Signs for Wealth & Money | Know How Comfortable You Will be in Life | Palmistry Demonstration

A lot of people approach me with this question “How comfortably off will I be in life?” “How comfortable will I be financially?” So to answer this question, there are many YOGs (arrangement of lines) in palm reading, and we shall discuss RAJ YOG in particular. So what is Raj Yog? As you know, in our hand
there are 7 planets or mounts. i.e. Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury…
we have already seen these before. So if 1 to 3 of these 7 mounts
are found at their designated place, and on them, if there are favourable signs, and there are no negative signs on the other mounts, this will be the basic formation of the RAJ YOG. If this Raj Yog combination is a person’s hand,
he will be in a comfortable zone regarding vehicles, property, family life, money, etc. Whatever he desires, he will receive in full measure after a little waiting. So this is basic Raj Yog. So we have done a demonstration of this person and we can see that his mount of Mercury
and mount of Moon are both joined together with one line. The mount of Mercury and the mount of Moon are both very strong. The mount of Saturn also has a single line over it. So these three mounts are well developed in the palm, which indicate that this hand has basic Raj Yog. So this person is lacking nothing and is
living his life in a comfortable zone, with his family and children. Now we will look at a different type of a palm, in which there are more than three strong planets. So we will call it a higher type of Raj Yog. In such a case, whatever a person might aspire to do, 90 percent of the time, he is
successful in reaching his goal, he will have a lot of money, fame, respect in society, vehicles, properties… all these comforts will come to this person… We can call it “material success”. He will receive material wealth in his life. I will now show you an example
(of a higher type Raj Yog). You can see here, on this hand the mount of Moon is very well-developed. And this is where the Fate Line begins. The mount of Mercury is also well developed and has 2-3 straight lines present on it. The mount of Sun is also well developed, and and there is a single line on it. The Mount of Saturn is also well developed. It also has a single line over it. The Jupiter mount is also very protrudent,
it covers a large area. The mount of Mars over here is well developed The mount of Venus is also good. So Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun & Mercury… almost all the 7 planets are well developed
on this person’s hand. This person is a multi-millionaire. Right from birth, he has been
surrounded by comforts and conveniences he was born in such a home… and his property value is growing day by day. He is a very successful person. So this is the strongest Raj Yog. All sorts of comforts will come to him, from the beginning to the end. Now we will look at RAJ BHANG YOG,
(astrological reasons behind a downfall) I will show you a diagrammatic representation. The important points to note here are that there can be one or two good planets on a hand, but the problem is when there more than
two planets showing negative signs. For example, if the mount of Moon is good,
it is well developed, but Mercury, Sun and Saturn… if there are negative signs on these three mounts, such as the examples shown here, the seemingly good mount of Moon is of no use. (Mercury, Sun, Saturn) the combination of these three brings a lot of misery into life. So, if there are two or three negative planets; by negative I mean if there are
inauspicious signs seen on them, the person’s life will be very hard. There are many difficulties, and life is very miserable. I will now show you an example This is a person’s hand print. You can see the mount of Sun here, there are many crooked and zig-zag lines over it. There are also crooked lines over Mercury as well. There are cross lines over Jupiter too. There are criss-cross lines visible over Mars. And the most important Fate Line here, there are lines intersecting it throughout. There are also cross lines
over the mount of Moon also. So this person’s hand has the maximum number of cross lines. From this, we come to know that this person has to face a lot of hard luck in his life. He experiences a lot of difficulties
in dealing with every situation in life. He is only occasionally comfortable in life, but most of the time he is uncomfortable with regard to money, respect, and prosperity in life. We have generated this video for your self-analysis, so that you can see for yourself
what position you are in – in a very comfortable position, or medium-comfortable, or if there are a lot of negative signs on your hand. So in this way, one can know how much more work one needs to do. If we are in a very comfortable zone, how we can expand what we have already achieved thus far… If we are in a very critical situation, then, education-wise, work-wise,
experience-wise, and hard work-wise, in everything, we will have to remain very prompt and alert only then can we find a solution for this Yog. The only remedy is that a lot of hard work
and effort has to be put in, and we have to get rid of all negative thoughts. That is the remedy, in my opinion.

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