1. Sri says:

    I love Google and Android as much as my own mother.

  2. saravana kumar says:

    Good tutorial nice explanation #awesome

  3. Deepak Mathur says:

    Great use of Google Tag Manager. Thanks for the best practices. I'll implement this.

  4. What Price says:

    Thanks Nice Video

  5. Digital Marketing Agency, Website Development Services | Triratna Hi-Tech says:


  6. David Rodrigues says:

    Do you have any tutorials on 'Google rich cards for Reviews'? Everybody ist talking or showing tutorials only for Recipes & Events which is easy to understand.

  7. Luca Lakenbrink says:

    Why I have no preview button? 1:50

  8. Mangesh Sawant says:

    I am adding an exhibition event by the use of GOOGLE structured data. Is it mandatory to write an offer because during validation I am receiving warning of "offer recommended", however, there is no offer? Secondly is there a button to check the preview as and when it is displayed? Thank you!

  9. Badtothetrombone says:

    I still don't really understand how to utilize this. I am a musician and i would like to have a rich card for myself as a musician how do i set this up?

  10. Rombout Versluijs says:

    Why does the preview function not work, its says something on mobile. When i testthis same thing on a mobile i see exact the same thing as on desktop. Preview doesnt seem to work properly

  11. Andac YALGIN says:

    This needs update

  12. navin sharma says:

    nice vedio thanks

  13. Varun riat says:

    How to add rich cards in magento ?

  14. Ramy's Garage says:

    good rich cards information & tag Manager

  15. In Bexhill says:

    Rosetta stone t-shirt?

  16. WEBMASTER GURU says:

    Does the review rating rich cards show on home page. I have it on other pages but can't seem to get it on the home page. It shows it works on structured data testing tool.

    Any help please thanks

  17. Heal Entire World says:

    Great aclip

    We would like to contribute to it by posting this Easy TO Create Google Rich Cards For WooCommerce Stores.


  18. TheBomber eRoTeX says:

    Can anybody help me with this? Please just reply to this comment and I can contact you. I need some help and I would also pay people to set up the whole google representation. So I want people to see my brand everywhere on google. Rich Cards and so on. Thank you

  19. Yunior A says:

    Poor Mariya she needs a bottle of water at 6:40, don't get me wrong she is doing a great explanation for about 9 minutes!!!

  20. Ngọc Anh Vy says:

    What exactly do you mean when mentioning "the right page" in the description below the video. Should I paste all of the markup types in the header of the website?

  21. Eshqa says:

    That was s very thorough explaining and instruction. ?

  22. Harvinder Singh says:

    Hi, Mariya.

    Thanks for this video.

    I have one question.

    I added "Review with ratings
    " with google tag manager by add code in the Custom HTML tag, and fire it on a particular page.

    when I check it in the preview mode, it shows me tag is working fine.

    But when I check it in the Structure data testing tool after publishing the container, it shows me nothing.

    Can you please tell me where I'm doing the mistake.

  23. LearnTypingToday says:

    I got lost. I use a wysiwyg website builder and don't build my site using the raw coding…. this is where my skill set is at. And I don't have money to pay for someone to do this for me.
    Sooooo…………….. this new feature is a massive disadvantage for those who have great websites with great content but rely on a website builder. 🙁 What can we do?

  24. Bestie Lander says:

    This is confusing, please someone make a tutorial of this for blogspot

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