START DOING THIS NOW!!! “I Assure You It Will Make You Rich”

START DOING THIS NOW!!! “I Assure You It Will Make You Rich”


  1. daily MOTIVATION says:

    1.17 seconds for 3 times in the morning
    2.17 seconds for 6 times around lunch
    3.17 seconds for 9 times before sleeping

    Procure a notebook dedicated to this practice
    Complete for 33 days or 45 days

  2. Discovery The World says:

    It's not Nikola Tesla 369 code
    It's Only Abraham hick 17 second rule !

    Where is Nikola Tesla said???
    You have proof ???

  3. amazingyear says:

    when he says write “it” … what it is he talking about?!

  4. Doe Nation says:

    For anyone watching this I hope you don’t do what this video says, writing numbers has no correlation to becoming successful and you don’t know what these people are truly trying to make you do, only hard work can make you successful nothing else

  5. SHENICE shresta says:


  6. Bishal Ningthouja says:

    In my first public exam ,my roll no. was 369 and now I'm in graduation ,I have a feeling that I'll be the chief minister of my state one day.

  7. Steyreon says:

    7-1=6…now that is a proof 😒 7+1=8 btw.

  8. vv Kumar says:

    360/9 = 40 . So where is the number 3,6 or 9. Please correct your understanding.

  9. AlphaPhiChuFafi Onse says:

    I think you're wrong about the magnificence of tesla's 3,6 and 9…… Keep looking you'll find it…….. Its really true………..

  10. Viska Matau says:

    I think this is bullshit sorry…

  11. wellington tinashe muguti says:

    Just after I thought everything was over, team of hackers send me $3152
    Thank you for the wonderful addition :

  12. Starting point says:

    Are u rich then

  13. GnJ Kennard says:

    Out of the blue…7 -1 =6. Okay. But the relevance to the overall instruction is what?!?

  14. Deepak Tamang says:

    Wtf dude 😂 7-1=6?😂

  15. Erwanda Manik says:

    want to try it see you at 9th feb

  16. Nicolaus Thothmes says:

    3 6 9
    Damn she fine.
    Sock it sock it to me one mo time.
    Low. Get low get low get low get OOOOOOH.

    hidden wisdom was in our face for like two decades.

  17. Jamal Msl says:

    Omg im rich

  18. TheCrookedOne says:

    With this holy voice he can say wtf he wants to be +ve

  19. Benz Joseph says:

    What do we need to write??

  20. no one says:

    The way you're voice whistle is so loud

  21. Mustafa Saleh says:

    not 17duo.

  22. mark spencer m andres says:

    What should i Write?

  23. Samurai 8 says:

    I'll comment again if I get rich.

  24. Indu Prem says:

    It's possible to write a statement my wish with in a 17 seconds in 3 or 6 or 9 times daily I will try today Dec 26 I waiting for 33 or 45 days obviously I'll post my comments how its inspired me motivated me let see it…

  25. Varun Deokate says:

    The most bullshit video I’ve ever seen .
    7-1 = 6 , wtf was that ? !!
    Simple rule – There is no substitute to hard work 🙏🏼

  26. Light Speed Gamer says:

    What should I write 3 or 6 or 9 times a day

  27. Groß Glockner says:

    What do you have to write down??

  28. Indian clasher 5454 says:

    Sir we have to write divine.??????????

  29. Budi Budi says:

    Yeahh I just know 3, 6 and 9.. So whats 7 – 1 = 6.. Whats come from?

  30. Soyuz Walker nightcore says:


  31. MonsterMonkey says:

    what the hell am i writing?

  32. gamer dude says:

    itni maths agar paper mein apply karta to aaj main cbse topper hota. PUBG khelo ghumo phiro kya ye faltu ke kaam karoge!
    👍 if you agree

  33. Beatles Bhattarai says:

    Transform your life..whats kind of transformation you are refering??

  34. SLAMSLZ GAMING says:

    Can somebody help?
    is it like 3 times in 17 seconds or 1 time 17 seconds , 1 time 17 seconds,1 time 17 second so 51 in total?

  35. Medi Roquai says:

    Must be true. In Islam to divorce definitely you need to state the world divorced 3 times, it's called triple talaq
    This way your link in the heavens is broken and you both are free to remarry again
    Makes sense

  36. Ujjwal Sharma says:

    When a men start feel about himself the power of mind have big role so all play of mind

  37. Doris White says:

    Day 29 today. Will go for 45. Shortly after I started this I began taking free online
    courses related to that which I want to manifest. Hadn't thought to do that before.
    Not always needed, but if we do things in the physical realm about what we want
    to manifest we're telling the Universe that we're serious about it.

  38. Adi Eka says:

    What to write?

  39. Daniel Bekersman says:

    I can't get rid of thinking "7 minus 1….."

  40. Shane o Flaherty says:

    Okay so I tried this out,I will be honest I did not last 33days I lasted 19 but I
    noticed changes in my life such as business opportunities relationship opportunities i felt more at ease and calm but i felt the best time to do this was before sleep there was less resistance as my conscious reasoning mind was suspended but just to let you all know you will see results just be open and dont say to yourself it would of happened anyway because it wouldnt of in fact the opposite would of happend you would attract negative conditions. I AM going to start again as I let my temper get the better of me after the 19 days lol.hope this helps

  41. Vishwas Vish says:

    Ya it's true I become richer than billgates now by doing this

  42. Kanak Barfa says:

    Are start it today videos necessary to start today

  43. Thiru Jothi says:

    I want asking something.. have to write only one sentence in 3,6,9 times? Or can more than that..??

  44. Keiran Ritchie says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Who came to the comments
    To see if it’s true

    Also if your reading this I wish you all the abundance prosperity and health your heart desires 🥰😃

  45. Dziki Bill says:


  46. Keiran Ritchie says:

    Just another thing my birthdate is 3/6/1984 does anyone know if this has any meaning? Not that I’m a dick or anything snide like that I’m talking numerology

  47. Kristoffer Zemlak says:


  48. G3R1 says:

    Just came down here to see the testimonials 😂

  49. Ayman As-aad says:

    The procedure is not clear
    should we write our thoughts and think about it for 17 sec individually or should we write our thoughts and then think about our thoughts at last for 17 sec

  50. navaneeth raj says:

    What I want to write 369 or my goal?

  51. TOM NEWS says:

    Let see what happed, see u all after 33 days in 1st of February.

  52. Homo sapiens says:

    This hopeless soul is now going to try this ……

  53. John Don says:

    Dont the voice sound freaky..creepy though..the number still shit watever

  54. BlacK RyzeN says:

    to all the people who will try this always remember clean your heart and mind before doing it so…

    to the viewers who is confused about 7-1=6 it came from 17 seconds making it single digit code to divine 6

  55. fancy oman says:

    وش فيه المترجم فجاه زعل وقرر ما يكمل 🤣

  56. Rahi Malik says:

    What do we have to write

  57. SAMEER xx Xx says:

    I think theres alot of bullshit on the net theae days like a new religion emerging everytime u log on to youtube theres a video " DO THIS DO THAT TRY THIS TRY THAT MILLIONAIRES DO THIS BILLIONAIRES DO THAT " ANYTHING THAT CAN GET PEOPLE HOOKED ON U CANT KEEP UP…at the end of the day these videos make money for the channels… they are like a drug all these motivational videos today u can just about find most celebrities talking about this or that law of attraction etc et endorsing all kinds of stuff .. they get paid to do this just like adverts …. do u really think the world would allow all these knowledge to get out ? Di u really think youtube would allow this knowledge to get out…? So man can be powerful and aware ….THE WORLD LOVES TO RULE OVER MASSES TO KEEP THEM IN THE DARK THEY MAKE MONEY.Does tbe homeless man or the poor across the world get to know about these videos …. its all a plan to replace religion to remove god to a world order one order …. over the past year or two these new age philosophy STUFF videos and motivational videos are at the helm taking over the internet and peoples minds …who watch this crap … their (dark side) agenda is working … its all BULLSHIT … ask urself how many times have u watched a motivational video felt all good and hyped up the next day u lost all that mojo ? Then u listen to it again and get into the same mojo but u not gerting anything done ur just kind of hooked on it getting a hit from listening to it and then next time u find another video motivating you …. and guess what " YOUR ADDICTED U CANT GO A DAY WITHOUT LISTENING TO GET YOU TO FACE THE DAY.. TO MAKE U FEEL BETTER FOR NOT DOING ANYTHING" ….


  58. Riko Punyo says:

    What I've to write ?

  59. Mark jaymer Dudang says:

    69 is doing at night 3 times 🤣

  60. Aasish Dawadi says:

    it's useless…
    daydreaming just helps u to feel good like u have already achieved ur goal.

  61. Shayan Sajid says:

    What to right please help me.

  62. Iced Tiga says:

    Take the good and reject the bad, be positive and and work towards good goals, but this is a pile of nonsense quite frankly, many people think religions are superstitious without knowing the first thing thing about it, but will follow a YouTube video strictly following a code of what can I call it but mumbo jumbo hoping that all their dreams are fulfilled…

  63. rhykko77 says:

    interesting ……but for no particular reason I have always preferred 1 , 3, and 9

  64. Luciano 19 says:

    3 sets of 17 in the morning
    Then 6 sets of 17???? Could somebody answer to me?!

  65. Francisco Alvarez says:

    Ill let you guys know tomorrow

  66. Nikola Krsmanovic says:

    Today is my 33 day 😎 of 3,6,9

  67. maestro Sebastian says:

    what i should write?

  68. Minister Saviour Peter says:

    I don't understand, please enlighten me on this

  69. Clark D. Purvis says:

    The man says "You have to practice this for 33 days. Every morning when you get up, you're gonna write it 3 times." I've watched and listened with undivided attention multiple times, and I can't see what "it" refers to. No disrespect, poster, but what am I gonna write?

  70. Nita Prajapati says:

    Try for 12 days because it adds up to 3

  71. thushith bythadka says:

    How and what to write accordingly to the numbers?

  72. prince k says:

    17(seconds)*3(times)=51 5+1="6"
    ,17*6=102 1+0+2="3"
    ,17*9=153 1+5+3="9"

  73. Terrence Malan Jones says:

    Thank you.

  74. Kinlay Bilham says:

    What are we supposed to write on the sheet when doing it????

  75. Billiards says:

    What Am I going to write? 3 times?

  76. Balaji Punekar says:

    I am first here in 2020

  77. google.a user.v64 says:

    Ok this was cool and all but where the hell did the "7-1=6" come from!?

  78. Kennard James Ardenaso says:

    1+2=3 am i right?

  79. Rosette Abu akleh says:


  80. 2020Bookworm says:

    Write 3 times in the morning
    6 in the afternoon
    9 at bedtime

  81. navratri patel says:

    What we want to right

  82. TBS EXOTIC says:

    What are we supposed to write?

  83. Diana Hmar says:

    So one manifestation at a time? Can i maifest many things or i have to work at one at a time for 33 days?

  84. Musthafa-N kadampuzha says:


  85. Ch.Balamanikanta Manu says:

    Actually what should i write , is it numbers or my goal in sratement form ,plzz clarify it

  86. Hrvoje Videc says:

    If i have 3 differnet toughts… in the mornirn i will write every tought three times or all of them once?

  87. Theodore Kielb says:


  88. Ellen Alexandra says:

    Write what?

  89. Guanghui Ma says:

    What exactly do we write??

  90. Pavan kumar says:

    What we have to write

  91. Shyrose Temba says:

    I ddnt understand write it wat is the it?

  92. aleisha yamamoto says:

    Read the scriptures early in the morning, meditate and pray to God, as you work within the day, you thank God for every opportunity, before going to bed, pray for everything that you have accomplished and thank God. Always pray and read the scriptures. This will bless your life, this will strenghten you and help in everything you are going through. And this will give you joy in the journey of life here on earth.

  93. danda pani says:

    I did it didn't work…but best of luck u all

  94. Winnie Fisher says:

    Not very clear at all

  95. wildgreen channel says:

    Day 1
    Morning 3
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    Lunch Time 6
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    Before Sleep 9
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy
    I'm great,loved,healthy and wealthy

  96. Ritu Joshi says:

    I did not understand what statement do we have to write 🤔🤨

  97. Rochelle Bruintjies says:

    And I thank YOU

  98. Madame Toumit says:

    I will do it 😀

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