Sexual Energy Transmutation: Guide to Abundance of Wealth and Happiness (Dirty Secret)

Sexual Energy Transmutation: Guide to Abundance of Wealth and Happiness (Dirty Secret)

So it’s early Tuesday morning, and I’m editing
this video and what I wanted to do before I slapped the hand, Uncle C mode and talk about
transmutation and becoming a better man. And all that kind of stuff is I need to give
you guys some clarification on my life. So when I give advice as to how to help you
with women, how to help you grow your business, how to help you do all this stuff as a man
so you can have better options in the dating market. What you guys need to understand is that I’m
giving you my life experiences on top of my clients results, meaning that if I’ve overcame
an obstacle, I tell you exactly how I’ve done it. And not only that, now that I’m coaching 25
other clients if I help them overcome something, I told you exactly how we’re doing it. The thing is, is all of my friends
content is based around the fact that I know what it’s like to be very sad and very miserable,
and not like what you see in the mirror. And I know what it’s like to overcome that
and build an amazing body. I know what personality differences went down
in between that. I also know what it’s like to be flat broke
starting day one of trying to build a business, and then working two to three years down the
road and being able to cash flow months that I would have never dreamed of. And if it’s helped me, plus it has helped
my students. The fact is that it can probably help you
to buy think there’s a strong correlation between transmuting the energy, I think that
there’s a strong correlation between building a body and having better seduction. I think that there’s a link between building
a business, making money where you’re not struggling with a boss holding your paycheck
over your head and then being able to feel financially free and having more confidence. I think it’s all really
realize everything that I’m saying is based off of cold hard fact. It’s stuff that has happened in my life that
improved that has really just improved me as a man from the core down. It’s because I want to show you that it can
be done like you guys, I just want you guys to wake up in the morning, get on your path
and know that you can be better. So that way every single week you’re only
comparing yourself to the dude, the man that you were the week previous. That’s it. Uncle See, back in the office, I’m titling
this video, today’s sexual energy transmutation, the guide to abundance of wealth and happiness. Now, let me start off first and foremost by
saying this, the biggest driving factor for a male to succeed or for a male to improve
any part of his life, whether that be with women, whether that be his career success,
whether that be with finances. is to have more options sexually. Okay, well think about it for a second. Why does a man go to the gym? Oftentimes man goes to gym because he wants
to look better to get more women. Why does a man want a better career because
he wants to show like he has provisioning power and he is a better able stronger man. Every single motivating factor that a guy
does in life is typically dictated by sex. Now, what you must realize is that’s okay. Okay, because I’ve said in a lot of videos,
I say you gotta you gotta focus on making the man better and do it for the man. And when do we put the man first and that’s
true, you do need to put you first. But at the end of the day, you still are going
to have that internal desire to connect one on one with a female. What is sexual energy transmutation. What is sex transmutation, sex transmutation,
is when you take a step back and you remove yourself from the dating field for a little
bit. You remove yourself from the release of your
seed you remove yourself from the behavior of what the mass majority of people do. I’ve said this in a lot of videos, fellas,
if you do, what the mass majority of people do, you’re going to get the mass majority
of results, which is basically zero. While the herd mentality goes this way, you
go this way. And when you go this way, you build you stack
you create, you become better. So that way, when you re enter into that field,
you are a new beast, you’re a new animal, you’re better you’re stronger than you were
before. Now sexual energy transmutation is this. Sex transmutation means instead of wasting
your sexual energy on going out trying to hook up trying to find women or maybe releasing
via porn via masturbation, you’re going to use that drive that sexual energy and you’re
going to use it to improve yourself as a man Because what I’ve often said in many videos
is that if a man tries to enter the dating game without making himself a viable option
first, it’s like putting a bandaid on a broken leg. It’s not going to work because it’s like if
you have shingles on a house, but the whole framework of the house is torn apart, it’s
like as a man, you need to set these rock solid pillars and foundations as to how you
carry yourself first. Now, believe me when I say this, I know what
it is like to have not very many options, and I know what it is like to have abundance
in my life. If you see my transformation from prior to
now I’m a totally different animal. Back then I had no clue about female nature
about male masculinity. I had no clue about business skills. I had no clue about women or seduction. I had no clue about how to even be a man or
what even being a man meant. But what I did throughout the past 567 years
is I’ve put it in ground work day by day by day. And it all started for me by building my body
you see when you build a body It’s like the rents do every day. Let’s see you guys don’t get like I’ve said
this to I said people don’t have dating problems. They have problems in their personal life
that reflecting their dating people don’t have marriage problems. They have problems in their personal life
that reflect in their marriage. People do not have business or financial problems,
Get this through your thick goddamn skull. You do not have money issues. You have personal issues that reflecting your
money, and you know it Okay, so the last segment I just made was editing this like that came
off harsh. That was harsh, but I speak the truth. I’ve never found a person who has great habits,
meaning a dedicated individual, somebody who puts their best foot forward in every situation,
someone who’s a very hard worker, somebody who purposefully tries to better their life
day in and day out and sacrifices their well being for a better future. I’ve never seen that type of person fail or
have issues in the marketplace. base with their finances, and ultimately that
stems to create a better, stronger individual. And they oftentimes are more resilient when
they enter into the dating game. It comes from a place of abundance. It helps in their masculinity. You’re not dedicated, you’re not driven, you
don’t make the sacrifices and because of that you reap the negativities of life. Now you could have the fruit of the next year
you could have the cream of the crop but you need to sacrifice for a bit you need to tell
yourself that hey, I’m going to make my current situation right now even harder and even worse
than it is so I can get to the standpoint of having abundance and wealth and freedom
after the reason why I’m a big fan of all men starting off with building their body
versus because the rent is due every single day with it. You see with a body you can’t purchase it. If someone like no one can give it to you. If you get it at one point it can easily buy
taken they can easily be taken away as soon as you forget the dedication as soon as you
scrap the hard work as soon as you start reverting back to the low level behavior. Eating the bad food, drinking alcohol partying,
you can’t keep your body. me I’ve successfully kept my body every single
day day in day out for years. How do I do this? I do this because I put myself in my health
and my well being first before anything else. Because if I’m not razor sharp with my body,
my mind is not razor sharp between the years and if I’m not razor sharp between the ears
that’s going to affect my business if that affects my business that affects my confidence. If that affects my confidence, I can no longer
date and I can no longer be the man I want to be sexually. You see how everything is interlinked. If one chain link in the man’s life is fucking
broken, you will crumble. You don’t believe me try it. Because I know what it’s like to be in that
other position. I also know what it’s like to be in the upper
hand. Now next we’re going to move this into abundance
of wealth and happiness because fellas you have to build the
Your value and resources to get somebody to pay you for it. A lot of you guys want to have you Love you
guys want to have more money. And I know what it was like to have not very
much money. Meaning what I was living in Arizona, I was
making $10 and I was making $10 an hour, I was hardly getting by. I was making 1800 to two grand a month and
it fucking sucked. Because you start to really see that as a
man, you’re not rewarded in this world until you build your value. Men have to actually make themselves man. And if you want to feel like you have value,
what you have to do is you have to do the things that men do to make themselves a man
if you want to be attractive, you have to do the things that men have to do to follow
that attractive suit to fit into that attractive category. Okay for exists for example, if you are constantly
releasing your seed, right, you’re tricking your brain into thinking that you already
have abundance of options. Whether that be via porn, whether that be
hooking up but the problem is that even though you have these options that are fake or these
options that aren’t very self fulfilling the thing is, is that you haven’t fixed the man
first. Now the thing is, is if you retain your body
knows how to become attractive, if you transmute the sexual energy, if you don’t waste your
energy, you don’t waste your seed. What happens is you build up this abundance
and your body’s going to start to use that energy to make you a more viable option. What happens is that as men transmute this
energy, there’s multiple steps and self improvement spiritually, mentally, physically, that they
go through, and they start to carry themselves in a more attractive demeanor. Not only do more men respect you, as you build
the man, as you build your value in this world, but women find it more attractive because
the thing is, is now there’s a real man with real value in front of them something that
is few and far between. The thing is is if you do this stuff, you
just separated yourself from the 99% of men, you will stand out. You will
succeed, because you’ve transmuted that sexual energy to build it into something that not
very many people have. It changes the person because you realize
that in the beginning, you weren’t that good to begin with people say be more confident. Well, the truth is, you don’t have anything
to be confident about yet because you haven’t done the work. Happiness is because it teaches you to delay
your gratification in every way, shape, and form. You guys want to make more money. You got to realize this, if you make a business
decision, oftentimes you don’t see the rewards and benefits for it three to six months down
the road. You might invest your cold, hard cash into
something and it doesn’t pay out you have to sacrifice that you have to take the risk
for a better future. A lot of you want more women. And you think the way to do that is to go
out on weekends and poison your body and drink alcohol and have your blood just toxic and
you as a toxic human and you think that’s going to give you that confidence to hook
up and now you’re this smooth, suave, seductive, man. Get the fuck out of here. And I’m not saying this to be hard on you. I’m not saying this so you think I’m some
prick. I’m saying this because you know it’s true
deep down, but you keep doing it anyways, like you You want to go on the other side
you want to transmute the energy, you want to build the body you want to build the six
pack abs, you want to be confident you want to get better in your seduction, but you just
don’t do it. Now let’s take a step back and let’s ask ourselves
why don’t people do it? Well, they don’t do it because it is a hell
of a lot easier to just go with the flow. It’s a hell of a lot easier to not use brain
power. It’s a hell of a lot easier to just drink
your life away and chase and think that hopefully one day this girl will like you. But it doesn’t work like that you see in life
fellas. People only value you off of your successes
that you’ve had. And people only respect men that have done
something with themselves. So sex transmutation is the guide to abundance. It’s the guide to abundance in your dating. It’s the guide to abundance. In your wealth, because think about if you’re
building your own business now you’re in control. You get to pick where you put your money you
get to pick how you want to invest it you get to pick how you want to grow your portfolio,
you get to pick how far you want to grow this beast. Are you cool with making 50 grand a month? Are you do you are you the type of guy you
need to make a million a month like you get to pick your in charge when it’s your own
thing if you’re employed, you don’t get to fix someone hands you a paycheck every month. They say you’re worth three grand every 30
days. That’s it. You need to take this masculine drive you
need to transmute the energy into something else. You want to have more abundance in your social
skills and you want to meet better quality people. Well guess what happens when you build the
body and you build a man from the inside out people notice. People take notice and they will realize that
you’re a man of value. This will carry over as to how women will
see you. This will carry over when you make a move
in your confidence when you’re dating. This will carry over into how you close somebody
on the phone when you’re trying to get a business sale. A confident man from the inside. sideout is somebody who’s done the goddamn
work. There’s no way around it. You can watch any more or any other YouTube
videos, you can keep watching all my channel, you can keep watching all this shit, no one
will do it for you. No one will actually just tell you to turn
off the damn TV or throw the TV in the garbage can and go to the gym. And then after work that day, once you’re
done at four o’clock instead of going to the bar to literally sit on the laptop and research
till 1am How the hell you’re going to build this brand and how you’re going to get your
first paying client. No one will teach you that
and you can keep lying to yourself saying success isn’t linked with dating and money
doesn’t have anything to do with dating and you being a man you being strong and able
with your body that doesn’t play any role but it all does and you know it does but you
just refuse to believe it. Fellas if you’re interested in working one
on one with me registration for the masculinity mastery program is now open. If you think you’re a good fit to work with
me go down below fill out an application I will review it if it looks like you’re a good
fit. I will call you at that scheduled time and
be prepared take the next step on that call to work with
me and I will show you exactly how I can improve your masculinity, your dating, your abundance,
your social life and everything that has to do with carrying yourself as the correct masculine
man that you need to be. Take care. We’ll see you in the next one.


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