STYLE REBOOT #1 | Challenges | BusbeeStyle com

STYLE REBOOT #1 | Challenges | BusbeeStyle com

(upbeat music) – Hi ladies, it’s Erin, and
welcome back to my channel. If you’re new to my channel, I do upload new videos every
Wednesday and Friday morning at 6:00 a.m. Central, so I hope you will subscribe
and stick around for those. I want to start a brand new
series I’m very excited about called Style Reboot. You all have heard me talking about it now for a couple of weeks. I now am getting around to starting it. I have no idea how many
there are going to be. I’m just going to sort
of see how it plays out, but essentially what I’m gonna do is sort of go through what I would do if I were teaching a style
class or doing a presentation. I’m gonna start with step one, and we’re gonna work our way through to however many steps it takes. And so this will be designed so if you miss one, you can go back. I’ll number them and everything so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. But it’s definitely, it’s going to be a process, and it will be important to
kind of follow the steps. It will be important to follow
them, some of them in order. So just something to consider. And as always, if you have any questions, you can comment below. I’ll always put anything I’m gonna mention or any suggestions I’ll put in the description box, and then I’ll also do
a corresponding blog, so you guys could check that out as well. And if you’re not already
subscribed to my blog, you might wanna do that as well, because I do different content on the blog that I do on my YouTube channel. Okay, so for Style Reboot Number One, what I wanna talk about
are some of the challenges that we as women face that impede our style or impede us from
becoming our most stylish and best self. The first challenge is confusion. A lot of us fell overwhelmed
with information. There’s so much out there. There’s so much fast fashion going on. There’s so many trends. And then there are
trend within the trends. There are micro trends. You know, you transition
to a new lifestyle. Maybe you are not, still not sure about your body type. Maybe you’ve completely, you know, you’ve become a mom recently, and you’re not really sure how to dress. Maybe you’ve hit a milestone age, and you feel like you’re
supposed to dress differently. There are so many different things that can become very confusing
and overwhelming for us. And there’s so much
information to take in. And that’s why I really felt
compelled to do this series, because I feel like if you just kind of
watch these short videos, it’s going to help you kind of get your, give you a plan and cut through the crap, basically, okay? So hopefully we can do
that, cut through the crap. Maybe I shoulda called
it Cut Through the Crap. (giggling) The second challenge that
a lot of us face is money. So when I first started out after college, I got a job as a reporter, a TV reporter, and I was making about $16,000 a year. And I lived at home for a year, and then I also waitressed on the side just to make ends meet, really. And I remember, you know, I had to wear nice stuff because I was on camera, and I wanted to build a resume, ’cause I knew I wasn’t
going to stay there, and I wanted to build a tape and stuff. So, I know a lot about
shopping on a budget. We didn’t grow up wealthy. I always have had, you know, most of my life had to shop
on a very regimented budget. So, I get it. I understand it. You know, sometimes I don’t, or I forget about adding an option
to something for less, but I’m gonna be a little
bit more careful about that, a little more mindful of that. But there are definitely options for people who are on budgets. And if you are on a very strict budget, I would say that the
wardrobe basic component is going to be incredibly important, and that’s where you’re
going to spend your money. And then you’re gonna save your money on sort of the lighter, fluffier,
trendier, more fun pieces that you buy. But obviously there
are consignment stores, there are outlet stores. I’m gonna talk about
his in a separate video. But money I know, I get it. That’s a challenge, and it’s one that we’re
gonna address, coming up. Another challenge that a lot of us face that maybe all of us have is
time and the lack of time. As women, we are juggling our
career, our job, our business. We’re juggling motherhood. We’re juggling, you know,
being a wife, being a friend, being a cousin, being
an aunt, being a sister, being, you know, all of these
things to all of these people. And time is very valuable. Time is very precious. One of the first things that
gets put on the back burner is your style and your appearance. And I’ve given a lot of thought
to the importance of style and what role it plays in your life. I am aware that, on some level, there’s a real frivolity to it, and it is a bit superficial, on one hand. But on the other hand, it’s
such a vital, important role in your life. When you look good, then that translates to feeling good and looking good and feeling good. When you feel good, that
means you are a better mom, you’re a better wife,
you’re a better friend, you’re a better sister. It just, it’s one of those things, and I think we, you know,
intellectually think, oh, well, that’s just, it’s
not important, it’s frivolous. And it is, you know, somewhat frivolous, but at the end of the day, you know, how you feel in incredibly
important to your day to day. It’s incredibly important
how you perform in your job, it’s incredibly important how you perform as a matriarch of your family. So, you know, I don’t
think it’s so frivolous. I don’t think it’s so superficial. I think it’s really, really important. So, just something to think about. I know, you know, with the time factor, it is one of those things that kind of gets set in
the back burner first. But I’m gonna talk a little bit about some of the things you
can do to save time. The next challenge is just life. Like there are things
that happen in our life that sort of derail our style, the same things that derail
our exercise plan, right? Like you’re gonna have a
baby, you move to a new place. You know, you move to a new
place, and it’s very casual, and you’re not really sure how
to dress in that environment. Or you move to a cold
climate versus a hot climate or hot climate versus cold climate. Or maybe you’re changing jobs, and you went from a corporate
office-structured environment to very conservative to, oh I’m working in this very
business casual like, you know, more modern environment where
you can wear jeans to work. So there are a medley of things
that can happen in your life that can also serve to derail your style. Age is another one. You hit ages, you’re like, hm, I’m not sure I should
be wearing this at this age. There are a lot of
questions swirling around that happen as a result of just life, things happening in life, and that can serve to derail your style. So we’re gonna talk a little
bit about some of those things also, coming up. And then another one, a big one, especially for women,
especially if you’re a Catholic, you know what I’m sayin’ if you grew up Catholic. Guilt. Guilt is a big deal for women. When I was seeing clients full-time, I cannot tell you how many
clients cried in their closet. And they cried because they felt like
they didn’t deserve it, they felt guilty, because, for some reason,
when we become parents, or we become wives, we feel that we’re supposed
to put ourselves last and put everybody else first. And that happens all the time. We pretty much all do it. So guilt is another thing
that you have to overcome in order to enhance your style. Am I giving you license to go out and buy a $4,000 Chanel Boy Bag? Well actually, it’d be $5,000. No, I’m not. (giggles) I’m not saying that. But what I am saying is that it’s okay for you to take time, make time. It’s okay for you to spend
a little on yourself. It’s okay for you to take care of you. Because, again, if you take care of you, you feel better. And if you feel better, you are a better everything for everybody. So, you gotta get over the
guilt factor a little bit. And don’t beat yourself up. Like it’s okay to take care of yourself. It’s okay to do something
nice for yourself. It’s okay to love yourself
enough to take care of yourself. So, that would be another challenge. And then the last one would be fear. So I have worked with clients before where they’re just scared
to kind of try anything. They just don’t know what to do, and they’re almost like paralyzed in fear. And that can happen too. You know, you just don’t
know like really who you are or who you want to be
in terms of your style. Or you don’t wanna try something because you’re scared of the trend or you’re scared of the look or you’re scared of how people
are going to perceive you. And, you know, some of that
is just, maybe it’s age. Maybe you’re younger and just not real sure
who you are at that point. Or maybe it’s just, you know, the fear often just comes
from a lack of information and a lack of knowledge. So, what I’m gonna try to do this series is really give you a great
overall knowledge base so you feel like you
have the building blocks or the foundation so that you can be stylish, so that you do feel more confident
in making those decisions and taking those steps. And you feel like you have a plan, and you feel like you have a direction. And if I can achieve that,
then mission accomplished. So, that’s the goal of the series. We’re gonna tackle those challenges. These are challenges we all face. They are so normal. You are not alone. And I just think it’s important that we work on these together. I’m gonna do my best to help you, to hold your hand and walk you through it. And you’re gonna let me know
if you have any questions. You’re gonna email me,
you’re gonna comment below. Whatever’s easier for you. And we’re gonna whip our
style into shape for 2017. So again, thank you guys
so, so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and I will see you next time. Bye. (tranquil music)


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