Shreem Brzee Wealth Workshop by Dr Pillai Part 1

Shreem Brzee Wealth Workshop by Dr Pillai Part 1

[Mohini:]>>Welcome to this special workshop
with Dr. Pillai. Today Dr. Pillai is going to teach you how
to bypass your financial mental blocks. And he will teach you a simple and practical
technique, that you can use from today as well. Now, we’ve been receiving hundreds of questions
from all of you over the past few weeks and I’d like to start our program today with
a few of those questions. Dr. Pillai, a lot of people have been asking
if they can become a millionaire even if they haven’t achieved any financial success so
far. So what is your response to them? [Dr. Pillai:]>>Theoretically, yes, but practically,
not impossible, but difficult. Why is that? It is because of the nature of the mind. There is only one rule, or law, I would say. What’s the law? The law is: ‘You become as you think.’ So your thoughts manifest the reality. Now, you have to look at it more deeply. In one minute, the average thoughts are like
anywhere between 35 to 50 thoughts a minute, and that is why nobody is able to accomplish
what they want to accomplish. So we have to train the mind to really stay
focused. And if we really stay focused then it is possible. There was a billionaire who came to me, he
was then not a billionaire. And then he told me that he had joined this
Wall Street firm as a Sales person, and now he is the CEO, and Chairman, and he was still
not able to become a billionaire. And he took me to an Indian Restaurant in
New York and told me I wanted to see you because I became from a Sales person to the CEO because
I meditated with a mantra. Now, can you give me a mantra to become a
billionaire? I said: ”Yes,” give me a paper and pen. And he gave me one, and I just wrote the billionaire’s
mantra which was: ‘Billionaire I am.” And he didn’t believe me. He said, “This is English; it’s not going
to work. I know Sanskrit, I know about mantras.” I said, “It will still work. It doesn’t matter whether it is English
or Sanskrit.” So that proves the theory that you become
as you think. If you go on saying over and over and over
and over again something, that will manifest. So what happens with us? To answer your question, ‘Can everybody
become a millionaire?’ Yes, if you remain focused. If you keep on focusing your mind on one particular
thought. Mantra is better because it has special power
because these are special sounds. And these special sounds have the ability
to manifest, and I’ll talk about it during the program, ‘How these sounds manifest,’
because everything in this world starts from a sound. Without sound there is no creation. Ultimately, everything had to be reduced to
just sound waves. Sound waves create. So can everybody become a millionaire? Yes, if you train your mind. The whole program is about training your mind. First to get your thoughts to 15 thoughts
a minute, that will be ideal. And then at that level, then your thought
will become very powerful. They are not frivolous thoughts. So what are you going to learn from this program
is just how to train the mind to remain focused. I’ll tell you an example. Bill Gates said, he’s the richest man in
the world, that no one can dissuade him from his interest in computers, and that was his
focus. I remember when I was teaching at the University
of Pittsburgh, a course on manifestation. It was about in the 1980’s. Bill Gates had made about 10 billion dollars. Time Magazine asked him: “Bill Gates, do
you really want to make more money?” “Yes, I do.” Why? “Because I want to take time off.” With 10 billion dollars he was not satisfied. So did he, so was he satisfied later on? Yes, when he made 100 billion dollars. So focus is everything. It’s not that Bill Gates was born rich. Everybody has the ability to manifest whatever
they want to manifest. I can talk about it forever. I don’t want to occupy you with just one
idea. Yes, you can. Everybody can, but it is a matter of commitment,
it is a matter of focus. It’s a matter of commitment. It’s a matter of focus. [Mohini:]>>So a lot of people also have been
askingm “Can I make money if either, I have no skill sets, or I’m too old to get a job. Or, I just don’t believe that I can make
money?” [Dr. Pillai:]>>If you believe that you can’t
make money, you won’t make money. Okay. Then you have to take responsibility for that
negativity. So you have to change your belief system. And the belief system — It’s not easy
to change your belief system. Sometimes it is genetic, and you have inherited
your thoughts not only from your own biology, but from your own parents, great grandparents,
or great, great grandparents. So you are not just thinking your thoughts. You are thinking the thoughts of your father,
mother, and then the great grandfather. AAnd they had somehow lived a life in poverty,
and you have inherited that, and this I call as ‘Soul Genetics.’ I have videos made on Soul Genetics. Just as you have inherited biological genes,
you have inherited, ‘Soul’ so to say, ‘Soul Genes.’ So you have to change your thoughts. So you have to first believe that you can
do it. And if you cannot believe, then these sounds
that you use like Shreem Brzee. You know, the course is all about Shreem Brzee. Shreem Brzee will give you wealth consciousness. The sound itself has the ability to change
your negativity, to positivity, poverty to abundance and prosperity. Because the sounds have the ability to change
your mindset. Once your mindset is changed, then you will
be disabled to think negative thoughts. So I’ll talk about Shreem, and also about
Brzee in the course. It will take a few hours for me to explain
that. But it is enough…you don’t even have to
understand the dynamics of it, how it works. It’s just like an Aspirin. You take an Aspirin and then your headache
is gone. You don’t go and ask the Pharmacist what
is the ingredient in the Aspirin, and how it works. The Sound is wealth itself, it’s Wealth
Consciousness itself. By saying it over, and over, and over again,
then you will have wealth Consciousness. And you asked about skill sets. The skill sets will come because once the
wealth Consciousness is there then you will go and look for opportunities. Because now you don’t have wealth Consciousness,
you don’t even ask the question. Once you have the wealth Consciousness you
will look around. There are opportunities everywhere, but then
your focus is not on wealth. It’s on skepticism, on your on habit, and
the habit is: “No, it’s not all going to work.” Part of the problem is we have been raised
with that. And somebody joins a job, and then he already
thinks about his retirement, and then the pension that he’s going to get. There is no challenge in life except to go
through a certain set reality. The Course is called: “Removing The Mental
Block.” Everybody has a mental block. I asked a person; “Can you think of 100
billion dollars, 100 million dollars?” He says: “No, I can’t. I can think maybe a few million dollars.” But someone else cannot even think of a few
hundred thousand dollars, most of you. So there is a mental block. I told Wayne Dyer, and he was so impressed
with this concept, he wrote a book and dedicated a book to me. I said, “You cannot manifest that which
you cannot conceive.” “You cannot manifest that which you cannot
conceive.” You, if you cannot conceive of $10,000/month,
you will never be able to make that money. Why? There is a mental block. I’ve been making only a couple thousand
dollars a month and how can I go on and make $10,000 dollars if I don’t have a skill
set? So the mind puts a road block right there. So what do you do? I taught Wayne Dyer a technique. You can go and give a lecture from morning
until evening. It will be a good lecture, and then they will
you know, they will clap and say great lecture and then go away. But I told him, “What you need to teach
is something which is very practical, and which is a technique that can convert your
procreative energy into a creative energy. That’s the ‘AH’ sound that I gave him. Just by simply saying the sound ‘AH’ moving
it from your lower Chakras to the Pineal Gland, and then visualize whatever you want to visualize,
and that is how you manifest. So this is a technology. What we are here dealing with is just a technology. All you have to do is do it like mechanically. You don’t have to do anything, just sit
down and then move the energy, this particular technique that I gave to Wayne Dyer, and then
move this to the 3rd Eye. So this is how that particular technique works. In general, what creates is the Sound, the
Sound. Why does sound create? Because, Sound is Intelligence. And that is my contribution to the world. I have come up with a definition, a mechanical
definition of what intelligence is. Intelligence is just a sound wave that is
capable of going and opening up the brain and enables you to conceive. Only when you can conceive, you can deliver. If you can’t conceive, then you are finished. So my job here is to enable people to conceive,
and then realize it on a biological, psychological, and at the soul level. And once that is done, then everything is
completed. Mohini: Dr. Pillai can you talk about how
Shreem Brzee was revealed? [Dr. Pillai:]>>Well, Shreem Brzee was revealed
not totally at one time. In 1998 or 97, I was visiting India, and at
the time I got this technique from a Divine Source. There was a King in India, an Emperor, and
this Emperor was a great man. And he said: “See I have a great life. I have all of these palaces, and great food,
and wine, and everything, but my citizens don’t have the ability to even have a decent
meal. So no matter what I do, I can’t do that
on a mundane, practical level. So some Divine Solution should be there for
everybody to have a life like me. So he took off from his job as a King, and
meditated for 1500 years, and then his body turned into light, and so on. And at that time it was revealed to him that
this sound Brzee, B_R_Z_E_E, would help people to have the money in order to live a great
life. And he was looking for someone to give this
technology, the sound technology, and then he thought for some reason, and maybe he was
wrong, because after I got it, I didn’t do much with it. I was very serious for 2 years, but then I
just dropped it. But then he won’t leave me, because he’s
still alive in another plane. So I have just now been put in a place, a
tight spot, and that tight spot is to make this happen. And I am now fully convinced, and the revelation
of how it works and how it should be done have come to me now in a more profound, scientific
way. And then the delivery also is going to be
very different from the delivery that I knew of when I received it in 1998. So it’s a sound that can help manifest because
Brzee, itself, is the sound for the Goddess of Wealth. There is a Goddess of Wealth. There is a God, or Goddess, for every experience,
or every object, for every idea. And this is one who is in charge of providing
wealth. So that’s a great opportunity because right
now what we have been thinking is we have to really scratch our brain and strategize
whether I can make money doing this, or doing that, or learning this skill, or learning
that skill. Everybody has done that. Schools are teaching that, and then there
are so many seminars going on everywhere, and they also teach that. But what I teach is different here, and it
is using a supernormal force, a Goddess, or God. So just think of the Bible, the Old Testament. And God says in the Old Testament: “Give
me a call. I’ll answer all of your calls, and I will
make the end of the earth as your inheritance.” That’s a promise. So God makes deals, and there are so many
deal making Gods in India, else where too. So they live in a plane of how to manifest
material reality. So this is what you’ll be learning in this
program. [Mohini:]>>Can you teach us a simple technique
of how to use Shreem Brzee? [Dr. Pillai:]>>All you need to do is just
to understand this Sound works like a seed. Now, there is a Banyan tree. The Banyan tree is so huge and this tree is
contained in a small seed. You don’t see that tree in the seed. The same way, Shreem Brzee the Sound, has
the total wealth of the universe embedded within it. All that you have to do is just say the Sound
over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. So this is Yoga. Yoga is not physical exercise. Yoga is concentration. Yoga is stopping the mind. And one part of Yoga which deals with manifestation
of what you want, says that the 1st step is to concentrate. You go on saying Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee,
Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee, Shreem Brzee. You don’t worry what other people think. And your concentration is only on the Sound. The Sound will change the structure of your
brain. There’s a book called: ‘How God Changes
Your Brain.’ It’s a great book by a Neuroscientist. Every thought that comes into your brain changes
the brain. Now, you have to be very careful about how
you use your thoughts. The problem is that every minute there are
so many thoughts coming in, and then we waste our time. That’s why the Yogis do not want to waste
their time. They are not, whenever they want to manifest,
they just have this thought to stay there on a permanent basis, until they come to a
level then there is no mind, only the mantra. See, if you have a mind, and that mind doesn’t
think any other thought except Shreem Brzee, that is the time you will have everything. ‘Mantram Chaitanyam,’ this is Siva Sutra. The mind has disappeared. In the place of the mind what is there is
the Sound. So is this only peculiar, or only available
in the Indian Tradition? No. In the Bible it says: “In the beginning
there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God created everything with the Word.” So this is
the Bible which is at least 2000 years old, I think this is mostly, I think this is in
John, The New Testament, if I remember right. But what about contemporary understanding
of the Sound? Go to a man like Oral Roberts. He wanted to create a University. And his wife asked him, “Hey, you don’t
have even the money to send your children to College, how in the world are you going
to create a University?” Oral said: “Hey, look, I am going to create
this University just as God created the world.” How did God create the world? Through Sound waves, Sound waves create. That’s a literal truth. Do not, you know, it’s a very limited session. I cannot explain to you how sounds create,
but that will be the course. I want to tell you one thing. The Sound has to be used at a certain time
when the Sound really picks up maximum power. The Full Moon is a time when you can… you
have naturally the most power available to you. So when you do this at this time, make a commitment
to Shreem Brzee. That’s why I asked these people, “Can
people register for this course for this Full Moon Day, upcoming Full Moon Day?” They said we don’t have the website ready. Well, that’s your problem, but I have to
tell the truth to the people. The truth is you have to make a commitment
on this day because time is everything. If you do make a commitment on a New Moon
Day, especially to create wealth, you will, that project will fail. Because the New Moon has the opposite. I have been involved in studies on the Full
Moon, and the New Moon, and what occurs during each time. So I want you to make a commitment, and on
whatever level you want to make the commitment, do it on this Full Moon. You know I just travel, and climb up the mountain
just to get this energy on this day. And the Yogis do that too because time has
its own energy. Not that everybody has bad time all the time. Not that everybody has good time all the time. But it is important to know what is the best
time for each individual. Even to use this Sound. If you use the sound at the wrong time, it
is not going to work. So you’ll be very lucky that this is a teaching
that I have mentioned it, but not I’ve taught it publicly, and I’m very happy that I’m
going to do this for this program. [Mohini:]>>Can you talk about why you have
created two different levels of programs? [Dr. Pillai:]>>Two different levels because
two different mindsets. There is a person for whom $5000 a month,
is a lot of money because the mindset doesn’t allow to conceive beyond that. And then for another person, I know a lot
of people for whom to make $50,000 a month is not that difficult. There are two different mindsets. You can call it as money karma. If you don’t have money karma, you don’t
even have to work. Then you’ll be born as Bill Gates’ children,
or the children of someone who is already wealthy. Then there is… or the Princes in the UK. Why are they born rich, and why are people
born in the slum? So there are mindsets. Prince William is not going to worry about
a mortgage payment for his car. So we have to be practical to understand:
”You know it is a big stretch for me to think about $50,000 dollars per month, because
I’m only making even $40,000 dollars a year.” So you have to really train the mind to gradually
evolve it to conceive the unlimited. So it is necessary that there should be a
program at a High School Level, and College Level, and this distinction is needed because
we are dealing with different mindsets. So that’s why they have to do that. [Mohini:]>>So going back to the technique,
should they repeat it out loud, or is it better to repeat it internally? [Dr. Pillai:]>>You can do it either way. You can do it out loud. If you do out loud, you will be engaged more. And there is another advantage. You are also vocalizing. That means you are engaging more parts of
the brain because the brain is involved in vocalizing, as well as hearing. And when you are thinking, there are other
areas involved in the brain which will be more profound, but the problem is you’ll
be distracted. You know, once you have become adepts in chanting,
or thinking, then you can use silently. But it’s not a hard and fast rule. You can combine both, or do one, or the other. [Mohini:]>>So some people have written in
and admitted that they actually hate money because they feel that rich people are selfish. Can saying Shreem Brzee actually change a
negative attitude like that? [Dr. Pillai:]>>Yes. As I have said: “The Sound works like a
pill. It has a chemistry to it. The Sound has a chemistry to it. It is going to change the chemistry of your
thinking. A negative thought also has its own chemistry. The Sound will change the chemistry. It will not allow you to engage in not only
hating money, it will also block certain thoughts, negative thoughts, that are not productive
to you.” What do you gain by bad-mouthing a rich person? Are you a philosopher, a political philosopher,
or economist? Even they have out figured out how to solve
the problem. So we are not concerned with any political,
or economic policy. So if you have a negative attitude, you have
to acknowledge that it is the negative attitude that is responsible for not manifesting. So you have to embrace positive thoughts,
unlimited thoughts. So if you don’t think that you are going
to… you don’t want to have a Mercedes Benz, you’ll never have it. So everything starts with thinking about it,
and then enriching that thought experience, and then taking it to more subtle realms,
and emotionalize them. And there are other components which I will
teach in the course. [Mohini:]>>So for people who are just starting
to work with Shreem Brzee, can you recommend a certain duration of time that each day they
spend on the Sound? [Dr. Pillai:]>>There is again no hard and
fast rule. If you just say it for 10 minutes, 15 minutes,
you can say it. If you want to say it all through the day,
you can say that, you know. The ideal is to say for 10 or 15 minutes a
day where, when you will concentrate 0n it. And generally speaking I will say Friday,
you should not is Friday. Friday is Venus’s energy. Venus’s energy supports wealth. So at least that time you should do it. And then some of my students they use the
Hora Watch and so Venus Hour comes every day, so use the Venus Hours, even the Horas to
do that. So you can 10, to 15 minutes would be ideal,
and then all through the day you’ll hold this thought in your mind. [Mohini:]>>Is there anything else you would
like to share with our viewers today? [Dr. Pillai:]>>Well I think I have spoken
too much today. You know, what is necessary is if I had the
option, you know, I think I spent about a half hour, forty five minutes, I don’t know
how much the time is, – if I had engaged you in a meditation without blah-blahing, giving
theories, and Bible, and etc. If I had just engaged you for the duration
that we have spent, on repeating this Sound, you would have certainly been in a very different
mindset. Because even if you as a group chant Shreem
Brzee, go on chanting it. It is completely mechanical. It will change the brain, it will change the
negativity, it will change the ‘rich people are bad, money, I hate money,’ all of these
things will be removed quite naturally by the power of the sound Shreem Brzee. So that’s, whenever you get time just do
the technique. The more time you spend, the quicker will
be the manifestation. [Mohini:]>>So, thank you for joining the
show today. I want to remind all of you sign up for the
Shreem Brzee updates on your viewing page. You’ll receive more information about the
two types of programs that we have available. As Dr. Pillai mentioned, there are two different
programs based on two different types of financial mindsets, or two different types of money
karma. So when you sign up, you’ll receive information
about the program, when and how to join, and also you’ll receive information about a
live call that we are going to be having where we can answer all of your questions. I would also like to remind people that Dr.
Pillai did suggest that you make a commitment to one of the programs by the Full Moon Day
on September 5th so that you can take advantage of the abundant wealth energy available on
this day. We have two more shows coming up on September
6th and 9th. Invite your friends for that and pass on the
blessings so that you can help other people to bypass their financial mental blocks. In the meantime, enjoy your experience of
Shreem Brzee. And we’ll see you at the next show, and have a great day.


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  78. Bliss WKC says:

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