son-in-law, it is you.
– ‘ No, it is my duplicate. Who do not usually wake up
until afternoon. I was a bit rattled to see you. What you are disturbing him? As if he is making a big bomb
and we are disturbing him. You read your paper. Daddy, I have to go very urgently. You please get them fixed
with the help of uncle. This idea is good. I am coming. If I am in Hyderabad, you are
in Secunderabad, how can I tie? Who asked you to tie? If you
bend down.. ..father will stand on you and tie.
Bend down. He does not get a girl but
all queens he get in cards.. May be an important phone call. If it is so important, they
will send a telegram. Why did you disconnect the phone? I am in a meeting
with distributors. I have to talk urgently with you. What is the urgency? Talk
leisurely. Immediately you come to park. I am coming in ten minutes.
– Okay. What is that? Ace of Spades! We, too, know that much. Just asking how many aces you play. Hello. I am coming. This
is the last round. What is round? Are
you playing cards? Cards? Me? I do not know the
number of cards in a pack. I swear I am allergic to cards. If there are card players I keep
a minimum distance of 10 miles. Just like some people
are allergic to me. What card did you drop last time? King of Spades. What, Anu. You have disconnected
the phone in the middle. To avoid your feeling that I am
playing cards .. ..I told you that I am in
a distributors meeting. You need not have to
feel so much for that. Do not talk as if I have
committed a great sin. .. Is playing cards a mistake?
I have played. I have played rummy. And the
card I dropped was King of spades. Okay. I am sorry. Your
anger did not recede. Tell me, what am I supposed to do? What can you do?
Go and play cards again. If I were to play like that
I would not have come here. I left the game for you with
a drop in the middle. Anu. Please also see about others,
not only about you. Did you think of me? I am waiting for you since morning
without taking any food. There you are playing
cards and scolding me. Have you not taken food? Why? Was food not prepared at home?
Whether gas is exhausted? Whether, by chance, your mummy has
cooked instead of your daddy? Sorry, I do not make jokes.
I ask seriously? Why did you not take your food? It is auspiciousFriday. Tomorrow is Saturday. Day
after Sunday. So what? My mother also did
not take food. – Why? She wanted to take food with
daddy in the evening. I see. My aunt has also not taken food.
– What is her problem? She wanted to eat along
with our uncle. They why you did not eat? I wanted to eat along with you? What? Repeat it. Do you like me?
You like me so much? ‘My heartbeats have started to
sing songs of you.’ ‘New feelings are taking
birth in my heart.’ ‘You are the swan of the sky.’ ‘I am the cloud which
melts when you fly.’ ‘You are like rain. You spread
your love like a rain. ‘ ‘Come to me like lightening.’ ‘You look like a king of my heart. ‘ ‘And it looks like you are
waiting for me in the Chariot.’ ‘Are you the statuette
which stays alone?’ ‘Are you the golden flower
of the Lord Brahma?’ ‘I am your love,
just like a dewdrops.’ ‘Let us make our
love as a sweet poison. ‘Are you the king of victory?’ ‘Are you the naughty moon who
plays the hide and seek with us.’ ‘My heart is not in my control
after seeing your beauty.’ ‘Your entire body tastes so sweet!’ ‘That is why I accepted
you as my life.’ Why did you asked me to
come urgently? What happened? I have to talk with you
about an important matter. What? I do not know how to say. Do not worry. Say it
in Telugu. Sorry. There is a girl. Girl.. Venu.. Is it not Anu? It is Anu. No. You are joking. Anu has told me clearly I am sorry. It is really painful to tell you
this but you loved her one-sidedly. It is better to realize that she
do not have any feeling on you. When she said loves me, I thought about you. To keep this within me thinking
I am making a sacrifice and.. ..causing pain to both of you, I feel
it is unnecessary. When you love Anu, Anu loves
me and although I love Anu .. ..and if for your sake I act as
if I do not love her and take.. ..photographs with you smiling.
I cannot do this sort of triangle love. That is why, whatever it is I
told you.. ..I am ready to bear whatever
your reaction is. Thank you very much. I like the
sincerity you have for our friendship. When you told me the first
time that Anu loves you. I liked very much. Had you hidden this
thinking that it would hurt me. It would have been
fooling me in a way. You did not do that and
I like this very much. Bose, are you feeling bad? No. No heart feelings. What is the use of loving a girl for
years who does not love me? But one thing, Anu is a
very good girl. Best of luck. Anu, I would like to see you. At this time? I do not have the discipline to
love by looking at the time. No, Venu. Please. It depends on my mood. No, Venu. Please I am not listening to you.
I am coming. Even when I say no you still
come at midnight.. ..crossing the wall like a robber. How did you manage to come?
Why do you not talk? You are hiding there? Look. Did you plan
to rob this house? Sorry, sir. I came without
knowing it is your area. How did you come in?
– This way. Did you take away anything? Yes. I have robbed the watch.
Please take. Move now. How did you get in, sir? Tell madam not to
think otherwise. I will move. Why did you come?
– Do not you know? Please go. Shall I really go? – Please
do not look like that. What if I look? I will tell father that
you were teasing me Tell him, Please, Venu. Please go
Away. Please.. Please. Are you afraid?
Are you feeling shy? Daddy has come, please go away. I will telephone you tomorrow. What is his name?
– Who, daddy? The person who is coming to
our house. Your boyfriend. How far has he studied?
– BA. Has he completed
or left it unfinished? No, dad. He is a full graduate. Why did he not do P.G? Or
is he employed anywhere? No, daddy. That means Air force. Timely
eating and roaming in the air. Does he really play tennis? He is a good player, daddy. I allowed him to come here
because I like his hobby. He has come. Hi.
– Why are you late? Car trouble? I am late.
– Please come. Why he came in pants instead
of shorts if he plays tennis? May be wearing them inside. I remember to have seen
this face somewhere. Daddy, Venu Uncle! Here is your fifty. Mummy, Venu. She is my aunt. Come, sit down I am Vasu. Husband of her aunt. Nice meeting you.
– Thank you. Shall we take coffee, son. We will go directly for lunch. Oh! He is too fast. Aunt! Chicken curry is superb.
– Is that true, Venu? I swear upon uncle. Whatever I do your uncle
does not relish it. At least you appreciated it. One should have a taste to
appreciate great things, aunt. Sister, please help me with
that chutney I am giving. How long since you are married? More than five years. But I feel as if you are a couple just
returned from the honeymoon. You feel because we did not go for
a honeymoon. Thank you very much. Please take some more. Sister, do not address me with
such honour. I call you Swati. You call me, Venu. Okay? Okay, Venu. It looks like uncle is angry!
Serve him chicken. Kitchen and chicken are not
new to me in this house.. Carry on. We will eat
if something remains. Thanks for the nice lunch, Anu. Bye. Bye.
– Uncle, bye Looks like he is
a very sociable boy. He is the right match for Anu. I felt as if I was talking
to my own brother. Very nice boy. Sir, how do you find him? He is only suitable for tying mango
buntings for festivals and marriages.. ..and not suitable for anything else. You have such a good
opinion of our boy. That opinion is not
mine, but of our family. That means you do not like our Venu. Who wants to know my liking? So, you are like a rubber
hammer in your house. Rubber hammer? Meaning the one that
looks like a hammer.. ..but it is not useful for work. Shut up. Please do not
pay heed to his words. Let us go. We will
go round and come. Round where? Why are you so puzzled? I wanted
to show them round the house. I heard otherwise. It is common for people with
bad habits to get bad thoughts. This is all common
to us. Please come. I will come right away, brother. Your house is so nice. When Anu comes as our
daughter-in-law to this house.. ..it will be still better. Who? It is you. Where is the program? My program can come later.. .. but why your whole family come? Why can we not come? Not like that. Since I came
for lunch the other day.. ..your whole battalion landed. We did not come for lunch.
– What then? To settle the program
for feeding all. Why is your father practice
in doldrums? Opening a hotel as a side business. No, for fixing the date
for our betrothal. – Betrothal? Daddy, is it true what Anu says? What is it? You want to marry Anu with me.
Is it true? What is surprising about this?
Both of you love each other. We like the girl and they
liked you. Then what the objection
for marriage? There is. Venu! Why do you take a decision
without asking me? What? Is it a forced marriage
without your knowledge.. ..that I have to ask
you and take your advice? What is the objection
when you like Anu? Liking Anu is different
from marrying her. While loving my daughter.. …Did you give word
to somebody to marry? Tell me if you need
dowry or anything. We are ready to give any amount.. ..but do not worry that we will not give
anything on the pretext of love marriage. Tell us if you have any doubt. Why do you keep quiet? Answer. Sonny, this is not a small issue.
Think well. You need not tell us. At least tell her who is eagerly
looking forward to this marriage. If only you walk with me seven feet.. ..Who says that I will be with
you throughout my life… ..Look at the face of the girl
and tell her. ‘It is enough if you hold my little finger.. Who says, I will walk with
you till the end”.. Look at her and tell her.. ..”I do not”. – Yes I do not accept
this marriage. Not this marriage,
I do not marry at all. Not only the little finger, I will not
touch even the nail of that finger. Not seven feet, I will not
walk even seven inches. I will not put cumin seed Jiggery.
I will not tie the nuptial knot. I do not want to perform any rituals.. ..and I will not perform the
marriage ceremony with her. Anu, Anu. What! Without marriage.. ..You intend to be a
bachelor throughout your life? Or do one thing. In America
you live with a girl for sometime If you feel you can continue
for life, then marry her. If you do not like simply
tell her ‘I am not interested’. I will kill, if you talk insanely. Is my daughter a vacuum
cleaner or a water filter.. ..for you to decide to buy
or not after a trial use? It is a mistake to insult
a girl that loves you. I am not insulting anybody. What is it, if it is not insulting? You have told them that you
do not intend to marry her.. ..and slammed the door
on the their faces. Is this a manner
to treat your guests? When they come to offer their
daughter as a daughter-in-law.. ..we have to invite them with all respect
& not by sending them away in tears. If you do not like the girl, you
can as well tell her in one word. Why should you bring
them here and insult them. Did you promise not to leave that
girl until after she comes here and cries? What is your opinion? Is it to love her or
to make her suffer the pain? Who told you that
I do not like Anu? Then, marry her. Mother, why are you so
worried about marriage? What is so great in marriage? Are we going to die
if we do not marry? We will not die, but people
will forget we are humans. What justice it is not
to marry after loving? Is it justice to love
after marriage? Who told you that they do not
love after marriage You. After all these years
of marriage, did you and mummy.. ..talk to each other lovingly? Did you spend one day happily? No. Do you have the same
opinion on any issue? No. Our uncle also married after loving. After loving aunt for three years,
he married her and.. ..divorced her in one year
after hating her. Why? Why did his three years love
die immediately after marriage? He also caught hold
of the little finger. Not until the end.. ..he did not cohabit with her
even her marriage sari was worn out. Now, tell me daddy, whether
three years love is great or.. ..a marriage which does not
last an year? Look at any man. If he wants to meet a girl he
will be there one hour in advance.. ..but after marriage when
he says he will come at six o clock .. ..he comes only at eight. Why? Because he is afraid that she will not
see his face if he says something.. ..but after marriage.. .. his believe that she will not go anywhere
even if he abuses or beats her. The respect you have in love is
not there in marriage, daddy. In love, each has
affection for the other. In marriage one gets
authority over the other. Marriage is anti-climax for love. Marriage is a burial place
for longing. Marriage is a foundation
for apprehensions. In your opinion, marriage is
a tie up over incarnations.. ..but for me it is coercion. Do you think that there is
no sanctity in marriage? If it is really there! ..Why is the marriages performed
before many with sacred fire? .. and enchanting of Vedic
chants are on rocks? Why they are
resulting in divorces. Marriages are a failure, daddy. Okay. But among the lovers. How many of them are still living together? A girl seen today on a scooter is
seen with someone in a car tomorrow. What you tells for that? I am talking about lovers. You have been telling about
those that appear to be over. There is a vast difference
between the two. In the same manner, there may be
a difference in marriages also You were simply saying that
there is a difference. Can you definitely say? After this
marriage we will not be separated? Then daddy why to talk
about marriage so highly? After marrying to Anu
whom I love more than my life? Will you be happy if we separate
fighting for neck ties, and hair pins? I do not like to live with
Anu quarrelling like this. I loved Anu, and continue to
love her but never marry her. Perhaps you may think it is
foolish but it is my opinion. I do not preach to others not to
marry because I am not marrying. I have the right to live my life
as I want. In my opinion marriage is a cold
war buying with millions of rupees.. ..and marriage is a hell only seven feet
away from love, which is Heaven.. ..and I wont
step into it at any time. Why do you cry? He has to
cry for not marrying you. You do not lack anything you
have the education and beauty. If he refuses, Cannot
your marriage be done? Look. Within a week if I will not
arrange a better match ..and celebrate the marriage inviting
them to come with family and friends. My name is not Siva Prasad! She is crying not for marrying
him but because you are.. ..going to get her married
to someone else. Does it mean that I should beg
him to marry my daughter? We do not have any relation
with him wont.. .. and will not give him my daughter even,
If he bow down before me. He has refused in a fit of
emotions, being a young man. Keeping that in mind.. ..why should you speak of separation and
breaking of marriage. He is not a small boy.. ..Look like a palm tree.
Wearing a trouser and a shirt. Small children mean convent boys. Nobody calls them small who say that
they love but will not marry. I am not at all angry with you
for abusing my son, Prasad.. ..for the insult you have received,
Because of your culture you kept quiet. If it were to be others, they
would have behaved indecently.. I came here not ask you to
pardon my son, but a girl like Anu .. ..should not become the
daughter-in-law of some other house. Prasad! Lord Rama whom
we worship as God.. ..had the good qualities,
but he suspected Sita. Lord Sri Krishna whom we consider
God, is great in all.. ..but was a womanizer. They are gods but
they have their weaknesses. My son is an ordinary man. That is why kindly give us
an opportunity so that.. ..he can correct his follies
and we can correct him. I will make my son say that
I will not marry anyone except Anu… ..Okay,
I take leave of you. Hello, Anu. Listen to me. If you do not talk to him, ‘he
will hang himself and die’. The rope will snap
due to his weight. You do not look that side. Poison bottle. He says
he will drink poison. That is all a drama.
do not believe it. Anu, Bhavana, if you do not
like to stay, go out. Did you not take poison? I was about to drink. Thinking that the taste may
not be good, I did not take it. You will not change
in this lifetime. Anu, please listen to me. Did you listen to me at any time? What is my fault because of which
you are not talking to me? It is a mistake. I wanted
to cry when you are taking poison.. ..but you did not take it
because the taste is not good. Anu, do you really like me dying? I die for somebody who dies for love. Cannot you try the next girl? – To
love her? – No. Just to pacify her. What is your name? – Bhavana. I feel like loving just on hearing
the name itself. Do not act too smart.
A gentleman talking on your side. At least you can tell her to listen. You can wait and listen to him.
– Get lost. Take a spoonful of water, jump into it
and kill yourself. Now we cannot do anything.
You only deal with it. Why are you giving such expressions? Yes.
– You. It looks the lessons are
for us and love is for you.. ..you only tackle the situation. What happened? Master. Is
God calling you? You want to take a tablet? Water. I have brandy for you, drink. Has he gone up as a parcel?
– No, not yet. Is Boost available? Why Boost? It is a waste.
Brandy is available, do you want it? Why do you stare as if you have
put your finger in a plug? It is not sure whether you will get
energy or not by drinking boost.. ..you get a kick if you take brandy. You do one thing. After going home
each one of you take a peg and sleep. Whether energizing
or not it will be intoxicating. My fate. Mad fellow, do not know
the magic of brandy. Hands up. Stop. What do you want? If available cash or your life. You came for a robbery.
– Yes. To look at, you seem like
a new comer to the field. You may unnecessarily
spend if I give cash. If you want, you can
take any products. What you said is true! I like a dozen packets of that. It is not possible to give
these packets. If you want you may take these. I do not want these,
I want them only. Those are not useful for you. Why they are not useful? They are not useful for any purpose. Why do you hit me? Because of the climate, I do not
have the mood to kill you. Tell me.
Do you know how to steal? Why not? I paid five thousand and learnt
in Royal college institute. Do you steal so clumsily even
after taking coaching? If you open your mouth,
I will kill you. Why do not you listen to me when I
say that packet is not for you. Why you are not giving it to me? Why they are not given
is they are ” Carefree”. That means, they are shown in TV. Shut up! Go away, I will kill you. May come, may not. Why Anu has not come yet?
– She will not come. Good evening, Aunt!
Is Anu not in the house? – No Where has Anu gone?
– I do not know. When she is expected?
– do not know Why are you so angry with me? You have cheated my daughter
and after seeing.. ..you, what do I feel? Did I cheat her? You are
wrong aunt, you are wrong. Aunt, you misunderstood me. If I have really cheated I would
not have come to your house. You say that you did not cheat
her, but refuse to marry her?.. How can I understand you, Venu? Anyway you want to. But Anu is most
precious in the world to me. That is why I say I do not
want this marriage. I do not want Anu as a life partner.
I want her as my life. After marriage the lover is
looked down as an ordinary woman. Afterwards like all other couples,
we too will get into quarrels. This I cannot tolerate. After marriage if I too start
neglecting her like other husbands. That I neglect Anu, I cannot
bear that thought. In love there is separation,
agony wanting is there. But in marriage all
these are not there. In love there may be forgetfulness,
but divorce will not be there. For that even if she hates me,
I will always love her. I do not want Anu as a life partner.
I want her as my life. You have grown up but not your mind. But why?
– Do you not know where to kiss? ‘Listen to me, Oh lightening.
Enjoy the happiness of embraces’ ‘You have the beauty and I
have the desire if both own’ ‘If our hearts get together,
then our life will begin.’ ‘I am afraid of you. Do not do
anything wrong to suffer.’ ‘You are warm and I am cool.
Let us come together.’ Lights are not the lights.
They are the lenses of love. ‘It is not her gaze but the sharp
blade! Not a knife but love’s life.’ ‘By your craziness my youth
is going away from me.’ ‘Your waist is mutton
and my heart is chicken.’ ‘Till now lives were combined.
– Why not now?’ ‘This is the season for love.
do not give any more tensions.’ ‘I do not want to listen your words,
& even I do not want to give a kiss.’ ‘I will not force for a kiss, but
give me a signal to hug you.’ ‘Enough of your tricks.
Stop it now. – No!’ What is all this?
– Come! Sit down, I will tell. Why are you giving build-up now? Get one full bottle, soon! Tell me, Why do you hide? You can deceive your parents,
deceive Anu and.. ..you can deceive society
but you cannot deceive me.. ..and my friendship. Tell me why you did
not want to marry. What is your reason?
Tell me. What should I tell? Or do you have any illicit relationship?
Tell me I will help. What?
– I mean, love failure. Tell me You expect a lot.
– Yes What is that?
I do not have any memories.. ..or love failures .. It is just
my opinion, not to marry. Other than these there
are no stories. That means your marriage..? Marriage is like a room with
one door. Those unmarried would
eagerly want to get in.. ..while those married would think of
how to get out. See you, later. Bearer! Here. One more full again. Why do you grind your
teeth like that? I cannot play without
doing like that. If you do like this every day,
then you will die by BP. You are aiming at the striker.
– Why did you slap me? What are you fighting? We are playing carom
in a serene atmosphere. This is a game for children
drinking Boost. Then, what about young
men drinking beer? – Play this. May I lend a hand? If the hand is given every
where, it will be pulled out? Brother-in-law! What is this game? Rummy. What! I used to play this
game before! Shall we play the game of rummy? Uncle, please sit down
– Thanks. Now, tell me why he does
not like to marry ? Just like one of Prime Minister
on August 15 from Red Fort.. ..He has given a fifteen
minutes speech. Then? Hi. Greetings, Uncle.
– Greetings. Is not Venu here? We are all waiting for him. Is there a Program? Uncle, I know a psychiatrist
named Dr Dhyryam.. I would like to take Venu to him. Is it Dr Dhyryam? Hearing the name itself
gives half courage. I will come uncle, bye. Do not let him know that you
are taking him to the doctor. He will scold you as
if you are have gone crazy. Why should a mad man get
angry if he is taken to hospital? Will you please shut your
mouth for some time? Look! For the question
which I asked you… ..The doctor will make
Venu to answer. Certainly. Is this really a
psychological problem, Sir? If one does not go in the path
of everyone.. ..either he must be of great
intellectual or a lunatic. In order to decide either
of the two.. ..he must be in my presence. He is waiting outside. I
am sending him in. – Okay. Shall we go? My professor would like
to see you. – Me? Okay. I will go to the library.
Meanwhile, both of you can talk. May I come in? Come in. So you are Mr Venu!
I am Dhyryam, Dr Nice meeting you. I understand you are friend
Of Anu. – No, I am her lover. You talk so straight.
– I am always like that. If so I will ask you
a straight question. I will answer it
in an indirect manner. Thank you. Now I will
ask you the question. What is the game that is
not luckier for Sugriva? Volley ball. Oh! What is the Kodi (hen)
available in vegetarian restaurants? ..Pakodi
(a savoury dish). You are looking like a clever guy. Not like. I am really intelligent. Is it over confidence?
– Only confidence. If you are really confident. I will put a small test for your intelligence? Will you pass? With distinction. Then, ready. In one minute tell me the names
of women social workers. We will see how many
names you can muster. Jayamalini, Jyotilakshmi,
Silksmita, Disco shanti, Rajasulochana, Subhashini, Rambha,
Nagma, Divyabharati, Ramyakrishna, Roja, Ravali,
Halam, Nadia, mumtaz, Aruna Irani. Alphansa, Ursula Lyouza..
Time is over. Who are all these? They were all club dancers
in Hindi, English and Telugu films.. ..and presently the heroines. I have asked you about
social workers. Why? Are they not social
workers? For the people wearing see-through dresses.. ..irrespective of rain or shine and in what
ever location possible. Are they not dancing? In that manner are they
serving the society or not? That means you were thinking in
that way. It is all right. Ok, second question. Please answer. Please ask. Because you say you are
very intelligent.. ..I will ask you a tough question.
– No problem. What is the age of a person
in 1964? Answer immediately. Whether the person
is female or male? Is it so necessary? You only said that the
question will be clear. It is a male. What is the present age of
a male born in 1964? Is he alive or dead? – Alive! What is the present age of a male
born in 1964, who is alive? In which month was he born?
– In October. On what date was he born? October second. What time was he born? On second of October 1964,
a male fellow born at 12 noon.. What is the present age if he
is alive. Is it enough? In which area was he born? Who is asking the questions?
You are me? Why are you shouting? You only said it would be clear. What if I say? What is the relation
between the area and age? Why not? If a man is born in India
at 12 noon on October 2, 1964.. .. his age is 33 years, 7 months ,23 days,
19 hours and 45 minutes. If born in America, since there is a difference .. ..of twelve hours his age is approximately.. ..33 years, 7 months and 24 days. Do not fear Dr Dhryam. I do not
beat you because I am not mad. Yes. You tell me the
spelling of psychiatrist? Do you think I do not know
that much.. s y t y c y .. Come! What happened to
your mission? Success or not? Where is Venu? He did not come, aunt. Did he join in the hospital there itself? Which is just like a drainage channel. Will you please shut your mouth?
– Sure. What happened? When the doctor was about to test Venu.. ..He gave a warning that
he will beat, kill and went away. Did he give a warning to a
doctor who treats our diseases? Doctors do not listen
unless they are warned. Shut up! Card friends.. From early morning you start
going out with Venu. Why do not you tell him what he
is doing is wrong and marry. How can they tell him Uncle?
– Why? The scooter operated belongs to him.. ..but the petrol cost is borne by him. In the drinks they enjoy soda
is theirs and whisky is Venu. If they ask him to marry,
he will divorce them. What are you people? For the
sake of a litre petrol.. ..and a quarter drink do you.. keep life of my son under mortgage ?
– We? Who else? When your
friend is going astray.. ..instead of stopping him.. ..do you show the wrong route
with red lights? Are you eating rice or hybrid grass? Uncle, do not abuse us. Why? Your prestige is hurt?
– Felt like crying. I will take out the shoes. It makes no difference for
a deaf person whether.. ..llayaraja sings or Shivajiraja sings. It is my foolishness
to speak to you. Uncle! Please do not provoke us. Yes. Wars will be fought
if you are provoked. Aunt, you are also against us.
It is of no use. Let him come. We will decide one
way or other. – He has come. ‘My son, get yourself married’ ‘My son, get yourself married soon’ ‘Already your marriageable is passing’ ‘Having a beautiful maiden before you’ ‘Tie the knot with great fanfare’ ‘Her smile intoxicating like
Old Monk Rum’ ‘It is all yours afterwards’ ‘If you marry she will
look after cooking’ ‘And your clothes she
will wash and save’ ‘When you come back tired
she gives you coffee’ ‘Gives you happiness
in bed during nights’ ‘Home cooked food, there
wont be diseases’ ‘The dreams of Gandhi &
Nehru will be realized’ ‘Vajpayee Government will continue’ ‘You will be get handsome children’ ‘They play with their
toothless smiles’ ‘When they grow they ask
you for their marriage’ ‘In your old age they serve you’ ‘do not forget a seat
in the convent school’ ‘You book a seat before
you get married’ ‘Stop the nonsense now’ ‘If you accept I will
call the bride’ Anu! Where did you go? See, dear. It is not a mistake
to love.. .. but to love a person who does not
like to marry is definitely a mistake. It is good for both us if you realize this truth.. Who is this fellow?
It is me, robber. Not that way, this way.
What are you doing? Honing and sharpening. Mother, this get up is very good. One side, Silksmitha and
the other side Jayamalini. Do not do anything sir. It is so many years back that
I have fought like this. Look. Will you come tomorrow
at the same time? With a dress or naked?
Wearing new dress. For what purpose?
For fighting Mother. I am feeling sleepy.
Do come again Sure, okay. Go and sleep. Hi, Anu!
– Hi Mother asked me to go for shopping. I want to take you too. Come.
Do you have any other work? No, daddy! So, come. Why did you come?
– To buy phenyl. Is it so? I have come for you and you are
asking as to why have I come? Daddy is here. Please leave. Where did you go? Did you take it?
It is very long, Daddy. You take that Horlicks. It is all right. What? Am I? Tomorrow at five o’clock, I’ve
arranged a Program. We are going. Tomorrow? Not possible for me. I do not want to listen ‘no’.
You are coming at five o’clock. Hello Uncle!
– Hello. How are you? – Fine, thank you!
– come. Hello, hello, is this 3322449? Yes. We are from Indian Airlines.
– Please go on. We want to dispose off
Begumpet Airport. Brother, it seems they are
selling Begumpet Airport. You do one thing! Go to Begumpet Airport and find
out how much they are selling for. – Okay! If you have an intention to buy,
hurry up. You will get a discount. What are you selling? Begumpet Airport – If you buy one
airport, two airplanes free. Where you are talking from? From Vizag. I thought so. Definitely
from the Mental Asylum. Hello. Hello. We are speaking from the
Family Planning Department. What work do you have with me? We have orders to
do operations for all. Have you done vasectomy
or your wife undergone? No, I am using a condom. Daddy is here. Hello! Anybody in your house has
Cancer, Aids and similar diseases? No.
– Ulcer? Hey! What you speaking? At least Tuberculosis? Are you mad? Do not you have any
small skin disease even? I know who you are. However much
that Venu plays any tricks.. .. Or you tease me I
Will not leave this phone nor.. ..allow my daughter to speak to him. There only.. You dived
into the drainage. That means you go out and see. Anu and Venu have already gone. You go to the terrace
and say bye-bye to them. Anasuya! Where is our daughter? She has gone out in your presence. Why did she go
without telling anyone? Since you were speaking on the
phone, she told me and went. ‘You are the queen of the tunes.
Come to me oh my love.’ ‘This is the time to cross our
limits in love. Be careful.’ ‘This is the time to
find the way of our love.’ ‘This is the right time for the rain.’ ‘Let us enjoy the fun of love..’
‘..in the dark night.’ ‘Why your heart is so worried?’ ‘This youth will not stop forever.’ ‘My heart is waiting for you.’ ‘I am unable to control
the feeling of my heart. ‘Anger of the woman
is very dangerous.’ ‘Once it come
will never leave.’ ‘Do not refuse feelings of my heart.
There is fun in love.’ ‘And you can play
games with my heart.’ What is this?
– What Why are you leaning on me? After falling in love, it does not
matter whether one falls above or below. Doing such things before
marriage is a mistake. Does it not matter, if
done after marriage? Does not matter.
– Very injustice. What? Is kissing before a mistake and
afterwards it is correct, Is it so? My idea is not that.
– What then? Suppose, you like a
particular articles in the shop. Do they allow you to take
it home without buying? That means love is liking
and marriage is buying. Not buying! Owning. There is not much
difference between the two. There is. The difference
between Tradition and Taboo. If sex were to be a taboo, it
is a taboo either before.. ..or after marriage. If I were to marry for sex,
I do not need marriage. Love is enough because sex is like a
condom available in pan shops.. .. that I can buy at any time. If I were to say the same thing? Venu! Come on. Good evening.
– How is daddy? He is okay. Why have you stood there itself? You are shortly going to be
the son- in-law of the house. You should not feel shy.
Please come. Not son-in-Law, we are friends. That is all. I take your leave. What is that, Sir!
He said like that? Any altercation between
the families? No altercation with them. But he sat tight saying that he
loved but does not like to marry. He said he did not want to marry? Then what are you doing
sitting in a chair outside your house.. ..and opening the gate to him and your
daughter saying good night? Did I say anything wrong? If this becomes known.. ..candidates who do not want
marriage but willing to practice love will.. ..stand in a queue before your house .. ..and will ask you if you have
one more daughter. This is true. If you are
fond of games, play Tennis.. ..or Football but do not
play with lives. If you can make him agree for
marriage, it is okay.. ..else select a good boy for your
daughter immediately and.. ..perform the marriage. Even
if you get angry it is okay. I told you what I ought
to tell you. Good night. Eat, dear! No, mummy, I am feeling sleepy. Listen, one more morsel. I have given you an opportunity.. But you have failed to use it. Now decision will be mine. Tomorrow itself I will talk
about your marriage with Bose.. I will bow down
and make him agree. Listen. I did not come to
listen to your opinion. I came here to inform of
my decision. I told you. No. No, it takes time.
Ah! Wait for a minute. Not one minute. Ask him to
call you after 10 minutes. Call me later! What uncle! Why you tensed? I have to talk with you of
an important matter. You can talk to me but
First, please sit down. I did not come to sit. I
wanted to decide one thing. Tell me. Would you like to marry Anu? Uncle! I know what you are going to ask. This is a very well thought of decision.
– Not that, uncle. What is your doubt? Am I going to get you married with
a girl loves somebody else? If you have any doubt,
tell me openly. I do not have anything like that. Do you doubt how far my
daughter has gone with Venu? I have faith in my friend. I have faith in you.. .. that you will look after
my daughter very well. Tell me whether
you will marry my daughter.. ..or come and bless
her at her marriage. Tell me if you do not want to marry,
I will get her married to someone else. The marriage has to
be celebrated within a week. Are you saying this seriously? I do not have to time to come
to your office and make jokes. Did you talk with Venu about this? Why should I talk to him?
Tell me your decision. Whether you are willing to
marry Anu. Say yes or no. I did not see.. What did you steal this time? This time I have successfully
stolen a wallet. The money. There is no money. Letter! I think he wrote in the
letter where the money is kept… ..’Those who read this letter.. ..have to write 1000 letters in
the name of Baba Bholenath.. ..and post them to devotees.’ Otherwise, they will face
harmful consequences. Previously one person who did
not care recently died of Aids. They do not have any other work. Why did you do such jobs? Otherwise, what can I do?
I do not have a face value, personality.. ..and I do not
have the money, even. What do you really want? You ask me what I want. I want
all Food, clothing and shelter. See. He is standing there.
Go and give him a big slap. You will get everything. Do I get everything? Then see. Look. Minimum three teeth
should fall out. Why three? All thirty
two will fall. Watch. Excuse me, sir. Hello. Will you show your
face this side? With one slap I thought it was to
get food, clothing and shelter.. ..I do not know
that I will get it in this way. You slapped me… .. I will see how you will come out
during your life time. Hey! Take out that tumbler. You have seen, okay! Anu father had come to office.
– Why? He asked me whether
I want to marry Anu. What did you say? What do you think I have said? You must have said ‘yes’. You said correctly. I will beat you with a shoe.
How can you say ‘yes’? Why should you get excited? Do you expect me to hug you
with ecstasy because it is you? You are saved.
If it would have been others.. ..I would have chopped
him on the spot. Why should you chop? When somebody is marrying
the girl I love.. .. Do you expect me to go
and bless him? Yes. You must go and bless. Yes. You do not marry Anu, nor do
you allow anybody to marry her. Does it mean that she should
be like that life long? If she loves she must
to be like that. If one loves both should
live together.. ..or both should die together.. ..but to expect them to live
separately is foolishness. If it were not to be myself,
somebody else will marry Anu. Afterwards, if he comes to
know of your love and.. ..tortures Anu, you may forget Anu,.. ..but she will never forget you. Remember, it is no use getting excited. Please think it over. You have quoted hundred
reasons for not marrying.. ..at least state one reason for
refusing this marriage. And I will cancel my marriage with Anu. Excuse me. I want to meet Anu. Venu. Is it a fact that you and
Bose are to be married? Tell me.
Did you agree for the marriage? I have agreed. Does it mean that your
love for me is false? – No. I cannot leave. Tell me, Anu.
Is it all a drama you played, Tell me. Tell me, Please. Why did you agree Anu? Where is Venu?
– What happened? What has he done? Your son has
not hoisted a National Flag.. .. to talk about him proudly. He has beaten a girl like a beast
before a number of persons. Did he beat Anu? Because her friends were
there at that time he left.. ..her otherwise, he would
have killed her.. Coming to know of the marriage
of his love.. ..He might have done
that in excitement. If he loves he has to marry.. ..Otherwise, he can be a drunkard and
lie flat like Devadas. Or else take poison and die. If he starts beating them
on the road,.. ..the parents of the girls will not shut
their eyes and keep quiet. Do not get excited, I will talk to
him soon after he comes home. What are you going to talk?
He is not in a position to listen I know very well how
to reply to him. He is very young and.. It is not his childishness. It is stubbornness that
nobody can do anything. Look. Since you gave
birth to him it is.. ..inevitable for you even
if he steals or murders. But I do not have any necessity. Tomorrow is the marriage of my daughter. If he comes there his dead body
only will come to his house. Siva Prasad! I am observing
you since you came. You count me as a fool when
I am talking respectfully. Do you have the guts
to kill my son? If you have the courage,
you need not slap him. You simply cross the gate.
Close the gate. Why? Are your legs
not moving?.. ..Stop moving around the roads
with your men.. ..Allowing a person who is
not her husband to have to beat her.. ..Go and kill your daughter
and not my son. Why do you accuse our lawyer
when the mistake is yours? You are a hired person
and cannot talk to me. Is he the person who has
beaten daughter of our sir? Daddy do not stop me, he is
fighting in front of you only. Siva Prasad!
From this moment onwards.. ..our families do not
have any relationship. My son will not even
look at your daughter, go. It is not enough to rear
the son to a six-foot height. Teach him an inch
of culture. Let us go. You may teach that culture
to your daughter. – Daddy! Nothing to worry very much.
It is a mild stroke. It is enough if he takes some rest.
Greetings. I take leave If necessary I will telephone you.
– Ok. Why are you not talking to me? What do you want me to talk? That day, you pointed at me and your father
as the reason for not marrying.. ..made us a laughing stock among the people. Today, you allowed rowdies
to come to our house. Among all the people
you said that we.. ..have no love between us. Love does not mean going
to parks and singing songs. Although we had little differences.. ..we were never insulted like this in public. How did those people abuse him? Mummy, what I want to.. No. It is not necessary. It is
your will either to marry or not. You need not do any service to us. It is enough if you do not insult us. Ask our people to be
ready at the marriage hall. If that Venu comes, close his chapter.
I will handle him later. Why are you extending the issue? ..If he had slapped Anu in some fit, why
are you blowing it out of proportion? Mummy! Am I creating disputes? Do you expect me to simply keep
my hands up whatever he does? If you intervene in this again,
I will kill you. What did I say, now?
– How dare you? Why do you slap mummy? It is me, who committed the mistake. I am the reason for all these disputes. Beat me if you want to.
What is wrong in what mummy said? Why did you go to their
house for quarrelling? You got so much angry
on me when I beat your mother. How much anger should I get when
some fellow beats my daughter? I kept quiet when he said
he does not want to marry.. ..but I will not keep quiet if he
tries to spoil the marriage. What you want is my marriage to Bose. It will be performed. Not only Venu.. Whoever comes this marriage will not stop.
Please do not make any trouble. Venu, I do not want this marriage.
Nor these traditions. I cannot cheat myself more than this. It is enough if you are by my side. Do not cry Anu, Please. You need not marry me.
I do not bother about others. I love you, Venu. Console yourself Anu. Please. When you got up from
the marriage seat, it indicates.. ..that you have left
your parents, traditions etc. If you left all these
for me.. ..Cannot I leave the only condition
that I will not marry? I will leave that. All these people need
the evidence of our marriage. I will tie the knot thrice. I will move seven steps with you.


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