Stop Chasing Money & Success and instead do these 3 things (it will chase you)

Stop Chasing Money & Success and instead do these 3 things (it will chase you)

this video I’m gonna show you why you
should stop chasing money and I’m gonna show you three things that you can do
instead that work much more powerfully welcome back to another video my name is
Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now in this
video I’m gonna be showing you why you should stop chasing money why chasing
money is showing that the money is further and further away from you and
I’m gonna show you three ways of reversing this process so that money
starts to chase you now before we even get into it I’ve been doing a stop
chasing it series which has to do with understanding the energy dynamics of
manifestation because the old way of going about things when we look at like
the law of attraction with the way that we kind of learned about it over the
last like 20 to 50 years I would say it’s been work hard have willpower and a
lot of times what that ends up with is people chasing money unaware that money
is simply a symbol the only reason money has power is
because we of a society has collectively agreed that money is something that we
use as an exchange of energy when people chase money they are chasing a symbol
and they’re chasing a symbol that has outside of themselves not aware that
that money that comes to you that money is a reflection of that inner abundance
that you naturally feel energy is what money really is money is energy and when
you chase money you are chasing a symbol you are chasing something that is
outside of yourself instead of understanding that you generate energy
and because you generate money you can then generate a reflection of money in
your life now this is important to understand because when you get to the
core of understanding what money is which is an exchange of energy you can
then start to ask yourself am i doing the things that allow this energy to
flow through me so that the money can come back rather than
try to chase something that is outside of yourself because when we do that a
lot of times we’re willing to cut corners as well I’ll tell you I’ll
explain to you a little bit about how I did that in my own life when it comes to
me doing things specifically for money versus doing things because I’m actually
passionate about it and the kind of results that that bears the difference
in the kind of results but in general vibrationally when you chase something
you are emphasizing that you are not good enough already you are emphasizing
within your energy field that where I am at right now is not currently enough so
if I would get this thing that is outside of me then I would finally be
whole and complete and chasing money many times is people chasing their own
sense of worthiness you’ll notice that a lot of successful people have been
through parts of their past where they felt unworthy and because they felt
unworthy what they then did is they didn’t started the chase that success
maybe that money maybe they didn’t get validation when they were a kid I know
for me that may have driven me to really want to be successful in the world so
I’m not saying that it’s always a bad thing but if you are identifying your
sense of worthiness your sense of happiness with attaining some type of
success or some type of money then it will be a hamster wheel that you may
never get off because every time the mind gets ahold of a certain goal it
then ups the ante so we externalize our unhappiness now this is the paradox if
we were to start to feel whole complete if we were start to feel the abundance
within if we were to start to have the right energy dynamic here we would not
only attract more money into our life generate more of that energy so that
more abundance comes back but we would also enjoy the process more we’d enjoy
the process more and it would be something that we had more fun in the
process and in the journey so chasing money is external
our own power chasing money is externalizing a symbol identifying with
the symbol thinking the symbol is the territory like the map is the territory
and when we become aware that we could start to see and generate the abundance
within that’s when everything begins to change that’s why in this video I’m
gonna show you the three things to do instead of chasing money of chasing
success of chasing validation of chasing a sense of worthiness and how by doing
this things will happen easier than ever for you so the first one I want to talk
about has to do with understanding abundance in the form of your core
vibration abundance in the form of your core vibration when you are doing what
you came here to do things will start to move to you in a much more powerful way
if things are not in your best good then it may not be meant to happen what I
mean by this is a lot of people especially in the beginning of me making
YouTube videos would want videos on how to win the
lottery winning the lottery may not actually be in your best interest and I
realize this for myself Oh could I create this is my life I set the
intention to go down buy the ticket all this stuff but what I realized is that
my passion was not in winning the lottery as great as it would sound to
win a hundred million dollars for doing almost nothing or just going down to
buying a ticket as great as that idea sounds I intuitively knew that that
would actually take me away from my purpose I knew that I had a purpose of
sharing information if I would have won one hundred million dollars five to
eight years ago I may have never even thought about making videos on YouTube
or doing my passion when I’m actually passionate about so it’s about being
aware of you getting to your core vibration because you might find
resistance around things you’re not really passionate about for example
before I got into YouTube I was looking at how to make passive income online I
was working a nine-to-five job where I didn’t really enjoy it so I found this
the from this guy online which was about
making Kindle Amazon books so it was like outsourcing having titles and
marketing shorter personal development books non-fiction books and I bought a
course for it I started to do it I hired people to become ghost writers for these
books but I wasn’t really passionate about it and it ended up just kind of
being a big headache but I just felt resistance every step of the way and
maybe it was my own internal blocks I was working through who knows but I knew
it wasn’t really my passion to be doing that I knew that I should have been
creating content versus outsourcing and having ghost writers write non-fiction
books on how to do XYZ so the point behind this is I was chasing money I was
chasing an idea of freedom of something I was not passionate about at all if I
would have got straight to my core vibration which is making youtube videos
I maybe 2 or 3 years ahead of where I am right now
now I’m grateful for I’m at and who knows what the whole butterfly effect or
how that would have affected things but I was chasing a symbol then now I don’t
chase any symbol I simply am I am myself I am and I enjoy making videos because
it’s what I’m passionate about so I see this happen a lot though people chase
money people get the job because it pays a little bit more but do you even like
that job are you happy with that job what is the quality of life for that job
do you feel better while you’re there is that increasing your vibration because
in general the higher your vibration goes the easier it is to create more
abundance because your thoughts have more potency you have more clarity so
instead of chasing the money and body your core vibration or by embodying your
core vibration you’ll notice that you begin to develop a gravity where this
money can easily come to you I found in my own life that anytime I chase the
money even now even now that I’m a youtuber right now doing what I love
full-time there are times I have opportunity I have a friend that is in
the business space who says hey you could be doing this type of coaching
where you do high-end coaching and you you do this this and this
and it can be very profitable for you and I said well I’m not passionate about
that I would rather learn how to speak in front of larger groups of people or I
would rather do things that I know that I can do at scale or create more high
quality videos or that’s just that wasn’t my passion but if I would have
gone for just the money I guarantee you I’d have been more stressed out less
happy more constricted so I’ve learned I don’t do things for money I do things
because I’m passionate about it and if it’s passionate about it then it’s
something that just flows naturally now the second thing you can do instead of
chasing money or abundance has to do with understanding the energy dynamics
of abundance in general which has to do with understanding generating energy the
way our reality works is our reality is set up that we all pretend to be these
separate little egos running around having our own individual experiences
but then also having a shared collective experience as well we’re dreaming a game
of separation I’ll call me Aaron you have your name or to separate people
that’s from our purse are limited Eagle perspective that identifies with the
senses indentifies with the ego now the way that it really works is we are all
connected and what you put out is what you get back because what you do to
someone else you do to another aspect of you because we’re all connected so
knowing this if you start to instead of focus on making money which the the
focus is is on me me me how can I make more money to emphasize my own ego but
instead if you focus on on how to provide value to the other aspects of
you that month that energy thing comes to you in a much more powerful way I
realized this with YouTube I said I’m gonna make a video every single day with
the intention of adding value to people and over time I knew that that would
compound and because of that anybody’s life that
feels affected from the videos that I might that energy comes back but it also
is more enjoyable I enjoy putting out energy or putting out videos that help
people to transform their lives or to plant seeds or whatever it is but
the more value you add the more comes back to this works by the way in any
area you look at in value is depends on the perception right value could be
entertainment or education whoo what Instagram accounts do you follow if
they’re not your immediate Friends group then somehow they add value to it they
add value into an emotion they make you feel a certain way they spike curiosity
they make you feel entertained they’re funny they’re adding value with the
educational content those are people that you pay attention to because
they’re adding value to you in the same way any product I like to watch a show
called Shark Tank when I watch this show the products that do the best are the
products that add the most value if they can add the most value to the largest
amount of people those are going to be something the Sharks will invest in if
it doesn’t have value then it’s not really a great product so adding value
is the key to understanding how this money works I used to have that job that
nine-to-five job where I sold woman shoes if I went in every day focused on
me making money I wouldn’t do that well be and my energy was very constrictive
and I would have to struggle every step of the way however if I went into work
with the intention of adding value to people and helping people and increasing
people’s emotion guess what the money came anyways it was very easy for the
money to come back to me because I was putting out so much good so the key to
understanding this process is the key to understanding the energy dynamics of
money money is a symbol but nonetheless it’s an exchange of energy we use but
then you can ask yourself the question how can you generate more energy to add
more value to people having the intention to add value it’s almost like
the universe wants to flow through you and as the universe flows through you
and as you do more and more good with that vibration with that energy it then
wants to come to you even more and more so start to ask yourself the question
how can you add value I would guess that a lot of people watching my videos are
people that are waking up first waking up to more of who they are
and because you’re waking up first you have an intention of being in a way a
leader in this life a leader of sharing this information of helping more and
more people to wake up to who they are and whatever way that is doesn’t have to
be making videos but it could be in some form of expression whether it’s art
whether its express yourself via books writing who knows but just in general
have this intention of that value of adding value and then watch how that
changes your life the third thing to do instead of chasing money is to know that
the emotions you want to feel from more money already exists inside of you all
the emotions exist within you already it’s simply about you giving yourself
permission to feel those emotions now think about it there’s a rule in my mind
that says when I attain a certain amount of abundance then I can feel happy all
that happens though is those emotions are already within me I just then use
some situation a certain type of money I look into my bank account and I see you
sir a certain amount and then I can feel some positive emotion run through my
body I’m putting their rule on myself that
says when I do X then I can experience Y but the key is knowing those emotions
already exists so instead of chasing these things outside of ourselves these
symbols and then saying once I attain this symbol then I can give myself
permission to feel a certain way on the inside you can choose to feel the way
that you want on the inside right now by conditioning in that emotion let me
explain to you how to do that let me ask you a question what is money mean to you
because to some people it means different things money to me is freedom
it’s security to some people money just may be security feeling comfortable some
people it may mean that they can go do some passionate things that they love to
do some people means that they just have the freedom to live where they want what
does money mean to you be aware of what that is and then instead of chasing that
symbol che don’t chase that emotion but feel that emotion by
focusing on things in your life that allow you to already feel that emotion
for example you may not you may want to eventually live the freedom to where you
do what you love full-time you don’t have to go to a nine-to-five job but
what you could begin to do is feel the gratitude you have for the things you
already have feel the gratitude for being able to go eat on your day off
throw the gratitude for be able to sleep in a comfortable house feel the
gratitude for the internet connection you have that you can go online and even
watch any video you want and as you’re aware of these different things you have
the freedom to do you start to feel more freedom the emotion of what money means
to you you start to feel that more now and then
you start to bring more of that into your life whatever you focus on you feel
this works the same for love you want to feel more love in your life focus on the
reasons you already have to feel loved even with worthiness feel the things you
already have to feel grateful for with worthiness what are you already good at
what are you passionate about what are you you you focus on these things
validating yourself you will then bring the emotion more within you and then the
outer reality will begin to reflect due to that inner change that you’ve made
because that’s all the outer reality is it’s a reflection of the inside if you
change your energy that you are cultivating you then change the outer
reflection so in general for this process remember it’s about
understanding that when you’re in your core vibration things will happen even
easier things will align for you you may still work with some inner blocks but
things will come to you much easier because that’s what you’re meant to be
doing here and you’ll enjoy the process along the way secondly remember that for
this process adding value is key the more goods you put out into the world
the more good can come back to you so when you understand that energy dynamic
the questions and shifts from how can I get money too how can i generate value
and then more and more abundance will come to you that’s what I’ve used to
grow my youtube channel that’s what I’ve used to grow my brand that’s what I used
to go full-time with my passion it’s something you can use as well I’ve also
helped many people go through this process and something else I have
there’s a lot of people right now that don’t
know it they either know it or they don’t know it yet but people that are
meant to be sharing this type of information information about who they
are information about what they’re passionate about become a healer a coach
some type of consultant or maybe become someone that’s gonna do art full-time
many people want to go full-time doing what they love with the power of the
Internet it’s easier than ever before and the best part is is you don’t need
hundreds of thousands of substitute this I know people with a thousand followers
that are full-time making six figures a year because they know how to do it from
a business point of view now the reason I share that as well is there is a free
training in the top of the scripture box below with my friend Victor odo and I
where we share our strategies for going full-time doing what we love we show you
how we grew our YouTube channels we show you the energy dynamics of having just
like five coaching clients how you go full-time with that if that’s something
you’re interested in you can click on that link join the next training I look
forward to seeing you there also the third thing that you can do instead of
chasing money is feeling the emotions now wiring in that emotion understanding
that the motions already exists within you you might as well give yourself
permission to feel it now and then by doing that you then begin to see a new
reflection in your life so one other thing you could do to see the daily bids
you actually have to hit that notification bell a lot more vids come
and a lot more different kind of series coming out so I’m excited to share with
you if you want to see the daily vids hit that button and as always I hope you
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already and as always peace much love and namaste


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    Thank you for all of your help, Aaron. I have really enjoyed it. I especially like the Be As If video.

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    Dollars Want Me!
    By Henry Harrison Brown

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