Successful Marriage Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

Successful Marriage Signs In Your Hands?-Palmistry

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys. The cultural differences between different
countries has a serious effect on how the individual perceives the bond known as marriage. It is the emotional intelligence that creates
trust,the mindset with which the person is marrying someone and the culture of the country
forms the basic framework of any successful marriage. I recently came across with the person,who
was so over obsessed with the dog that her entire relationship went for a toss because
the person was expecting the same kind of unconditional love from her relationship. As funny as it sounds, the point I am trying
to make is if the priorities are not set right,the entire relationship can be very frustrating despite
having some good signs of successful marriage on the hand. I hope that makes sense. Let’s get started. If the mount of Jupiter and Venus mount are
well developed and protruded is an excellent sign of a successful marriage. The obvious Question is why? Jupiterians are known for their affectionate,loyal
and ambitious nature. They are prone to marriage,sometimes because
of one’s prestige or the person really develops a strong urge to get into a relationship. They also really care about their partners
and always motivate them to perform better. Mount of Venus is all about love,helping others
and sensual pleasure derived from the opposite sex. That’s why it is considered as an excellent
combination for a successful marriage where there is affection,loyalty,sensuality and
love involved. If the fate line begins from the mount of
moon and touches the heart line and suddenly moves towards the Jupiter mount is an excellent
sign of brilliant marriage. It makes the person more passionate and affectionate
in the relationship. Similarly,if the fate line begins from the
mount of moon and a cross also gets formed on the mount of Jupiter is considered as very
lucky for a successful marriage. In the males hand,expect a good luck or constant
support from the female partner. If the attachment line also known as marriage
line is deep,straight and clear with a unbroken girdle of Venus and the fate line ends under
the mount of Jupiter is a sign of a fortunate marriage. Unbroken girdle of Venus along with the clear
heart line increases the emotional intelligence which is one of the most integral part of
any successful marriage. These are some of the signs which can lead
to a happy marriage. I hope you found this information useful and
interesting. As always,thanks for watching.


  1. Sila Pungtamsujarit says:

    I have X letter in my hand and someone told me if you go to doctor they would said you are about to be dead is it true? also im too 10 year old i dont wanna die D;

  2. Cornelius Naamwinlogr says:

    Hi is there any books to buy.

  3. StarlightOracle says:

    Someone I know has a very straight, deep and long heart line with NO interfering lines, chains or anything and crosses all the way from pinky finger to fully past the Jupiter line. I can't find any information on this. Actually I have not looked at their palm in many years but can you please tell me your thoughts on such a long, deep, unbroken and unmarked heart line?? Thank you.

  4. MD MUSTAK says:

    Great Video…. You are 100% right Madam !!

  5. Jayadev says:

    OMG I Take All Signs Whre IS My Girl Waiting♥

  6. Fortnite_noobz XXX says:

    I have to ms on 2 of my hands

  7. Nibedita Roy says:


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