Study business at Macquarie University

Study business at Macquarie University

Lots of universities out there can teach you
about theory. What Macquarie does is different, take you
one step further. They talk
about real situations where you actually have to apply theory to come up
with real solutions. That’s the Macquarie difference. You know how it takes a village to raise a
child? Well,
in our case we think that it takes a really strong community in order to
produce fantastic graduates. Now, our community consists of a range of
academics who’ve produced world renowned research, but also partners
from industry that come in and teach for a semester or two, and allow
our students to have direct access to up-to-date business knowledge. That when they leave the university they will
be able to transition straight away into their job. What really attracted me to Macquarie was
the variety of I guess extra-curricular activities that were
on offer. They were really,
really well-known for their exchange programme, I’d heard about PACE. I
knew friends that were already studying there that had talked about the
mentoring programme, so I just knew that it was going to offer me a lot
more than just a degree. Because it’s those things that have gotten
me to where I am today, in a graduate programme
with Flight Centre. The PACE, and the mentoring, and the global
programmes, and the exchange, are really, really highly linked
with what we’re looking for and will make somebody really successful
later in Flight Centre.

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