Starting A Personal Training Business

Starting A Personal Training Business

Hey, Bedros Keuilian here, I’m a fitness
marketing expert, which pretty much means I help personal trainers grow their
businesses, make more money, and get more clients. In
fact, I’ve been doing this for well over a decade and started off with my own multiple
personal training facilities and did pretty well for myself.
Now, what I want to talk about today is specifically starting a personal
training business Because we all start off in a big box
gym, at some point we have migrated to training
clients at home, but when you really start taking that
next step into entrepreneurship, and you want to open up your own boot camp or
personal training center, or even a small community gym; where do
you start, right? Well, I can tell you this: you don’t
have to worry about street visibility. Number one, you just don’t have to worry
about street visibility. We’re not Starbucks, we’re not Subway, in that people are not gonna impulse
purchase personal training, bootcamp, or a
membership, right? What they’re going to do, is there gonna seek you out through
either word-of-mouth or through some online or offline marketing strategy
that you’ve done. If you have clients already they might refer their friends, family, or coworkers to you. But I
want you to rest assure that you don’t have to worry about paying
ridiculous amount of dollars per square footage because you don’t need a
commercial strip mall. Now, having said that, if you are looking
at a light industrial or an industrial place that is kinda over around the corner,
behind the bend, and and the price is pretty fair, and you have a commercial storefront with the same square footage for
the same dollars per square foot; listen, take the commercial spot, right?
Because, hey, we’ll take some street traffic. But
otherwise we don’t really need that. So thing number one is: look for
light industrial or an industrial building that you can
go in to. Thing number two is, and and this is something that I
learned through working with a reality TV show, actually on the Spike
Network, which, sadly, a lot of gym owners that
we were trying to help on this reality TV show which we can’t
talk about just yet, ran into the problems they were
having when they outgrew their first location too quickly. In other words, some went from 2,000 square
feet to 12,000 square feet, others went from 4,000 square
feet to 20,000 square feet. And so the first thing I can tell you is:
start small. You know, there’s nothing wrong with
bursting at the seams, right? You want to have that that appearance in your studio or boot camp, where everybody wants to go to that place
that’s happening, that’s packed, everybody wants to go to that place
that’s happening, that’s packed, that’s hard to get a table in. That’s the
place you want your training center to be like, right? Not this big ass open space that
you have to heat and cool. It’s gonna cost you thousands of dollars
a month to run. You’re gonna have to load up with a
whole bunch of equipment, otherwise it’s gonna look so empty and barren, right? Keep it around 2,000 square feet,
1,500 square feet. My personal location is 3,200 square feet, and, gosh, we can fit about forty-five
people in there, training at any given time. And and that’s awesome. And we run 30
minute a boot camps. And so we run about 4 or 5 boot camps in the
morning, and three more in the late afternoon, after work, and that’s really it. We then
rent out our facility to palates and yoga instructors because
they are non-competitive with us, right? And so they can use our facility, our in
there boot camp, well, to run their programs and pay us a
little rent. And we do pretty well. And so, thing number one, then, is light
industrial or industrial place. Thing number two is: keep a small footprint and grow slowly, right? Now, thing number three is: don’t
spend all your time, money effort, and energy on making this place
looks super duper awesome, and completely neglecting the number one
thing you have to do to drive traffic, which is marketing, right? Marketing is the life-blood of your
business. And I can’t tell you how many fitness business owners would take out loans and make this awesome gym or personal training studio,
and before you know it, they’ve used up, you know, a hundred and forty
thousand dollar loan. And they’ve got zero dollars left, when
they open the doors, for marketing. You know, could you at least put four,
five, six thousand dollars aside for marketing so you can drop two thousand postcards so that you can
so that you can run some ads on Facebook or or Google, right? So that you can buy some mailing
addresses and send letters to people in your community So always focus on marketing. And when it
comes to marketing your boot camp, or your gym for that
matter, you’ve got to focus on the three things that really matter most
each and every month: online marketing, offline marketing, and
of course internal marketing. Now, let me explain
these three things because they are, to me, the pillar of what your fitness
business should be built on. So, let’s look at these things. Thing
number one: we’re gonna go online. Well, now, look at all the different online
marketing strategies that you have. For example, you’ve got Deal-of-the-Day sites, right?
Like Living Social and Groupon. You should negotiate with them and see
if they can run deals for you. You know, anywhere from two
to four times a year, right? I mean, they are a great source of
online traffic. Now you might think to yourself: well, those people are not qualified, or are
tire kickers, or whatever. I can tell you this because I’m the
president of Fit Body Boot Camp, and we’ve got hundreds of locations worldwide, Groupon is one of the number one
strategies that we use to get clients who pay is anywhere from $147 to $247
a month. They all come in on a 21-day or six-week, you know, forty, fifty dollar program. And about 25 to 33 percent of those
people who come in through Groupon, we end up converting into lifelong clients. So don’t neglect that. Thing number two
you can you online is: create fan page and start running
ads to people in your community who are your target market, right? Thing number three is: optimize your
website for the keywords that matter most to you. So that when people search for a local
business, for example if someone searches for, let’s say, Chino Hills personal trainer or Chino Hills fitness
boot camp, they’re gonna find your location and your website. Not the competitor. Thing
number four is to build an email list. If you don’t
have an email list right now then you’re really missing out on a
whole bunch of clients because when you build an email list of prospects, of
people in the community who are interested in burning fat, who wanna learn
more tips and healthy recipes from you, over
time they get to know, like, and trust you, they’re ultimately going to buy from you
when they’re ready to work with a trainer. So look at all the off-the-top-of-my-head
online strategies that you can use. Now let’s go into thing number two which is offline. Now let’s go into thing number two I’ll pick a small business that has anywhere
from five to fifteen employees, a chiropractor, dentist, real estate
office, right? A hair salon with the whole bunch of
hairdressers, and I’ll go do a Lunch and Learn. Lunch and Learns are really awesome. I’ll say, “Hey,
I’m gonna come in here for 45 minutes, buy guys all lunch,” and we’ll take
them like Subway sandwiches, the healthiest versions of a Subway sandwich
that we can get our hands on, and taking their party platter from
Subway, which is better than what they were eating anyway which is probably some
kind of cheese and broccoli soup for lunch, right? And in that time, while they’re eating a
healthy subway sandwich, at least the healthiest version we can find, we’re educating them
on fitness and nutrition, on accountability and motivation and
mindset, and at the end of this little, mini
Lunch and Learn process, I offer them all a free week to come
try us out and I captured their email addresses and phone numbers. I say, “Hey,
here’s a clipboard give me your email addresses and phone
numbers, and of course I’m gonna reach out to you and offer you are free week
to try us out. Now they go into my database, right?
You could also one of the best offline marketing
strategies you can use as well, is to send out direct mail. Now, direct
mail is kinda hit and miss for a lot of people, your offer has to be irresistible. And
what I found is, your offer has to be under a hundred
dollars. So considering the 14 Day Fat furnace program for sixty seven dollars, or consider a 28-day flat belly program
for ninety seven dollars, those are the best promoting offers. Send
postcards out to houses that you feel are, you know, in that
upper demographic who might have the ideal client in them.
Start off with about 500 postcards, don’t send out like 2,000
without testing. Start with like 500 and then if that works well for you then
roll out to a bigger number of people. Now thing number three, of course, is referrals. Referrals are your internal marketing
strategy and referrals are the lifeblood of your business.
Because as you use these top two to initially build your clientele base,
ultimately you’re going to throttle back on thing number one and two and you’re going to use more word of
mouth and client referrals to get their friends, family, coworkers into your business. By the way, the people
who come to you referred are also easier to close. And
converted into life-long clients. So I hope this made a lot of sense to
you and of course if you have any questions you can visit me on my blog. Just click the link down below in the
description box and you’ll get more information on how to grow your fitness business. I’ll see you later.


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