Shenzhen 360º: Alleys of Gangxia- a less affluent neighborhood (w/Cymye!) 360º VR

Shenzhen 360º: Alleys of Gangxia- a less affluent neighborhood (w/Cymye!) 360º VR

So do we start here or do we start there? We start here, we already recording. So it is ok. So these buildings are all under construction. You know, a lot of places in Shenzhen are not like this anymore. When I see this, I am like wow. Yes, it is true. You know, in China the basic salary (minimum wage) is little different from other countries. For example, in Brazil, the basic salary (minimum wage) is the same for the whole country. But in China it depends on the city, like in Shenzhen, because you need to spend more money to live here and so the salary is higher here, but in the countryside, it will be much lower. Is it very expensive to live in Brazil? Yes, everything is expensive there, but I think the rental fee is much cheaper than Shenzhen. The rental fee is cheaper Yes, in fact in China the rental fee is very very expensive Yes That’s why I need to sign a few more contracts and get more work before I can truly support myself. Because when I try to do my DIY projects it takes so much time and money. And I am very grateful for my followers because they are very supportive of what I am doing. Oh my goodness! Oh, how do I pronounce your name? Is it in Portuguese? Yes, in fact that is my nickname. Nickname? Yes, in fact my nickname is Cymye. Okay, Cymye. But my real name is Cymyetra. Cymyetra. Is that a Brazilian name? Yes, it is a Brazlian name. But it is very hard for people to pronounce it. So I told everybody just call me Cymye is ok. Cymye. Yes. I don’t care about how people look at me and think of me. Aunties and uncles they always smile at me. In Shenzhen everybody is civilized And if they want a picture with me, they can get a picture. Yeah, I think it is quite different from my culture. For example in my country usually, they will be more…active If they see they will shout out and say “oh my god you are hot” or something like that. But in China, they are very respectful. Yes Usually, when they see something they like, they will stop and look. Most of the case they will take some photo but that’s it. Usually, they will not say any dirty words or something. Yes, they don’ judge much. They find you fascinating, but also very open-minded. They don’t mind (if you look a bit strange). A lot of people, Chinese work all day long, are overworked. I think I’m the most interesting thing they see all day, because it’s different. Yeah So they do not object to the idea of being strange. It’s just they won’t do it themselves, but they don’t mind other people doing it. Yes, this is true. In foreign countries, I don’t dress the way I do here. I will dress down and put on conservative clothes Countries like Thailand, they are Buddhist, I dress down, since they are more conservative. I adapt to the culture and the environment. But in China, especially in Shenzhen, we are all about innovation. Yeah And innovation means you need to have eccentric people. With eccentric people you can create different things, right? Yeah Something great and something new. Wow, that little dog is so cute. I don’t know how I feel about dogs with shoes. I love dogs so much. Yes, I saw your Instagram, you have a small dog. What’s his name? Minu. He is a Pomeranian. Oh, yes, Pomeranian, I can’t seem to pronounce it right. This is one place we can show people. Yes, definitely. You see? Fortunately, we are both wearing flat shoes today. I think if people look up in the 360º video, they can see all the windows and all the pipes. Usually in other countries, it is unusual to see pipes like these. You know it is so strange that they change the old lock to the new lock system with card. Yes. But the building remains the same, kind of broken down. Look, they even installed IP cameras. They upgraded the building with modern technology and it kind of gives you a cyberpunk feel. You sort of living in a digital world but the building is so old. I remember those decorations, my grandma used to put those on the balcony also. And people hanging their clothes outside. When I was in America, they just dry their clothes in the washing machine. But in Asia they just hang it everywhere, right? In America, the clothes dry instantly after you wash it. Yes. But in Asia it is about the natural wind, you hang the clothes on the balcony and the next day it drys. What’s the weather in Brazil? Is it hot every day? No, in Brazil the weather is crazy, sometimes in the same day you can have the four seasons. Really? Yes, you wake up it is sunny but in the afternoon it suddenly rains and then it changes again. Wow. Look at this place, they have all the IP camera but.. Yes, like you said, technology mix with the old style. Is this the end of the alley? Maybe it’s someone’s home? Yes, maybe we should turn around. We should turn around from here. Wow, this alley is so narrow, only one person at a time I think. For me, I am afraid of dark. Oh my god, be careful. Oh, I missed that one. I think it is a dead mouse. Yes, dead mouse. If I have to live here, during the day I think it is ok. Really? The problem is if I need to live here at night when I come back from work I think I will be very scared. I feel very interested in this kind of place, usually, we just think like this- Only poor people live in this area. But if we go to the other side of this neighborhood, there is a parking lot. And in the parking lot you can see very very good cars. So in fact, I found out, many Chinese people don’t have money to live in a better place. But some Chinese people they still live here. Oh, I want to rent a place like this, like a shophouse. But it is so hard to find this kind of style these days in Shenzhen. I need a place like this because all the equipment in my apartment is getting a bit crazy. Yeah you have very big… Right because I have tons of machines. I think you should move near my place. Near my place, is quite nice. It’s not like this, very old style. It’s cheaper just because it is far away from everything. But it is too far for you, you still need to live close to the central city, right? Oh yeah, your place is like two hours away. Let’s get out of here through this gate. The girl back there is pretty, I don’t know what she is doing here. And there is a guy behind us, suddenly. I used to drink water from those big water bottles, but now I have a Xiaomi filter, it’s so good. Oh, I have never try that. The Xiaomi water filter is good. Yes, Xiaomi is well-known brand in China. They developed very fast and their product is becoming very good. In the beginning, I was in doubt because their mobile phones broke very easily. But these days I think Xiaomi’s product has improved a lot. Yes, their after sales service can be a bit dodgy. But they rely on their tech, their tech is good, so I am a big fan of Xiaomi. They are not sponsoring this video but that is just how I feel about their products. I use a lot of their products. Have you drink soup from a pot like this in China? I have tried that once I want to try when I’m with Chinese people, because usually, I can’t order. Oh, right. Because I don’t speak Chinese, if the menu doesn’t have photos, it is a bit hard for me to order food from the restaurant. Oh, yes, right. Because not all the restaurants have bilingual menus. Yeah yeah Have you tried something like this? Cold marinated food? This is Sichuan style, they mix the vegetables and food in chili oil and stuff. Yes, usually I like to try Chinese food. Some of them I like, some of them is too spicy for me. I will get allergies if it is too spicy. This one is not spicy, they only put soy sauce to boil the chicken brest and chicken drumstick. It is pretty common in here. This kind of bread I like a lot. Oh yeah, those taste very good. I remember when I was a kid, every day before I go to school. I think it is from Dongbei. And this kind of bakery store reminds me of America instead of China. Because when you go to Chinatown you see a lot of this kind of bakery store. Yes, it is true. And in China a lot of stores are becoming more “Westernized”. If you want stuffed buns and soup buns you can only get them in this kind of alley. If I want to get them in my neighborhood, it is much harder. Yes, your neighborhood is more Westernized. Yes. That’s why I like to go to neighborhood like this, because you can see a different side of China. Because you can see a real China, like hand made dumpling skin. Yes, I usually get the dumpling skin online and this is how they make it in the market. And they make different kind of skin, there is wonton skin, there’s noodle, dumpling skin. So good, they even make noodles themselves, all are hand made. They have to put in the flour and do it themselves. Very interesting! If you would like to see more of Cymye,
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    And for everybody that is reading this message, I just want to say, in real life Naomi is much more incredible person than in the videos.
    She is very funny, joyful, always caring for people around to not get hurt, because sometimes people will just stop to look and they don't pay attention if there is bikes or cars coming.
    And she is really cute and pretty, but above all of this she is very smart and hardworking.
    I wish you all the success, girl you deserve everything and much more!!!
    And for those who still don't know my channel, you are welcome to come and check!!

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    E ela é realmente fofa e bonita, mas acima de tudo, ela é muito inteligente e esforçada.

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