Sentence On An Ideal Pair. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

Sentence On An Ideal Pair. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. English Subtitles. StarMediaEN

Star Media presents Maria Valeshnaya Nikita Salopin Kirill Zhandarov Olga Oleksiy in a movie A Sentence On An Ideal Pair Idea of Anna Olkhovskaya Created by Alla Zagorodnaya Directed by Roman Brovko Director of Photography – Alexander Sedov Art Director – Pavel Yarmusevitch Costumes by Daria Poshtenko Make Up by Victoriya Vereschak Music by Olex Korovnichenko, Igor Zhuk Edited by Elizaveta Sokolova Montage by Oleg Dedogryuk Sound Directors – Egor
Irodov and Alexander Tselmer Director of the Movie – Andrey Garkusha
Executive Producer – Tatyana Smirnova Produced by Galina
Khrapko and Vlad Ryashin Episode One Hello, Antosh? Will you come soon? Zhanna, honey, sorry. I’ll
be late, I’m still busy. The parents have called about five
times! Shall I call a taxi or what? I sent a car to pick you
up. Don’t get mad with me. I will! I will get mad with you! Honeys, I’m running, don’t worry
please. I’m already out of the office! What a nightmare! We’ll take a decision that will be
beneficial both for us and for you. Therefore, please pay attention… The most interesting thing is the
correlation of what seems to be what you’re talking about… One minute! Here we go! What are you doing? I’ll
call the security now! I myself represent the security. Anton Viktorovitch sent me
to pick you up. Here you go. Take this. Why are you
behaving like a hooligan? Tell my thanks to Anton Viktorovitch. What is this feast about? Be careful with the cake. You
need to know everything, don’t you? I have never seen you before. This is logical. Business-ladies
only see themselves. Oh, Lord! Anton Viktorovitch
has such touchy guards! I’m the head of his security
service and not his servant. OK, I’ll keep it in mind. Let’s go. Are you ready, dad?
– I am, I am. Join us! Mum, put dishes closer to each other.
There won’t be enough space on the table. OK, daughter. Natasha! You’re a real business-lady!
– So well! A business-lady could have a
bit more spacious apartment! Mum!
– Yes. Mummy, how can it be bigger? My
company is only two years old. I’ve barely earned
enough for this apartment! Natasha is very clever,
mummy. It’s all right. In two years, her house will
be bigger and Anton’s and mine! You’ll see! Is that so, sister?
– We’ll live and see. Attention!
– What? This is a present from us!
Be happy in our new home! Wow! You’re crazy! Oh, Lord!
– Do you like it? Zhanna, it’s so beautiful! Shall we put it on? Shall we? Zhanna, yes! Oh, God, it’s so beautiful! Here we go! However, to tell you the truth, you’d
better found a good plumber for me. What a girl! She is getting
diamonds but thinks about plumbers! We need them too, you know! I’ve poured the drinks, girls! Where is my champagne?
– No, no! Mummy, I want some
champagne so much! All right! When I give birth, I’ll
drink five bottles at once! I will show you! You’ll
have to breastfeed the baby! Here you go, daughter! We wish you
to live happily in your new apartment… and not for long.
– Dad! Oh, look at him! What do you
wish your daughter? Stop it! I just mean that I believe – a day
when we get the second son-in-law, the second grandson and
a new house is very near! Dad, wait! Let me give birth
to your first grandson first. Then you’ll have the second one, and
the next ones will follow! Hurray! Daughter, what has happened?
– Everything is fine. I’m OK. Zhanna, you’re crazy!
What if you’re in labor? If it was my second child, then I’d know
for sure whether I’m in labor or not. This is it, guys.
– Shall we call the ambulance? This is it.
– Antosha! I need Antosha to come! Mum, gather her things!
– Oh, Lord… Dad, the phone is the in the corridor.
– I’ll find it. Do you know what maternity
house you’re to go to? Honey, I don’t know anything.
Antosha took case of all that stuff. Anton, hi. Yes, yes. Please
tell me, what maternity house was Zhanna supposed to go to give birth? Everything is fine. Just
tell me and I’ll remember. The seventh hospital. I got you. I’ll call back later and
tell you everything. Ok, bye! Is he worrying?
– This is terrible! He is hysterical! I spoilt your holiday! What a fool! You doubled
it! How are you feeling? Feel it!
– How cool! Natasha?
– Hi, daddy! This way. Antosha, 3900, 52!
– Is it in dollars? It’s his length and weight, fool!
– A fine guy! It’s a boy, a boy! Go, go! Take a frock! Anton, take a picture!
– Go, go! There are five types on one page.
– But this is… Five! This is just unimaginable! But, listen, Rita Egorovna! This is
the coolness of it! I mean, the zest! My boy, this is no zest but the lack of
taste and incredible unprofessionalism. Natalia Igorevna wouldn’t let it happen. If I understand it right,
you doubt our professionalism. Your professionalism! Good morning, Rita Egorovna. I can see
that Kostya has been doing something on his own here. Right, Kostya? Why? Rita Egorovna and I were discussing… Kostya, make us two coffees, please.
– Sure! Rota Egorovna, I’ll show you what
I did. I worked on our project last evening and added some corrections.
– Good. Please look at them. Do you want some sugar? Natalia Igorevna,
please come for a second. What has happened?
– When will we hire a secretary? I didn’t take up this job to make coffee. Natasha, you’re discrediting
me in the client’s eyes. Why are you getting angry? You did it in a wrong way and
I had to change everything. She is just a fool! She is
just getting on my nerves! She doesn’t like the logo.
She doesn’t like the slogan. “Five types, five types…”
– She is right, Kostya. Great! It means you’re a genius,
as always, and I’m a fool. Stop fretting! This is my
project so I’ll correct it. My nephew was born yesterday. Is this why you’re late? OK. Congratulations! Thank you. How is the baby?
– One minute. Do you know the name of this movie?
– How is it called? “The Appearance of the
Queen with the Baby”. Guys, what did you do? Why
did you decide to bring a baby into such a crowd? What
about the viruses! Mum! Right, Antosha. What did you do it for? This is my firstborn. Let people see him! A man! A man! As agreed! Kiryusha, after Zhanna appears.
– OK. In five minutes. Will you keep me company?
– I’m sorry but I’m working. Can’t the head of the
security have a bit..? Sorry but no. What about after work? Friends, a second of
your attention, please! Anton! Ladies and gentlemen, we’re very
happy that you’re here with us today – our closest and best friends. Let me
introduce this little miracle to you. This is the main member of our
family – Nikita Antonovitch Isakov. Please meet him! Antosha, what is wrong?
– I don’t know. What’s the matter? What has happened?
– Look at him! Antosha, he isn’t breathing!
– What’s wrong with him? Anton, call the doctor,
be quick! Call the doctor! Mum, help me! Mum! Let me go!
– Mum! Doctor, what? Don’t worry. Everything is fine now.
Let’s go out. Let the baby sleep. Galina Nicolayevna, please watch over him.
– Of course. Don’t worry. You’re saying that everything is
fine and there is no need to worry. However, I saw it in the living
room. I held him in my arms! Can you explain to me what is wrong with
my child? I don’t understand anything! Zhannochka… As far as I can say now,
unfortunately, it looks like a congenital heart disease.
– What? I was assured at the maternity
house that my child was healthy! You see, Anton Viktorovitch,
this disease can be surreptitious. Yes, but her pregnancy was ideal!
– Mum! The reasons may be very different.
Please understand – no one will be able to diagnose him before the
examination is completed. Right! The diagnoses aren’t
drawn without the examinations! Do you know what? I don’t
care! I don’t care at all! Can you do something? Anton, tell him! Quiet, quiet! Doctor, what
shall I do? I’ll do it right now! Anton Viktorovitch, you must
show the baby to a cardiologist. Yes. The sooner the better.
And now go to sleep. Good luck to you. Good-bye. Zhanna, it’s really late
now. You shall go to sleep. I can stay with you if you want to.
– Everything is fine. Mum? I’ll stay with you.
I won’t sleep until the morning anyway. Antosha, aren’t you against it? Of course not. Your
room is ready upstairs. Kirill? I have a request to you.
Please give Natasha a lift home and you may be free until the morning.
– OK. Thank you, Anton. Zhanna? Zhanna! Zhanna! Well? I’ll tell you the truth. Your
child need a heart transplantation. Early diagnostics and a
surgery give many chances for the child to lead a
normal life afterwards. What you need now is a thorough
examination and observation. Shall I observe my child dying? Anton, if a transplantation
needs to be performed, I want it to be performed immediately. We can’t do it immediately. To
perform a heart transplantation we need a full compatibility of the
patient’s and the donor’s tissues. We will have to wait
patiently… for a long time. Plus, this surgery is very… expensive. Money is not a problem. The main
thing is for you to do your job now. The main thing is to
find the donor in time. It’s so unfair! A little
child has just been born, and he is already so
sick! What did he do wrong? He did nothing, of course. However, Zhanna should have
thought more about her health and her pregnancy instead
of all these foolish things… You’re wrong, Kostya. She is
a different kind of a person. She is bright and light…
She needs festivities. Yes. She is a festive lady.
– Yes. And now this sorrow… Natasha?
– Yes, Anton. What has happened? I have a request to you. I beg your pardon.
– Yes, I’m listening. Zhanna is feeling unwell.
She went to a restaurant. Why is that?
– To get her mind off things. How is the baby?
– He is fine. He is with his nanny. I ask you to bring her back from
there. She won’t listen to anybody. All right. I’ll try. I have important people here. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. I’ll sent Kirill to you and he’ll give you a lift.
– OK. Yes. Hello.
– Good afternoon. Anton Viktorovitch warned us. Let’s go. Let’s go, guys. Gentlemen, please meet my sister Natasha. Zhanna, there is no one here. What do you mean
– no one? Stop it! You’re so silly! This is Ivan
Petrovitch, the director of the base. He gave a car to Nikita –
a BMW that looks like real. This is Pavel from the Central.
This is Adelina Petrovna. She is an important person.
She works at the tax office. However, the can’t do anything… And my son is dying! Honey, Nikita is a strong boy. The
drips helped him. You saw it yourself, didn’t you? Here you go, my
honey. You shall be strong. You’re a mother. Your son
is waiting for you at home. He needs treatment and
he needs his mum, Zhanna! He needs a heart. A heart! It’s all
my fault that he was born like this. You’re not to blame. If you go
on behaving like this, you’ll be to blame indeed. Stop it and let’s go
away from here. Stop crying, enough! Calm down, brace yourself and let’s
go home. Come on, honey, come on! Gentlemen, have a feast without
us. Natasha and I are going home. Let’s go. Put out the
candles and let’s go. My honey, everything will be all
right. It’ll be fine. We’ll be OK. Good-bye.
– Good-bye and good luck. Good-bye. Kostya? Natalya Igorevna?
– What guests we have! Hello, Natasha!
– Will you come in? Yes.
– Hello. I came in just for a second. I
wanted to thank you. Thank you! How is Zhanna? She is fine. Holding well. You helped me greatly
yesterday, so thank you for that! Thanks God! Natalya Igorevna, one agreement is
for us, and two copies for the clients. I may offer you some coffee.
– No, thank you. Thank you, Kostya.
– OK. One more thing. We’d like
to invite you to a party. Why are you having parties
all the time? I am so busy. Besides, you need time to
care for the baby, don’t you? Natasha, please understand. I
don’t want to leave Zhanna alone. You saw her yourself yesterday.
I want to distract her somehow. Only the closest people will be
present – me and Zhanna, the parents, Alina, Kirill – he is almost
a member of our family… and a couple of my friends. Only “the closest people”? Oh, Anton! Are you thinking about
anything except for your work? Who said that? The Great Gatsby? OK. The score is even.
However, I took a day off. So, no more arguing! Do come!
– Bye. We’ll be waiting.
– OK. Good-bye.
– Bye. See you! Zhanna has a cool husband!
– He is a good man too. Will you introduce me to him? Why not? We’re friends. We’re partners too.
– Yes, boss. Go and work. Everything will be fine. His
organism is young and strong… Why are you so bored, commander?
I allow you to court my sister. Today you may do anything. You’re not working today, are you?
One may do anything, isn’t that so? May I invite you? May I invite you for a dance?
What is your name? Volodya. My name is Alina. Nice to meet you. You dance so well! I beg your pardon! Mum, look at Natasha! Look at Natasha! Hi. Shall I help?
– Did Anton Viktorovitch send you? I came on my own. May I sit in front? Of course. I feel a bit sick at the back seat. Be careful. Thank you.
– Let’s go. We’re at place.
– Yes. Thank you very much. Shall I see you off?
– No, thanks. I’ll go on my own. Natasha… Do you want some tea?
– I gave you a lift. You did selflessly, didn’t you?
– Not really. How much do I owe you, then? The tea is cancelled, for
we have already discussed it. First, a visit to a cinema,
secondly, a walk in the park, thirdly… Isn’t that too much for one trip? Why one? I’ll come again tomorrow.
– Tomorrow? Do you agree? At six p.m., then. OK. I’ll think about it.
– Is it OK or will you think about it? Tomorrow at six! I went to work during my third year
in the university not to be a burden to my parents. The clients, the orders… This is my work, by the way. I’m talking too much, aren’t I?
You’re not interested, right? I’m very interested. I don’t like sweets. I only eat
sweet things when I’m nervous or sick. Girl?
– Yes? I got mistaken.
Please take this sweet set away. Why? I don’t want to you
to get nervous or sick. We’re really hungry. Please bring
us a mutton’s leg, a Georgian soup and the vine of Chateau
de Tressie dated 1998. What? Dated what year?
– 1998. We don’t have such wine. Then bring the most
expensive wine that you have. Ok, I’ll find something for you.
– Thanks. Is it better?
– It’s ideal! What a great story! Kirill, tell
me, please… you’re a clever man. Why are you working as a guard? Or
security man or how do you call that… I understand. A business-lady and a
guard. A banal mesalliance, isn’t it? I didn’t mean that. Stop
it! I am just interested. Anton helped me once when I was
in trouble. Then he offered me a three-year contact. I couldn’t refuse
him. Two years have already passed. I used to study at the law faculty.
So, I have huge plans for the future. What plans, if it’s not a secret? To ride the roundabout first of all.
– What? To ride the roundabout!
Let’s run! Go, go, go! Oh, stop it! I’m on high hells! Oh, mummy! Fly and hold! Give me your hand! Give me a hand! It was a great day, wasn’t it? Yes. Shall I go? Good-bye. Do you remember the
“Paradoxes of the Fate” movie? I’m looking for a pretext to stay… And I’m looking for a pretext to
let you stay. But I can’t find it. What about a tap?
– A tap, yes! I’m a very good plumber! Shall we run? Why are you do sad?
– I‘m not. Are you tired?
– No. I’m fine. You shall dress up like this
more often and go somewhere. Then you’ll always be in higher spirits. Chateau de Tressie of 1998.
– Thank you. What a great day! I love all of you so much! All of us? With no exceptions? Zhanna, don’t catch me at the tongue! I can see that you’re
head over heels in love! Head over heels! What a banality! All right. Only hair would be higher…
– This is already better. Are you really in love? Did you make love?
– Zhanna? OK. Keep your big secret. However,
he can’t take his eyes of you. “Can’t take eyes of me”. He doesn’t
report to you about that, does he? There is no need to, sister.
One can see it for himself. However, he is looking at you so… Stop it!
– Let’s go. I like my coffee to be stronger.
– All right. This is our new employee.
– Good morning. Boss, may I? Nadenka, come in.
Let me introduce you once more. This is our Natalia Igorevna.
– Thank you. She is a kind but just boss. Therefore,
I’d ask you to heed her every call. Otherwise, the firing will be unavoidable. Sure, Konstantin Petrovitch. You may be free.
– All right. Well? Maybe we shall stop
doing everything on our own. Our budget permits us to hire a secretary. Did you show her the ropes?
– Almost. Let’s work, then.
– OK. Here you go. We have
three companies today. One jewelry, one advertising agency and… Wait. Everything is fine. Sorry. What has happened?
– I don’t know. Are you unwell? Natalia Igorevna, shall
I call the ambulance? No. My head spins a bit.
Go on working, Nadenka. Hello? Natasha, I can’t talk
right now. I’ll call you back. I need to talk to you very much, Zhanna. All right, I’m listening. Look, I felt unwell at work. My
period is about two weeks late… maybe a bit more.
– Were you sick? Yes, I was sick this morning.
– Are you pregnant? Did it happen like this to you too?
– Yes. Really? But how… I’m serious. What a piece of news! I’m so happy for you! Zhanna! Natasha, did you tell Kirill about it?
– No. Why? Don’t tell him right away.
May you come to me tonight? First, we could celebrate
this event and secondly… I need to talk to you seriously.
– All right. All right?
– Of course, I’ll come. Great! I’ll wait for
you, then. Kisses, sister! Sleep, my honey. A light moon is
sailing above you and me in the sky. Mum isn’t sleeping. She
is guarding your dream. Mum is giving her heart
to you. Mum isn’t sleeping. She is guarding your dream.
Mum is giving her heart to you. Zhanna, Natasha has come. Will you go out? Well… I didn’t want it to happen like this.
I had to tell you about it. Thank you. Do you know what? Let’s
have some cake. One piece… No, no. I won’t have any. Natasha, I wanted to do a good thing.
I didn’t expect it to develop so. I just asked him to court you, to
entertain you, to take you somewhere. Antosha even gave him some
additional bonus for that. A bonus? Cool! Honey, I’m sorry. I wanted to do
a good thing. You’re always alone. Mum worries that I’m married
and you’re not. I just wanted you to feel like a woman. To get some sweets
and flowers, to go to a restaurant… The taps…
– What? What taps? The taps that need repair… I’m sorry, honey. Stay with me a
bit, don’t go. Let’s have some tea with a cake. Nikita will wake
up soon. You could play with him. Not today, OK? I need to think. Natasha?
– What? I’m sorry.
– I’m not angry with you. Where are the sweets and flowers? I got you. I’m putting
it down. Anything else? Put it down. Send the list
to Anton Viktorovitch then. I don’t get it. Whom shall I beat up? That person is impossible for
you to reach. I have a hard day. Give me some details, please. There is nothing to
share. You entertained me. You gained some new
experience. You may be free now. How does your boss say?
Turn around and march! What is going on?
– Nothing! You fulfilled your task. You entertained an office rat. However,
there was a problem, as I understand. With sweets and the theatre. Did
they fail to pay a bonus this time? I got it… Though no, I don’t! I think it’s very clear. It’s all
right. It happens. I’m not even insulted. However, this is where we’ll
end it. You repaired my tap. You have different tasks now.
You’ll achieve great success. What did you want? I told her
the truth. This is logical. No, it’s not logical. We
shall do something about it. You’re so dumb! I allowed you to
court her a bit. What did you do? You insulted my sister greatly!
– Stop. I don’t get it. First, I love her. Secondly, did
I have to ask for your permission? I’ll explain it to you. Think about
who you are and who we are, Kirill. What do we need you for? I just didn’t
want her to concentrate on her work so much. But what did you
do? You used her trust. Do you want to become a part
of our family… by cheating? You’re such a bitch! I wish I understood
it earlier. I’ve paid for the coffee. Did you think it over well?
– I did. Wait, but wait… My time is up. I’m leaving. Why are you letting me down like
this? You and I have always been… Have always been. Katya? Katya, fire the employee. Bye. Your apartment became cozier.
– Yes. What did you decide?
– Nothing. I still have time. Time for what? Natasha, what is there to decide?
Kirill turned out to be a bastard. However, there will be a lot of men
in your life. And the baby is yours. Why kill a child? Can you imagine
how happy mum and dad will be? Oh, yes, they will.
– Don’t worry. We’re one family. We’ll help you to bring him
up. I have such sorrow, Natasha! Nikita was unwell yesterday
again. He was taken to the drips. His hands are so small.
His veins are like threads. But do you think that I
regret giving a birth to him? Not for one second, Natasha!
Children are happiness. Never call this number again. Is that him?
– Yes. Zhanna, what shall I do? What a bastard! Natasha, do you think
what I thought about? You may use so many clothes
Nikita will grow out of! Thank you very much. How are the things going?
What do the doctors say? Mummy, hi! Tell me all about it!
– Congratulations! Hello!
– Where is the boy? We didn’t bring him here. He is at home. My granddaughter, my beauty! Congratulations!
– Thank you very much! How shall we name her?
– Lida. Lida is a beauty! Anton, will you take her? Natasha, come into the
picture. Very good! Excellent! Smile! Here we go! Yes! Fourth, fourth! What is going on? How much smoke! Thank you. Zhanna, those windows are mine.
– What? Those windows are mine.
– Are you sure? I am.


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