Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – Rowan Atkinson | Top Gear – BBC

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car – Rowan Atkinson | Top Gear – BBC

So obviously you do love your cars and now of course you race, you are yes King Occasionally yeah, yeah historic racing yeah, so what are you racing the track um what I have gone is a Ford Falcon 1964 Ford Falcon, it’s a big sort of you know 4.7 liter v8. And and very very light isn’t that like lambda yachting Exactly, it’s it’s got a certain floppiness to it so obviously driving the Kia But you know one of my worries about coming on the show Was that I think that people know that I’m a car enthusiast and that I have done some racing and that they will assume that In the reasonably priced car I’ll be I’ll be very good when there’s absolutely No guarantee of that whatsoever Because there is a very particular thing And a little slow learner of cows and all that I was keen to I was keen never go so I had to go well Who here would like to see you Rowan’s lap? Like you were using launch control You look a bit nervous if I may say yeah, all wide line like a Formula One driver flew there and Wide on the way out as well of you smooth If the submissiveness Yes here we are into their Hammerhead keeping it between the lines obviously the slower you appear to be going and that does appear to be very slow indeed Sometimes the faster it is it doesn’t look too bad, but what do you think? Keeping it very tight on the runway. That’s a new interesting line second-to-last corner that is Beautifully angled and Gambon no drama no histrionics across the line Where’s the ball where do you think he might have come The man at the very top is a Johnny Bishop the northern comedian followed by Ross Noble the northern comedian Yeah, well I was born in the north so many of course you’re from the same neck of the woods is Ross Noble So you’re looking at the top you have Matt Oh no no no I’m yeah, exactly one one looked up there, but there’s absolutely no reason why I should be there It would be I felt as though I did okay, but not great. That’s my you okay Well at the very top it is Bishop on. What is he 142 eight so Rowan occurs? You did it one good 40 excellent, too Well that was actually remarkable because we did Genuinely think when Bishop did that time and was so much faster than Tom Cruise it would never be Beaten no no the Tom Cruise thing It is 30 you know and what is very interesting is that all your lap times were incredibly consistent? As is the mark of a great racing driver vocation posh turns out You’re in the wrong career So I mean a lot of people think that you’ve already been on this show yes ladies and gentlemen he has now Rowan Atkinson


  1. Rijad Bexheti says:

    He is a legend!

  2. Reda B says:

    Mr Bean has a fuckin voice

  3. Mr. Wow68 says:

    Me saws Mr bean

    Me: where his green car?

  4. BINAY DEB says:

    He is a legend only a smart person knows the timing.

  5. rick9021090210 says:

    Never thought Mr Bean could be so… civilized. xD

    Great guy really… awesome voice.


  6. Nate_Dawg 37 says:

    he may be the fastest man in a kia but he crashed a mclaren f1 so…

  7. Neil Taylor says:

    Mr bean doesn't drive mini anymore, said he would look stupid with Hitler tash , driving BMW version nowadays. ?????????

  8. Luquitichulis 1 says:

    Good lap Rowan!

  9. Maxwell Moller says:

    Top Gear, this rocked.

  10. thedutchteamersHD says:

    i guess he forgot teddy

  11. Dan Nism says:

    A person without simply spoken any words but through gestures he can absolutely make people laugh. That is Rowan Atkinson the LEGEND!

  12. Feat says:

    – "So you did it in…1…"
    – "Good"
    Im dead ?

  13. Hope Yukizmizu says:

    GJ Johnny

  14. Jari Kinnunen says:

    To be funny isn`t easy task.

  15. Hassan Sultan says:

    I thought he cannot talk??

  16. Eric Guo says:

    He speaks normally? WTF

  17. Kyle Tunnah says:

    Is the you mr been

  18. yatsu2me says:

    this puts a whole new look when MrBean is fulling that Ambulance

  19. Deadrich says:

    His yellow Mini Mk II was a reasonbly price car too, should be using that car though. ?

  20. sauk says:

    this is the first time i hear him talk

  21. Carl Bernroth says:

    I'm not even the least bit surprised a man like Rowan Atkinson made Mr Bean. You need someone as sharp as him to portray someone as daft and dull as Mr Bean.

  22. Martin Larsen says:

    Two absolute legends!

  23. ALKUKES says:

    Mr beans, fasule hahah

  24. Beardoh Thebossman says:

    They should have put a blue reliant robin on the track.

  25. mughal electro lite says:

    King of comedy ROWEN ATKINSON

  26. Mubeen Ahmed Jawad says:

    The only car He has is that Green cooper with the padlock on it ?

  27. scoop diddy poop says:

    Mr. Bean trains his racing skills by brushing his teeth and driving

  28. goated_lenster says:

    I think rowan Atkinson should host the new top gear.

  29. zathary says:

    guess all that driving through the parking gate did him some good

  30. Marvan Cherada says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

  31. dageezerboi says:

    He looks indian in car lol

  32. Lewis White says:

    “Never BEAN beaten” – Jeremy Clarkson, 3:44

  33. Bobby Twotrees says:

    He did go full Mr Bean mode in the car. No joy at all

  34. Alfonso Alonzo says:

    While racing older cars you past the point of automobile racing and find yourself yachting in a ridiculous helmet lol

  35. SteveVi0lence says:

    Is that mr bean? Never seen one of those

  36. Belu Pilem says:

    johnny english for the next james bond !!!!

  37. Armando Betancourt says:

    I want to eat the bum out of that beautiful woman to his left.??

  38. a believer says:

    He looks like in a wheel chair

  39. Isaac Newton says:

    Why YouTube recommend me a racing mr.bean?

  40. sam .k says:

    what episode was this

  41. Mr Filmora says:

    Mr bean is that you

  42. I have to wait 90 days to change my name says:

    Everyone: OoOoOoOoOo

  43. SHIBIN ABBY says:

    I like Mr. Bean…

  44. SHIBIN ABBY says:

    I like Mr. Bean…

  45. SHIBIN ABBY says:

    I like Mr.Bean…

  46. Thanos says:

    That face at 3:13 is priceless

  47. giovani khoury says:

    It’s so weird seeing him talk normally because I only watched mrbean show

  48. Thomas Bannister says:

    In my opinion, Rowan Atkinson is too good to associate himself with a bully like Clarkson

  49. AudieHolland says:

    In my opinion, Mr. Atkinson is very intelligent, has excellent driving skills and overall good reaction to his environment.
    But he isn't a genius. However much I love his comedic roles, I cannot forget that he, while playing Mr. Bean, stole a bit from the genius French comedian, the late, great, Louis de Funès.
    It was the examination bit.

    Just watch the original, in the Gendarme movies series "Le Gendarme se marie (1968)"
    The examination part.
    Btw, Louis de Funès borrowed his comedic facial and vocal expressions from a certain famous American water bird.

  50. Noob Gee says:

    The girl behind the interviewer i think she is the one who had really bad audition in x factor lol well i think so..guys correct me if m wrong

  51. poke digger 1 1 says:

    Mr bean

  52. synch craft says:

    The legends cartoon

  53. Arman Ali says:

    People who don't know Rowan be like: "Wait, isn't that Mr.Bean?"

  54. John Galarpe says:

    He does not like now his Green mini cooper. But when he met Jeremy Clarkson,he changed.

  55. gael rostang says:

    Everyone can drive a fast car. Few can drive a car fast.

  56. Joe Bedford says:

    My dentist is literally a Pakistani Rowan Atkinson I've only just realised their similarities

  57. Shiyu Muto says:

    Ha ha

  58. Icenberg says:

    Wait what? Mr.Bean can talk??

  59. Akotski1338 says:

    What makes the show funnier is how well Mr. Bean can drive his car

  60. Asjad Shaikh says:

    OMG Mr. Bean can talk.(so much)

  61. StraightToThePoint says:

    its quite scary seeing mr beans actor off the set

  62. napraznicul says:

    Huuuuge ears at Rowan.. seems like to become a comedy star, is no need of one of the best iq ?… certainly not even to become rich (that i seen maaany many times in my country AND india ?

  63. Dj Santana says:

    Mr bean is actually smart

  64. Shawn Gaming says:

    Why not race in a blue 3 wheeler??????

  65. Article13 Copyrekt says:

    Wow, he speaks

  66. BALL SOYER says:


  67. Raffa Bintang says:

    Rowan is fast because he drive mini cooper with sofa in top everyday

  68. Jim Nannes says:

    The Stig must be proud

  69. Hell'sEntireBuggeryDivision says:

    Rowan Atkinson is such an interesting man, I could listen to him talk about any subject

  70. gtiman67 says:

    Mr Bean makes it to top spot that is AMAZING☺️

  71. Antonman says:

    I've never heard his voice

  72. classic meme BOOY says:

    Mr bean ?
    A funny racer

  73. Alg36 says:

    A tear in Mr Bean’s eye..

  74. banjir jir says:

    He should turn off the car usin gun

  75. beatMyDuck FN says:

    Didnt knew he could speak

  76. Your Everyday Etheo says:

    He's a better spy than Tom Cruise

  77. Crispy Jester says:

    Get him an original Mini

  78. Remila Meziane says:

    I can't get enough of R.A he's so brilliant…

  79. Velocity-XI says:

    Fancy a green Mini Cooper?

  80. Mohamed AlRayes says:

    Thanks to the blue reliant robin, Mr. Bean is now a great racing driver

  81. poor Gamer says:

    He's an expert bcz he is used to drive his mini on daily basis ?

  82. Abbas 7845 says:

    Why does this appear on my recommended 10 years later

  83. Ahmad Al-Fatly says:

    What a god

  84. AF Bennett says:

    I looked at the thumbnail and laughed to myself. Best comedian

  85. El Gran Swarly says:

    see Rowan Atkinson drive its like see bunta drive

  86. Aaron Requena says:


  87. Isaak Jones says:

    1:49 what an arse

  88. two three says:

    Still surprising seeing him talking like a normal man.

  89. FriedOutMukke says:

    0:46 Didnt even looked that much at Mr. Bean, I couldnt move my eyes away from that sweet girl behind him

  90. Rob Man City Fan TV Podcasts:Raw says:

    Are Ads disabled for this content BBC?

  91. PianoSongsEasy 33 says:

    rowan atkinson: i can talk

    also rowan atkinson: hehehehehehe

  92. Bohemia Lite says:

    He's so different when he's talking wow kind of sounds like Simon Cowell.

  93. Axel Dylan Tatipata says:


  94. CondorStudios says:

    Of course his fast his driving with sofa on top for a living ???

  95. Fortshite says:

    Used to live a mile away from this legend

  96. Z͓̽3͓̽R͓̽0͓̽_͓̽M͓̽E͓̽A͓̽N͓̽I͓̽N͓̽G͓̽ ͓̽I͓̽N͓̽ ͓̽L͓̽I͓̽F͓̽E͓̽ says:

    When you realized mr bean crashed a maclearen F1

  97. First officer Brian says:

    When mr bean drives a Kia

  98. Luke Skywalker says:

    “I think I did ok not great.”
    Wins first place.

  99. Houssem Hammami says:

    it's weird hearing mr.bean's voice :')

  100. Canadian Summer says:

    This was the other side of talent. Talent always hidden needs to find out. May be your are the best. Find out yourself who you are ????????

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