So we all know Japan is famous around the world for things like weird fashion weird restaurants and cafes weird gadgets And sometimes weird English But today I’m going to be talking about the weirdest job in Japan. In Japanese, Ikemeso. It’s a combination of the words Ikemen and meso meso. Ikemen is a cool or dreamy guy and Meso Meso is to cry, sob or weep. Today I’m going to talk to you about a job where you get paid to cry. First, woman go to the website and choose a man they like. There are different men for women’s tastes. For example there is the sweet dental assistant or the mature manly guy The man comes over and brings a sad video to watch together. Anything with Julia Roberts really makes the woman cry ok. The video is supposed to set the mood of sad moment. And as the girl cries the guy also starts crying and dries her tears. Making people cry is a very difficult profession okay. Only very professional people like me who have been trained for many years can do this. I sing my very great hit songs that I’ve been writing since I was a child. For example, today I used “baby diaper”. This is one of my greatest hits This is the intimate moment where the man cries and the woman cries and releases all her stress and pent up feeling she couldn’t express The men are very professional and highly trained criers. They know exactly what to say and exactly what to do when a woman is crying It was so terrible. My dog you know. He ate Geoffery the Giraffe’s eye! It is exactly like you losing a loved one. But it’s ok. This is how we survive in life. I want to help people, especially the women, I don’t like men so much. I want to help the girls cry a lot When I see them cry, I feel I have done my job. Also, I get 8000 Yen which is very good you know. This is like one month’s salary in India. Thank you very much. I’m very glad I helped you out with your crying, see you. Well anyway, it was fun talking to you but I have another appointment so I must go ok. Anybody who is interested in the Ikemeso please go to the website and please choose me. I will come. I will make you cry. We will have a good time ok?


  1. Makayla Mkay says:

    good video ヾ(´∀`)ノ

  2. gelita3 says:

    01:20 – 01:26 I love your doooogg! 😘

  3. Goldberry Bombadil says:

    Oh my goodness I think Maple was getting ready to cry too!! This is not really a job is it?

  4. Trauma says:

    Omg really ozz?😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  5. Trauma says:

    Hi Muna 😎😎😎😎

  6. KE4VVF says:

    Skip the movie and review the monthly utility, phone and internet bills. They will make you cry every time.

  7. Maaike and Takeru says:

    Hahahahahaha was this video also supposed to make me cry ? 😛

  8. Trauma says:

    Omg cousin Muna what the hell was that song about at the end?😎😎😎😹

  9. John Galois says:

    Wow Ozzy, you have beautiful hair… how did it grow so fast since last time i saw your videos?

  10. An artemio says:


  11. mijumaru97 says:

    1:25 Awww Maple really thought you both were crying. x3

  12. yae kamimura says:


  13. カヴェンKavan says:

    Yo munna when can I download baby diaper on iTunes such a hit 😂😂😂

  14. QueenKattz says:


  15. Monish Bhatia says:

    LOL I choose Muna!

  16. pedestrianme says:

    hey! how dare you subtitle yoko?!

  17. Earthb0rnH0b0 says:


  18. Guy Tea says:

    Good stuff =D

  19. Devil Park25 says:

    I like your comedy .

  20. hikkipedia says:

    I'd probably hire the guy in the picture over Muna…

  21. Kaygee79 says:

    That was some awesome editing, and I am sure that job really exists! Japan always has unexpected careers, events and experiences! Finally Muna can pay some rent!

  22. Super Mario says:

    Where do I apply?! lol

  23. ilovenh1 says:

    I heard that its hard to find compassion in japan because talking about problems is a lot less common than in other cultures…
    But I didn't know it was so hard you had to pay someone for it :`(

  24. katmcdowell says:

    I'm crying from laughter.. Does that count?

  25. unenkan says:


  26. al - Ashraf says:

    wow aamir khan

  27. sentaikat says:

    I missed this! Glad I found it! I love Muna!

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