SHIPPING OUR VAN TO EUROPE | how much does it cost?

SHIPPING OUR VAN TO EUROPE | how much does it cost?

oh my god I literally look like a
crackhead what’s up everybody
welcome back you guys if you can tell from the title of this video and that
new little intro screen we’re going to Europe not just Eamon and I but Trinity
as well we are shipping our van to Liverpool in the UK on June 17th now
we’ve never really seen anyone else document this process we’ve met a few
people that have gone from Europe to America and so it’s all new to us we’re
all still figuring everything out as you can imagine there are so many little
things that need to be in place before we ship our van to Europe in case we
fool you into thinking our van is a hundred percent that’s not the case
we’ve been doing a lot of little things the propane wasn’t working we didn’t
have water hooked up we actually added a leaf into the back of the van so we
bring you along for our past week of alteration and preparation let’s get
started that’s on it yeah so our big problem
with the propane was having the fridge a little bit higher we had to go elbow off
of there now this is a temporary solution because apparently in Europe
it’s all different fittings yeah across so we’re gonna have to redo that all
right tick-tick-tick a big problem with the Sprinter vans
when you convert them is the suspension so because you’re adding all that extra
weight into the back of the van when you’re driving it it’s very tippy
because it the suspensions too soft for the amount of weight and when we’re
actually in San Diego I kept hearing about this company called agile off-road
agile frog and I was really excited to go there and investigate how much it
would be to do a suspension kit long story long like $6,000 top greater
suspension with their like fancy custom r.i.p kit which is insane for suspension
so anyway I’ve been doing more and more research about what that means and
called a local shop here and they say they do stuff for spinners all the time
and just by adding a little leaf at the back an extra leaf you really firm up
the back and tightens up the back end and that’s what we’ve done so it’s $600
I’ll show you what it looks like we just went $600 for sure yeah yeah so and then just so
you guys see it’s another relief that’s been added underneath the original me and once we got even more weight that
will come down a bit more just a little bit already so Amon is going to drive
the van back to the office we should get a comprehensive review on the new leaf
apparently it’s called the leaf y’all I’m gonna head back to the office we
have a meeting with our business mentor around lunchtime is it kind of different
seeing me in a car it feels like I’m in like a little go-kart so we just drove
back to the office Oh perfect well just let you know yes it’s very sick isn’t it
it definitely feels more stiff no no cuz I’m I was like hyper aware of it when I
drove it there yeah you don’t wanted to test things like this getting in to this
curve here that makes a huge difference in the van goes like this boom boom boom
boom boom even once you start settling out it’s still going and just when I
pulled in pretty hard I wanted to test it yeah it’s just firm it’s just like
awesome he just finished up lunch with Greg right Yorkville shopping center and
we just had this really great scene of us saying goodbye and he said a funny
line about effect being his girlfriend and I
thought it was recording it because I’m recording my phone solar batteries are
dead so this blog sucks it’s totally my fault we’re going to Rogers now to see
if I could fix my phone okay I’ll just be quick what are you listening up for
black lacing up for a photo shoot this whole outfit is a part of my
limited-edition clothing collection with my friend Joe from cedar and vine so
it’s all sustainable ethically made here in Toronto Canada it’s all made from
linen and I’m really really excited about it
it’ll be launched on Friday so by the time you guys see this well however here’s our Father amiga
unit to hell I can’t vlog today’s priorities are as follows cleaning up
our office so that a visit tip-top shape to leave we also need to followup with our AC
compressor okay we have not had air conditioning for I don’t know maybe even
a year now and it’s not so bad right now here in Canada but remember in Baja when
we’re sweating our what’s up but stop as you st. it but that’s the
song I want something and we also need to follow up with the cozy campers maybe
maybe they’re gonna get and maybe go to a doctor yeah that’d be awesome my name’s Eamon EA mo n sounds like we
might have a we’re friends pregnant Oh King in it world and they actually went
to Iceland and they got us in touch with someone mr. B apparently he sounds like
a legend it does sound like a legend might be interesting to you guys to see
how we like pitch ourselves and work with different companies and what we
found the most effective is to just get on the phone
ayman is great on the phone in scenarios like this I think I get like a little
bit of anxiety trying to pitch myself on the phone but I think it’s super
important to just get on the phone folks hello good morning another day here at
the office I actually woke up this morning in a lot of pain so I got up and
figured I would go see the doctor my eyes are obviously not getting any
better after about 10 minutes looking for my health card I decided enough so I’m not going to the doctor
and maybe that’s a bad decision but I can’t buy my house card anyway I’m up a
little bit early because I just feel like you’ve got to start taking things
off time is dwindling I’m gonna get on the phone with cozy camper again see if
we can sign that deal as well as I got to call some insurance providers so I
mean for for van insurance you know what more in Europe
any doctors watching derma Terry derma Torrey dermatitis forget the derma
toreador and itís all about following up okay do you want me to call in back in a
couple minutes okay thank thank you so much bye bye all right bye the next guy I’m gonna
call is insurance so we need to get insurance for Europe for the vehicle in
order to pick up obviously we’re getting insurance anyway
but you can’t pick up the man unless you have personal proof of insurance
these guys are in the Netherlands hi my name is Amy and I’m calling from Canada
Iceland hello Amon speaking hey mr. B how you doing I’m good man is
that it does everyone call you mr. B or is that just Craig what size is it okay
great okay man I’m gonna book it today okay thanks mr. beet cheers man
bye bye yeah we’re going to Iceland
that’s not even awake yet but I got some very exciting news we’re
going to Iceland yeah sick huh uuuuu I know all right mr.
B let’s put our plate I know Alexis stop hey Siri call Russell
Sprinter king what are we to wake up this morning BAM
I’m glad you caught that and it’s Ron realness there so now that we have that
at least locked in we have a few little items that we need to sort out like how
little is a flight I don’t our man is arriving in the UK
and we have no flight to get there it’s already Jun sick and we need to figure
out when we actually dropped the van off how that logistically works do we need
to book a place in Halifax why once we get to Halifax yeah so the most ideal
flight situation is obviously to fly from Halifax with a layover in Iceland
and then continue on to Liverpool Icelandic air actually has a layover
option but it’s only for seven days because we’re flying out of Halifax
which isn’t Canada’s biggest airport typically we’re from Toronto we would
fly out of YYZ I think because Halifax is just not that big it goes way up in
price when I put Halifax to Heathrow in its twelve hundred and sixty-seven
dollars per person when I put Toronto to Heathrow with the layover in Halifax
it’s only eight hundred and then I was looking at flights from Halifax to
Toronto on its own and separate which we could probably even fly on points this
is gonna be so fun I’m much more possible I don’t know I think they’re
excited for my eyes to get better me too hey guys have you noticed the shirt I’m
wearing today small plug that’s part of her collection that’s a Christian right
the van should be shipping on June 20th actually we just learned that this
morning I did you know there’s only three hours of I did actually yeah no
but seriously you got any plans for the summer hold there it’s a couple kilos yeah it’s
cold it’s June right now and like I think you need a jacket at all times how’d it go dream up shut up shut up –
versa fittings versa fittings not versa fittings fairview fit they are the best
and shout out to Stephen H adverse affinity if you guys don’t know we’re
talking about we had some issues oh my god I literally look like a crackhead
are they getting worse ah okay you want to have a look here I don’t see any
bubbles that’s a good sign take it it’s gone man and you’re gonna have an
exposure they came towards your Wilson you might want to focus on the blog what
do you guys think I mean that’s tried to tell them but I’m actually gonna run a
second line off of the water pump and gonna shoot that out to the back so we
have enough water now that we can do you know light sprit and rinse off if her
feet are dirty or washing our hiking boots or rinsing our wet suits and stuff
like that I think that’s going to be very key make sure when you’re working
with metal threads you definitely want to tape them that’s really neat thinking I give a man
a lot of credit for his creativity and ingenuity but yet every day he still
surprises me with it so thanks such a sweet thing to say it’s true buddy thank
you for making this van the most beautiful dream home
I could imagine oh yeah love you and your crazy eyes another
thing we really have to get on top of before we leave is laundry we are lucky
enough to live close to my guess we can live anywhere in the band but we stay
close enough to a man’s mom’s house that it’s just a quick drive away so this
evening I’m on laundry duty here’s what we’re looking at folks quite the hefty
load let’s get started is 1 10 a.m. and my collection with Jo just went live
we’re so excited it’s really late but we’ve been sharing a little bit about it
and we’ve actually had our first sale so thank you so much for supporting us in
this in supporting small business and choosing to put your dollar into
sustainability and slow fashion and things that will last you a lifetime I’m
so tired but I’m clearly so excited I just can’t wait I can’t wait for you
guys to get into these pieces because you’ll you’ll love them you’ll just love
them anyways I really need to get some sleep look at you guys in the morning
there are two things we’re trying to accomplish this morning the first one is
we’re going to leave our van with Russell hopefully the new compressor is
going to be all we need to fix our a/c fingers crossed and on our way up to
hang out with some family for the weekend we are about to visit with
someone very very special very like so special you guys are gonna freak out
holy smokes Russ you got enough sprinters here hi beautiful
Tommy its Maisie in there huh I had mine crank it in the car good welcome back to
Canada sure some of you guys remember Garcia from our hello Mexico series when
our engine died he was very helpful holy smokes he’s got a lot of parts here
today okay Russ is not here today obviously but we’re gonna leave the van
he promised me he’s gonna keep it locked and hopefully when we come back we got
cold air blowing on our face so I realize I’ll throw this video we haven’t
even shared with you guys a lot of the details I’m actually shipping the van
yeah so we’re super excited to be working
with sea bridge and this is a company that we found through our research and
actually specialize in RVs shipping all over the world so they’ve made it so
easy this whole process you just kind of deal with this company and they work
with the actual freight forwarder to be clear our research was actually meeting
people in Mexico who had shipped their van yeah we’ve got two different people
who came from Europe to Canada totally any time we’re about to take a
big step or a big trip decision we feel like the universe gives us people to
kind of guide us so that we don’t have to do a bunch of research because that’s
just not how we roll you just manifest that yeah so we met two fam couple and a
family who shipped from Germany to Halifax and then drove across and down
all the way hopefully down to Argentina I think is their goal but they highly
recommended sea bridge so we got in touch and that’s who we’re going to be
shipping with if you can believe it it only takes
six days and I’m sure you guys are wondering okay guys how much is it gonna
cost because we have the accessories ie the back bumper and we’ve added extra
height onto the roof we are paying a little bit extra it’s costing around
five thousand dollars and that’s everything included there is like a
hundred and fifty dollar import fee but the fact that you have your van in
Europe and this is a long-term travel for us like we’re gonna leave the van
for at least a year or two to have a house in Europe I think it’s totally
worth it I couldn’t agree more it sounds very expensive it’s one of
those things that upfront is very shocking to your bank account
but like Eamonn said once you get there you’re not paying for Airbnb is every
night you’re not going out to restaurants because you have your own
house and just to reiterate I’m just kind of saying everything you said we
hope to do this for a year or two years fly back for our business fly back to
Europe so basically we have a house in your uptown do you want to go vacation
at their house in your darling darling should we go to the UK Doug okay let’s
go see our special friend maybe we got to speak Spanish remember
just remember when I used to hold you like this before bed maybe so funny we
get here and we’re talking to sage and Emma and Amir were like asking him about
his poo his health all this kind of thing obviously they’ve had him for a
few months now and he’s in amazing shape we’re actually gonna go for a walk as a
squad and sage made his favorite vegan dip which we’re gonna enjoy after so so
excited to see Rojo we’re gonna go for a little walk and
then we’re gonna probably have lunch and henna
about to leave already prettiest game place we about to see the world in action what we
can be with no distractions this is what we way okay I got some green some red some
brown here we go Wow no I’m serious impressed yeah it’s
really good yeah I didn’t think it would have that much flavor cuz like it looks
so healthy it is so healthy but what is the dressing side of it it’s calorie
wise Catalina hmm there’s only six ingredients so you got the collar of
your life scallops Catalina vegan there are free recipe on the functional cherry
tomatoes green onion green pepper black beans and lentils that’s it Wow really good back in here can we all just
take a look at our little buddy here Oh God
you are passed down ha mister I love you buddy
thank you guys so much yeah bye guys oh wow it’s hot in there that’s unusual
feel feels so good to see ro doing so well and like we knew he was cuz we keep
up to date with them most most days but it’s just so nice to reconnect with him
I think he was nervous when we first got there he didn’t really know and you know
it was face warmed up now it was great I’m gonna cry and I don’t know why I
just love them and I’m so happy for him okay yeah fostering really does feel
good especially when it when you win like that yeah anyway we hope you guys
enjoyed this video be sure to smash the thumbs up subscribe to the channel we’re
going Europe you guys we’ll see you Sunday Oh also I’m gonna link my
clothing line in the description first line it’s launched Jackie actually
launched I I did a little clip last night cuz it was 1:00 in the morning and
Joe and I were texting Joe is up until 3:30 in the morning watching people
putting stuff into their cards and then like checking out or not checking out so
if you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to ask myself or Joe okay
okay bye-bye everyone


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